New Zealand Shopping

  • Victoria Park Market
    Victoria Park Market
    by Jim_Eliason
  • The new shop in the container mall.
    The new shop in the container mall.
    by Kakapo2
  • Maori Kite
    Maori Kite
    by kiwi

New Zealand Shopping

  • the 4 main Shopping Malls

    Christchurch Shopping

    This is Christchurch’s and – nearly logical – the South Island’s biggest shopping mall. You have a choice of 150 shops, and especially if you are looking for shoes this is the place to go. Sometimes I have the impression every second shop is for shoes – and I still do not find what I want LOL There are also some nice clothes and homeware stores,...

  • Parnell Village Shops

    Auckland Shopping

    Höglund Glass is one of the top quality New Zealand items you may like to purchase on your visit down here. Of course transporting this medium home can be a mission, however the shop will organise this to best protect the glass, they ship worldwide. Most dignitaries are brought to this shop to give them the opportunity to buy gifts. British Royalty...

  • The Merchant of Tirau

    Tirau Shopping

    This may not be a shop for travellers, but it could be. Especially if you are looking for some cuisine from home. There is a very interesting array of wine here and lots of other goodies to go with it, both from New Zealand and overseas. Almost a delicatessen. I spent a lot of time just looking and pondering. Now I can go back and buy from time to...

  • Artcenter Market

    Christchurch Shopping

    UPDATE - unfortunately this has been closed since the February 2011 earthquakes. Located in the back of the Art Center building, the Fudge Cottage is a small yet fully stocked sweets outlet. Regardless if you call them candies, sweets or lollies, the Fudge Cottage will have something for you. The ladies were quite nice to explain some of the...

  • Newmarket

    Auckland Shopping

    Here is a chance for New Zealanders and travellers to purchase this quality French lavender produce imported from Provence, Sth France. This range of creams, oils and such are well known and liked all over the world. The company requires strict adherence to their guidelines to sell L'Occitane items. The Lavender creams are famous worldwide.

  • The Christmas Heirloom Company

    Tirau Shopping

    The Christmas Heirloom Company sells Christmas decorations all year round. They have the most incredible selection of trees and themed decorations - some traditional stuff, and more quirky ideas too. I saw a tree decorated with surfing santas and penguines wearing shades! Lots of glitter, sparkle and all things Christmassy. A lot of people like to...

  • Useful Tips

    Christchurch Shopping

    The Malls around Christchurch are some of the best places to go looking for most of the items you need. You can get around them quite easily via the Orbiter Bus which has its route going past Northlands, The Palms, Eastgate, Westgate (Riccarton) and Barrington Malls plus the Bush Inn centre. Anything and everything

  • Zarbo Delicatessen & Café.

    Auckland Shopping

    This place is the whole experience. You can have lunch and or you can shop for food and kitchen items not normally found in NZ shops. The ambience is busy and I found it too noisy, but it's a lively place with neat people mingling here. I filled up on Austrian Mozart chocs.

  • Kathmandu

    Christchurch Shopping

    Standing at corner of Lichfield St and Colombo St, you have a selection of stores at your fingertips practically in all directions: Bivouac/Outdoors, Kathmandu, The Great Outdoors, High Country, Snow Gum, Footrunner Anything outdoor. Not that I'm much of an experienced outdoor person, but judging from these stores, the stores mostly sell really...

  • Authentic Maori items

    When you are shopping for Maori arts you can be assured you are buying authentic and high quality items if they bare the Toi Iho mark. This ensure that the artist is of Maori descent, the item is high quality and that it has been passed by a Maori panel of artists.This follows a trend around the world to authenticate indigenous arts of their...

  • “I love shopping”

    Had a wonderful time at dress smart. Caught the shuttle out to the outlets and spent 4 glorious hours shopping up a storm. Note- there are some outlets just outside the main building sucjh as Kathmandu Visited June 2012 Less than shopping in the CBD

  • Britomart

    Britomart is Auckland's premier city centre shopping area. Here is an array of shops and cafes for every need and taste. Buy whatever you need. Prices are comparable to those of other countries--when you consider that tax is included. New Zealanders charge whole dollar amounts, not prices ending in ".99" with a sales tax to be added on. Very...

  • Giant Dressing-Up Box

    In Vogue is the most fantastic shop, selling vintage clothes and accessories. There are glamorous gowns, beautiful shoes and exquisite jewellery. Jackets, blazers, feather boas, straw boaters...Kathleen Blackamore-Palmer sources all these goodies from America, London and other places and all are of very good quality.On first sight In Vogue is...

  • Best Supermarket chain

    Fantastic and is known as the cheapest supermarket chain in NZAs in the name, you pack your own items and save money, All plastic bags are free, unlike in many supermarkets in Europe where you pay for each bag!!! All grocery items, cleansers, plants, liquor The lowest available, plastic bags are free

  • Good places for souvenir shopping !

    A few places which I recommend for souvenir shopping in New Zeland: Devonport (10 minute ferry ride from Auckland) is a great place for unique shops, also Ponsonby Road in Auckland. The souvenir shop attached to the I-center in Rotorua has some nice products, and the Museum Shop of the Te Papa Museum in Wellington is well worth visiting.

  • Best place to get local art including...

    This market is held every Saturday on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, and it offers a vast array of locally made art. Pottery, weaving, and the famous bone and jade carvings that New Zealand is known for are just a few of the things you will find here. The artists sell their own products, so it gives a personal aspect to any gifts you may be looking...

  • SIM cards and phone cards for cheap...

    If you do not want to pay a fortune for incoming calls on your mobile phone, or make calls within NZ, or send text messages to your friends and family at home, the cheapest option is to buy a prepaid SIM card. The only option in NZ is Vodafone because only this provider uses GSM technology. There are Vodafone shops everywhere in the cities, and in...

  • Cheap store for camping gear

    Similar to Wal-Mart. You will find everything useful for your camping trip.;pgid=N0R8i1ByhAk000M5pcAncnFE0000ASVkpOVe;sid=sE0KB4vr7EvAX8FguCkrC5pHDMus0jdtFpg=

  • The Nelson Saturday Street Market

    This was the place to do your local shopping. Locals hit this place up every Saturday, and it's easy to understand why. Everything from locally made carvings from deer antler, wood, and of course, the ubiquitous greenstone to home-made fudge and wine is available. A lot of locals head out here to get fresh fruits and veggies, and to just grab a...


    If you are interested in high quality outdoor clothing then try these shops, found in a lot of the larger towns.Camping and hiking gear, backpacks, boots etc also.This is a New Zealand brand, so if you are particularly interested in buy something "kiwi", then Katmandhu can provide.There are many Kathmandu Stores around the country, in the larger...

  • Shopping in Wellington

    Wellington has a vast range of shops to keep your retail therapy sorted. From the designer store of Karen Cooper to the 2nd hand book heaven of Arty Bee's, you'll find lots to keep you happy in Wellington.Lambton Quay has a large range of stores selling everything from food to CD's to clothing. Old Bank Building on the corner of Lambton Quay and...

  • Shopping in Christchurch

    Christchurch has a wide variety of shops from the designer type in High street to the Outlet stores in Hornby for any budget. The Arts Centre in the central city is home to about 40 crafts stores selling a wide range of goods, from sheepskin products and leather to wood-turned bowls and ceramics. The Arts Centre Market in the weekend extends the...

  • A lot but not everything is a Bargain

    When new in New Zealand one of the first things I learnt from TV was the trademark melody of The Warehouse – where everyone gets a bargain LOL Now I mostly go there and look for plants and garden stuff (and pretzels because for strange reasons they are not always available at the supermarkets).However, not everything is cheap at The Warehouse, you...

  • Pahua 'N' Pounamu

    Located right next door to shades of jade and a lot cheaper than shades of jade too. The sore is run by mauri's and almost their artist's are local mauri's. You just feel a little better purchasing from locals. We had already spent a ton of money buying gifts etc from shades of jade. but once we came in here we felt a little cheated since the...

  • New Zealands own walmart

    Pak ' N' Save is the Kiwi answer to Waldbaums, Lucky's and Wal-Marts. There's at least one in each major town in NZ (north or south island). A great place to pick up necessaries and luxuries. They have just about everything from insect repellent to blue cheese. Much cheaper than the local corner stores (which are quite expensive, guess no...

  • Pounamu

    Located in pounamu (Jade) country, this little shop comes highly recommended. The artists run the shop and the pounamu is guaranteed to be from new zealand. Some sellers have been buying jade on the foreign market and passing it off as NZ jade. Which is richer in iron deposit and considered to have special powers in local mauri tradition. There...

  • Victoria Market, Auckland

    Overall, I think this is a good place to pop by if you are looking for bargains. Not a big place but worth the stop if you are in Auckland. Many shops with local stuffs available here. Souvenirs, cheap apparels and some local products. NZ$50

  • Do your shopping before you arrive.

    Maybe this is a general tip, but we found almost all items (clothing, sports gear, travel equipment) to be either really high end (and outrageously expensive), or really poor quality goods. There is no in between. Think island prices. Nothing More than at home

  • Best place to get souvenirs in New...

    Be careful where you buy your souvenirs in New Zealand. It is worth shopping around, and buying souvenirs in towns outside the real touristy areas, like Rotorua, Queenstown or Auckland City. Instead, shop at smaller towns close to the tourist areas, as retailers there will probably work on lower overheads and that is usually reflected in their...

  • Unique silver ferns as earrings and...

    The Fronz range of is absolutely unique, and since I had got my first pair of pendants my love for them has not diminished. I now have golden and silver ones, and a pendant for a necklace.The name Fronz comes from fronds - which means fern leaf. As the silver fern is one of New Zealand's national symbols it is only logic that fern...

  • The green stones from the rivers

    Jade firms under many different names in New Zealand: pounamu, as the Maori call it, greenstone or NZ nephrite.Although jade carvings in traditional and fantasy shapes as well as in Maori symbols are available throughout the country, the jade capital is Hokitika on the West Coast of the South Island, where most of the greenstone is found. There are...

  • Unique paua shells and jewellery

    You will see the unique paua shells, New Zealand's member of the abalone family, in every souvenir shop - and at any price between NZ$10 and $25... ;-) They are not only beautiful as the polished original shell, shimmering in all colours from green to turquoise and purple, but also as the adornment of silver jewellery. And the best: this jewellery...

  • There are always sales for outdoor...

    If you spend some time in the main centres and bigger town you will soon get aware that there is always a sale to get the costumers' money out of their pockets. The high-price outdoor brands make no exception, and if you are lucky you can get great clothes and outdoor camping or tramping gear for little money. In fact, it would be crazy to buy the...

  • Jade on the west coast of the South...

    If you're on the west coast and in the market for some jade this is a wonderful place. They have a really good selection . They have some interesting information about New Zealand jade or Greenstone as they call it. There are some original works here by Ian Boustridge, one of the countries best sculptures. The prices vary from $15.00 for little...

  • Souvenirs in Parnell

    There are lots of places around Auckland for gifts but this place in Parnell stands out . they had good quality products and some unique things. There are some wonderful local crafts here and art work as well. Besides its a nice day out ...go to Parnell for lunch and shopping

  • Outlet shopping

    It's not trulu outstanding but they have a nice variety of stores and some restaurants. I like the free bus that took us there and back. It was a good option for a rainy day when we had no car.Only thing to go early as the last bus back leaves at 4PM

  • Beautiful Design

    Annah Stretton is a leading NZ designer and has shops across the country. I visited branches of Annah S. in Pukekohe (quite a small shop) and in Whangamata (bigger shop where there was a great sale on).Beautiful windows and display models draw you in. Non-stuffy assistants leave you alone or help you, whatever you want to do, it's a great...

  • Where Everyone Gets a Bargain

    It's not special so much as ghastly but it's great for cheap stuff!You will find clothing stacked high, shoes, toys and games, kitchen and houseware, stuff, stuff and more stuff. Please be aware that there is a backlash against the Warehouse as small businesses lose out to the giant and have to close down. Sounds familiar? Cheap holiday T-shirts,...

  • Wonder Oil

    East Cape Manuka is a "co-operative" providing work and opportunities for local people in this poor area of New Zealand. The Visitor Centre has good parking (room for motorhomes and buses), good toilets, an excellent cafe where you can sample manuka honeys and enjoy great coffee, tea, smoothies and ice creams. There are visual displays and sales of...

  • Beer unique to New Zealand

    Supermarkets and BottleStores stock this beer. TaaKawa is described on it's label as an "Indigenous Ale of Aotearoa". This is a special opportunity for you to sample an ale brewed with malt from plants of our native forests. The ingredients are gathered by hand from around New Zealand, including some coastal islands. TaaKawa is brewed by the...

  • Bizarre but Tasty Chocolate in...

    Rose-flavored chocolate? Earl Gray Tea-flvored chocolate? Hot Lemon chili-flavored chocolate? Have you ever heard of such things? at Shoc Chocolate in Wellington they have! Our friend Lisa recommended (or maybe insisted) that Andrea do some chocolate shopping at Shoc. There are over 30 different flavored chocolates that you can by in bar faorm, and...

  • styles for everyone

    you find GLASSONS at almost any mall in New Zealand....New Zealand is my second home....i go there 3 or four times a year...and my favorite thing to do is shopping....if you go to a chinese can always bargain wit u ought to be good at least dats wat i always do....goes to show im a cheap...

  • Try the locally brewed cider

    Must try the Scrumpy cider (in a plastic bottle). It's 8% alcohol and contains 8 standard drinks. Not the best tasing in the world, but by half-way through the bottle it doesn't taste that bad! Brewed in Gisborne on the east coast of the North Island. About $6 USD

  • Good Quality Arts.

    Just to let you know, that at Auckland International Airport Terminal, there are a selection of shops including some that sell very nice Pacific Arts.You can get certificates of authenticity and be fairly certain they are fine examples of Polynesian and other arts.Aside from what you can buy, in the public area, there is also a few shops behind...

  • Cheap stuff

    The warehouse is New Zealands answer to Walmart. Not as big but pretty cheap none the less. And with the NZ dollar at such a good exchange rate its hard to resist their prices - especially if you are from the UK. T shirts shoes and clothing are very cheap - so much so you can throw them all away at the end of your trip and make more room for...


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