Fiordland National Park Travel Guide

  • Enjoying Milford Sound.
    Enjoying Milford Sound.
    by Kimi_the_Bear
  • Cruising Doubtful Sound.
    Cruising Doubtful Sound.
    by Kimi_the_Bear
  • Never travel without insect repellent!
    Never travel without insect repellent!
    by Kimi_the_Bear

Fiordland National Park Things to Do

  • Cleddau River Fiordland

    This is Cleddau River inside Fiordland. The river is one of the most massive rivers that feed the waters of Milford Sound. However in winter, the volume of water in the river is low. But it certainly makes for a nice scenery.Our driver/guide informed us that the water in Fiordland is safe to drink. When we asked why so? His answer: No one ever got...

  • Reflection of the Mountain in the water

    This is another reflection of the mountain in the river in Fiordland. The majesty of the mountains is the result of large-scale teutonic plates moving and conflicting one another.The geology of New Zealand is vastly different from Australia despite their close proximity to each other.Geologists theorise that Australia broke away from the continent...

  • Mirror Lake 1

    This is one place to stop on your way towards Milford Sound in Fiordland.The place is called Mirror Lake and you can see why. The reflection of the mountains in the water is so clear and still, it looks positively radiant. The lake can be many times larger in summer but in winter (lack of rain) it is almost the size of a pond. Nevertheless there's...

  • Waterfalls and Rainbows in Milford Sound

    This is one of the few rainbows we managed to catch on camera as part of our journey through the sound.Many boats can get really close to the waterfalls, especially the small redboats. Passengers can thus get 'splashed' by the water and get themselves wet. It can be fun but in the cold, its not recommended. Plus the boat deck tends to be rather...

  • Waterfalls at Milford Sound

    This is one of the many waterfalls you can find at Milford Sound and one of the largest we saw that day.I am thinking, I need to be here again in summer to see the full extend of its power. The water comes from the mountains above and runs through highland rivers. There are many rivers all over Fiordland and many places around South Island.Check...

  • Milford Sound

    There are many mountain peaks you can spot around the sound and this is again one of the many. I don't know the name but hopefully someone can tell me.

  • Milford Sound Mitre Peak 1

    The Milford Sound is the tail-end of the journey into Fiordland. It is a majestic sound and quite worth a trip on a boat to tour the area.Along the way, you can find seals basking in the sun, dolphins in the water, fishes and birds. There are also many waterfalls but in winter, they are not too strong. The guide informed us that in summer, the...

  • Milford Sound Mitre Peak 2

    This is again the same picture of the Mitre Peak of the Milford Sound.Notice the difference in the light. It changes every few minutes and something else is revealed.Ever so often the light changes and we get lots of long shadows which gives as new interpretation of the same scene.I

  • Fishing

    Fiordland’s fishing is almost as spectacular as its scenery.The brown and rainbow trout population are all wild and self-sustaining with the average fish weighing one-two kilograms. Much larger fish are always a possibility Lakes Te Anau and Manapouri are open for fishing all year round. The rivers are generally open for the summer months A range...

  • Underneath the Fiords

    A phenomenon called ‘deep water emergence’ creates an environment similar to the deep ocean only a few metres under the Sound. ‘Milford Deep’ underwater observatory is situated in the middle of Piopiotahi (Milford) Marine Reserve. It enables visitors to view a completely natural and unaffected marine community without getting wet! You’ll see rare...

  • Walking

    The walks in Fiordland National Park are world famous. Spend a day or a week on one of the spectacular tracks.It’s easy to arrange a day walk on either the Milford, Kepler or Routeburn Tracks. Experienced guides explain the unique flora and fauna that you’ll see along the way Longer tracks - the unabridged Milford and Routeburn, Kepler, Hollyford...

  • Fiordland Water Activities

    The pristine beauty of Fiordland can be seen close up from the water. Cruise around Milford, Doubtful, Dusky or Breaksea Sounds. The pristine forest, sheer rock walls and tumbling waterfalls are a breathtaking sight. Local inhabitants include bottlenose dolphins, New Zealand fur seals and Fiordland crested penguins Cruises range from half to full...


Fiordland National Park Restaurants

  • batgirl1001's Profile Photo

    National Park- no restaurants

    by batgirl1001 Written Dec 10, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Since it is a national park and a designated World Heritage Site, you won't find any restaurants along your journey into Fiordland.

    Whatever you need, you better get it at Te Anau, the last stop before entering Fiordland.

    All tour buses will stop there and if you are driving, so should you, to get food supplies, petrol etc for the journey ahead.

    The only restaurant you will find, is either on the boat trip or at the jetty where there is a cafe.

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Fiordland National Park Transportation

  • Do a checklist before entering Fiordland

    As Te Anau is the last town before entering Fiordland, make sure you get whatever you need at this town before you do so.Obviously since this is a National Park cum World Heritage Site, you won't find convenience stores, petrol kiosks anywhere in there. Hence fill up a full tank before you venture it.There is nothing worst than an oversight that...

  • Flying to the Sound

    Instead of taking the long journey by bus, if you have the budget, you can choose to fly instead.However this option is not for the budget conscious. The flight is approximately 20 minutes and offers breaktaking scenery of the mountains and sound in Fiordland.However you can do a combo where you can choose to fly to the Milford Sound and return...

  • Queenstown to Te Anau

    If you intend to drive from Queenstown to Te Anau, you need to start off early at about 7am. The journey to Te Anau takes about 5 hours on average and passes through a lot of desolate areas including plains, deserts and farms.Hence fill up a full tank before you go and get some food/drink supplies because in between Queenstown and Te Anau, there...


Fiordland National Park Shopping

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    various: Fiordland Shopping

    by TomorrowsAngel Written Aug 20, 2003

    The Fiordland region is serviced by the townships of Te Anau and Manapouri, the gateways to Milford and Doubtful Sounds.
    Te Anau has several arts and craft shops – look for hand made pottery, woodwork, artwork, fine wool products and other locally made gifts and souvenirs. Several shops stock beautiful New Zealand wool products, cosmetics and apparel. Stunning pounamu (greenstone or jade) jewellery is also available, along with New Zealand chocolates and gourmet food products.
    Te Anau’s clothing stores carry a wide range of high quality outdoor apparel for hiking, hunting and fishing. You’ll also find New Zealand merino products, shoes, day and evening wear and much, much more.
    Most shops are open seven days a week and late night shopping is available in the summer months.

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Fiordland National Park Warnings and Dangers

  • Many Traffic Controls on NZ's most...

    Believe it or not: The road to Milford Road is New Zealand's most dangerous road, in relation of accidents to the number of cars on the road. This unfortunately means that - although NZ drivers are really bad drivers - tourists are even worse drivers on this road because they pay more attention to the scenery than to the road and the traffic.For...

  • Keas can steel!

    These mountain parrots, called Keas, can be very mischievous and damaging. They can steel your belongings, even a boot or a camera! They can pick parts off your vehicle, and have been known to remove hubcaps and other attachments!Fiordland is where they live, and it is their territory. They are smart, and you must always consider their ability to...

  • Fiordland National Park Hotels

    0 Hotels in Fiordland National Park

Fiordland National Park Off The Beaten Path

  • Milford Track in Fiordland

    The Milford Track is considered by many to be one of the finest walks in the world. The track spans 60 kilometres over hills, rivers and plains and gives the best views of Fiordland that no vehicle can.You need to get a licence before you walk the Milford Track in summer and must be obtained from the NZ park authorities at least a few months in...

  • Rarity

    It is the rarest penguin in the world, with only 3,000 known breeding pairs. A protected species, the Fiordland crested penguin is found only in Westland, Fiordland, and Stewart Island.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Fiordland National Park Sports & Outdoors

  • Dusky Track

    Dusky Track (90km) is best suited to those with experience. Various options allow the traveller to spend five to seven days following three major river valleys. Climb two passes culminating in the arrival at Fiordland’s largest and most extensive fiord - Dusky Sound. This track offers independent walks only.

  • Hollyford Track

    Hollyford Track (80km) leads the walker from the sheer rock walls of the Darren Mountains down to the sand dunes of the Tasman Sea at Martins Bay. Experience the splendid isolation of the Fiordland bush, the bustling energy of the Hollyford River and the sand and windswept beauty of Martins Bay. Both independent and guided walks are available on...

  • Kepler Track

    Kepler Track (67km) starts and finishes at Lake Te Anau. You’ll see lake edges, mountain beech forest, exposed mountaintops and glacial valleys along with excellent views of the Southern Alps. This track offers independent walks only.


Fiordland National Park Favorites

  • Cruising other Fiords

    -It is relatively difficult to travel to and cruise other fiords than Milford and Doubtful Sounds. However, there are a few operators that offer trips to Dusky and Breaksea Sounds, as well as to Preservation Inlet, and to more northern fiords.In winter (May, August) there is a nice selection of tours available on the Milford Wanderer, operatred by...

  • Milford Sound or Doubtful Sound?

    A question that comes up in the Forum permanently is:Milford or Doubtful Sound?Here is a little write up:I have been to Doubtful Sound once, and twice to Milford Sound. If you have not been to Milford Sound you have missed it all somehow. Already standing at the wharf, you get an unparalleled view. Doubtful Sound is quieter and huuuuge and more...

  • Glowworm Caves!

    If you can afford the time, do visit Te Anau's amazing Glowworm Caves, which is on the western side of Lake Te Anau. The few travel agencies in Te Anau all provide daily trips (once daily during off-peak and twice daily during peak) to the cave at prices of around NZ$45 each.I recommend the evening trip for star gazers as the trip back from the...


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