New Zealand Tourist Traps

  • UniversalMail New Zealand Stamp
    UniversalMail New Zealand Stamp
    by storyin
  • view from the bottom of the track to the caves
    view from the bottom of the track to the...
    by kakapo
  • the two cave openings from outside
    the two cave openings from outside
    by kakapo

New Zealand Tourist Traps

  • Willowbank Wildlife Park

    Christchurch Tourist Traps

    ...almost good enough to be under 'attractions'...but to me, not quite.. Address: 60 Hussey Road, Christchurch We wanted to see at least 1 wildlife Park during our 9 day stay in New Zealand, and by half way through the trip we hadn't seen really any birds in the wild at all, which was disappointing, so we resorted to going to...

  • Maori Experience Rip-offs

    I've lived in NZ my whole life, all the Moari dance and hangi experiences offered to tourists are expensive and although they sound like they are exciting they are not really authentic. They tend to me a mish-mash of different regional dances to appeal to what tourists are expecting.Overnight stays at Marae are a joke and nothing like a real...

  • New Zealands biggest rip offs: inland...

    My friend and i recently travelled to new zealand to do a road trip of the south island. Being from Australia we assumed there would be a lot of similarities in the types and price points of food and other daily neccesities available and our research tended suggest this would be the case. We arrived in christchurch on the first day of our trip to...

  • Buying cars and having cars repaired

    Lots and lots of independent travellers, backpackers or working holiday makers buy cars and campers in New Zealand every year. Before you head out, make sure you know what's important when buying a car. Get a feel for what you can get for your money beforehand by checking out TradeMe (New Zealand's eBay), shop around for a while, do your research!...

  • NZ the worlds most expensibe destination

    from NZ Herald news todayRip off New Zealand?Guys, just 14 months out from the 2011 Rugby World Cup, you are sleep-walking into acquiring such an unwanted reputation worldwide.The price of ordinary, everyday articles and living costs horrify me in this country. I've been here, admired the place, loved the people since 1975. I wasn't even put off by...

  • Pricing in General

    The pricing for tourist attractions and food in places without competition is becoming an increasing problem in NZ. For example, the Whale Watch company in Kaikoura would still make a lot of money if they did not charge 125 but only 60 NZ$ per person. Not to talk about all the scenic flights which cost hundreds of dollars. They know exactly what...

  • WorldPhone Calling Card is a big Rip-off

    As it would cost you several dollars to go online in an internet café, and free WiFi is not available everywhere, a calling card is normally the cheapest way to make phone calls to other countries.I always give good advice to thoroughly check out calling cards you want to use during your New Zealand visit:1. Make sure they do not charge a...

  • Agrodome

    Some may disagree but I found this place cheesy and not much different than a petting zoo. However I grew up in the American Midwest so I am very familar with farming. That's why I don't see it as a tourist attraction.

  • Hokitika

    I confess, I cannot really be objective as far as this tip is concerned because all of the circumstances were against this little town. It was on a rainy, foggy and windy sunday afternoon that I arrived here. Hungry and looking for a nice place to have a rest on this chilly winterday, I had hoped to find it here. It turned out to be some kind of...

  • touristic integration has its limits

    Do not let Australians and New Zealanders fool you. Vegemite is disgusting.Therefore, do not put it on your toast.

  • Click !

    I am a 100 % sure that EVERY traveller in New Zealand will not have foreseen sufficient storage space in his/her digital camera ! Sooooooooo much to shoot ! Don't say I didn't warn ya !

  • Surcharge in Restaurants on Public...

    I do not know if this is a Kiwi invention but I think it is rather weird: Restaurants take a surcharge of normally 20% on public holidays. They explain it with the extra money they have to pay their staff on public holidays - as if they did not earn any money during the year and would go broke if they did not apply the surcharge. Of course, this is...

  • Skytower- an expensive view

    Costs $20.00 to go to the top for a panoramic view of Auckland. Victoria and Federal St.Auckland One way to get more value is to go for have to pay a miniumum of $25.00 but at least you get dessert and coffee with your view! I like the view just as well from Rangitoto and also from One Tree Hill.

  • Maori experience is an experience!

    The Mitai Maori village in Rotorua is billed as "A sacred place...a spiritual place" and it is probably the best of all the similar evenings on offer, certainly better than hotel-based "hangis", but it is primarily a tourist attraction and the worst part about it (for me anyway) was that there were hundreds of people attending and we were almost...

  • New Zealand -- Not Always an Ecotourism...

    THe image of New Zealand as presented by glossy magazine ads, travel shows and other promotional activities is one of an adventurer's and ecotourist's paradaise. Certainly, it has lots of (expensive) things to do for the adrenaline junkie and many outdoor attractions, but don't forget that it is also home to three million people tat have to make a...

  • Shotover Jet

    I know people here rave about this Tourist Attraction and it IS fun. But $100/per is a little steep, I thought, for a 20 minute boat ride. The people and the area are both very nice, however.

  • Buller Gorge: NZ's Longest Swing Bridge...

    New Zealand is known as the world's adrenaline capital and the Buller Gorge Swingbridge sure sounded like it would live up to that billing. At 110 meters long swinging over the river, we imagined a hair-raising crossing that would send shivers up our spine and prepare us to be on "Fear Factor". The thrills pumping through our veins would remind us...

  • Huka Falls -- The Most Visited Spot in...

    We heard that Huka Falls is the most visited spot in New Zealand, which alone is to make it a place to be wary of. Being around Lake Taupo and near Rotorua, Huka Falls is on the itinerary of every tour bus, including those that have very little time. To view the falls only takes a few minutes and they are beautiful (though hardly spectacular) so we...

  • Advance bookings

    It's not really a tourist trap as such but, contrary to what you might expect, unless you really want the peace of mind of having everything pre-arranged, it's not always best to book your excursions in advance over the Web. This is because New Zealand has, without doubt, the best available tourist information in any country I've ever visited. At...

  • No such thing as a short-beaked kiwi.

    If you are out in our bush and see one of these little darlings, NO it is not a "short-beaked" kiwi as one traveller told me! These are called Wekas and although similar in appearance to the Kiwi, that they are not. Besides the Weka is out and about during daylight hours, and the Kiwi is nocturnal.Wekas are very cheaky and like to steal from your...

  • Milford sound

    Very touristy-very beautiful/See penguins in the summer-see the kea bird/New Zealand fur seals-bottlenose dolphins Stay on the top of the ship thoughout thre trip to view everything-Good

  • Take A Plate!

    If ever, during your travels, you are invited to a local function, you will be very happy I’m sure. But if the invitation includes the words “bring a plate” you need to understand it’s meaning. This is a local term, and means bring a plate of food. Please don’t be embarrassed as has often happened, when visitors from overseas arrive with an empty...

  • Taxi driver scams

    Just beware of taxi drivers! When they hear your foreign accent they think suddenly the standard taxi rates do not apply and they can charge you whatever they want. Make sure they keep their meter on and ask about rates before you get in...if it seems abnormally high, say "no thanks" and just find another taxi - there are plenty around! Buses run...

  • Queenstown--tackiest tourist town in NZ

    Queenstown's setting is one of the more beautiful places for a city in the world. Unfortunately, they created an aesthetically displeasing town to go with it. And, being a very popular touristy city, its restaurants and activities are overpriced. That being said, though, the Shotover jetboat ride was fun. Shotover jetboat--overpriced, but...

  • Don't be overweight with baggage.

    You have to send excess baggage home before you depart, if you are over your limit. You will be charged a LOT of money if you expect to fly with escess baggage. As you see, it's as high as $25/kg to some parts of the world. Call the airline before your day of departure to try to arrange some extra baggage allowance. Freight home a bag of stuff so...

  • Water or Sugar

    Just take care when you want to buy bottled water. There are brands now, marketing water that has flavouring and sugars in, and claiming to be energy drinks. Some of it looks just like water, clear and lovely. Read the label to see if there are any additives in the so-called Water. Water is fine, our New Zealand water is particularly pure and...

  • South island

    Christchurch, city in New Zealand, on eastern South Island. It is the principal urban and commercial center of a fertile agricultural region producing grain and sheep. Christchurch is also one of the most important industrial centers in New Zealand. It has excellent transportation facilities, a bountiful water supply, and unlimited quantities of...

  • Christchurch South island

    Christchurch, city in New Zealand, on eastern South Island. It is the principal urban and commercial center of a fertile agricultural region producing grain and sheep. Christchurch is also one of the most important industrial centers in New Zealand. It has excellent transportation facilities, a bountiful water supply, and unlimited quantities of...

  • Crazy Golf

    Yes, I know it is touristy, I know it is crass - but it's such fun! Available many places, and a great way to while away an hour or so.

  • Tekapo

    I'm afraid I failed to be moved by a small stone and wood church bult in 1935 and a statue of a dog, surrounded by fifteen bus loads of tourists. Lake Tekapo is an incredible turquoise colour, and the surrounding scenery is stunning. Tekapo is a good place to take a flightseeing tour of the Mount Cook range. Now, that IS spectacular!

  • Piha Beach

    Could be very crowded in the season, but try to visit it off the peak season. At that time it's almost empty and you could enjoy iron sand beach with Lion Rock. You could feel the energy!

  • Coromandel

    Very popular destination for locals and tourists. But still worth to see it and try to build your own spa! But be careful, because we were told the wrong hours, so came too late, when it was getting a high tide. Still we digged our legs into the sand - not for long! It's prickling hot even though the cold sea sprayed over us, so I was wondering how...

  • Some Words on Queen Charlotte Track

    I was a bit disappointed by the beauty of Queen Charlotte Sound : most of its virgin and native forest has been destroyed by Human Beings 90 years ago. In some parts the forest is only 20 to 70 year old, and some of the deforestation still takes place... However, the extremity , from Ship Cove to Resolution Bay has been preserved and offers virgin...

  • Some Words on Fox Glacier Walk

    Let's get it straight : the landscape here is wonderful. But, I though the glacier walk was far from what I expected : if you go for a so-called "falf-day walk", you'll end up walking around 45 minutes on the lower part of the glacier, obviously not the nicest... So you'd better go for the full day option which I did and we walked 2 hours (instead...

  • Tourism Dept admin fee !

    I just want to warn visitors to NZ that if you are issued with a speed ticket, the Tourism Department of NZ will charge an admin fee of NZD 50 to your credit card number that you provided to the car rental company. All this will happen on your return from NZ. This is on top of the NZD 80 speed fine that the Transport Department imposes.Personally I...

  • Tipping

    Tipping is not obligatory or expected in New Zealand, though it is acceptable to tip moderately for courteous and efficient service in restaurant and hotels. If you liked the food and service, round up the bill to the nearest dollar !

  • Lots of space

    Whilst travelling you soon notice that there arent villages/townships every few miles.Always plan you journey and be aware of the distances ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH PETROL/GAS TO GET YOU TO YOUR NEXT DESTINATION If you dont fancy risking the roads let someone else have the worry. There are plenty of coach /minivan companies operating all...

  • It 's not America

    They don't tip down here, but if you do tip they'll be your best friend!Plus, the wait staff does not move fast!Don't expect speedy service. They don't have deli's and all their food is pre-made. To have anything made to order is impossible. Plus, they don't have diners.Make sure your kind, because they frown and turn on rude pushy people.

  • New Zealand's magical charm.

    Be warned, you may come to New Zealand as a visitor with a ticket to leave. But you will be 'Enchanted, charmed, filled with fun enjoyment, and a magical spell will cause you to not want to leave beautiful New Zealand. Be prepared to have fun no matter what your age.

  • Changing terminals at Auckland airport

    This is more of an alert than a tourist trap. There is a free bus running between the international and domestic terminals at Auckland International airport. Use it!! or do the walk if you have time. I got caught out by my late arriving plane giving me 40 minutes to get through everything before my domestic flight took off. I missed the free bus...

  • You will get fat!

    The food is so good and cheap that you will not be able to stop eating. When a New Zealander invites you home you will be offered the most delicious food . Morning and afternoon tea consists of buttered pikelets, scones, mufffins - all will be home made and so moreish! Dinner will consist of either a barbecue or a roast or some fish that they just...

  • Jet Boats were invented for Rapids

    Be sure that when you go Jet Boating in New Zealand that you ask if there are Rapids that you boat up and down.AS lots of operators build up the hipe with pretty brouchers but only do spins - which you can do in a lake .But a real Jet Boat ride tackles the white water and its safer because the River gives the thrill not the driver going close to...

  • Sheep House

    Well It is somewhat entertaining. I believe it is the agrodome, where you can learn 101 things to do with a sheep..... I know one of them...... Shearing of course..... What else, haha.....

  • Queenstown has a lot of...

    Queenstown has a lot of adreline experiences. However, don't get too exited about it. You pay a lot and it is not all that special. Rafting is nothing compared to the Zambezi for example. A skydive can be done at much prettier places like the Bay of Islands. Queenstown is fine for some days of partying, just don't get the tourist traps forced on...

  • The Bluff on the South Island

    The Bluff on the South Island where you can see Stewart Island and there's a sign where every tourist go take a picture. It's only about 30 km from Invercargill, but the town is not that pretty nor interesting.


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