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    Protect Yourself from the sun!

    by AusPinay Updated Mar 14, 2010

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    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: For summer, plenty of swimwear- we call them cossies here. Then thongs or flipflops, plus sarong for the ladies and towels of course!

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: The most important item to take anywhere in Oz, no matter what weather is sunscreen! Next of course is a hat, then proper clothing. Mozzie repellant is not very needed - perhaps only if you will go camping in summer.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Hats are a must in summer. I also use an umbrella when it is really hot, though it is not widely used here, I don't care,LOL!

    Hats or any head covering is essential in OZ!
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    by AusPinay Updated Jul 8, 2008

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    Luggage and bags: Winter time in Australia is from June to August but can still be cold until October. Depending on where you will spend most of your time, it is a good idea to take some thermal underwear (if there are decent ones in your area)/spencer as it can be freezing in the mountain areas, bushlands and even in Sydney. As the weather changes from being sunny to rainy to freezing, the style of dressing is LAYERING where you can just add or subtract clothes depending on the prevailing weather.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Don't worry too much if you cannot find thermal underwear from your area (if you come from the tropics), locally they can be bought even in supermarkets here or discount shops. You only need a couple of them if you only need to stay for a shorter period.

    Closed, sturdy, hiking shoes are recommended as you will do plenty of walking as in any touring.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: The usual first aid supplies are suggested if you are going bushwalking especially. Otherwise, you usual meds and a packet of wipes are a good idea for use in areas where water is in short supply. Many toilets in Oz have free toilet paper but sometimes soap is not available for washing hands so take little bars of soap that are freely supplied in many hotels/motels, other accomodations.

    Photo Equipment: Waterproof camera is recommended as it can be sunny early in the day then rainy a few hours later or vice-versa. In the snowy places/cool places, the same is the case.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Waterproof jackets and wooly clothes are best- cotton ones will be useless in teh cold weather in Oz, except if you are going to tropical Queensland where the weather is warmer in winter so a light jacket or jumper (sweatshirt) is fine.

    Miscellaneous: Pack lots of wooly socks, but also cotton ones when the weather gets warmer. Wooly beanies and scarves are also great to fend off the cool air.

    Pack thermal undies during winter
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    Tropics mean HOT HOT

    by CultusLake Written Jul 26, 2006

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    Luggage and bags: Always take a bag that has wheels. I have a bag that has a small pack sack that zips on top of it, it is great...remember it is a long way when you are changing flights and have to clear customs and then make your way to the next flight lugging all those must have things along with you...

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Put your clothes out, divide in half and pack only half..you don't need it...In Cairns you need very light cotton wear, or parachute material skirts or shirts, sleeveless is great..You need a hat and sunglasses. Shorts and tops and skirts are fine for women..if you don't have everything you can always buy it..Comfortable sandals for walking...

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: You can get everything you need over there...just pack the basics, keep your MEDS with you..and be sure to have a list of your meds. Medications have different names in Australia, ie Tylenol is Paracetamol etc...

    Photo Equipment: Digital camera and a couple of photos discs. If you have the chance and you know someone with a computer, make a back up of your pictures as you go along on your trip...just incase you lose your camera.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Good walking shoes, and a back pack...something to cover the swimsuit, and lots of sunscreen. and don't forget the HAT...

    Miscellaneous: A good map helps! detailed to the area...

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    Sandflies in NZ

    by pepples46 Updated Nov 25, 2005

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    Luggage and bags: I like to travel lite and depends which transport vehicel you prefer, you can too, but a good Backpack is quite appropriate, definetly a wee one for City 'hikes'

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: definitly good shoes, weathergear and for NZ a Jumper or Pullover, cool evenings and sometimes 4 seasons in one day. for Australia more lite Clothing, but in the desert, near Uluru..Alice Springs, funny enough, the nites are coolish

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: ask your GP when on Medication....other stuff you can buy here..makes the Backpack lighter

    Photo Equipment: buy here....you get better results, and develope here too, send the photos via Post home

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: you can do that...you can hire in both country

    Miscellaneous: .....Sandflies in NZ....Mozzies in Aus......buy REPELLENT here!!!!!!!!!

    Lake Ohau/ NZ
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    Packing List

    by Gwynneth Updated May 6, 2005

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    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Sun screen SPF 15+ or higher is recommended when ever you are outside and enjoying the great outdoors.

    The sun and wind in Australia are unforgiving. You will most definitely need a hat and shirt/top with sleeves when you are stepping outside for a day of exploring.

    We see so many visitors to Australia with severe sunburn because they dont realise how harsh the sun is here.

    Also, DON'T FORGET your water bottle and sunnies!


    Girls Day on the Swan River!
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    Packing List

    by scharneckk Written Sep 8, 2002

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    Luggage and bags: I took everything except the kitchen sink (as they say) but then I was a 23 year old lady! A couple of warm clothes, couple of cool clothes, swimsuit, two suits (to work in .. I do administration), shoes - thongs/jandles, sneakers, evening shoes and some day shoes!

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: One other thing .. I have to mention this place .. I told the very lovely people in the store I would most definately rate them! If you do happen to get down to Noosa and you forget your swimmers, sarong, thongs or just feel like buying something new and reasonably priced .. then go to Energy Surf on Noosa Drive at Noosa ... I bought a gorgeous sarong for only $14.00 .. get down to hastings street and you will pay at least $50 for the same thing .. Energy Surf also have the internet available for the happy backpacker to check their emails and they are really friendly!

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Soap, shampoo .. do we really need advise on what toiletries to take .. everything .. I am very hygienic!

    Photo Equipment: Camera and lots and lots of film!

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: towels, sunscreen, mozzie repellent, hats, tents, tarps, gas bottles, ...

    Miscellaneous: Can't forget the snacks!

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    Packing List

    by pollobr Written Aug 26, 2002

    Luggage and bags: Soft sided, it seems to travel better.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Light clothing, but long sleaves and you will need long pants at times, and a wide brimed hat, the sun is VERY hot.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: The usual, plus lots of SP20+ sunscreen.

    Photo Equipment: A good old point and shoot that works on normal batteries. Our camcorder loaded up with the fine red dust in the outback and had to be serviced when we got home.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: As I said before, the sun is very HOT, don't underestimate it.

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    Packing List

    by MargieGo Written Aug 26, 2002

    Luggage and bags: On the tours I'm on, suitcases are probably the order of the day as they are easier to stack and somebody else carries them for you, so you don't need a backpack! The majority of the guests onboard are of the older generation too, so suitcases again.
    Something solid if you've come from overseas, so it won't be all bashed by the time it reaches here. On the other hand, it may need to be expandable for all the things you might find to buy.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: In general almost all of what I will be talking about on my site will be about the outback.
    So, generally the weather will be warm and dry, or warm and wet.
    Rarely will it be cold.

    Once a woman arrived for a tour from some place like Alaska and she was wearing a fur coat!
    And it was 40 degrees celcius when she flew into Darwin. Poor lady.
    That was before the days of Internet when she could have been more properly informed about conditions. So you don't need to bring any winter clothing. Bring layers though, as nights can still be quite cool, particularly in the desert. The days though will be t-shirt weather, and sometimes VERY hot though.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Plenty of sunscreen. Also repellent for all the pesky flies, insects and mosquitoes that will annoy you.

    Photo Equipment: You will be able to buy these things at the major towns along the way, but they will be more expensive and the right batteries might still be a problem, so better to bring your own with you or buy these at your city of arrival.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Since you will be staying accommodated in nice Motels, you don't need to worry about this. Just remember the hat and sunscreen and repellent

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  • Packing List

    by CarlyT Written Aug 26, 2002

    Luggage and bags: Backpack, 50-70l, with a zip off daypack

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Hiking

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Instead of taking a towel/beach towel take a sarong...it dries quicker, packs up smaller and can even double as a skirt or dress...if tied properly!!

    Miscellaneous: Buy a keychain from one of the surf shops when you r out there......great for keeping all your keys together and you'll never lose them!

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  • Packing List

    by allycat1 Written Aug 26, 2002

    Luggage and bags: A nice big durable backpack with a clip on the outside for a sleeping bag.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: I guarentee you will only wear a third of what you pack. I had a stuffed backpack and ended up sending half of everything I packed home. I spent the whole day almost everyday while on the coast in my bikini and wrap. At night you end up wearing the same things all the time as well. Is I did it again I would only bring:
    - 2 bathing suits - 1 pair of pj's
    - 1 sundress - 10 underwear
    - 1 pair of black pants - 3 socks
    - 1 skirt - 1 pair of runners
    - 2 sandals(beach&dress) - 2 shorts
    - 2 tank tops
    I know you may think this isn't nearly enough clothes for an extended trip but trust me the less you have the better off you are.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: I would recommend going to a camping store and buying a towel size shamy cloth for a towel. They dry very quickly and roll up quite small. Polysporin is a must for cuts as some areas are very humid and it can take awhile to heal.

    Photo Equipment: If you don't have a tripod get one I would have been lost without it. How ever much film you think you need buy double. Also store all your film in ziplock backs so they don't get wet.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Purchase a pair of flip flops for the beach and get a couple wraps. Everyone and I mean everyone wears their wraps during the day.

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  • Packing List

    by kellym Written Aug 26, 2002

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: It gets COLD in the Outback and Northern Territory at night, even though the days are quite warm. Bring cozy things to sleep in and life will be better.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Was bitten by some kind of voracious creature in my bed in a nice hotel in Townsville. Huge, raised, maddeningly itchy bumps that normal cortisne cream didn't even phase. Australia's got super bugs--bring a super cream (even if mozzies and the like don't usually bother you--they usually don't me), like the Benadryl brand.

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    Packing List

    by gabriellefox Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: You can't go wrong with a large duffle with wheels unless you are backpacking.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Dress Casual. I have never seen the Aussies dress up for anything. Dress as with everything else is pretty laid back.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Insect repellant. Sun block, sun screen, water, moist wipes.

    Photo Equipment: No worries mate.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: There is just so much more great outdoors here than anywhere else. Be aware that there are many things which sting and bite. Try and identify anything which takes a nibble at you. The doctors may find it helpful.

    Miscellaneous: Don't forget your sunnies.

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  • Packing List

    by orcie Written Aug 24, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: Travel Backpack with compresison straps and daybag - made by Cactus.
    70 litre I think

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Goretex rain coat, tramping boots, sneakers, jandals, work shoes.
    icebreaker pure merino thermals as they keep you cool and they also keep you warm - and the added bonus they fold up really really small !.
    YHA membership is good !!

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Toothbrush
    Washing Powder
    Shampoo and Conditioner

    Photo Equipment: yes - whatever you use !

    Miscellaneous: A dairy to write in or a blank lined book.

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    Packing List

    by Krystynn Written Aug 24, 2002

    1 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Before you leave on a trip (no matter how long you'll be away), list the complete contents in your luggage (that's everything... including make-up, books and medications). Carry a photo of your suitcase as well as a description of it (i.e. make, type, etc.). Should your bag be lost or stolen, you'll have everything you need with you in order to expedite a claim.

    Here's one important tip I've learnt from my well-traveled and well-heeled buddies/ colleagues over the years to ALWAYS roll your clothes
    when packing.... and you'd never have to worry about ironing again when you reach your destination.

    How do the clothes stay rolled up?

    Here's another trick I've picked up: Just cut off the legs of old panty hose. Put your hand inside one of the cut-off legs, grab that rolled up t-shirt and pull it through. And, Voila! My things stay rolled up like assorted sausages....

    Basically, this is my important rule of thumb: DO also try and plan your wardrobe in such a way that you'll have no problem mixing and matching your outfits and it should be able to see you through from day to night. So in this instance, that little black dress WILL come in VERY handy for the night events AND in the day time too! :-))

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: DON'T ever forget to pack along your basic necessities.

    Photo Equipment: For avid photographers, Judy Litt at the Mining Co. Better Health wrote a comprehensive series on just about anything you'd need to know.

    Keep in mind that long-term travel can do some serious damage to a camera. Losing it in airline luggage land or just plain theft are also concerns. So you may want to purchase an older or used camera. Online auctions such as eBay should have some good deals. No harm in taking a peek...

    Miscellaneous: These days when travelers talk about visas they don't usually mean the diplomatic kind. Gone are the days of traveler's checks. Today you can leave your money safely in the bank and access it from anywhere in the world and withdraw it in that particular country's local currency. Yes folks, there are ATM machines all over the country and even in little villages.

    Just stick in your bankcard, punch in your four digit PIN and out will come your much-awaited cash for your spending pleasure (at a very good rate of exchange, I might add). So leave your money belt at home and relax.... Trust me, I've relied on this matter for ALL my trips and so far, I haven't been disappointed. I used to carry quite a bit of cash in the past... and got mugged THREE times! Sydney, Hongkong and Nice. Oh well... But eversince I relied on using my ATM card abroad and withdraw cash ONLY when I need it, I've NOT been a target of any pickpockets or muggers. Hallelujah!

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    Packing List

    by bianchis Written Aug 24, 2002

    0.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: All venues accept a good standard of dress and you may care to pack a light jacket for evening wear in winter.

    Miscellaneous: North Australia - sunscreen and hats. Loose comfortable clothing,walking shoes, swim wear and sunglasses.

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