Palau Off The Beaten Path

  • The weather stones
    The weather stones
    by arneallan
  • The ground
    The ground
    by arneallan
  • Ngiratkel Etpison State Building
    Ngiratkel Etpison State Building
    by arneallan

Palau Off The Beaten Path

  • Kayak at the North end of Palau

    I am not sure if there is a bus there, but you can take a car/taxi to the north end of Palau. Go to the North Beach Cottage. You can rent a room there for the night, or just rent a kayak and play in the water or along the beach.The beach is NOT busy at all, in fact there were NO people when we were there. White sand with a protected water area....

  • Kayaking around the emerald 'Rock...

    One day or half a day kayaking can be arranged by the many tour agents in Palau. I've used Blue Planet.

  • WWII tour - Battle of Peleliu

    Palau has activities for the non-scuba divers and snorkellers. Peleliu, an island located downsouth of Koror, 2 hours boat ride from Sams Tours jetty, has a historical record of having to fight the bloodiest battle in Palau. The tour lasted about 2.5 hours and places of interest generallly include visitations to Japanese and American soldiers'...

  • Pass the day on your own beach

    Have you ever thought about owning your own beach. Now you can imagine one for your very own. Their are many to choose from for the day. Be sure to get a permit & pack your lunch, snacks, drinks, beach gear, etc. Don't leave anyone behind when you sail off.

  • Odalmelech Stone Faces

    The Odalmelech Stone Faces (OSF) are in Melekeok Municipality in Melekeok State on Babeldaob Island. The OSF are one of Palau's older sites being dated to around 895 A.D.. The OSF are believed to represent Odalmelech and his 5 councilmen. There might possibly a seventh stone face in the area. In the area there is a sign saying in detail about a bit...

  • Imeung Traditional Village

    In Ngaremlengui State there is an old Imeung Traditional Village. There is not too much left of it expect for the stone pathways and other basic rock formations. It is though set in a beautiful well kept area and is nice to stroll around. As we were walking around we met a lady and her young daughter from the surround village as they were going to...

  • Aimeliik Bai

    Aimeliik Bai is replica bai that was built fairly recently. It is quite nice with it's decorations both inside and outside of it. It is less tourist travelled area as I only saw about 3 vehicles pass by when I was in the area. It is in Aimeliik State on Babeldaob Island. Coming from Koror onto Babeldaob take the left route on the ring road. At 9.3...

  • Ngaremlengui State Cannons

    In Ngaremlengui State there are two World War 2 era Japanese cannons that are in good condition. To get here drive to Babeldaob island from Koror and take the left route on the island ring road. At around 23 km there will be a road off to the left. Take the road and follow it past the Traditional Imeung Village. Before you get to town there will be...

  • Malsol's Tomb

    Malsol was known as the bravest warrior in Ngeremlengui and one day he made enemies with a women known as Dirrengulbai (Dirr). He either murdered her brother or just insulted his corpse which made Dirr made and she wanted revenge. She married a chief then refused to sleep with him. When the chief inquired why and she told him of Malsol. From there...

  • Ngiwal Museum

    Almost right across the street from the Ngiwal State Office is a museum of sorts. The have sculptures of some of the legends of the area. They also have some caged animals which don't look the happiest, but I have seen much worse. It is a nice area to stroll around. It is outside right on the coast so you have a nice sea breeze and the sound of...

  • World War 2 Monument

    Located in Ngatpang State on Babeldaob Island is a monument for the souls of the American and Japanese soldiers and for the people of Palau that were involved in World War 2. It is in an area with nothing else really around it so I found that interesting. I believe it was placed there in 1995 and it's worth a look see if you are driving by it....

  • Boat trips

    If you don't spend all your money in the karaoke lounges, you should save enough to take a day trip. Hire a boat, take some food and go to some of the Rock Islands. The erosion creates these rock islands which have been undermined by years of pounding seas.There are a few where you can moor, walk the jungle paths or relax on the beaches.With the...

  • If you find that Koror town is not as... you expected, if you want to avoid the crowds of international divers, then try the southern islands of Peleliu and Angaur. You'll find peace and quiet and very warm people there. Accomodations are basic, but affordable and rarely full. There's Air Palau flying daily to both islands, but boat trip (takes about 2 hours) at $5 one-way was just...

  • Pielelu, does anyone know how to spell...

    Theres only so much you can do on Koror, we went to Peilelu. Theres war ruins, some dive tour that looks at the war stuff underwater, some graves, and all that stuff does feel creepy. Take a day trip.

  • Pet the Manta Ray

    The hotel has a shallow fish pond that contains many wonderful fish including two manta rays. One is so tame that if we splashed the water at the side of the pond, it would come over and let us “pet” him. It also contained several blue starfish and an electric blue little fish called the Palau blue damsel.

  • Get the Car Dirty

    After getting stuck and then pulled out of the ditch we had put a little bit of dammage on our car (some scratches) and gotten it really muddy. fortunately we had travel insurance and that took care of it.

  • Driving North

    The roads north of Koror are pretty bad when it rains. They become very slick and hard to traverse. When traveling them be very careful and if at all possible try to not go on them when it’s rainy. Or have a professional guide drive you.

  • WWII Monument

    Most of Palau would probably be considered off the beaten path. This monument commemorating the lives lost in the second world war is alongside the road to the northern states of the main Island. It seemed out of place as their was no buildings anywhere in sight. Simply a pyramid shaped monument with an inscription.

  • Buildings Aside the Road

    Take a glance to the hills on either side of the roads. Sometimes you will find interesting buildings or other unexpected things. I ran across this hut up in the hills about the road from Koror to the Ngaardmau Province.

  • A Three Hour Tour....

    So, what to do on No dive day ?? Hundreds of islands about... Maybe best to go explore one or two..... The weather starting getting rough... if not for the courage of the fearless crew the minnow would be lost... The minnow would be lost....

  • Gilligan's Island....

    Nice View. No running water. Free Coconuts. As is, $250K OBO...Sure looks like the kinda place that you could spend some quality time with some close friends.... Lovely, Ginger, Mary Anne... (especially Mary Anne...)

  • Swim with Jellyfish!!

    Don't miss Jellyfish Lake, we were able to stop there during one of our kayaking trips between outlaying islands. The rumor is that the jellyfish got caught in a lake on this small island thousands of years ago as the oceans subsided. Now it is a fresh water lake and the jellyfish have no enemies so they have lost the ability to sting. They have...

  • Big Chief's funeral

    Melekeok's chief had just passed away. a huge funeral was held in his honour. Chiefs from all over the island came to pay their respects. Palauan society is matriarchal. Women has very high social standing and can inherit property. in fact, the chiefs are elected by the women. A useful lesson for democracies! :-)

  • War Canoe

    A ceremonial war canoe at Melekeok. reminds Palauans of the old days when the men would sail off on the canoe to raid other villages.

  • Odalmelech

    located at Melekeok on Babeldouab. this strange rock statue has been an anthropological enigma. Apparently, represents the Palauan god, Melech.

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