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Wewak Things to Do

  • Cape Wom Memorial Park

    Just a few miles west of Wewak, on another small point of land, can be found the Cape Wom Memorial Park. Located on the site of an old missionary airstrip, no longer used, this park is dedicated to the surrender of the Imperial Japanese forces in the Wewak area by General Hutazo Adachi to Australian General H.C.H. Robertson. The surrender took...

  • Enjoy the Beach!

    Following the successful installation of a new generator in September, 1980 to alleviate rotating blackouts in Wewak, my team from Port Moresby had some time to kill before our flight home. To fight the ever-present tropical heat and humidity, we figured a case of cold beer on the beach at Cape Wom would be a good way to put in the afternoon!The...

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Wewak Restaurants

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    Windjammer Beach Resort: A Perfect Spot on the Beach

    by Bwana_Brown Updated Jul 5, 2005

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    The food in all the hotels in Wewak was quite good, whether it was at the Windjammer, Sepik or Wewak hotels. During our workdays at the nearby diesel power station, the Windjammer was the closest place for us to take a lunch break or even stop for a cold beer on our way back into town at the end of the day.

    Here, the guys, still dressed in their Elcom coveralls, are finishing off a few stubbies of San Miguel and South Pacific beers as we sit in the shade at the Windjammer Beach Resort. The prices of our meals never stuck in my mind because we were travelling on government business, so all rooms and meals were paid by signing a voucher.

    Of course the huge nearby Sepik River area of Papua New Guinea is noted for its wooden carvings. In the background to the right are two fine examples, a carved chair and a totem pole. The sea-going canoe in the distance, coming in for a landing, was another common sight in PNG. The locals were completely at home with both the sea and the many rivers and knew what it took to harvest the fish that they needed to survive.

    The Crew Takes a Break
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Wewak Transportation

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    You can travel on trucks

    by jorgejuansanchez Written Feb 21, 2015

    If you are travelling near Wewak, then the truck is the best way, but if you want to go to Madang, then there is only the sea way. There is a ferry once a week, or you can organize the trip by motorboats, which takes two days to arrive to Madang. I selected this second option and travelled by motorboat, then truck, then again motorboat and finally bus to Madang (which is a truck converted into a kind of bus), like the one in the picture, completely full with people.

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Wewak Local Customs

  • Traditional Housing

    Once you get away from the main towns of PNG, you will soon start to see examples of simple accommodations used by the locals. Over the centuries, they have learned how to make simple but effective dwellings using the raw building materials that are close at hand.This village on the outskirts of Wewak had the typical houses perched on wooden...

  • Dugout Canoe

    PNG was a rugged place then and it still is today. In the Sepik River area, the mass of large and twisting rivers and lagoons makes travel by road very difficult, so the dugout canoe is the favoured mode of transportation by the locals. These canoes are also used to sail along the coast and for short hops to the close in-shore islands.The canoes...

  • Let's Go For a Dip

    There were some nice beaches along the shores to the east of Wewak Point, including the one where the Windjammer Hotel was located. Also, to the west of town at Cape Wom was another great beach. I saw some nice sized swells coming in during a few of my walks along these beaches. However, because Wewak was not a tourist hot-spot, the beaches were...


Wewak Off The Beaten Path

  • Inside Wewak Diesel Power Station

    Because Wewak, along with Madang, was one of the biggest towns along the north coast of Papua New Guinea, it had one of the larger diesel power stations in the country. As a result, I ended up making about 5 trips here for one reason or another and got to know the Manager of the station, local Thomas Kabo, quite well. He did his best to try to keep...

  • More Power Required!

    On a much earlier trip, in September 1980, I was in Wewak following problems with the big new No. 4 machine. With it out of action, things were not going well for Elcom in Wewak! As a result, a smaller 540-kw Detroit Diesel machine with a Kato generator was shipped in as quickly as possible.I was part of the small team from Port Moresby who looked...

  • Now We Are In the Rain Forest!

    My final trip to Wewak was in May, 1982, since I was part of a small group changing to a single-engine aircraft there while on our way to Bainyik, a tiny community situated 70 km (45-miles) west and inland of the town. Bainyik is located by the Screw River, a tributary of the mighty 1130-km (650-mile) Sepik River and its endless rainforest and...


Wewak Favorites

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  • Wewak is Located HERE

    Located on the northwest coast of Papua New Guinea, Wewak required a fairly long flight from Port Moresby (just off the bottom centre of this map, along the same coast as Kerema) over the intervening 14,000+ foot central mountain ranges that divided the country. In addition to a few job tasks in Wewak, I also flew through to Vanimo a couple of...

  • Close-up of Wewak Area

    This map gives a good overview of Wewak and its location along the north coast of Papua New Guinea. The main part of the town is located on the peninsula at the left, including the Wewak Hotel were we usually stayed. The small bay to the left of this peninsula ends up not very far away at Cape Wom (not shown here). To the right, the smaller point...

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