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  • Beautiful Arawa
    Beautiful Arawa
    by jorgejuansanchez
  • The Catholic MIssion, where I was helped
    The Catholic MIssion, where I was helped
    by jorgejuansanchez
  • Things to Do
    by jorgejuansanchez
Map of Papua New Guinea

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Sohano Island




Pityilu Island


Manus Island


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Port Moresby

See all 80 Port Moresby Tips
  • Port Moresby, the World's Most Dangerous...

    Port Moresby Warnings and Dangers

    I beg to differ with the overly optimistic view titled "Don't listen to amateur travelers". This review is written by a person who has local connections. I'm sorry, but most tourists don't! I was a lone traveler and had an amazing time with the locals outside of POM and made lots of friends, but POM is a nasty nasty vicious and dangerous place! No...

  • Airways Hotel

    Port Moresby Hotels

    4 star: swimming pool and restaurant with great view over airport and surrounding hills. Lively bar...

  • Warning!

    Port Moresby Shopping

    In years past PNG Arts was the place to go for contemporary PNG tribal arts with their large warehouse containing a wide variety of goods from across the country. Unfortunately, my last last visit in November 2012 found a great reduction in the quality and quantity of merchandise. Nonetheless I purchased several thousand dollars worth of carvings...



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  • Be careful!

    Rabaul Warnings and Dangers

    There are robberies in Port Moresby and Lae. Rabaul is not so dangerous city but you feel that it might be. In the supermarkets, to collect the money, guardians armed are everywhere. I felt danger, so I left tha place immediately.

  • The port

    Rabaul Transportation

    Very convenient to move around by the cheaper and as a real traveler. There are weekly boats to Buka island (I missed for 2 days that boat and was forced to fly), and there are also ferrys to the south of New Britain island because there are no raods, you must take the ferry (or fly) to get there.

  • In the Balsa Plantation

    Rabaul Restaurants

    On my first trip to Rabaul, in April 1980, I was accompanied by my Australian boss and one of the local guys from the Tolai tribe, indigenous to this part of Papua New Guinea. We had to check out how things were going at the new power station in Keravat, so this involved a drive of several miles to the west of Rabaul itself. As it happened, the...



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  • Street Shopping for local handicrafts...

    Lae Shopping

    In front of Chemcare and Huon Gulf Pharmacies, from Monday to Saturday, local crafts-people sell their wares. From bilums to baskets and necklaces to carvings there is a wide variety of items to choose from. This is the best place in Lae to buy bilums; local string bags (made using the same ancient method as the Aboriginies make Dili bags),...

  • Flag Hotel Melanesian

    Lae Hotels

    Second Street, Nadzab Pg, Lae, 411, Papua New Guinea

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Setting up house

    Lae Shopping

    Brian Bell is the alpha and the omega of homewares in Lae. This is where you can get the best and the most expensive. If you are going into the field; Brian Bell is a Coleman dealer and you will find a limited selection of camping products. If you are serious about "going bush", do not rely on PNG suppliers for your equipment. Seasoned travellers...



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  • You can travel on trucks

    Wewak Transportation

    If you are travelling near Wewak, then the truck is the best way, but if you want to go to Madang, then there is only the sea way. There is a ferry once a week, or you can organize the trip by motorboats, which takes two days to arrive to Madang. I selected this second option and travelled by motorboat, then truck, then again motorboat and finally...

  • Inside Wewak Diesel Power Station

    Wewak Off The Beaten Path

    Because Wewak, along with Madang, was one of the biggest towns along the north coast of Papua New Guinea, it had one of the larger diesel power stations in the country. As a result, I ended up making about 5 trips here for one reason or another and got to know the Manager of the station, local Thomas Kabo, quite well. He did his best to try to keep...

  • More Power Required!

    Wewak Off The Beaten Path

    On a much earlier trip, in September 1980, I was in Wewak following problems with the big new No. 4 machine. With it out of action, things were not going well for Elcom in Wewak! As a result, a smaller 540-kw Detroit Diesel machine with a Kato generator was shipped in as quickly as possible.I was part of the small team from Port Moresby who looked...



See all 10 Popondetta Tips
  • Leave as soon as you can

    Popondetta Things to Do

    There is nothing to recommend Popondetta. Even the battlefields have been allowed to disappear. If you are going to Kokoda stay as little time as possible at Popondetta and pray that the Koiari landowners don't close the track demanding compensation and that Air Niugini doesn't dump you off the return aircraft - like they did me.

  • Mt Lamington volcano

    Popondetta Things to Do

    Walk to the site of the former Government Station at Higaturu which was destroyed in 1951 resulting in the death of over 3000 Papuans and Europeans. A local guide would be needed to make the walk and transport required to reach the start of the treck which is off the Kokoda Road some 20 klm from Popondetta.In 1951 Higaturu situated some 12 klm from...

  • Fly High!

    Popondetta Transportation

    Whether I was flying to Popondetta or anywhere else north or east of Port Moresby, you first had to clear the 13,400 ft. (4,070-m) Owen Stanley Mountain range. Luckily, this was no problem for Air Niugini and it's fleet of aircraft. On this trip, we were at 28,000 ft. as we cleared the cloud shrouded mountains, plenty of room to spare!


Mount Hagen

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  • Mt. Hagen is located HERE

    Mount Hagen Favorites

    Mount Hagen is the capital of Western Highlands province, the most populated in Papua New Guinea (440,000 people as of 2000). The early western explorers of PNG were totally surprised after either flying in or slogging their way up off the hot and humid coastal areas when they found far more inhabitants hidden away in the fertile, open and cool...

  • Flag Hotel Highlander

    Mount Hagen Hotels

    Hagen Drive, Mendi, Mount Hagen, SO 251, Papua New Guinea

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Business

  • Take in the traditional celebrations

    Mount Hagen Things to Do

    Starting in the 1960s, the Eastern and Western Highlands Provinces alternately held a Show on the third weekend of August in either Mt. Hagen or Goroka, where the local tribes competed against each other in traditional cultural events. The original purpose of the Show was to serve as an aggression outlet in the place of on-going warfare between the...



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  • Vunapope Mission (Sisters of War)

    Kokopo Things to Do

    This is a very historic place (Do you know about Sisters of Wars telemovie?).It is up a hill at the outskirts of Kokopo.I went there to visit its cathedral, which was built in the form of a shell. There are frescoes, totems, and old colonial buildings since the German's times.The complex is huge. There are many sisters living, and a press, school,...

  • Clean and cheap place

    Kokopo Restaurants

    It was in the main road, and with good prices. The woman in charge was very nice. Kaikai means food, to eat. I ordered chicken and some vegetables plus a local coca cola, There is no menu.

  • Kokopo Museum

    Kokopo Things to Do

    It is located close to the beach and is devoted to WWII. I did not go inside, I hate wars. I just saw the weapons across the fences, for free.



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See all 5 Vanimo Tips
  • Journey by boat from Vanimo to Aitape

    Vanimo Transportation

    It takes about 6 hours, at least, if the waves are OK. We (I was with several passengers) left Vanimo at about 4 PM and arrived late in the night to Aitape. We could find shelter in the Police Station, where we slept until early in the morning, when we caught a bus to Wewak.

  • Kaian village

    Vanimo Things to Do

    It was a cargocult village with fetishes and many tamtams, or drums, some of them very beautiful. The chief of the village accepted me as guest and was invited to walk around with a guide explaining me the meaning of every drum.

  • Downtown Vanimo

    Vanimo Things to Do

    Vanimo was only a transit stop for me. Hotles were too expensive, therefore I decided to start my overland journey to Madang that same day. Some people slept on the port in order to avoid the high prices of the hotels.Apart from the religious buildings and the local market, I did not find Vanimlo an interesting place, since I do not practise any...



See all 10 Kimbe Tips
  • Visit Mahonia na Dari

    Kimbe Things to Do

    Visit Mahonia Na Dari research station west of Kimbe. You can stay at the research station or just visit. While you are there walk to Walindi for lunch or dinner (best to call ahead and book).Accommodation at Mahonia Na Dari is cheap (K60-K90 per person per night), clean, and very, very friendly.

  • Kimbe Bay Hotel

    Kimbe Hotels

    PO Box 32, Kimbe, 621, Papua New Guinea

    Satisfaction: Poor

  • Volcanos!

    Kimbe Warnings and Dangers

    New Britain is one of the most active volcano areas in PNG. The town of Rabaul at the eastern tip of the island was largely destroyed in 1997 by a sustained series of eruptions. The area around Kimbe Bay itself also has a fine display of volcanic peaks. This photo was taken between Kimbe and Rabaul as I flew from Port Moresby and shows some of the...



See all 5 Angoram Tips
  • Angoram is Located HERE

    Angoram Favorites

    With the central 14,000+ foot (4400-m) mountain ranges dividing Papua New Guinea into northern and southern zones, at least 60% of the northern half of the country is drained by the Sepik River. Located only about 3 degrees south of the equator, and catching the moisture off the Pacific Ocean, the rainforest in this part of PNG is the largest...

  • By Dug-Out Canoe

    Angoram Transportation

    In the Sepik River area, the mass of large and twisting rivers and lagoons makes travel by road very difficult, so the dugout canoe is the favoured mode of transportation by the locals. The canoes are made from large logs, which are usually towed to the owners village where the middle part of each is then gouged out using an adz. The final touches...

  • Explore the Sepik River

    Angoram Things to Do

    If you get a chance to spend some time in Angoram, you would be well-advised to take advantage of the situation and head off for a boating excursion on the Sepik. Most of the activity takes place up-river from here, but it is possible to book boat or motorized-canoe trips at the hotel or tourist agencies in town. You actually have the option of...



See all 17 Timbunke Tips

    Timbunke What to Pack

    DEET is industrial strength mosquito repellent. It's absolutely necessary to be fully covered with this stuff while you're in the Sepik Region, an area infamous for its thriving malaria. It's not enough that you take Malaria pills as a precaution - you need to also wear long clothing and or at least cover up your exposed skin with DEET. You can...

  • Children playing along the river banks

    Timbunke Local Customs

    Apparently the natives hold the croc in high regard, but the children are allowed to frolic along the river banks without a thought as to possible croc attacks....we often saw the kids splashing right along the shoreline, waving to us or playing in the water. When they knew were were coming to their village, the kids would scamper up the shore and...

  • Crocodile Canoes

    Timbunke Local Customs

    The Sepik people hold the crocodile in high regard, and the croc is the prevailing symbol throughout the Sepik region (more on this in my Yentchan pages).The canoes are even carved to resemble this ferocious animal.



See all 14 Kainantu Tips
  • A Night in the Village

    Kainantu Nightlife

    The Kainantu Lodge is a two-story hotel, located on a hill above Kainantu. It is close to both the local Golf Course and the Eastern Highlands Cultural Centre. The Lodge features 22 rooms, 3 conference rooms, a restaurant and a bar/lounge with a log fireplace. It also has a swimming pool, tennis courts and will supply a free shuttle service to and...

  • The Source of Power

    Kainantu Off The Beaten Path

    The lifeblood of the towns and cities in the Highlands of PNG was dependent on the Ramu Hydro station, located only a few miles from Kainantu. Two of Papua New Guinea's rivers, the Sepik (to the west) and the Ramu, starting in the mountains not far from Lae and Madang, drain almost all the water on the north side of the main island part of PNG. As...

  • Out for a Walk

    Kainantu Local Customs

    Our countryside drive took us to the small village of Aiyura, not too far from Kainantu. As soon as you start to explore in the Highlands, it will not be long before you come across the locals going about their everyday tasks in this heavily populated part of Papua New Guinea.These two ladies very kindly let me take their photo, and they are quite...



See all 9 Daru Tips
  • Daru is located Here

    Daru Favorites

    Daru is located in the southwest corner of Papua New Guinea, not too far from the border with Indonesia's province of West Irian, which occupies the other half of the island of New Guinea. To the south, Australian territory stretches almost to the shores of PNG, where the small red line passes just south of Daru and goes through 'Bramble Cay'.

  • Local Market

    Daru Shopping

    This photo of a street market in Daru shows some products from one of the most important trees in the South Pacific area. The Sago Palm tree grows wild, but because of it's importance, it has been transplanted to many areas and even grown commercially. Because it is fast-growing and can tolerate high salinity levels and well as acidic and wet soils...

  • Sea-Going Out-rigger Canoe

    Daru Local Customs

    I managed to catch one photo of an out-rigger canoe heading out to see what he can find. Barramundi was a very popular fish in Papua New Guinea - it was my favourite meal on Friday nights in Port Moresby when we went to the Returned Services League Club for an evening meal with the children (it was also the only place that had a TV for them to...


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  • Jun 8, 2014 at 5:35 PM

    We have been on PNG for 11 years and have finally decided to call it quits. We have lived in a number of towns but in Moresby for the past 4 years and what has happened in the past 2 weeks has made my wife be physically sick, quite distraught and very scared. Two weeks ago 5 police entered a secure new,modern compound in the middle of the day; the "security guards" at the gate did nothing to stop or question their entry; the police knocked on the door and when the husband answered, he was set upon, beaten, tied up and masking tape put across his mouth; the thugs then attempted to bust into the locked bedroom where our friend was (and we are talking about expats here) - she was petrified and lept from the balcony trying to escape - unfortunately she has fractured her pelvis and broken an ankle, and is still in the run-down filthy port moresby hospital. Sadly, these types of instances are becoming more and more common, but largely unreported - the country is in a state of deterioration; services are poor; electricity power cuts and water shortages nearly every day now, roads very unsafe with gangs driving round looking for 'easy targets'; corruption is rife and this has filtered right down to the average person in an office now. Education is spiralling downwards; the so-called 'International Schools" (IEA) are grossly over-priced and their standards are now way below Australia. Drugs in these schools are becoming common place.
    If you are coming to work in PNG, only consider a fly in fly out roll; do NOT bring your non-working partner or kids; do not accept a contact in KINA with an end of contract 'bonus' - the kina is on a slide, trying to be propped up bythe Government, and any bonus will be nearly worthless in 2-3 years.
    It is rather sad to have devoted 11 years of my life to my work here and now be in the position where i cannot really see change for the better, and my wife and kids are leaving with very bitter memories.
    Mike W.

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The eastern half of the island of New Guinea - second largest in the world - was divided between Germany (north) and the UK (south) in 1885. The latter area was transferred to Australia in 1902,...