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    Blackforest dessert
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    grilled barra, salad & chips
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    The soul of sole
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    by DAO Written May 16, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Manly Pizza and Wine serves your favourite wine! Yes, yours! OK, this is where it gets interesting. You have to bring your own wine. Yes – it’s a BYO (Bring Your Own) wine restaurant, but this means you are always assured of the best wines. The important thing to remember is that the food is fantastic. I was with a small group and we stopped in for the $10 Lunch Special. For around $8 US, you get a choice of pizzas, pastas or salads. We had all 3 and they were wonderful. I had the Suprema Pizza with pepperoni, ham, mushroom, peppers, onion, oregano & olives. It was perfectly made and cooked. A thin and crispy pizza made to perfection. The pasts and salads were also delicious. A fantastic little restaurant that knows how to make great Italian food. And the service was absolutely perfect as well.

    It is no surprise they have several awards displayed inside.

    Opening hours:
    • Monday – Closed
    • Tuesday – Wednesday, Dinner 5pm –10pm
    • Thursday – Sunday, Lunch 12–3pm, Dinner 5pm – Late
    • Live music every Friday, Saturday, Sunday night
    Deliveries 5pm – 9pm 7 nights a week ($4 to Seaforth, Balgowlah, Fairlight, Manly, Manly Vale, Freshwater, Harbord, Queenscliff)

    Please note: They do not serve wine! You must bring your own.

    Manly Pizza & Wine, Australia
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    Yeh you guessed!!! :o): Guess where?

    by aussirose Updated Feb 6, 2015

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There's nothing like a picnic on the beach. Just grab your favourite beach food (prawns, marinated muscles, olives, olive bread & fetta cheese will do for me ;o) and a bottle of wine and head on down.
    At night, add a few friends, fire and guitars, oh and toasted marshmallows and you'll never want to go home!!!

    picnic on the beach by aussirose
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    the Shopping Malls: when you don't no where to eat

    by pepples46 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    the Shopping Malls can always provide breakfast, lunch, fastfood, Ice Cream and what have you.
    here in NZ as well as in Australia. and when the weather is a bit on the dicy site, go shopping, have a look around what the Locals do and get

    Favorite Dish: the Muffin Break in NZ and Australia is a good way to start the day....the Muffins are sweet or savoury. for lunch Sushi or a chinese dish, indian food is offered as there are any choices. food is good down under and all for a very reasonable price

    the Palm's Shopping Mall in CHCH
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    by AusPinay Written Jul 7, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Buffet breakfast during winters are most specially important as they offer added warmth to the traveller faced with the cold and freezing weather outside.

    There is an extensive menu - about four to five types of cereals- corn flakes, bran, muesli, etc, plus the usual selection of fruits- fresh watermelon, plums, peaches, chunky pineapples, etc. These fruits either come from Queensland which has a tropical climate so "summer fruits" are still enjoyed throughout the year all over the country. There's yoghurt to accompany the fruits.

    The hot bar has scrambled and fried eggs, beef sausages, bacon, baked beans,grilled fat juicy tomatoes and mushrooms, and even pancakes with syrup for topping.

    A good variety of breads and rolls are also on offer- with the healthy seeded,wholemeal types or the usual white breads , the sliced ones you could toast in several toasters on the spread there.

    Fresh coffee and teas are served by attentive cafe staff as well as unlimited juices- apple, orange and pineapple. There is no excuse to have a hungry tummy while in Canberra and surrounds!

    Despite the place being full, the staff seemed well trained to attend to the needs of the diners.

    I forgot to check on the breakfast prices as our brekky was part of our family package deal which includes tickets to the Science Museum and overnight accommodation, use of facilities, parking,etc.

    Favorite Dish: My fave items would have to be the fruits which are fresh, succulent and cut up nicely in bite sized pieces. The pancakes were not so hot to my liking but they were fluffy enough. I actually had one only with the bacon which was not cooked well, not as crispy as we have been used like those in Japan, according to my youngest son who was a bit disappointed. HE had two helpings of corn flakes and a small drink of orange juice only.

    Same with my hubby who mixed a few kinds of cereals with some full cream milk. HE did have some eggs-both kinds and a couple of bacon rashers.

    part of the brekky spread at Fig Tree Cafe, Rydges
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    by AusPinay Written Jun 30, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a great place to start your day, the breakfast menu features all delectable hot food one would want for the ultimate indulgence. The usual bacon, eggs tomato, sausages may not be your idea of a good brekky but there are other dishes to choose from like my fave pancakes served with maple syrup and fresh strawberries and whipped cream or ice cream, they will ask your preference.

    Being a bit tired of cereals for brekky sometimes, we also shared a big brekky plate of some poached eggs with hollandaise sauce (eggs Benedict) but with salmon and spinach. It was also yummy!I didn't touch the salmon as I am allergic to it!

    Coffee was lovely, hot and authentic, unlike in some cafes where the water is not even hot enough!

    The decor and ambience are just right, not too overpowering (soothing colours) to complement the food. I especially like the wooden floors and there are lots of heaters scattered around outside if you don't want to stay inside so you can watch people go by and show off your lovely food!

    Favorite Dish: I love my pancakes and the other thing, I always get a side order of crispy bacon. I got used to eating pancakes with bacon (I know very fatty an d high in cholesterol, salts, etc, but what's an indulgence without sinful food?) in America and adopted it, those Yanks know how to spoil themselves (and put on heaps of weight,LOL!),they're bad influence indeed. Just don't eat them often if you are in danger, healthwise,though most people are these days!

    Hubby likes the peace and quiet up there on the rooftop of WESTPOINT Blacktown.

    lovely brekky at the rooftop high above the city my fave pancakes
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    HOG'S BREATH CAFE: 100 % Aussie BEEF, You MUST TRY IT!

    by AusPinay Written Jun 29, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Any tourist to Australia and Sydney for that matter must sample our famous 100 % Aussie beef steak, unless you're vegetarian or doesn't eat meat of course.

    Hog's Breath is one place to get this and more, plus this place has a lot of branches all over Australia and Oceania as a whole-
    Throughout Australia there are Hog's Breath Cafe's around every corner. There's one nearest you as they say in their ad:
    * Queensland
    o North Queensland
    o Central Queensland
    o Southern Queensland
    * New South Wales
    o Northern NSW
    o Mid Northern NSW
    o Central Coast
    o Sydney Metro
    o Western NSW
    o Southern NSW
    * Australian Capital Territory
    * Victoria
    * Tasmania
    * South Australia
    * Western Australia
    * Northern Territory
    * New Zealand

    Near our place, we go to Westpoint Blacktown,where our fave is the steak sandwich with side salad and a serve of chips (fries).There are appetizers like the potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce, plus more, prime ribs, steak sandwiches, grilled steaks, kids' menu, a good selection of drinks from the licensed saloon style bar.

    The usual and classic rump steak, sirloin, NEw York steak , etc are on offer as well as Hickory lamb shanks, etc.

    Add ons include:

    Baked potato $3.95
    - Béarnaise sauce $1.95
    - Bowl of fresh vegetables $3.95
    - Caesar side salad $3.95
    - Cheese sauce $1.95
    - Crispy bacon rashers $2.95
    - Dianne-a-mite sauce $1.95
    - Dijonnaise sauce $1.95
    - Grilled garlic mushrooms $3.50
    - Grilled onions $1.95
    - Guacamole $2.50
    - House side salad $3.95
    - Magic mushroom sauce $1.95
    - Mashed potato $3.95
    - Mexicana tomato salsa $1.95
    - Pepper cracker sauce $1.95
    - Salt & Pepper calamari $3.95
    - Salt & Pepper mushrooms $3.95
    - Side serve of Hog Tail fries $3.95
    - Sliced avocado $2.95
    - Three garlic prawns $6.60

    There's something for every age and tastebud in this cool place! The decor is modern Australian bush style with unusual memorabilia on display like antique bikes, and other things from the past.

    Favorite Dish: MY personal fave is the steak sandwich with side salad and a serve of chips (fries). It is generously served with a good succulent portion of 100% Aussie beef steak. My hubby loves the prime rib while my youngest enjoys his kid's meal of chicken fingers and chips. The service is quite relaxed but efficient. They will tell you if you have to wait a bit longer for your grilled steaks though so we always choose the steak sandwiches or burgers as they serve them quicker.

    delectable 100% Aussie beef at Hog's Breath Cafe my fave steak sandwich at Hog's Breath the unusual decor at the cafe/saloon kids also love eating here
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  • AusPinay's Profile Photo

    GARDEN BUFFET at Star City, Darling Harbour: SUNDAY LUNCH AT STAR CITY

    by AusPinay Updated Jun 29, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We have been here once before but on a Saturday. Sunday is a different matter, it is packed to the rafters but in general, the food is always superb!

    As guests of its SOUS CHEF, my family and I arrived at the entrance to the buffet place about 10 minutes earlier as we agreed upon. To our surprise, there were bout a dozen people, mostly tourists already lining up and waiting for the doors of the restaurant to open. Apparently, Sunday is seafood buffet lunch at the restaurant too. We're not that excited about seafood , my eldest son and I being allergic to mussels and other shellfish. There are also lots and lots of prawns which most people love to put heaps on their plates we noticed quite amusingly!

    However, since the extensive food caters to all ages, our appetites were soon tantalised by the aroma of lovely delectable dishes on offer. Soups were aplenty in time for the winter weather, like pumpkin, chicken and sweet corn, even laksa. For me, the mushroom soup was really delicious and authentic, you can taste the fresh mushrooms, though it could have been a bit thicker as I preferred my soups to be.

    There is a huge international spread to choose from: salads, fruits, appetizers from crisp biscuits to freshly baked breads of sorts, pizzas, pastas, Asian specialties like spring rolls, stir fries, noodles, roasts- ham, beef, chicken, also crispy chicken wings, the usual chips, fried fish fillets (my youngest son's fave- the only ones he ate there!), even kransky sausages, of course the Indian fare was equally impressive and tasty- fluffy and savoury rice with peanuts as garnish, lamb korma, potatoes and peas cooked in typical flavoursome Indian spices and herbs, plus the much loved beef vindaloo of my hubby and eldest son (they had this only together with the rice). The latter was not too spicy so even the average non-hot chilli loving tourist can enjoy this dish without their tongues and mouths getting scorched with the spicy sensation!

    I read recently that the place boasts of around 130 kinds of dishes served daily and I can safely say this is true indeed!

    Our host, the indefatigable Sous Chef was very gracious, the place so packed to the rafters just a few minutes after we arrived! We are grateful to him, my friend and fellow vter Kashi (mallyak) for being so generous as to invite us to celebrate my birthday there, that day being one of his last few days before he and his wife leave for their trip to Europe.

    The buffet tariff includes mouthwatering desserts, I counted more than a dozen kinds of them- from the really yummy bread and butter pudding (compete with custard) to a selection of trifles, jellies, various flavours of cakes and even ice cream to satisfy fully those with a sweet tooth!

    Coffee, tea and soft drinks complete the lunch experience at this popular venue. They accept group bookings too. Do get there early so you won't get disappointed when it gets filled around midday! Staff are always on hand to cater to your needs and there's a good bar for those who want their meals with wines, spirits or other drinks.

    Favorite Dish: I love the mushroom soup and as always the Indian menu was appetizing and just right especially the savoury rice.Most buffets would just put plain steamed or boiled rice but this place make that extra effort to put more authenticity to their menu. Plus, I always have to have the osso bucco which was an improvement from the last time, as they were not as fatty and oily anymore.

    Moreover, my son was looking for another family fave- butter chicken. Perhaps, they can reduce/remove the other food (like the ordinary calamari or chicken wing)s and add this dish once in a while during special occasions!

    The bread and butter pudding with custard is also superb!( I didn't see this at the Saturday buffet last time, just as well as it was a pleasant surprise to see them here.) The fruit salad bar even had tapioca (sago) and coconut milk to pour over the fruits. That is going the extra way to please all palates I reckon!

    one section of Garden Buffet, Star City my boys with Garden Buffet's Sous Chef my friend and I(place was full by midday!) entrance foyer of Star City
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    by AusPinay Written Jun 23, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The restaurant's main attraction is its fantastic location high above the Blue Mountain Heritage Site at Katoomba. So despite the ordinary eat all you can buffet that we had for lunch, there's not much to write about the food. It was alright but not that fabulous! You won't notice it much though as I said, the views are to die for!

    The lush surroundings make up for the lack of imagination on the chef's side I suppose. Aside from the tough potatoes, the shanks (not even sure if they were lamb or veal,LOL!) were full of fat and were tasteless! We were just starving so we ate them anyway, as there were not many choices. I had to order a kids' meal of fish and chips as my 9 yo's tastebuds were not catered for by the skimpy spread. The $80 we paid for the 4 of us was not worth it I am sorry to say! The dessert was nbot much to talk about too- very small squares of leftover coffee cakes and berry cheesecakes that tasted like paste.

    We got lunch a bit late but there should be no excuse for t he potatoes being so undercooked- they were still hard, the rice were too soft, the paella very oily and the only saving grace of this place was the freshly baked bread although they looked like the pre-baked bread I buy from Woolies!

    Oh well, at least we love the views and the entire experiences at the cableways and railways are going to be etched in our memories forever!

    Service wasn't so good either as the staff were very quick to get our plates when we have not finished our meals,LOL! My son went to get a drink and when we came back his plate was gone too! HE was too shy to get another plate, he said he hadn't finished his chicken yet.

    Favorite Dish: Just really the fresh was fine too according to my hubby.

    inside the revolving resto at SCENICWORLD view at the revolving restaurant
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    by AusPinay Written Jun 19, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Small morsels of delicious dimsims and other mouth watering dishes- healthy and mostly steamed can be enjoyed from around 10 to 3 pm in Sydney.

    Near our place, the Crystal Seafood Restaurant has everyday yum cha with a wide selection of Chinese dimsim (small portions of dishes which are usually steamed or fried with meat, seafood and other ingredients which are not only yummy but healthy!

    The foodstuffs are mostly served freshly cooked in steaming bamboo baskets and are brought to each table on trolleys and the diners just choose which ones they like to have. Every Chinese fave is there including delectable desserts like mango crepes, jellies, cakes, etc.

    You can get hooked on yum cha, but somehow most people don;t seem to get full so the trick is to order also some fried rice or congee to go with the yum cha dishes!

    Of course, hot Chinese tea is always served at the beginning of the meal.

    Favorite Dish: MY favea are the steamed pork buns and congee with century egg and pork slices. The desserts are also very good so pace yourself!

    Even the young ones enjoy yum cha! food steamed inside vine leaves and yummy dessert trolley full of goodies wheeled around
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  • unravelau's Profile Photo

    Foreshores Cafe for one: The Jetty Strip breakfasts

    by unravelau Written Jun 13, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Well if you want to wiggle to Coffs Harbour there are heaps of fun opportunities here to film the breakfast culture and I can even find you some good sorts to film doing it. The Jetty strip has a string of 'on the footpath' breakfasts and two markets near the beach to boot, on a sunday. As I said I would be able to get models for you as my modelling days are long gone LOL.


    Favorite Dish: I usually have the big breakfast which gives you two eggs, bacon, mini sausages, tomato and toast. The Italian ristorante (la fiasco) across the road does a similar spread but uses an interesting sundried tomato extra. All do a good business and make wonderful start the day food.

    The Foreshores Cafe, at the Jetty. The big breckie The big breckie alternative.
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  • AusPinay's Profile Photo

    Garden Buffet, Star City: HEARTY and GOOD VALUE LUNCH at Garden Buffet

    by AusPinay Written May 24, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The restaurant, as suggested by my fellow Sydney vter Mallyak (kashi) was at level 1 of Star City in Darling Harbour, which is easily accessible and with easy and safe basement parking.

    You will be spoilt for choice as the extensive lunch menu covers Australian, Asian, Italian and other international cuisine. Hence, there is something for every age and tastebud!

    As proof, even my fussy 9 y.o. eater was complaining that "his tummy" ached from too much food he had- he had his fill of his fave fish and chips which according to this "expert fish gourmand" is excellent. Hubby agreed as he attested the fish was fresh and cooked to perfection.

    Other favourites were the chorizo pizzas (there's also vegetarian and supreme), pastas,tender roast meats, even osso bucco which was my fave too, though I was unlucky enough to get a more fatty section,LOL! To my other son's surprise, there's even beef curry and savoury turmeric rice which I enjoyed thoroughly. A variety of breads are also on offer. You will leave with your tummies bulging so pace yourself.

    Soups (pumpkin, mushroom, chicken and sweet corn0, desserts of all kinds including unlimited ice cream, coffees, teas, softdrinks are included in the tariff. Of course there's always fresh fruits and salads, and seafood like very fresh prawns, calamari, etc.

    The usual non-member price of under $30 for adults I believe is well worth the wide array of food on its lunch spread! Star members i saw in the front notice board get discounts.

    Favorite Dish: My personal fave was the turmeric rice which was simply cooked, fluffy and just right for my palate! The roasted vegetables like eggplant, zucchini and pumpkin were just like home cooked ones!

    My boys enjoyed the pizzas and battered fish fillets with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

    The desserts of mini black forrest cake, caramel and chocolate eclairs were also a hit with the boys, also the ice cream.

    Our Japanese friends also enjoyed their chicken laksa.

    enjoying lovely lunch with fellow vters with Star City's friendly Sous Chef at the entrance of Garden Buffet w/its top chef
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  • AusPinay's Profile Photo


    by AusPinay Updated May 17, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A trip to Australia is not complete without tasting juicy, tender Aussie beef and the OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE is great for lovely local steak,pork chops, lambcooks, etc. This place even serves a mean burger- with the works- egg, bacon, beetroot (you must have this with your burger, trust me!), etc.

    But of course the main attraction at OUTBACK are the juicy steaks- prime rib, tenderloin, new york strip, etc..all cooked as you like! They are usually grilled or oven roasted. There's also chicken, lamb, pork chops (our fave) served with salad, jacket potatoes, mashed potatoes, mushies (button mushrooms), etc.

    Save some space in your tummy for dessert too!

    They haven't forgotten the kids. Their kids' menu includes chicken fingers, pasta, small portions of steak and ribs, etc. Each kids' meal includes softdrink in the price of around $9-12 depending on the order.

    Favorite Dish: Our fave dish are the pok chops served either with seasone rice or garlic mash. We prefer the former as the garlic in the mash can be overpowering!

    Sirloin is also good but must be enjoyed medium! (Make sure you tell them to remove the fat from the meat.)

    Service is always great and fast.

    yummy succulent steaks and garlic mash plus more yummy succulent steaks and garlic mash plus more Even my fussy eater was happy with his meal Even my fussy eater was happy with his meal
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  • AusPinay's Profile Photo

    Pancakes on the Rocks: Yummy Comfort Food at Darling Harbour

    by AusPinay Written May 17, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Yummy food - pancakes, savoury crepes, pizzas, grilled meats, etc. What more could you want? just go to Pancakes on the Rocks and you won't be disappointed. If you're anywhere in Darling Harbour, don't miss this cool place without the crowds! We were here on a Sunday for lunch and we were glad we chose it!

    It has something for every taste bud!

    Even my kids were happy with their food. The restaurant has a kids' menu by my boys went for the adult menus- especially the Fisherman's basket with nice crispy fish and chips. Hubby got his fave pizza and I got what else? Savoury crepes which the place is known for. I had the one called TABRIZ (this happens to be an Iranian City where one of my mates come from)- it was just melt in the mouth delish!

    Go and try their extensive menu- they're open for brekky so you can enjoy yummy fluffy pancakes of course with various toppings/combinations.

    Happy eating!

    Favorite Dish: Tabriz- savoury crepes with beef, tangy tomato sauce, sour cream, etc.

    Fluffy thick pancakes and savoury crepes & more They gto an extensive menu
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  • lakota6ch's Profile Photo

    The Italian Village at the Rocks...

    by lakota6ch Updated Apr 11, 2007

    The Italian Village has one of the best positions in Sydney, on the harbour at The Rocks, right opposite the Opera House. Dine inside or al fresco and choose from traditional or modern cuisine. Excellent value considering the view, the service and the generous servings.

    Favorite Dish: Caprese Salad Salad of fresh roma tomatoes, buffalo milk bocconcini cheese, dressed in fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil and freshly cracked pepper | $19.90

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  • pepples46's Profile Photo

    in many vinyards: and try the wine

    by pepples46 Updated Aug 19, 2006

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    around both Countries of New Zealand and you find the Barrossa Valley in South Australia one of the finest wine region in Australasia and there is the Waipara Valley, a Region with with 79 Vineyards, some big some boutique all produce a fresh, fruity taste for your pallat.

    Favorite Dish: I do like the Chardonnay, a fruity taste, clear, pale colour and great for all kind of food. but have a look at the webpage below..Waipara, Valley Wine Growers
    Daniel Schuster and Fiddler's Green are highly sought after boutique wines and wine-tasting is possible mostly over the weekend, but you can check at the webpage

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