Vanuatu Things to Do

  • Back from a dip, in the cool waters.
    Back from a dip, in the cool waters.
    by peeweekathi
  • Nice views from up there.
    Nice views from up there.
    by peeweekathi
  • Hideaway Island is paradise on earth!
    Hideaway Island is paradise on earth!
    by AusPinay

Vanuatu Things to Do

  • Mount Yasur

    Tanna Things to Do

    Tanna , Yasur volcano entry pass was 3,350 vt./person and if go again for the second time it’s half price ,the third time another half and 4th time on…it’s for free .I went there 2 times ,first time in the evening and second time early in the morning .I’d love to see it again and again .The second time I’d like to try early morning to see how...

  • Iririki Island resort

    Try to get there, even for a short time, it is worth. The whole tiny island is a resort but very interestig since the tourist point of view. There is a ferry 24 hours a day. You only have to order a breakfast, for instance, and once inside you can swim in the pool, or practice snorkelling, and the material is given to you, for free.

  • Vanuatu national Museum

    Vanuatu National museum, in Port Vila, is located near the australian Commissioner, in a very interestic pacific-style building.It is not very big, but hosts many carvings, tamtams and masks.Informations about traditional ceremonies and men' s secret societes are given in 3 languages (one being Bislama).There are interesting sections about canoes...

  • Rom Dance Ambrym Island Vanuatu

    For a unique experience travel to the mystical island of Ambrym from the capital Port Vila and be greeted by your transport to the village of Endu Pehakul where you will truely experience life in Vanuatu. Chief Mael Moses is the most hospitable man and will show you around his unspoilt natural village - its like stepping back in time. The locals...

  • Lelepa Island

    If you get the chance then do the tour of Lelepa Island. Our tour guides for Lelepa Island were Albert and Brownie. Both guys were really helpful and looked after our group really well. We did some snorkelling, swimming, walked through the jungle, looked in caves, relaxed on the beach, visited a village etc. It really is a must see tour if you have...

  • Relaxing day out to Lelepa Island

    Our two guides, picked us up, and we drove over the rainforest hills, about 35 minutes from Port Vila. There was only us that day, so we had the full attention of the older man and his young assistant. We cruised out into the blue and green tropical landscape, stopping by caves which were used for hiding from warring tribes or cyclones. The guide...

  • Special Dress-up Nights were loads of...

    On the ship there was always something happening, never a dull moment indeed. Kim and I just loved the dress-up nights, they were so much fun. And when there wasnt a dress-up night, it was always just as much fun getting all tarted up just to go down for tea!This pic was on one of those dress-up nights - it was "Hula Night" and we had a ball!

  • Have a ball on a Cruise Ship - meet new...

    Kim and I were soooooooooooo excited about our trip! We had saved long and hard, and even the plane trip up to Sydney from Melbourne to board the ship was exciting - our first time in Sydney. We did not know what was in store for us on the ship - but we just knew we were gonna have a good time! Little did I know I was gonna find a husband!This is...


    Hideaway Island Resort and Marine Sanctuary is a small coral atoll that's about as close as you'll get to a Robinson Crusoe island escape in the South Pacific. To best enjoy this place, snorkelling is a must! We visited this place on our own, but to had to haggle with a cab driver to take us to this place and then to Cascades Waterfalls and cost us...

  • Luganville's Blue Hole, Simply Stunning

    The most famous place in Luganville is its blue hole, the water being really blue, caused by limestones in the water according to our local guide.The trip here was booked through our cruise ship's onshore excursion desk so all we needed to do was wait for our van to pick us up and take us there. It was part of the norther seaside and blue hole tour...

  • Market News

    Marketplaces are great in South Pacific islands in general, but they are especially good in Vanuatu.If it's lunchtime, you will find little stalls where a lady will prepare excellent kaekae for you: rice and meat, lap-lap, fried bananas or manioca chips, roasted kumala potatoes. It is also the places for a coffe-and-milk with buttered bread.Fruit...

  • Port Vila Market

    For a unique experience catch a bus to the Port Vila Market in down town Port Vila. Market days are Monday through to Saturday lunch time 24hours a day. Local organic produce is sold from tables by the local women and men and can range from fruits and vegetables to chickens goats and everything in between. The market is a regular meeting place for...

  • Coongoola Day Cruise

    The tour begins with a motel pick up and a half hours air conditioned bus ride past villiages and beautiful tropical surroundings to your dingi transfer to board the beautiful Coongoola. Morning tea is provided on board as you sail. First stop is the Turtle Sanctuary on Moso Island where if you wish you can sponcer a turtle and be sent information...

  • Ever wanted to sail like a Pirate?

    Care for a little yesteryear adventure then Captain Harry's Pirate sail is for you. Sailing aboard the schooner "Cassiopeia" is a definite must - a great adventure for kids of all ages. Your enjoyable 2 hour or sunset cruise starts with a dingi transfer to this beautiful schooner and then you can either sit on deck or really get involved by hauling...

  • Mele Cascade and Waterfall

    If you have limited time to spend in Port Vila a trip to Mele Cascades is a must. A half hour bus ride or organised tour bus will take you past Mele Village (Vanuatu's largest) on to the breathtaking crystal clear waters of the blue pools and surrounding tropical gardens of the Mele Cascades. One of the traditional land owners from the village will...

  • Snorkel Safari on Hideaway Island

    We did a half day tour to Hideaway Island, which included transfers from Iririki Wharf to the island. Our guide, Alice, seemed to be a little stressed out, possibly due to the cruise ship which had docked that morning, dumping hordes of cabin-fevered tourists on Vanuatu. Naturally, some of them decided to do the tour. Arriving on Hideaway Island,...

  • The Lonely Planet Walking Tour

    We bought the Vanuatu & New Caledonia Travel Guide and decided to do the walking tour as a way of getting familiar with Port Vila. It kinda sucked.We couldn't find out starting point, Rossi's, because it had been demolished. We asked one of the locals where it was, who did to his credit direct us to the right spot, it just wasn't there! So we were...

  • Catch A Bus Around the Island

    Catching a bus around the island is a great way to see the countryside and the difference in vegetation on different parts of the island. The bus cost us 10,000 VT and included a driver and a guide so there were four of us altogether. Working out a list of places to go in advance helps a fair bit, especially if there's a bit of a language barrier.

  • Kava Bar

    Kava is the supposedly hallucinogenic drink that locals drink every evening at their local "nakamal". It tastes awful, but not as bad as people lead you to believe. You do indeed need to down it in one gulp, if possible.The Kava bar we went to was OK. We had our shells, but the bitter aftertaste of the kava made me want to wash my mouth out, alas...

  • Meridian Charters Sunset Cruise

    The bright red sails of the Meridian Charters boat tempted us into doing the sunset cruise. Because you gotta love a sunset cruise.The captain, George, was a genial bloke, an ex-pat from Australia. At the beginning of the cruise we each received two pegs. After our first free drink, these pegs were to be exchanged for another free drink of beer,...

  • Walking Around Iririki Island

    Iririki Island is small but hilly. It's pretty much all resort, although they're starting to do some strata development there (which is a bit of a worry but I guess that's what they call "progress"). We walked clockwise around the island, stopping at the Lagoon Pool at Snorkeller's Cove for a swim and drink at the swim-up cocktail bar (leaving when...

  • Shopping in Port Vila

    Shopping in Port Vila can be fraught with disappointment if you don't find what you're looking for. Most of the items are imported and therefore not very cheap, and the quality is average. However, there are some nice things to be had - Hebrida Market Place stands out, as does The Drug Store. The outdoor arts and crafts markets are to be avoided,...

  • Happy Hour at Bali Hai

    This is the ultimate in luxury. Pick a table by the pool and stay there, ordering cocktails and snacks, watching the sunset, watching the flares being lit up by some guy in a costume. It's aaalllllll good!

  • Cascades Waterfall, Port Vila

    We did a half day tour to the waterfalls with Evergreen Tours. The tour was great. Sure, you could save a few dollars by just paying the entry fee, but our guide proved to be very interesting. Once I expressed an interest in the native plants of the area, he proceeded to point our practically every plant and in which way the locals use the plant,...

  • Boat trip to another island

    You can take a nice old sailing boat to an outlying island. This one had a turtle reserve on it. Scuba diving is also available on the trip.

  • Locals & Waterfall Experience

    I booked this tour on the P&O Cruise Boat.A Wonderful tour that starts by driving through a local village. Just an amazing experience to see the local familes come together & live within each others huts. They share their money & toilet.After the drive we stopped at a small hut to have some beautiful local fruit & drinks. A few locals played some...

  • Mystery Island

    Mystery Island is a small Island off Vanuatu & a stop on the P&O Cruise Boat. A fantastic & beautiful small Island. We only had a short stay on the Island. Swimming & snorkelling are great to try here. The water is crystal clear & the beach is great.You can walk around the Island in a short time or just releax on the fine sand & soak in the sun.

  • The Cascades

    As far as I can tell, The Cascades is one of Port Vila's closest and most popular tourist attractions. It's basically a crystal blue river flowing down the side of mountain, with many waterfalls and pools. Most of the pools can be easily accessed for swimming. And a number of the waterfalls act as mini waterslides. It costs 1000 Vatu to enter...

  • Culture Night

    Every Friday night there is a Culture night where four different tribes perform for you, along with some kava drinking and a huge dinner buffet and some entertainment.

  • hiring scooters

    You can hire scooters in Port Villa and ride around the island. You can go to beautiful waterfalls and views and places you cant go by foot.

  • Mele Cascades

    These are amazing waterfalls in Vanuatu's main island , Efate. the tours take a few hours, you go for a long walk and then you get to this amazing forrest full of gorgeous trees and there are the waterfalls.. really beautiful..have not seen anything like it. you can swim too, the water is beautiful and really clean..

  • Drink some kava. It's a muddy...

    Drink some kava. It's a muddy (very) foul tasting drink made of extracts from the root of the kava plant. Next to every male ni-van drinks it at least once a week; often every day. It looks just like muddy water and smells like a newly moved lawn. The effects are numbness, dizzyness, well-feeling. The effects are supposedly a bit like that of...

  • Tanna Island

    Tanna Island is about a 50 minute flight south of Efate. It is definitely worth the visit if you can afford it... The island is famous for it's live and very accessable volcano - Mt Yasur. But there are also many other things to see and do on Tanna Island...I would definitely recommend a 4WD tour around the will see some fantastic...

  • The Outer Islands

    Efate is... pretty cool, but get off Efate and WOW! It's an awesome country!To get out of the more touristy destinations - head to : Ambrym (volcanoes!) - just take your own water! - as part of the island is in drought at the moment (2005/06); Epi - beautiful island; Pentecost - amazing not just for the land diving; Malekula - French speaking! -...

  • Island Tour

    Your bus will pick you up from your town hotel and you then head off around the Island. First stop is at a nice beach where you can go for a swim and look at the reef with all the colored fish. Then you stop for morning refreshments, freash jiuce and fruit all very nice,you will also have time for photos of the locals. Then its back on the bus to...

  • Play around of Golf

    GOLF.This was someting else that we did whilst there, its a bit expensive but well worth a round, we played at the White sands Golf Resort, if you ring them first they will come and get you, we found out after we got tto the resort, $500 vat taxi ride later. Its a great course to play just don't hit your ball into the rough, you will never find it,...

  • FISHING A day out on...

    FISHINGA day out on 'Touvannah' is one of the most relaxing things to do while in Port Vila. 'Touvannah' is a 'banana' boat which offers a range of fishing and snorkelling tours in and around beautiful Havannah Harbour on North Efate. The 5 meter fibreglass boat is covered and offers basic comfort levels.Depending on the time of year a range of...

  • Buses

    Catch bus around Vila wherever you need to go. It's very cheap, 100Vatu (around $1.20 AU) if it's around the centre, or 200Vatu if you're going further out around Efate. They drop you door to door and pick up and drop people on the way. You'll also get to mix with the friendly locals and get around places you wouldn't know about or walk around,...

  • Market shopping

    The markets are in the centre of Port Vila, and you can buy everything there, from fruits and vegetables, to cooked food, fruit, jewellery, clothes, gifts and crafts. It is all handmade and sold by the locals..There's no bargaining and no one will hassle to buy anything. The prices are pretty good and its pretty much the same as Australia.Markets...

  • Get that "DODGY" tourist photo!

    I don't know these people but it struck me how different cultures all over the globe can laugh at past events and profit from the experience. It is said that a little over 30 years ago some of the remote native tribes of Vanuatu were still eating people! These tourists are adding to their holiday experience by paying for their photo in the pot with...

  • Round Island Tour.

    When you visit Port Vila for an extended period of time and have a free day available, I would suggest the "around Island tour" that most hotels and tourist operators can offer. You would expect pay approx AUS$75.00 for this 10 to 12 hour tour of the entire Island.Lunch is provided on this and you are taken to some of the most spectacular locations...

  • Port Vila - Ekasup cultural experience.

    Ekasup village cultural experience is located near Port Vilas Erakor village.On your arrival there is a five minute walk through rainforest to get to the village where you will gain an insight into traditional village life. You will be able to watch and marvel at the ceremonies, taste traditionally cooked food and find out how these villages caught...

  • Have your hair plaited or braided.

    You can have your hair plaited or braided just about any of the local markets, no matter how remote the location. Most adults pay between AUS$12 to AUS$15 and children pay between AUS$7 to AUS$10. Personally they would have to pay me to make me look like this!

  • Visit a local village - meet the locals...

    It is interesting to see how the local villagers have adapted to modern life and still held onto their traditional way of life. The kids I kicked the ball with lived in a small home constructed of modern brick and the age old palm frongs. A modern clothes line held the family washing behind the traditional method of drying the staple diet, yams or...

  • Visit a local village - meet the locals!

    On the way back to Port Vila, our taxi passed a village where a group of kids were kicking a football around. I asked the driver to stop for 15 minutes and I walked over to the children, where I was swamped like a celebrity!!! I kicked the ball with the kids for approx 10 minutes and the smiles on these kids faces were something to behold! I gave...


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