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    getting there

    by shohman Updated May 3, 2011

    We took Bluebeard charters from Simpson Bay on Sint Maarten. You really save $ and headaches by letting them handle everything. for about $100 pp, you take a 1 1/2 hr catamaran ride to Anguilla (including beer, drinks and snacks), bus transport 20 minutes to the other side of the island (with great commentary by the local driver) a buffet of ribs and chicken, snorkeling equipment, 2 1/2 hours of playtime on the beach, and then back to Sint Maarten. The crew is wonderful, they even take care of your departure tax.

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    LIAT Airlines

    by BROOKS Written Nov 7, 2007

    LIAT (1974) LTD. is a Regional airline which serves 22 destinations in the Eastern Caribbean from Santo Domingo Dominican Republic in the north to Georgetown Guyana in the south, linking the chain of islands in between.

    Within Anguilla (264)-497-5000/1/2

    Passport and return or onward ticket required. Contact the Agricultural Dept. (264)497-2615 for info on pet, animal and seeing eye dog importation.

    LIAT Moniker LIAT Map
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    Flying to Anguilla

    by BROOKS Updated Nov 7, 2007

    0 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The nearest airports to Anguilla are St. Maarten (SXM), San Juan and Antigua. St. Kitts and St. Thomas also have scheduled connections to Anguilla's Wallblake Airport.


    St. Maarten
    WINAIR has three scheduled flights daily. Tyden Air also has daily flights from St. Maarten.

    San Juan (Puerto Rico)
    American Eagle has two flights daily at 1.05 pm and 8.25 pm, departures at 2.45 pm and 7.45 pm

    LIAT flies three scheduled flights weekly.

    St. Kitts
    LIAT flies six scheduled flights weekly.

    St. Thomas and St. Croix (USVI)
    WINAIR, LIAT, Air Anguilla and Tyden Air offer a number of flights between USVI and Anguilla.

    Local and Charter Service:

    Air Anguilla and Tyden Air offer charters to and from St. Maarten and neighboring islands.

    Ferry Service:

    Between Marigot Bay, St. Martin (FWI) and Blowing Point, Anguilla.
    From Marigot Bay:
    Ferries run at 30 minute intervals between 8:00 A.M. and 5:30 P.M. The evening ferry departs Marigot Bay at 7:00 P.M.
    From Blowing Point:
    Ferries run at 30 minute intervals staring at 7:30 A.M. unitl 5:00 P.M. The evening ferry departs Blowing Point at 6:15 P.M.

    (Schedules and routes may change, please check before departing.)

    American Eagle flies from Puerto Rico twice daily The most common carrier of the SE Caribbean & PR
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    Rent a Car

    by evilprebil Written Jun 8, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a tip only for the people who plan on spending some time off the resort they are at. Had we not had 9 other people with us, we would have just rented a car for a few days, not the entire stay. STILL it is a very affordable option considering cabs are about $20 each way. Part of the difficulty is that Anguilla, as a British territory, drives on the left. This wouldn't be a problem for the Brits, except the steering and set up are all like American cars. With all this in mind though, I was less apprehensive to drive here. The roads are flat, the speed limit is 'technically' only 30mph. Just hug the shoulder and drive slow if you're not comfortable and you'll be fine (the locals and more daring tourists will pass). I used AVIS (APEX car rental on Anguilla)and they delivered the car to the resort (I actually went to pick it up and they weren't there!) So that's the info I will include.
    Tip: If there are more than three of you, don't rent the smallest car. It is super tiny!

    Bobert getting out the clown car

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    by evilprebil Written Jun 8, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are no direct flights to Anguilla from the US (and probably not from anywhere outside of the caribbean due to the small air strip). SLB and I decided to take a direct flight to St. Martin and take the ferry over. This is a very affordable and quick option. Plus, less chance to lose luggage! Take a 15 min cab ride from Princess Juliana airport to Port Marigot Ferry (on the French side). The cab drivers know where to take you and will usually instruct you once you arrive at the ferry terminal. Get in line to get registered on the boat (you need your passport) and then get in line and pay a $3 departure tax. The ferry leaves every half hour between 7am and 7pm I believe (I'll check). Once on the ferry the fare is around $12. Be prepared to tip the porters at Anguilla like a $1, it's just easier that way. (I'm not talking physically, it just makes it go through customs faster if they handle it rather than lugging up the dock and through metal detectors and x-ray machines).

    Ferry E is tired of being in transit Beautiful!
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    Road Improvements

    by tlwright1414 Updated Jan 25, 2007

    The roads in anguilla which once were very rough, have been greatly improved. All major roads have been resurfaced and are nice and smooth now. Some remote spots are a little tricky, but nothing you couldn't do in a rental. :)

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    About: Taxies.

    by pumarega Written Jul 26, 2006

    The Taxies on Anguilla don't have meters, and there is almost no taxi regulation or oversight from the local government. Fare price should be negotiated before you get in the cab, much like you would do in the UK. A ride halfway across the island costs about $35(USD).

    I highly suggest that you rent a car. It will cost you too much if you don't.

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    Lefthand driving and round-abouts.

    by pumarega Updated Jul 26, 2006

    Anguillan's drive on the left side of the road. Which is probably because they are a British overseas territory. Their cars can have the drivers side on either the left or the right, they don't seem to care.

    If you are from the US, this may be a bit disorienting; but the biggest challenge to the un-initiated would be round-abouts.

    The rule is that you yield to traffic from the right.

    The island is home to two traffic lights. Both are on the islands only "Main Road".

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    To Anguilla from St.Maarten

    by pumarega Updated Jul 25, 2006

    If you fly from the Continental US directly to Anguilla it will require more money than if you were to fly to St.Maarten and then take the 20 minuite ferry ride to the island.

    I believe that Per Person we saved about $70(USD) by doing this.

    The Cab ride to the Ferry Landing will cost you about $40(USD) for a full car load of people.

    The Departure Tax to Anguilla will cost $2(USD) per person and the Ferry will charge $12(USD) per person.

    Once you're on Anguilla; a cab to your rental car provider will probably cost about $30(USD).

    If you're traveling by yourself it may not be worth it because the cab ride will still cost you a lot of money.

    Also, if you get motion sick easily then you may not want to take the ferry.

    No ferries here can transport an automobile. A Map of the Ferry Route. We wait for the boat in St.Maarten

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    Anguilla's Airport worked out great.

    by tlwright1414 Written Jun 7, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Many people choose to fly into St. Martin (SFG) and take the ferry over. We flew american airlines into Anguilla. If the price difference isn't significant, you're obviously better off flying into Anguilla(AXA). The airport is very small which usually translates as quick with no lines.

    Also, there's a $20 per person departure tax when leaving Anguilla by air. I don't know if it's the same for St. Martin, but factor that into your decision.

    Wallblake Airport Wallblake Airport

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    IslandCar Car Rental

    by tlwright1414 Written Jun 6, 2006

    Good experience with this place. We arrived late and they left us the car with our name on it and keys in it ready to go. Not too many places would do that in my experience. Reasonable rates in comparison to other places.

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  • ktduncan's Profile Photo

    Rent a car

    by ktduncan Written Apr 17, 2004

    Rent a car right when you arrive in Anguilla. The cost of a taxi ride to our resort was a bit more than an entire day of a rental car. The cars are usually delivered to you and when you return them you can arrange to leave them down by the ferry terminal with the keys in the ignition. Pretty simple.

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    Ferry from St Martin

    by ktduncan Written Apr 17, 2004

    We flew into St Martin and took a cab to the ferry station. The ferry was easy to handle with our luggae as the crew handled our bags. Pretty easy trip, although our ferry over was much nicer than the one on our return.

    Once you arrive in Anguilla, try to be the first one off the ferry so you can be first to get through customs.

    Ferry from St Martin

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  • I flew American Airlines via...

    by Mulattomama Written Aug 26, 2002

    1 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I flew American Airlines via Miami to St. Maarten and then took the ferry.
    Make sure you negotiate the taxi cost in St. Maarten from the airport to the ferry
    dock! It should be about $15-$20 US dollars.

    Just sign your name and passport number and pay your departure fee of $2 US dollars.
    The ferry runs about every 30 minutes and is only about 18 minutes away. The fare is
    $10 US dollars int he daytime and $12 US Dollars at night.
    Renting a car is the best way. There are several companies doing it. If you plan to off-road a bit - I would suggest a jeep (or similiar). The roads are quite bad in Anguilla.

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    There is a small airport in...

    by dreamworld Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There is a small airport in Anguilla where LIAT (Leeward Island AIr Transport) is flying to from several other islands.

    But the best and cheapest way of getting there is by taking the numerous boats crossing from northern St.Maarten (crossing time only 30 minutes, about 8 departures per day).
    If I remember well, something like 10 US$ one-way....

    On the island you can hitchike, rent a bike (the island is quite flat) or a car...but this last one is very expensive and you must buy a 'local driving licence' from the police station or from the rental agency (it looks like a 'tourist' trap tax).

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