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  • Colorful Tourist Plaza
    Colorful Tourist Plaza
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  • I Love Aruba
    I Love Aruba
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  • Sunset Cruise
    Sunset Cruise
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Noord Things to Do

  • Birdwatching

    Noord is home to a variety of bird species. A fun activity to do is bird watching. The best time to see them is early morning, and late evening, but you can see them at all hours. Most people go to the Bubali Bird Sanctuary, because you can see more species, but you can also see small birds around town, on the rural streets. They like to roost in...

  • Watch The Sunset

    This is something you must do at least once.Unfortunately, the sunset wasn't as spectacular as I've seen in the pictures, but it was still nice to sit on the beach and watch it. We even saw a couple swimming with a glass of wine, how romantic.I think you have to go in winter, or there have to be clouds, for there to be a really spectacular sunset....

  • St. Ann's Cemetery

    Located right next to St. Ann's Church, is St. Ann's cemetery. Anyone who knows me, knows I hate visiting cemeteries, but I like stuff that's different, so if they are unique and interesting, I will visit them. This one was so beautiful, and so unique, I couldn't pass it up.The entire cemetery was designed to resemble the colonial streets of...

  • St. Ann's Church

    The original church on this site was begun in 1776, after the Alto Vista Chapel fell into disuse. The church was dedicated to St. Ann, the mother of the Virgin Mary.The church was rebuilt twice, once in 1831, and again in 1886. The current church was constructed between 1914 and 1919.On August 25, 2011, a severe downdraft caused damage to the St....

  • Commercial Center

    This is the main tourist plaza of Noord, where the tourists from the nearby hotels come to shop and eat. I knew since it was right in the tourist area, it was gonna be expensive, so I didn't buy or eat anything. I didn't even bother going in the shops. There wasn't much to chose from. The plaza is small. I just walked around and took pictures of...

  • Bubali Bird Sanctuary

    If you're a nature lover like myself, you may be interested in visiting the Bubali Bird Sanctuary, it is a great chance to experience the wild side of the island. The sanctuary is a large wetland area, situated between J.E. Irasquin and L.G. Smith Blvd., in Noord. Since it doesn't rain too much on Aruba, the water for the sanctuary is supplied by...


Noord Hotels

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Noord Restaurants

  • Where Adventurers Go To Eat

    This place was great! We took the island safari tour, and our guide brought us here for lunch, which was included in the tour.Everyone in our group thought they were gonna get some small sandwich, or small portion. We ordered the grilled BBQ chicken breast. We thought it was just gonna be some small portion, so I ordered fries with it, but it was a...

  • Hotel Bar, With A Twist

    This bar actually belongs to the Aruba Blue Village hotel, but it is not just for hotel guests. Everyone can eat here. I saw tourists from other hotels, and even locals coming here.We were actually gonna eat at Madame Janette's, but it was so packed, we came here instead. Two other tourists, also got the same idea. The bar is mostly filled with...

  • Only Known To Locals

    We found this place by mistake. We actually walked by it a few times, but I saw a mail box in front of it, so I thought it was someone's house. Than the second time, there was some girl sitting in front of the door, and I thought it was a barber shop or something. I had no idea, it was a restaurant. It's not very well marked. My mom actually...


Noord Transportation

  • Arubus

    Aside from walking, the Arubus is the cheapest way to travel around the area. Bus costs 4 florins, about $2.39 per person. You can pay in either, but it is easier to pay in florins, because the numbers are whole.There are two main bus routes that go through Noord, one runs along Ponton rd., and the other runs along the beach, and stops at the high...

  • Taxi

    The fastest way to travel to, and around Noord is by taxi. Finding a taxi is not a problem. Sometimes if they see you walking, and are empty, they will stop for you. If not, it is very easy to hail one. All you have to do is wave at them, and they will stop. If it is full, sometimes the driver will dispatch an empty cab for you.The cab drivers in...

  • Explore The Town On Foot

    All the tourists and locals will tell you, if you're staying in this part of Aruba, you need a car. You don't, and the people who tell you, you do, are too lazy to walk. The entire town is only about 2 miles north to south, and 3 miles east to west. That is not that big. Local people were shocked, when we told them we were exploring the entire town...


Noord Shopping

  • briantravelman's Profile Photo

    by briantravelman Written Apr 12, 2014

    This was the closest grocery store to our hotel, so this is where we did our shopping. They mostly sell food and drinks, but you can get other stuff too. We came here to buy food, drinks, towels, shampoo, and paper plates. They don't have a wide selection of food items, but they have enough to get you by. They pretty much have the same things we have in the U.S.
    The prices are in florins, but they charge you in U.S. dollars, but you can of course pay with florins. Our debit card did not work there. Prices were a bit more expensive than in the U.S.
    Like most of the grocery stores on the island, it is run by Chinese people. Staff wasn't very chatty, just strictly business, but if you need to buy groceries during your stay, this is a good place to come. It's nothing really special. Just a regular store.

    What to buy: Food, beer, soda, toiletries, anything you need during your stay on the island.

    What to pay: We paid 90 florins, about $50. It really depends what, and how much you buy.

    Cheng's Super Market
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Noord Local Customs

  • Cab Drivers Will Stop For You

    People in Aruba aren't used to walking. For them, 1 mile on foot, is a long way. This didn't happened in Oranjestad, or the rural parts of the island, where cabs are rarely seen, but in Noord, if a cab driver sees you walking, and he is not carrying any passengers, he will slow down, and honk at you, to see if you need a ride. If you want one, just...

  • Turtle Protection Program

    The critically endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle nests on the beaches of Aruba, from April to November. Walking along the beaches of Noord, you may stumble upon a fenced off area, this is a turtle nesting site. Do not disturb it. You can have a peek, but do not cross beyond the barricade. Taking photos of turtles during the day is fine, but don't do...

  • The Locals Party On Sunday

    Every Sunday, locals from all around the island get together at Eagle Beach to party, and blow off some steam before returning to work on Monday. They play beach soccer, blast local music, drink, dance, and show off in their cars and motorcycles, by doing burn outs, speeding, and sometimes even street racing. This starts in the evening and goes...


Noord Warnings and Dangers

  • They Are Not Kidding About The Sun

    They are not kidding when they say, the sun here is intense. I saw pictures of Aruban sunburns, and they are bad! They confiscated our sunscreen at the airport, and we didn't want to waste money on it here, so we went without it. Big mistake. I thought, whatever, if I get sunburned, I get sunburned. I've been sunburned before, and it can't be any...

  • Crazy Drivers!

    OMG, I read that Greeks and Italians are the craziest drivers, but I think Arubans are. At least Greeks follow the speed limit. So much for slow island life. We were actually going to rent a car, but changed our mind, after we saw how crazy the drivers are here. We took a cab from the airport, and were bouncing all over the car. I thought he was...

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Noord Tourist Traps

  • Prize Ticket Scam

    While walking through the major resorts in Noord, watch out for prize ticket scammers. It will usually be a Dutch man, who gets out of his car to talk to you. He will seem really friendly at first. He will ask you where you're from, than will get out of his car, and engage you in a friendly conversation, and even give you directions to your...

  • Aloe Factory: The Biggest Tourist Trap...

    This place is a tourist trap, if I've ever seen one. The factory, actually it's more of a museum, just lewers tour groups in so you will buy their expensive products. They even give you a tour discount, if you buy their products online. I read the tours and products are ridiculously overpriced. You cannot take pictures or video inside the factory,...

  • Not So Fantastic Gardens

    I saw these so called "Fantastic Gardens" on the map. They were very close to our hotel, but I had no intention of visiting them, and it is a good thing we didn't waste our time walking there. We drove by these gardens in a taxi, and there is nothing fantastic about them. They are located in an ugly building, in an ugly area. I caught a glimpse of...


Noord Off The Beaten Path

  • Alto Vista Chapel

    Located about 2 miles east of Noord, is the Alto Vista Chapel.The chapel was built in 1952, on the site of a 1750 Catholic church, the first in Aruba.We actually visited this chapel on a tour, and our guide told us, it’s not like a chapel where people come to get married, but just a chapel where people come to pray, and have some private time with...

  • California Lighthouse

    Located about 3 miles up the coast from Noord, on the northern tip of the island, is one of Aruba’s most famous landmarks, the California Lighthouse. The 98 ft. high, stone lighthouse was designed by a French architect in 1910, and was constructed between 1914 and 1916. It’s named after the S.S. California, a wooden steamship that sank near shore,...

  • Bubali and Pos Abao

    Most people know Noord for it’s beautiful beaches, nightclubs, and 5 star hotels, but there is a different side of the city, that’s virtually unknown to tourists. The town is home to about 17% of the island’s population, so to most people, it is simply, “home”.If you want to get away from the beaches, and 5 star resorts, and experience the “real”...


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