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    Walking Through Noord
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  • amapola66's Profile Photo

    Independent Travel to Aruba from the UK

    by amapola66 Updated Mar 5, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I tried to find a direct flight to Aruba from London Gatwick, but was not successful. I think if you are on a package tour, you would be lucky, but as we are visiting on route to Venezuela, the best price and option was to get a flight to Amsterdam and fly KLM from there. Flying to Aruba was cheaper than flying to Caracas and means the Opra Singer doesn't have to make the long trek from Punto Fijo to Caracas and back to collect us (6hrs each way). It also means of course, that we get to spend the difference on a few days in Aruba on route :-)

    Aruba's modern Queen Beatrix International Airport can accommodate commercial jet aircrafts as large as the Boeing 747. The island is served by a number of airlines, and connections can be made to any part of the world.

    Update :
    The journey to Aruba on KLM was the worst long haul flight I have ever had. Service was terrible. See my warning or dangers tips for details.

    Handy hint : Take some of your own food supplies !

    KLM MD-11
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    4 Wheel rental for a mountain ride

    by Kurtiemon Written Feb 24, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Renting a car for the whole week is unnecessary unless you like to get where you are going quickly. Buses can take you up and down the strip as well as to downtown. I would recommend renting a 4-wheel vehicle and venture to the opposite side of the island. Not only is it unbelieveable but you feel like your either in the red sandy mountains of South America or on the shores of Hawaii. To get to the Natural Pool or Bridge you'll need an off-road vehicle anyway.

    Sand Dunes

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  • briantravelman's Profile Photo

    A Car Is Not Neccessary

    by briantravelman Written Apr 14, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A lot of people will tell you, you need to rent a car to explore the island, but it is not necessary, and honestly, you will be better off without one. Drivers here are crazy, and the roads can be very chaotic. Add to the fact, that there are very few signs, so you will probably be lost most of time. You will actually see more without a car, and it will probably cost you less too, at least it did us.
    There are plenty of other ways to get around the island. We spent 5 whole days on Aruba, and managed just fine without a car. We walked a lot, used taxis, arubus, took a tour, and even got rides with locals.
    A car is a nice luxury, but it is not necessary, and I wouldn't advise renting one. The roads in the national park, are not fit for rental cars, so you are safer, and better off taking a tour. We saw more on a day tour, than we would if we had a car, because we did not have to factor in getting lost.
    Of course, it is up to you. Figure out where you want to go, calculate the cost of using different transportations, getting there, and than decide what will work best for you.

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  • Hertz Car Rental

    by droid_travel14 Updated Mar 24, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    At the Divi Phoenix Resort they had a Hertz car rental service. We rented a car for 2 days (Feb. 2014) at approx. $55/day. We didn't realize that we had to also give them a refundable deposit of $500-$600, and it must be on a credit card. Once you return the car, the deposit will be refunded to your card within 4-6 days I believe. We rented an economy car, small chevy spark lite, it was a kind of crappy but it got us around the island and didn't cost us a fortune in gas. We drove it to baby beach one day with no problems, the air conditioning in it worked fine. It was kind of weird, this car you had to lock the doors with the key, if you pushed the locks down and then shut the door the locks will pop up and be unlocked, my guess is this is for safety measures so you don't lock the keys in the car by accident.
    We took the car to the grocery store called "Super Food". It is a great store, great meat section if you want to grill meat at the resort. I would steer clear of the hamburger there, we bought hamburger patties and grilled them and they did not taste like the U.S. at all, had a funny taste to them, the chicken was really good that we bought at the store.
    The local drivers aren't the best drivers, they are however courteous to walking pedestrians most of the time. I'm glad we rented the car and got to see most of the island.

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  • Jefvdw's Profile Photo

    MY NEW CAR is the best way to...

    by Jefvdw Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    MY NEW CAR is the best way to go here!
    I made from two Brazilian buggy's who were stalled for years this marvel which I called MASERATI NOIZZ GT.
    A do-it-yourself five hammer job !
    I get a lot more macho impression with it than all the Lexusses of the island toghetter.
    Included: Open Airco, Double Muffler, Huge All Track F1
    Wheels, Uncorrodble Case and lot of options.
    Payed cash and still some money left.
    See in my traveloque for full demonstration.

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  • Jefvdw's Profile Photo

    Hire a car for about 40$ a...

    by Jefvdw Updated Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Hire a car for about 40$ a day
    or take the bus for 2 florins (1$ = 1.75 Afl
    A very friendly taxidriver Mr. 'CHITO' Henriquez
    taxi #9 Tel (297-)931.433
    there are a lot of deals for guided bus tours,
    jeep tours or you rent your own jeep for a ruff roundtrip.
    As you can see on the picture,
    I own a 2 cylinder Ferrari...

    Pictured is the ALTO VISTA CHAPEL.

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  • By Plane, there is no other...

    by Mirellaboer Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    By Plane, there is no other way
    The best way is to rent a car. A 4wheel drive is the best, but it isn't necessary.
    When you are staying in a hotel and you want to go to Oranjestad, you can also take the bus, it's cheaper and you don't need a parkingplace.
    When I was there we hitch-hiked al the time, it's an option, because the most people on Aruba are very friendly, but I think you feel saver when you know the island well before you go hitch-hiking.

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  • annk's Profile Photo


    by annk Updated Oct 12, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Transportation in Aruba is EXCELLENT!!

    TAXI'S - are everywhere and the drivers very friendly. A cab ride from the airport to the hotel area costs $16 US. There are no meters. Fares are fixed and set by the government. Taxis are available for sightseeing also.

    BUSES - are a great way to get around the hotel areas, some of the beaches, or DOWNTOWN. Bus stops are marked with a yellow sign BUSHALTE. The fare is $2 US roundtrip, or $1.30 one way. We took the buses late at night from downtown to the hotel area without any problems.

    BY FOOT - The island is relatively flat and trade winds blow almost constantly, so walking and jogging are a great way to get around. We walked the entire length of both hotel areas and back (a few miles). We could also walk to the Dutch Windmill, Bubali Bird Sanctuary and Butterfly Farm.

    JEEP or CAR - It's good to rent a vehicle for a day or two to see other parts of the island not reachable or convenient by bus. Driving is on the right side of the road. Outside of the hotel areas & Oranjestad you may not see street signs but you can't get lost for too long, the island's not that big. Be careful of vehicles crossing intersections. There are usually no stop signs but an occasional yield sign.

    TOURS - Many, many tours are available including air-conditioned bus tours of the island, off-road jeep tours, sunset cruises, snorkeling, snuba & dive tours.

    Was surprised to have seen an old Pan Am jet at the airport.

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  • Aruba's airport has just...

    by Arubasun. Written Aug 24, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Aruba's airport has just completed a multi million dollar expansion and renovation process. The airport now features loading bridges and is capable of handling 2.1 million passengers a year up from 1.2 million prior to the expansion. Aruba's airport is said to be the most beautiful airport in the Caribbean. U.S. immigration and U.S. customs are also present at the airport making thus all flights heading towards the U.S. from Aruba, as domestic flights and not international. So Americans that do leave Aruba to head back home need not pass through U.S. immigration and Customs back home as they have already done that in Aruba, they only thing that they need to do is to pick up their lugage. This is also applicable for visitors of other countries that are leaving Aruba heading to the U.S.

    The above picture is a car plate, every car plate on the island has the logo 'Aruba One Happy Island'. Every year the color of the plate changes. If you have paid your car tax on the island you will get a new plate with a different color the following year.
    Old car plates are often thrown away or served as a souvenier. As matter fact many visitors that do come to Aruba are seeking old number plates to carry with them back home.
    The infrastructure of Aruba is close to perfect. You ride on the left hand side of the road. You are allowed to ride on the highway from Oranjestad the capital to San Nicolas the second city at a maximum speed of 85km per hour. Even on little Aruba there are traffic lights, traffic boards and more than 8 round abouts, not to mention a 4 lane highway which connects Oranjestad with the economic motor of Aruba which is the hotel area. The northern part of the island is ideal for an off road jeep safari tour. Most of the roads to the north of the island are dirt roads and development is not allowed on the entire north coast of the island. Fasten your seatbelts when cruising the north coast of Aruba it will be a bumpy ride with spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea crashing onto the Aruban rocky north coast.

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  • nikolka's Profile Photo

    fly or you can come with bunch...

    by nikolka Written Aug 24, 2002

    1 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    fly or you can come with bunch of middle-aged Americans travelling on cruises around Carribbean ... not for me though
    gotta get a car, whether you want or not. If you want be a hardcore tourist you can go around in these - how should I call it - kindergarden jeeps, bigger hotels and locals organize tours around the island in zebra-like jeeps, the seats are covered with plastic so that your sweat doesn't infuse itself into them (how hygienic, no matter you sweat more on plastic ...). Buses run only in the main area. Well, there are so-called Banana buses running around, if you wanna party and get drunk and sing songs and stuff (usually around 3-4 in the afternoon;)) then go for it. Otherwise I must say: yep, rent yourself a car...

    And when you rent yourself a car, can you PLEASE do one little thing for me? id='layer1' style='position:static;background-color:crimson'Do not ride on the white-sand beaches with your great rented car! Stay beaches/nature friendly!

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  • Bunununu's Profile Photo

    There are two ways to get to...

    by Bunununu Written Aug 24, 2002

    0.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are two ways to get to Aruba. By plane or by ship (it's an island). Cruise ships stop in there often. To my way of thinking, the highlight of any cruise is the island(s) it stops at. So why not just fly there and spend a week or two in paradise? But cruises are fun, too.
    We always rent a 4WD for the north shore drive. We prefer the hardtop versions with air conditioning. The north shore is a great place to go beach combing.

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  • fraz's Profile Photo

    As far as I know there are...

    by fraz Written Aug 24, 2002

    0.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As far as I know there are only two ways to get their from the states; American Airlines and Air Aruba.
    Once we landed at Queen Beatrix Airport in Oranjestad we took a Taxi to our resort and seldom ventured out. We did go out one night and took a Taxi. Taxi fare is reasonable (not cheap - nothing is in Aruba) and all of our drivers were very friendly and gave us a local/tour guide view of the Island.

    We did not rent a car but I hear that is a good way to go, although quite expensive (US$80 a day).

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  • Air Aruba, contact Air Aruba...

    by BROOKS Written Aug 23, 2002

    0 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Air Aruba, contact Air Aruba at 011-297-830005 or 800-882-7822.

    Start your vacation to the Dutch Caribbean with warm hospitality on an airline dedicated to your comfort. Air Aruba combines the natural Aruban amiability with a professional willingness to serve. We are finely tuned to the unique needs divers may have. Relax in plush, roomy seats, sipping complimentary cocktails as our team dedicates themselves to offering the best possible airline service.

    The fleet of McDonnell Douglas MD-83 and DC-9 aircraft flies a convenient schedule direct to Aruba, and then on to Bonaire and CuraƧao from Baltimore, Miami, Newark, Tampa, Caracas, Medellin, Bogota, and Sao Paulo. Service from any US city is available through our airline partners.

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  • Donna_in_India's Profile Photo

    Arriving by Cruiseship

    by Donna_in_India Written Apr 16, 2012

    Cruise ships dock in Oranjestad, Aruba's capital. Disembarkation takes you thorough one of three terminals where you will find shops, information, and various services. Just outside the terminal you will find taxis offering private tours and vehicle rental agents. The main bus terminal is just across the street. This will also be the meeting point for tours (booked privately or through the cruise line).

    It's a short walk from the terminal to the main street (Caya G. F. Betico Croes) in Oranjestad where you can shop, eat, and/or gamble!

    Main Street In Oranjestad
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    Take a plane! It's a small...

    by ibanez Written Aug 24, 2002

    Take a plane! It's a small island off the coast of Venezuela, so I doubt you'll want to put your car on a ferry! Cruise ships are also great ways to enter Aruba
    You can either rent a car for 2 or 3 days to see all the sights.....the island is only 75 sq miles! Or you can take some tours. I've always rented the car and done it on my own schedule.

    If you don't feel like renting a car, you can take a taxi to Oranjestad from the low rises and high rises for right around $6 each way.

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