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  • Chattel House Village
    Chattel House Village
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  • The Beach
    The Beach
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  • Free Garbage Collection
    Free Garbage Collection
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Saint Lawrence Things to Do

  • Watch The Crabs

    Okay, maybe not that exciting to most people, in fact, most tourists and locals don't even pay attention to them, or notice them, but if you are a nature lover like myself, or are visiting with your kids, and are looking to see some wildlife near your hotel, this is something you may want to do.Unlike in other places, where you can see hoards of...

  • St. Lawrence Anglican Church

    We were actually in Barbados for 5 days, before we found out about this church, and this was another one of those neat little attractions that we discovered completely by accident. As we had never walked this far up the street before, we had no idea this church was here, until one of our guides drove by it, while taking us back to our hotel. After...

  • Dover Beach Hotel

    Even if you're not staying at the Dover, this is a nice place to come and hang out, specifically in the evening, or early morning. Chairs and recliners are for hotel guests only, but you can still come and hang out at the courtyard, even if you're not staying here. The hotel's courtyard sits right on the ocean, and is a great spot to view the...

  • Hit The Beaches

    As with most Caribbean islands, the majority of people who visit Barbados, come for the beaches. This is no surprise, considering the island's beaches, are said to be some of the best, and most beautiful in the Caribbean, and in St. Lawrence Gap, there are plenty to chose from. The largest, most popular, and most beautiful, is Dover Beach, but...

  • St. Lawrence Gap Sign

    This sign has become a bit of a tourist attraction, and it's a custom for tourists like myself, to take pictures with the sign. It's just something you HAVE to do, while you're here. If you want to join the crowd, the sign is located along the main road, at the west end of the Gap.

  • turtle spotting

    This is a must in barbados, virgin and several other companies run these, but if you get the chance go with MC. He is always on the beach near to the hotel eascape at the gap. This guy was fantastic we went out with him swam with at least 10 turtles, my wife had never snokelled before, but he was great, took the time and troule to learn here.


Saint Lawrence Hotels

Saint Lawrence Restaurants

  • Jamaican Fah Real

    I can't say that this is the best restaurant in the Gap, as I didn't try all the restaurants here. But of the 5 restaurants I did try, this was by far my favorite, and most frequented. We got food from here on 5 different occasions, and tried 4 different dishes, which should be saying enough, but I will write a detailed account anyways.By this...

  • Where Locals and Tourists Come

    This place is great! It was our second favorite restaurants in town. It's a small street side bar and restaurant, located in the main tourist area of St. Lawrence Gap. Small street side bars like this are really common in Barbados. They are frequented by both locals and tourists, and good reason, they are a great place to get authentic Bajan food....

  • Great Ice Cream

    This is supposed to be a Chinese/Polynesian restaurant, but we saw a huge sign outside of the restaurant that says they serve ice cream. We didn't want to eat Chinese food in the Caribbean, but we did have a craving for some ice cream, so we just went in for ice cream. We ordered a Chocolate ice cream, and a Rum ice cream. The Chocolate ice cream...

  • Hotel Restaurant

    This restaurant belongs to the Ocean 15 Hotel. We walked past it every day, and it looked descent enough. Since it was just a few steps from our hotel, we came here to get some breakfast for take out. The standard waiting time in Bajan restaurants is 45 minutes. That's just the way it is here. But we thought since this is a hotel restaurant,...

  • The Party Bar

    These small street side bars are really popular in Barbados. This one is located in a small shack, on the main street of St. Lawrence Gap.I only came here twice, for their Breakfast Burgers. The first time it was delicious, but the second time, the meat seemed a bit old, though I think it was because of the power outage.I only had the Breakfast...

  • Great local dishes!

    Scotties is a local take away with an option to eat at one of the outside tables. It serves a selection of great Bajan dishes with different options each evening. There's always plenty of locals sat at the tables so you can have a chat about the important matters of the day - namely, cricket, if there's been a match on! Pie - a macaroni dish made...


Saint Lawrence Shopping

  • Great Souvenirs

    This shop is a bit difficult to find, as it's hidden from view. In fact, like many neat places, we stumbled onto it, completely by accident, a few days into our stay, and it was a nice little find. To be honest, I don't even remember the exact location of it. I just remember there were some chairs and tables outside, and you had to walk into the...

  • Not Your Average Shopping Experience

    Street vendors are the best place in St. Lawrence Gap, to buy souvenirs. They are pricier than the regular shops, but there is a reason for this. Unlike the regular shops, which sell the cheap tourist souvenirs, a lot of the street vendors are artists, who sell their own paintings, and their own traditional handmade crafts, carved from wood or...

  • Extortion!

    Chattel House Village is a selection of shops existing purely for the local tourist population. You can buy an endless selection of Bajan products at these shops including jewellery, rum products, crafts, etc. as well as tourist necessities such as suntan lotion, after sun lotion, etc. Its not worth buying anything in these shops. All the products...


Saint Lawrence Local Customs

  • briantravelman's Profile Photo

    The Aloe Man

    by briantravelman Updated Apr 26, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This guy was hilarious!
    We had only been in town for about an hour, and barely made it a few yards from our hotel, when this local guy yelled at us from across the street, "Don't walk there, come walk over here on the sidewalk!" We went across the street to him, and he said, "Is this your first time on Barbados? Don't be sacred!", and greeted us with a fist bump. He than says, "Let me show you something." He pulls out this green plant, and starts tearing it open. I had no idea what it was at first, and I thought he wanted us to eat it. Next thing I know, I'm having aloe vera rubbed all over my leg. I started video taping it, as I thought it was hilarious. He than walks over to his table, grabs another piece of aloe, and a glass bottle. He than says, "Get the camera ready. I'm gonna put some in a bottle for you." He opens the aloe plant up, and starts putting the pulp into the bottle. Realizing what he was attempting, I told him, "No it's fine! I don't wanna stain my clothes!" But he was persistent, and replied, "I'm trying to help you." I said, "No it's fine, thank you!" We got away before he was able to charge us money, for something we didn't want or need.
    I had read about this custom online, and have seen aloe plants before, but never in this form, so I had no idea what this stuff looked like, until I had it done to me. I ended up walking around town for 10 minutes, holding my pant leg up, as I read this stuff stains your clothes. I must've looked like a complete idiot. I tried to wash it off in the ocean, but when they say this stuff stays on you, it stays on you. But I guess after a while, it absorbed into my skin. Luckily, my pants didn't stain, but one of my socks did, and I ended up having to throwing it away.
    This was sort of my unofficial "Welcome to Barbados".

    Although I found this hilarious, and got some good laughs out of it, aloe is no laughing matter. Yes, this stuff has many health benefits, but it can permanently ruin your clothes, bed sheets, and even give you huge blisters, if you get into the water after having it rubbed on you. If you actually want an aloe massage, or want to buy a bottle of the stuff, go for it. We did see two tourists buy a bottle, but be aware of its dangers.
    We were later offered an aloe massage from another local on the beach, and politely refused.
    At least they ask you first, and aren't too pushy about it. I read that on some islands, they just come up and start rubbing it on you, than demand money.
    Apparently, there are a few of these guys in town, but this guy is the best! He was one of the first locals we met on the island, and was one of the few locals that was actually friendly, and didn't mind me filming him, in fact, he was actually encouraging it.

    We thought he would be pushy, and try to sell us that bottle we didn't take, but he was respectful. We walked by him several times, and he didn't bother us again.
    This was actually one of my few positive and memorable experiences on the island. Yeah, aloe guy was awesome!

    The Aloe Man Aloe Vera Plant Aloe Massage
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Saint Lawrence Warnings and Dangers

  • Abeyna's Profile Photo

    Prepare to be mauled!

    by Abeyna Written Mar 6, 2008

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you're a single female looking to find some solace on Dover beach you'd better think again. St Lawrence is a popular location for nightclubs and restaurants, thus generates business, and attracts locals to set up there, whether it be a club, a street stall or promoting beach activities.

    I had quite a few men come on to me in Barbados.. the worst place being St Lawrence. Had plenty difficulty walking the streets without being 'tssted' or 'baby'-ied at. In the end I would ignore them which then prompted them to come running after me nearly giving rise to a kiss-chase type scenario.

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