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Barbados Off The Beaten Path

  • two little known wonders

    For some reason, most of the maps and guidebooks don't have either of these places listed. Both are worth the trip (for Hunte's you'll need a car)Hunte's St. John's parish, i believe. Lots of signs on some roads to direct you.Anthony Hunte is a member of a long-time Bajan family - one of the earliest settlers. He has taken a sinkhole...

  • Dune Buggying in Barbados

    You'll have a great time doing this. My wife and I went on this excursion that was booked through Carnival cruise lines in August 2006. I don't know what the company name actually is but surely you can find it and pay less than what the cruise line charges. You take a VW bus to Morgan Lewis in the St. Andrews district which is on the northern part...

  • Eat a True Bajan Meal

    Pudding and Souse is a "Saturday" meal which many Barbadians enjoy. it's basically pig parts that have been pickled (that's the souse) and black pudding with sweet potato (thats the pudding). The best place to get this is The Village Deli located at Lemon Arbour in St. John. It's not far from Orchid World heading towards Four Roads in St. John

  • Ragged Point

    The first time we went to Barbados, we only saw the lighthouse from a distance (photo 5)This time, when we passed Codrington the first seminary in the western hemisphere, we could see Ragged Point lighthouse in the distance.As we approached, there was a large sign that said "Public Notice - Visits to Lighthouse are Free. If Harassed Call Police....

  • Cherry Tree Hill

    No cherry trees still exist here; in fact, if you approach from the west side, you will drive under a canopy of magnificent old mahogany trees which were introduced into Barbados after the Treaty of Paris in 1763. Then you emerge to see a spectactular view of the entire east coast of the island swept by the Atlantic Ocean. The first time we visited...

  • great place to eat

    An open place for fresh seafood is a little restaraunt across from St. Elmos store. It is only open Thur., Fri., and Sat. nights. That is when the fresh fish is caught. The owner only serves fresh fish. Flying fish, dolphine, marline, and my favorite, tuna. Since it off the beaten path, many locals go there. Compared to Oistins, it is small but...

  • Local Fruit Vendors

    If you happen upon a local fruit vendor at the side of the road, don't be afraid to stop and enjoy some exotic fruits. Our island tour guide stopped by a stand and we were fortunate enough to get to enjoy fresh coconut milk, coconut meat and a few other fruits that I have now forgotten the name of. The vendors were kind and chatty and didn't laugh...

  • Lesser Known Beach

    Enterprise Beach is frequented mainly by locals, has changing areas, and is beautiful. It is just East of Oistins and is behind the local police station and court building.There is usually a policeman stationed there and your chance of being accosted by trinket hawkers is very low, so enjoy!

  • Bathsheba

    Bathsheba is a quaint seaside town on the rugged east coast of Barbados.The strange water eroded rock formations that can be seen in the sea are actually rock that has broken away from ancient coral reef. It is on the Atlantic side of the island, so is no good for swimming with its dangerous currents and cold water, but it's a quiet and pretty...

  • And this one, also absolutely...

    And this one, also absolutely empty, extremely beautiful. Wild and dangerous with the waves and rocks, but difficult to find. I don't know the name of it, but it was close to Harrismith on the southeast coast.

  • Swim With Turtles!

    At Payne's Bay (just south of Holetown) there is a group of about a dozen sea turtles that is practically always there (hawksbill and leatherback). If you have your own snorkel equipment and are a good swimmer, you could just swim out on your own and see them- there will be other people snorkeling around watching them. Otherwise, you can usually...

  • The Interior

    Barbados is deceptively large - it can take well over an hour to travel by car between two points and driving around the island will take the best part of the day.I'd recommend getting away from the coast. If you have a car it's easier, but the bus network is good and you can walk for some of it. There are some interesting community shops and it...

  • Vines - Barbados Origins

    Barbados was discovered by Europeans through the travels of the Portuguese who gave it the name 'Barbados' meaning "bearded ones". In 1627 it was inhabited by the British who ruled the country up to its independence in 1966. The ‘Bearded Ones” allegedly arose from a local tree that sprouts a thick cascading canopy of vines which resembles the human...

  • Try a Fresh Coconut!

    Way up high on Cherry Tree Hill, you will probably come across this guy. He calls himself "Bamboo" and he's a really friendly character!In the blink of an eye he will prepare you a coconut - complete with straw. Drink the milk - then he will chop and section your coconut into chunks ready for you to eat and enjoy. It's a great snack!When the...

  • Cherry Tree Hill

    High up in the hills, you will find beautiful views 850 feet above sea level looking across the Scotland District of Barbados.A peaceful spot!

  • Cove Bay

    Cove Bay, located on the north-east coast of Barbados, is a lovely picnic spot where the only sounds are of powerful waves pounding against high cliffs.The area is not easy to get to, often involving driving through a field maneuvering around several cows, sheep and goats. If you make the trek however, you will be rewarded by the beautiful scenery...

  • Hike Barbados

    A good way to get off the beaten path is to go hiking with Hike Barbados.Hike Barbados takes you through cane fields, gullies, tropical forests and coastal communities to explore the unique geological and social structure of Barbados. The hikes are FREE but donations are welcome towards the work of the Barbados National Trust (preserving our built...

  • Cherry Tree Hill

    Chances are you will pass through Cherry Tree Hill on an island tour.But stop and enjoy the view.!There aren't any cherry trees though!

  • Hackleton's Cliff

    Hackleton's Cliff, in the parish of St.Joseph, rises almost perpendicularly within a few miles of the coastline and reaches a height of one thousand feet above sea-level.According to legend, the cliff is named after a man who committed suicide by riding his horse off the cliff.Naturally, this cliff offers one of the best views of Barbados' east...

  • Pico Tenerife

    Barbados is made of limestone and so occassionally you get beautiful limestone cliffs like the one at Pico Tenerife.These are near Chalky Mount and Bathsheba on the East Coast of the island!

  • St. Philip's Church

    This little church in the parish of St. Philip is absolutely idyllic. The large shade trees around the site make it a very inviting stop. Stop and admire the interior or stone exterior. A beautiful church to admire even if you aren't the religious type.

  • Kendal Sporting Club-Guns and Elegance

    Looking for an activity that you may not have tried before? Look no further than Kendal Sporting Club west of Six Cross Roads. A fabulous shooting club at the end of a very rough road through sugar cane and oil wells, Kendal is a well equipped shooting range for pistols and rifles. $75 BDS per person bought a box of shells and expert instruction...

  • For the Art Lovers of the world

    If you would like to see Caribbean Art, then take a visit to Speightstown, in the parish of St. Peter and make your way to the Northern Business Centre, where the Gallery of Caribbean Art is situated. It has 3 rooms of artwork, including ceramics as well as paintings. Very colourful of course, as you would expect Caribbean Art to be.

  • Animal Flower Cave

    While up the north point, take a trip to the Animal Flower Cave & Pirates Tavern.In the sea formed caves you will find sea anemones - (animal flowers), also sculptured objects caused by eroding effect of the ocean waves over hundreds of years. The cave has three main rooms, one having its floor covered in multi-coloured algaes and animal flowers,...

  • Rugged Scenery

    If you hire a car be sure to travel up to the very north tip of the island.To those who have been to Cornwall in England, it is very similar.Photo by joanj

  • Sugar Plantations

    One of the legacies of colonial rule in Barbados is the sugar plantations, in the centre of the island. They are still cultivated by local farmers, and you can buy bags of sliced up sugar cane at the side of the road for around 1 BDS. It is very interesting to see the huge plantations, on which slaves used to be forced to work, and the large...

  • Morgan Lewis Mill

    When we were there, Morgan Lewis Mill was part of the Heritage Pass but was closed for renovation and what you could see was free. Now that it has been renovated it is called one of the Seven Wonders of Barbados.It is one of the largest, oldest mills in the region typical of the windmills of the 17th century and later. It is virtually intact. It...

  • Go racing at Garrison Savanah

    For a real contrast and to mix with the locals, make for the islands race track at Garrison Savanah, its near to Bridgetown. The place is packed with a variety of characters and its a great day out.

  • The View from Cherry Tree Hill

    When we rented a taxi our driver took us to many places around the island, allowing us to see the many faces of Barbados.The view from Cherry Tree Hill was truly inspiring!We didn't have time to visit Harrison's Caves but when i get back I'll be sure to get there.

  • Farley Hill House and "Island in the...

    Farley Hill is a Bajan park with a ruined mansion on a 900 ft high hill in among the mahogony trees. It contained a library, oversized dining room and several reception rooms and the owner had a lot of exotic plants in his gardens.There was an admission fee when we were there. You can picnic on the grounds and it makes a wonderful site for a...

  • Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill

    Created in 1727 when Barbados was one of Britain's major sugar colonies, this mill is now restored, one of only two intact sugar mills in the Caribbean (the other is in Antigua). It is maintained by the Barbados National Trust. The mill includes an exhibit of the equipment, including horse-driven machinery, once used to make sugar. The on-site...

  • Bathsheba Bay=a stunning bay...

    Bathsheba Bay=a stunning bay and community.Great surfing and you can have breakfast,lunch and tea at the Round House.

  • East-Coast....biggest waves of...

    East-Coast....biggest waves of all.Cattlewash=miles and miles of unspoilt beach among wild and hilly and wonderful scenery.The currents here are strong and swimming is dangerous,but go for the openess and beauty.

  • Bottom Bay=north of Sam Lords...

    Bottom Bay=north of Sam Lords Castle,park on the cliff and go down the steps to a beautiful beach that is often desserted.Paradise.

  • South-East-Coast.....the south...

    South-East-Coast.....the south east coast has huge waves.Crane Beach=a firm fav with local people.Great bodysurfing here and parking at the hotel near the beach.

  • Miami Beach=stunning beach...

    Miami Beach=stunning beach with clear water and popular with local people.This beach is easy to get to with good parking and you can eat and drink from Mr Delicious beach van.

  • Dover Beach=this is a big...

    Dover Beach=this is a big beach,very windy and big waves ,goo0d for surfing and you can buy lunch at the Casuarina hotel.

  • Accra Beach-has lots of...

    Accra Beach-has lots of people,activities,beach stalls which sells food and drinks and bodysurfing and people watching.This beach is cool and happening and i liked it here.

  • Beach guide....South...

    Beach guide....South coast....Carlisle Bay=just minutes from Bridgetown,this beach is a pretty bay with boats and there is food,drinks and parking here.

  • HISTORY...The first English...

    HISTORY...The first English settlement began in about 1627.80 English settlers and 10 black slaves landed on the west coast.Nearly all settlers in the begining were men.Most were in their teens and twenties,looking for riches.Black slaves were mostly all male too.This imbalance effected the population growth badly.Lots of people died very young...

  • Sugar Cane Fields Forever!

    There are many sugar cane fields in Barbados, particularly in the interior and along the east coast. Sugar cane was planted by the British who brought over the Irish as endentured servants to cut the cane. The Irish had a hard time with it, so the Brits brought over Africans as slaves to cut the cane. Today everybody is free in Barbados and...

  • Caribbean Mahogany Forests

    Caribbean Mahogany trees grow on the island of Barbados and the wood is used to build all sorts of things -- boats, furniture, houses. It is also used in beautiful wood sculptures that you can buy in some of the art galleries and along the streets in Barbados.This forest is on Cherry Tree Hill on the east side of the island.

  • North Point

    This is the furthest point north on the island of Barbados. It is near the Animal Flower Cave. We were told that Bajans jump off the cliffs here into the water with spear guns. As they plunge into the swells of the ocean water, they watch for fish and spear them. They then climb back up the cliff with their catch!

  • Bajan Farm

    As you drive through the north east part of the island (in St. Lucy or maybe St. Peter), you will find farms like the one in this photo.

  • Sheep or Goats?

    Over on the east coast, it is not very populated and you will find lots of open land, farms, and fields. These are Barbadian Black Bellies...sheep or goats? I don't remember which. Sheep, I think, but they look more like goats.


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