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Most Viewed Shopping in Barbados

  • SabrinaSummerville's Profile Photo

    Cruise Port: Seashell Christmas Decorations

    by SabrinaSummerville Written Mar 5, 2013

    As we walked through the cruise terminal to pick up a taxi, my eye was immediately drawn to a stunning display of Christmas decorations made from seashells which were displayed on Christmas trees through the terminal. I was thrilled to discover that these delightful items were for sale. These are all made from authentic seashells of varying types which are assembled together to make all sorts of designs. Each one carried a little "Barbados" emblem. I thought that they were so different that they would make ideal souvenirs to bring home. The prices were also most reasonable starting at around six dollars and going up to fifteen dollars for large items. I bought a number of them and they were wrapped in tissue and packaged in containers so they would not break.

    Our taxi driver informed us that these are not available to buy elsewhere on the island so I felt really lucky to have them.

    What to pay: Six to fifteen dollars per item.

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  • The Barbados Shop Online: A great online Barbados shop

    by anoif Updated Dec 29, 2012

    I like The Barbados Shop (online store). It is a wonderful Barbados souvenir and gift shop which can be found at . It carriesa wide selection of Barbados handicraft, art and food souvenirs, which make for great creative gifts.

    What to buy: Overall everything in the store speaks to the type of gift you are looking for but there are some items that are undisputable delightful gifts and undeniable food treats.

    Things that are great to buy include:

    Amazingly scented exotic candles made from all natural materials

    Delish jerk seasoning and pepper sauce available at great prices

    Tortuga Rum Cake and Mount Gay Rum great cake small and large

    Besides reasonable prices looking at a west coast sunset even if it's just a picture makes this good online shopping.

    What to pay: Bajan seasoning:$2.95-$12.00

    Pepper Sauce:$3.50 - $14.00

    Barbados Great Cake : $5.00 - $12.50
    Tortuga Rum Cakes: $5.00 - 30.00

    The Barbados Shop Gifts
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  • jpud99930's Profile Photo

    Various Shops: Shopping Barbados

    by jpud99930 Written Sep 15, 2011

    This is a general comment on shopping in Barbados. There's many shops to please your taste.Just to name a few is Cave Sheppard, DaCostas Mall, Sheraton Mall. There many jellery shops located in Bridgetown on Broad Str.
    There's also many art gallerys spread over the island selling crafts and art. One of the big names is Jill Walker.
    Also you'll find many kiosks near beaches and smaller towns selling everthing from soup to nuts.

    What to buy: That's a personal choice what to buy. But there plenty to choose from.

    What to pay: In the stores prices will be higher than on the treet.

    Street Shopping
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  • jpud99930's Profile Photo

    Cave Sheppard: Barbados Shopping

    by jpud99930 Written Sep 15, 2011

    Cave Sheppard is probably the the biggest name when it comes to shopping on the island. The main store is in Bridgetown on Broadway St. You can't miss it. It has all the clothing for visitors and gifts to take home.
    It's a duty free store so bring your passport and return ticket with you to get the discounts.
    There's also stores in Holetown on the West Coast and near St. Lawrence Gap on the south coast.

    What to buy: What to buy is a personal taste. If your looking for cloths like T-shirts and polo shirts then this is the place.Also a great place for the ladies. There's of course local music CD's to buy and rum from the island.
    They also have all the other stuff like keychains to bottled sand and shells.

    What to pay: Not all stuff is cheaper. Everything you buy is imported here. To go cheap is to buy from vendors on the street.

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  • grandmaR's Profile Photo

    Cave Shepherd & Co., Ltd: Downtown Bridgetown

    by grandmaR Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I wanted to see this store because it had such an unusual name.

    Ground floor:

    Cellular Services
    Colombian Emeralds Int'l.
    Perfumes & Cosmetics
    Leather Accessories
    Liquor & Tobacco
    Music Store
    One Hour Photo Lab
    Polo Ralph Lauren
    Resort Wear
    Sony Centre
    Tommy Hilfiger

    First Floor

    Calvin Klein
    Children's Clothing
    Fashion Jewellery
    Gift Wrap
    Ladies' Clothing
    Men's Fashions
    Pages Bookstore
    School Supplies
    The Balcony Restaurant

    Second Floor

    American Airlines
    Bridal Registry
    Courts Appliances
    Courts Powerhouse
    Fortress Mutual Funds
    Gift Shop
    K&M Optical

    What to buy: I bought a good map for driving around in the car at Page's bookstore. I got crystal from the UK for my DIL's birthday from the gift shop. I got emerald jewelry for my daughter whose birthday is in May from the Columbian Emerald outlet in the store.

    I had the crystal shipped, and it arrived in good shape

    Sign over the door Collage of store displays Sidewalk in front of the store
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  • jpud99930's Profile Photo

    Harley Davidson Store: Harley Store T Shirts

    by jpud99930 Updated Dec 9, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is the new Harley Davidson Store in Bridgetown. They also have one at the airport also as you leave.

    What to buy: They have a good selection of men's and women's wear. It just opened so they were still waiting for more supplies.
    The airport store has a smaller selection than the main store.

    What to pay: I found the prices were cheaper than other Harley Stores.

    Harley Store
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  • vabchtraveler's Profile Photo

    Pelican Craft Centre Mall

    by vabchtraveler Updated Dec 21, 2009

    Pelican Craft Center Mall is a lovely collection of shops supposedly dedicated to local crafts. I have to say that I was disappointed by what I was able to find there. It seemed pretty much the same tourist fare as everywhere else. The buildings themselves are lovely to look at and wandering through the stores there is as good as anywhere, I suppose. I just didn't find the handcrafts advertised. I wouldn't call it a tourist trap, I just expected more-----

    Pelican Craft Centre Mall Pelican Craft Centre Mall Pelican Craft Centre Mall Pelican Craft Centre Mall

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  • joanj's Profile Photo

    Best of Barbados gift shops: Local quality gifts and art.

    by joanj Updated Mar 28, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Best of Barbados shops are to be found in the following locations:-

    The Chattel Village, Holetown
    Mall 34, Broad Street ,Bridgetown
    Orchid World, St. George
    Southern Palms, St. Lawrence Gap
    Quayside Centre, Rockley
    Cruise Terminal, Bridgetown Port.

    What to buy: The beautiful prints and artwork of Jill Walker abounds in this shop, as well as a lot of gifts, books and specialities.

    I have about a dozen Jill Walker prints in frames adorning my walls at home, and they make lovely gifts.

    Please look at the website (detailed below) and read about this remarkable Walker Family, and how they started this thriving business.
    So I am always reminded, when I look at the prints, of beautiful, and colourful Barbados.

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  • joanj's Profile Photo

    ????????: Street vendor

    by joanj Updated Mar 28, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This stallholder on the road through St. Lawrence Gap, caught my eye. I did wait until he had got out of shot, as the local people do not like their photo taken, unless of course you ask politely. I did think his notice was cute and was intended for people to stop and take a look and buy.

    Enlarge the picture to see what I mean.

    If you are not able to read it clearly it says - Open 24/7 except when closed.

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  • bluewilldo's Profile Photo

    Little Switzerland: Swiss Shopping in the Caribbean

    by bluewilldo Updated Feb 6, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Are you one of those people who have a lot of time and money? Or are you like me... constantly short on time and money? Whether you are the first, second, or a combination of both categories Little Switzerland has something for you. It is the premier centre for duty-free shopping in the Caribbean with such stores as Cartier, Tag-Heuer, Swiss Army, Movado, Swatch, Breitling, and Baum & Mercier. If the choices are too overwhelming, simply ask for a free Personal Shopper to pick things out for you.

    What to buy: Just like big Swizerland, Little Switzerland is nown for their superb watches

    What to pay: They sell 'high-class' merchandise. Although it is expensive, it is less than most places.

    The Gateway to Little Swizerland

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  • Islandcrafts/Andromeda Gardens Shop: Genuine Bajan products

    by flyingbro Written Aug 11, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    These shops carry genuine local handmade products. I realized that Barbados has many manufacturers and they produce lovely top quality stuff.

    BE CAREFUL!! BEFORE you buy double check that the product is locally made....there are many places in Barbados selling souvenirs as "locally made" just because they have "barbados" a trick, most of these souvenirs are coming from CHINA or THAILAND.
    Barbados products have imprinted or labelled "MADE IN BARBADOS".

    It is a fact that I bought a picture frame with "Barbados" on it from a "chattel house" shop in Holetown (west coast) which I returned,very upset, because I realized was not locally made but made "for" Barbados...very unfair!! The name of this shop is very deceiving too!!

    What to buy: Pottery from many artisans with beautiful colors
    Glassware ,unique!
    Dolls in fabric
    Wood carved /mahogany products very nice

    What to pay: any pocket range

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  • mazzap's Profile Photo

    Calypso Rum Cake Shop: Try a Real Taste of Barbados

    by mazzap Updated Nov 10, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A shop packed full of different flavoured cakes - a cake lovers heaven!! Very friendy and helpful ladies too!

    When we went in they had samples of several cakes - such as lemon and ginger, chocolate, vanilla and all with a hint of rum!! I say hint, because when I studied the box after purchasing one, it stated "maximum 0.5% rum"!!! Not much chance of failing the breathalyser here!!

    The lemon and ginger one I brought back to the office was soon demolished - a success I think!!

    What to pay: The largest cake was on offer at $17, and the medium size was $11. Good value.

    Yum rum cake!
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  • Rachael71's Profile Photo

    Chattel Village, Holetown: Shop 'til you drop

    by Rachael71 Written Oct 27, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Chattel Village is on the main road through Holetown, close to a shopping centre. It is a quaint and colourful little complex, made up of individual chattel houses, each one a different shop. You can buy a whole range of souvenirs here, including pictures, t-shirts, CDs, food - you name it, they have it. It's a great place to browse for any gifts you want to bring home.

    What to buy: You can get just about anything at the Chattel Village - it's a one-stop shop for souvenirs!

    Chattel Village, Holetown

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  • Rachael71's Profile Photo

    Earthworks Pottery: Local souvenirs

    by Rachael71 Written Oct 27, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You will see the colourful Earthworks Pottery sold all over the island, but I would recommend that you take a trip up to the pottery itself. Here you can see the potters at work and choose from the range of pots that are stacked from floor to ceiling in the shop. I hardly knew where to start looking! The pottery is on a complex with other souvenir shops selling art and batik, but these were more expensive than Earthworks.

    What to buy: You can buy anything from a tiny animal ornament made from left-over clay to a full dinner service. Shipping can be arranged to anywhere in the world (just in case you get carried away and can't fit your goodies into your suitcase to bring home!)

    What to pay: Anything from BDS$2 for a small ornament, BDS$8-10 for a plate, BDS$30 for a vase - there is something for all budgets.

    Earthworks Pottery Potter at work

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  • mwenn2100's Profile Photo

    Beach Vendors

    by mwenn2100 Written May 13, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    While sitting on the beach at the Hilton we made friends with Sam, the kindly beach vendor. Unlike most of the other Caribbean islands I have been to the beach is not swarming with vendors and the couple we encountered were very kind (aka... not pushy!) Sam is a regular fixture at the beach and you'll see him walking along with his suitcase full of jewelry balanced on his head. The jewelry is all handmade island fare and he will make plenty of deals if you like his pieces. I ended up buying a couple of necklaces and they are very beautiful.

    The only other beach vendor that I saw was a woman at the end of the beach selling swimsuits wraps. I never made my way over there (although I meant to), but she was very popular with the ladies on the beach.

    All in all, I was impressed with the fact that I could relax on the beach without being hasseled to purchase goods (and the goods that I did get... I love!)

    What to buy: Buy a handmade necklace from Sam. He has some beautiful pieces and he is happy to tell you about the materials used and their symbol.

    What to pay: Depending on the deal you strike up or how many you buy each piece ended up being around $5 - $10 USD

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