Costa Rica Nightlife

  • me and some of the girls i met
    me and some of the girls i met
    by barbrasarver
  • Swarming white tips at Manuelita....
    Swarming white tips at Manuelita....
    by kenmerk
  • Wrap and a beer at the bar
    Wrap and a beer at the bar
    by Tom_In_Madison

Costa Rica Nightlife

  • Blue Marlin Bar

    San José Nightlife

    I dont want any one to get the wrong impression of this fantastic place. I have been to the bar/cascino numerous times in my two trips to costa rica. about to be my third. the bar caters to Americans, they have EVERYTHING an american wants. or we would not keep coming back and the place would shut down. the prostitutes are more classy than alot of...

  • El Pueblo Tourist Center

    San José Nightlife

    Centro Comercial El Pueblo (aka El Pueblo Tourist Center) can be a great place to go for night life, although not necessarily Costa Rican night life. Instead, it's more akin to the kind of night life you would find in the United States or western Europe; expensive drinks, cover charges for some bars, even pizza stands to buy a snack from when...

  • Key Largo

    San José Nightlife

    You've got the Key Largo, right across the street from the Blue Marlin! It just goes to show why San Jose is great for nightlife. When I get together with my friends that went on this trip, to this day we easily think of and laugh about our time in Key Largo. Could be because, when we first walked in the door, we were so snot hanging drunk that...

  • Imperial Light

    Don't leave Costa Rica without sampling its locally brewed beer! And there are, surprisingly, a lot of local beers to choose from. Imperial Light seemed to be, hands down, everyone's favorite.Imperial Light is a Light Lager, brewed by Cerveceria Costa Rica, which has about 4.20% alcohol by volume. In my opinion it is much better than it's American...

  • Costa Rica Nightlife

    Cities like San Jose that cater to tourists have wild singles clubs, quaint pubs where you can enjoy a locally-brewed beer, discos where you can relive the glitz and funky sounds of the 1970s, and even some karaoke bars. Frequented by both locals and tourists, Costa Rica nightclubs are the perfect place to strike up a conversation and meet some...

  • Concert

    Thank you Calibanda,We left for Costa Rica before I saw your reply. However, when we arrived in San José on the 17th we went to the Teatro Nacional and tried to buy tickets. Amazingly, they wouldn't sell them that far in advance! We were told to return el lunes. Of course we expected to be elsewhere on Monday, but they gave us a phone number, and...

  • Scarlett, Best gentleman club in San...

    I went to Scarlett while I was visiting San Jose, Costa Rica. A friend of mine heard about that club who recently opened. I have to say that I really had a great time. The music and the girls were awesome and phenomenal. You will have a lot of fun is you go there... trust me! Scarlett is the place to go! on a Friday and Saturday night in Montego...

  • Jaco Costa Rica

    The Beatle Bar in Jaco beach is the Most famous Bar / Nightclub in all of Latin America. The hottest women 7 days a week, the best music, great food, super cold beer, and always packed with tourists from all over the world. No wonder why thousands of people go to vacation and party in Jaco Beach Costa Rica. The place is amazing! They recently...

  • Cha - Ching

    If you like gambling your in luck! Gambling is legal and there are plenty of casinos to test your luck (or not) at! Umm no dress code.. just wear clothes. In certain casinos that will make more sense than in others :)

  • Dance the night away

    If you are in Puerto Viejo you need to check out Johnies. It is a bar/club located on the beach. They play dance music and have a large dance floor. there is seating outside as well. Very open and you will definately see a wide variety of interesting people. It is a good place to go Thursday and Saturday nights. Very casual

  • New Years Eve in San Juan

    We went out in San Jose with no plan except to find a bar, have some drinks and ring in the new year. As it turned out, all of the bars and restaurants close down at 11:00 pm so that the employees can go out (or home) to celebrate! Good for them - not so good for tourist with no plan. We found a little late night grocery, bought some beer and...

  • Champagne wishes

    Beleive it or not, Costa Rica is begining to produce eets own wines. Here I am swimming in a nice cava..later that night I was swimming in my own vomit though from drinking too much. I shall spare you zee details though.

  • American music bites the big one

    If you find yourself at a night spot where music is being spun, you may also find that when you and your party arrive, the traditional latin beats switch to North American rhythms. Well, if you're North American or Canadian at least.This effort by local club owners and managers is appreciated as they are trying to cater to their crowd, but...

  • Reggae in San Jose

    Raices is a very small, very simple bar with a dj spinning Reggae music all the time. There is no live music but the ambience is there. Cheap beers and drinks, you can hear conversation, a nice spot for the university ticos.Also, if anyone hits this place in their travels i could use a new t-shirt, medium...if ya pick one up , I'll be sure to send...

  • Late night in Manuel Antonio.

    Marisombra is right on the beach at Manuel Antonio. It's great. Buy a beer, walk around on the beach. Sit there and people watch if you like. Late night on Fridays and Saturdays, its where the getdown is. Locals come there on the weekends. Doesn't matter what you wear. Casual would be an overstatement.

  • Local beer

    Never leave the country without trying the local beer. It is called Imperial. You can find it everywhere

  • Little hidden gem

    This place is in Manual Antonio. It is a little off of the beaten path but one of the gems of my trip. We arrived and were greated by the first attentive, friendly service I recieved in all of Costa Rica. The decor was great and the live music by 2 local teens was upbeat and fun. My girlfriend told the waiter it was my birthday "without me knowing"...

  • Leave the light on

    Leave your patio light on all night and see what kind of bugs you can attract during the night.There are all kinds of moths and beetles that will come to check it out.That is how we got to see this beetle in the picture.

  • Swinging hips

    Make sure to take your swining hips to Costa Rica, because you cannot go there without doing some Salsa dancing!

  • El Pueblo

    El pueblo in San Jose is the one of the most active place for locals looking for nightlige. Travellers are well accepted, and you can have a lot of fun, it is like a small village with plenty of bars and restaurants. Very casual, not the high end type of place.

  • Bar with a view

    This bar is located about 3 stories up from the street. It apparently made it on the show "wild on " with Brook burke. However, there was no one there when we went. But since it was located so high up, there was always a cold breeze to go with my Imperial beer. Anything goes.

  • Playa del Coco Nightlife

    Lizard Lounge was the place to be in Playa del Coco when we wanted to get out of the Ocotal resort and have some real nighttime fun. They had good dancing and cheap drinks, plus they were close to other bars and retaurants when you wanted a change or a chance to take a break. Casual/Any

  • Shows at the hotel

    This is the focal point at night at the hotel.each night there is a different show.Every one gets involved.The hotel also has a small casino.The bar is open and so is the grill food court, which is open all day long, serving fruits of all kinds and pizza,drinks, and hamburgers and hotdogs.Remember this is all you can eat/drink all day. Casual...

  • Cafe/Restaurant La Esmeralda

    Cafe/Restaurant La Esmeralda, San JoseEvery night all musicians come together and play music on your table......if you pay !! You pay for each number and the you make the deal before they starts to play. It's really big fun !!

  • Not a night bird?

    We aren't into night club and bars. (Early bird gets the worm...?!) But there's still a lot to do at night. Many activities are either plan for or better at nightime. A different perspective on wildlife with a Night Walk, a volcano firework, a dip in a hotspring for example... Or for the tourists of the north, a glance at the southen cross in a...

  • Not really a blast

    If you come to Costa Rica searching for night life and you are not in the bigger city then you won't find much. Purpose of my trip was not looking for night life since we wanted to to as much as possible during the day. Regardless we managed to find a few interesting places to have fun in the evening hours. First one was Hot Springs "Baldi" 3km...

  • nite time discos in lake arenal area

    WOW, now this place was neat. Built on the side of a hill the bar has multiple levels, all with their own bar and dance floor An overhead canopy keeps you dry while cool breezes and waft through to cool of the gyrating tico dancers on the floor, a must see in themselves, the light show was good too. a must do on friday and saturday nites when in...

  • Going out in San José

    If you'd like to go out in San José you should go to San Pedro, the Student neighboorhood. Bars and dance places on every corner and 'relatively' cheap drinks and food. The most Ticos(Costa Ricans) find our techno, R&B, ... parties unbelievebly borring. They always said me 'what can you dance on that kind of music? Just shaking with you had!' They...

  • Traditional dance show

    La Tiquicia, near San Jose, is a real awsome place to spend a night. Here you can eat some great Costa Rican food and watch a traditional dance show overlooking the entire city of San Jose. The dancing is preformed by some local dance students and it is really an excellent experience to go to. I really reccmoned going here to spend a nice night....

  • Discotecas

    There are many Discoteques, as well as nightclubs and bars, throughout Costa Rica. You can relax at the bar or have fun and dance. It's a good place to learn how to dance Latino, if you don't already know. It's a lot of fun. Note to always check out a place before you go, some are a bit shady. Nothing normally.

  • Dancing!

    This place was amazing. If you like to dance then I say you must go here. It is basically like 20 bars/discos all joined together. Some of them play only tecno, others salsa, marengue, cumbia, others basic dance. Kinda has something for everyone. Was great. The only thing is that most (or all) of the discos have a cover charge ranging from $1-5...

  • in the tourist places there is good...

    in puerto viejo on the carribean coast there is a lot of nightlife!!we went to a reggea party and it feels like you're in jamaica!!rasta's everywhere(and a lot of drugs too) casual

  • Cafe de Paris, Playa Guiones,...

    Cafe de Paris, Playa Guiones, NosaraFrench bakery with great coffee in the AMSwimming pool (for guests) great restaurant under rancharo.Pool Table, Internet Café, Cable T.V.Friday Night is movie night! Big screen like drive in free movie each week. Lots of fun! Costa Rica Casual.

  • Sunset from a fishing boat in...

    Sunset from a fishing boat in Garza. It gets dark quick in CR. A flashlight will come in handy if you're walking around after the sun sets. casual, some times of the year pants and a long sleave shirt might help keep the mosquitos away.

  • Dance on the beach

    In the middle of the jungle beside a beautiful river there is a café-bar with local live music, You can't stay on your chair you have to dance!!!!! If you can't drive at the end of the night they have a place for you.......

  • San Jose Nightlife

    There are many things to do during the night in San Jose. You can catch a theatrical production at the National Theater, or watch a movie at the San Pedro Mall or have dinner and dance at the many restaurants and nightclubs at El Pueblo.One of my favorite nightclubs for dancing is Discoteca Cocoloco (on Thursday nights they have a live...

  • Sundays

    Not much going on on Sundays. My favorite thing to do is to enjoy a movie. I recommend Multiplaza in Escazu, but if distance is a problem you might wanna try Mall San Pedro. Please it is just a movie...

  • Fridays

    The bets place for electronic music. More expensive than the other bars, but it is worth it. Great music and also the food is good. Good spot for dancing, drinking, eating, meeting interesting people, etc. Definately my best pick. sexy... freaky... kinky... it is like an european club... it is your chance to show off...

  • Thursdays

    Thursdays are ladies night all over the country. Ladies get in between 7 and 8 o'clock. Usually they get unlimited drinks till 10 o'clock when guys can get in the bar. Usually a night of a lot of drinking and dancing. Good night to hook up... Tavarua - San PedroHooligans - HerediaCasa de la Urraca - Tibas I guess anything goes, Tavarua is more...

  • Most larger hotels have discos...

    Most larger hotels have discos which are frequented by many foreigners. Also many outdoor cafes along the strip.

  • El Pueblo

    It is a replica of an old typical town. The only difference is that no houses are there, only bars and discos! It is my personal favorite, you can find every type of setting you like... and some places are very cheap! Depends on what bar you go to, but for the most part casual wear is enough. Just dress normally.

  • Tuesdays

    Caccios and Tavarua are the most popular bars in the street. Mostly University people. Very Good prices. It is better to get there early 'cause it gets a bit crowded. Good place for dancing and drinking. After 1am must go to Roots, a reggae bar just a few minutes away. Very chilled out place with great music. Very casual and comfortable clothes.

  • In San JoseAs a student in 98,...

    In San JoseAs a student in 98, one of our favorite places was El Pueblo, a group of bars and restaraunts catering to the college crowd. El Infinito parties till dawn with three rooms of reggae, rock, and latin music. The mixed clientele varies from drug dealers to business men and is a great place for almost anyone to have a good time. Coyote in...

  • In San Jose there are good...

    In San Jose there are good basic party spots and good Salsa dance clubs. Try to meet some locals as the clubs there are very local and change frequently as to what is in style. Dress Latin! IE nice pants and shoes or you wont get in.... Dress Like you would for a nice club. No shorts or flip flops

  • If you want nightlife like...

    If you want nightlife like Cancun or Hawaii; then Costa Rica is not the place for you. We were around the beach cities around the Nicoya peninsula, mostly people sit around and eat and drink at night, there are some places that try to be like discos playing loud music outside to attract visitors but they are pretty weak. If you are not exhausted at...


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