Costa Rica What to Pack

  • Me on the scooter from the back- hat & camera vest
    Me on the scooter from the back- hat &...
    by grandmaR
  • People treking to the bus
    People treking to the bus
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  • Luggage at transfer point
    Luggage at transfer point
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Costa Rica What to Pack

  • Binoculars

    Fortuna What to Pack

    Travel need for fancy clothes here. Good hiking shoes You can get everything you need in Fortuna Tons of digital space We were happy we had binoculars can watch the fire balls rolling down the volcano !!

  • Pack Light

    Tortuguero What to Pack

    Soft side bags, small - don't bring a roller bag because roller bags don't roll on sand or dirt very well We were told to limit our luggage to 25 pounds, and we did that, but many people did not. Since you have to carry your luggage down a mud bank to the boat (and then back up the mud bank on your return, it is wise not to bring more than you can...

  • Backpack

    Chirripó What to Pack

    A backpack that suits you. Don't choose one bigger because you MUST bring that extra t-shirt. Choose one with the proper size and padding for a constant up-hill hike. Yes, it's a HIKE not a WALK! Bring something for wet weather - a cheap poncho made of plastic is fine, but bring two in case one rips. Forget about a'll pass out from...

  • Map or GPS

    Zarcero What to Pack

    Pack light and carry a lot of water. It does cool off at night up in the mountains and cloud forest so take some long pants and long sleeved shirts. Dress is casual but you will want some comfy walking shoes for sure. I always take my own toilet tissue with me. Take what ever else you will need or want because you won't find much here. Don't forget...

  • Thermal Underwear

    Chirripó What to Pack

    If you hike up Chirripo, make sure you take a comfortable pair of shoes. Also, it is bitter cold in Base Crestones. I hiked during summer, yet the weather up there got as low as freezing. Take good thermal underwear and a good sleeping bag (they do rent good ones up there if you don't have one).

  • In 1996 - Two Carry-on Bags were enough

    We each had two large carry-on bags with everything in them for two weeks. For each excursion, we took only one of the bags and left the other in the hotel's luggage room. We also each had a bum bag or fanny pack. (depending on whether you are English or American). Mine is the largest one LL Bean has ever had (and it is no longer available), and my...

  • Electrical Plugs

    Good to know the electrical outlets in Costa Rica are the same as the United States. 3 prong not as prevalent as 2 prong is what I read but all the hotels we stayed at had 3 prong. No need for converters if you are coming from the USA! Whoo hoo!

  • Should Bring

    Plastic bags to put dirty or wet clothes in for the return trip home Swim SuitExOfficio Bug Repellent Lightweight JacketGood athletic shoes Bug Repellent Spray/wipesSunscreen CameraUnderwater Camera Snorkel gear Wine OpenerStarbucks Instant CoffeeFlashlightMosquito Nets (for sleeping)External Battery Charger for Phone110V Power Inverter Car...

  • Travel for adventure!

    If you are doing excursions, make sure to bring some type of drawstring backpack for change of clothes, sunscreen, and bug spray. For excursions water shoes are a big plus! You need to wear something on your feet and sneakers will get really messy and take a long time to dry. Suncreen and bug spray are both a huge help. I would also recommend...

  • Things not to forget

    Split all your luggage in half as Iberia dont have a very good safety record with baggage You need lots of light weight cloths that you can wash as it is very hot and steamy Boots we found very usefull especially in the forrests lots of uneven ground lots of repellants we used deet and came away without any bites Make sure you have plenty of...

  • You really do not need that much with...

    expandable duffel bags, small backpack for daily trips Rain poncho is a must. You will also need a pair of sneakers, canvas hiking boots or an additional pair of sneakers, flip flops (for the pool area, hot springs or the beach). Make sure you also get a light sweater with you, it may get chili at night. For the 7 nights we stayed there, I packed...

  • January & early February we didn't use...

    mosquito repellent. We had tons with us and used the 100% deet spray 1 time on the sunrise mangrove boat trip and use a few of the "OFF!" individual towlettes at dusk, and that was it. Bitten a few times, mostly no-see-ums. Not as bad as the Everglades in January & February! We were mostly in the rain-forest on birding tours. BATTERIES GO DEAD...

  • Pack and prepare to stay healthy on the...

    By all means, pack light. If you plan to visit more than one or two cities, it is easier to get around with a backpack rather than a luggage with wheels. You have to consider muddy, unpaved condition of roads unsuitable for wheeled luggage. Bring socks that will dry faster. If you plan to hike, your shoes will get muddy. So make sure you pack kind...

  • most you can buy there

    rain ponchosYou need runners at least for many of the jungle trips but expect they will get wetPLUS sandals that can get wet ie Teva type tampons if you use theminsect repellent - remember to reapply after your evening shower. I got more bites during the night (not from bed bugs) than during the day flashlight - if traveling to any off the...

  • Mosquito repellent and long pants

    Light coloured cotton long pants and shirts to wear at night and when hiking. Even though it is warm here the insects are out in thousand. Comfy shoes and cotton socks to wear for plenty of walking. Lots of strong Mosquito Repellent Film/disks for your camera. Not available in rural areas.

  • Easy on the go...

    backpack or rolling weekender walking sandals, tank tops, light dresses, ponytail holders, sunglasses, tshirts, shorts, sarong, rain poncho, breathable underwear shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, lotion, floss, toothpase, toothbrush, razor, chapstick, face soap... water resistant gear is a must, ziploc bags sunscreen, frisbee, sunglasses,...

  • Packing List

    - a light rainjacket that packs small (useful in case of rain, or windy weather on top of volcanoes or at higher elevations)- light pants (if going to a cloud forest or higher elevations), actually fast drying hiking pants would be best- sneakers were fine for all the hiking we did (a lot), but next time I would bring good breathable hiking shoes...

  • Jacket Required

    If you are traveling to the Pacific and Caribbean side of the country, the climate is completely different in both locations. I needed a light jacket on the Pacific side, and was dripping with sweat on the Caribbean side. I recommend dressing in layers. Mosquito repellant, to my surprise, is not required.

  • A poncho can be your best friend!

    Make sure to bring a backpack to take on your daily excursreions. You'll need a pair of sandles, hiking boots & tennis shoes. And ladies don't forget the heels! Motion sickness pills, advil, first aid kit, bug repellent and one of those sticks with stuff to put on bug bites (in case the repellent fails you!) PONCHO!

  • What to bring

    Small rucksack for your day trip in the rain forest Bring light cotton cloths, a sweater or jacket for the nights or cooler areas in central Costa Rica, good walking shoes, slippers for the beach and a raincoat during the rainy season. Don't forget your sunglasses and head protection. Insect repellant with DEET, good protection for the intensive...

  • Extended Stay: Pack the following...

    Water resistant back pack with interior zipper compartments. Large beach sarong (this will double as your beach cover-up, towel, and blanket). Hiking sandals (waterproof) and light weight rain coat or wind breaker. Sun block is sorta pricey in CR, so bring it with you. In the capital city you can get whatever you need, it just probably costs more...

  • Costa Rica To Backpack?

    As a place to backpack in the jungle, Costa Rica does not rate too high : it is a much better idea to be a tourist around here ! Though a backpack or rucksack is perfect. Ultra light-weight cotton clothing, and don't forget it's recommendable to wear long pants in town (and better in the jungle), t-shirts and long-sleeves shirt, raincoats of...

  • Rain Jacket for sure in the rainy...

    You will need a rain jacket, no doubt. I also highly recommend Tevas or something like them, especially if you are going to do any of the adventure type activities. I also had a pair of Columbia quick-dry shorts that I basically wore every day. We never went anywhere in CR that you had to dress to impress. Of course you don't want to take all...

  • Keep it light and simple!

    I brought one, small carry-on rolling bag and a backpack. Oh, and a small purse. Pancho, just in caseHiking boots for the mountainsTEVA sandals for the hiking trails in Manuel AntonioFlip flops for the beach townsConvertible pants are definitely usefulBathing suitSports braQuick dry towelBeach towelHat/visorSmall, lightweight, cotton...

  • Less than you think

    Backpacking is the best way to travel in Costa Rica. You won't find very funny to try to roll a big suitcase in the devastated roads. Also bring a smaller backpack for hiking. Waterproof if possible. Fanny pack (not too obvious).I made myself color sacks to seperate all my clothes (2 squares of fabric sown together and closed at the top with a...

  • Don't forget your bins

    Don't take your finest, take something that you don't mind getting wet or muddy. Long pants,long sleeves, sun hat, walking shoes or boots are all a must..You better have a rain poncho handy also in case of an afternoon shower. Take plenty of insect repellant, the mosquitoes can be fierce in some places.Witch Hazel is good to ease the itching on...

  • Ponchos & Umbrellas a Must

    Something long sleeved, and convertible pants that zip off. A jacket at night in the mountains. Ponchos for the rainforest Bandaids, sunscreen Digital SD cards and memory sticks are hard to find, but availavble in the larger towns. Definitely bring a camera with a good zoom, or bring a wide angle lens. Ponchos and umbrellas for the rain and...

  • Wildlife Travel

    Lonely PlanetWatching Wildlife Central America ISBN: 1-86450-034-4&S2 1st Edition september 2002

  • A headlamp, binoculars and convertible...

    Bring something that you can carry your important documents and money in at all times. Get those pants that you remove the legs and they turn into shorts.. lots of pockets for carrying stuff. Bring everything you might need. Although they have medicine here, it is not the familiar brands and you could have an adventure just getting Pepto Bismo or...

  • Take Everything!

    Dress for tropical conditions, loose fitting clothing. Long sleeved shirts and long trousers will help guard against insect bites, if you can find clothing that is pre-impregnated with insect repellent that is even better.Take waterproofs because it will rain and it can rain a lot and for a long time.As I always suggest, sturdy footwear .. that...

  • Travellers Sickness Prevention

    This is an important thing to bring, Cipro. It is an antibiotic prescription that you can get filled before you leave so you have it with you in the event that you get Travellers sickness. Travellers sickness can be caught at many Central American and Carribean destintions and is almost always caused by E. coli bacteria. Although we were staying...

  • Sunbock, SPF, Sunscreen!

    The climate varies widely from the coast to the mountains so it is good to bring clothes for hot sunny weather and cool wet weather if you plan on visiting both places. They were available at the resort, but they seemed much more expensive than back home, because they were priced in American dollars. Same as the toiletries, so bring lots of...

  • For surfers

    I brought a backpack. Easier to deal with. It consisted of 2 pairs of surf trunks, t shirts, 2 pairs of shorts, I nice shirt, Sandals, Tennis shoes (for any tours you may take), surfwax, LOTS of sunblock, a long sleeved rashguard, a beach towel, extra leash, power bars, protien mix....thats all I can think of. I was there for about 12 days and...

  • try to pack light &smart

    Rain poncho, comfortable shoes for hiking-make sure you pack more than sandals (I didn't) because the mud is slick and gets between your feet and shoes if they are open which does not lead to surefooting. Sunscreen and bug repellant. I always try to find environmentally friendly versions so I won't bring any harmful chemicals into the lush,...

  • You don't need a sweater

    I travelled with a duffel bags on wheels. It turned out to be a good choice as I did not care if it got a bit dirty and messed up. The canvas also made is expandable. I also had a 2,400CU backpacks as carry-on.For the day trips I had a small Patagonia packpack with a 2 liter water hydration pack. Clothing that is fast drying. Ankle high hiking...

  • It's a jungle, duh!!!

    Not sure what I was thinking when I brought semi-nice clothes...anyway, if I had to do it over again, I would definitely keep it casual, we didn't need anything nicer than shorts and t-shirts the whole time. There is lots of hiking to be had, bring the right shoes!!! Also, because it was so hot and humid, prepare for several changes of clothes a...

  • Pack light

    To keep my luggage weight down I use a soft, medium sized backpack. This year I had enough clothes to last me 4 weeks plus add in a huge bag of souveniers from Sarchi. Lightweight and layers are the key. It does get cool up in the mountains and in the central valley so having a long sleeve shirt/light sweater/light jacket is a good idea. I have a...

  • Must Haves!

    Hiking Shoes - some of those trails are bad... if its muddy you might want to rent one of those Rubber Boots Disposable Water Proof Cameras - for those snorkeling trips or waterfall encounters Snorkeling Gear - We didnt bring ours because of the weight limit on the domestic plane but we should've. You can also rent them there. Insect Repellant...

  • Pack lite and bring suntan lotion

    Please don't over pack. We found that one big suit case and a carry on per person was all we needed.Remember that most small airlines will charge you per pound on anything over 25lbsper person. Please bring lite clothing, it gets very hot here. Suntan lotion and glasses you will need. Bring light shoes and a pair of sneakers for any hiking or...

  • Sand in your suit

    Bring cothes for very hot weather, but also some long pants and sweater. If you get cold easily like me, you may find the evenings a little breezy.(you may never use the heavier clothes, but it's good to have them.) Make sure you have more than one bathing suit -several if you are staying a week or more-(this is a tip for anywhere there is a...


    [ ]Flu shot & Hepatitis A vaccination - NO LATER THAN 3 WEEKS BEFORE THE TRIP[ ]Anti-malarial pills – chloroquine taken once weekly in a dosage of 500 mg, starting one week before arrival and continuing through the trip and for four weeks after the end of your stay [ ]Prescription for an antibiotic such as Ciphro in order to treat traveler's...

  • Essential Items to take in Costa Rica!

    It is best to travel with a rucksack instead of suitcases. In most of the cases (especially when visiting Corcovado and Tortuguero regions) you will travel by boat any may have to wade a bit in the water. Suitcases are also cumbersome to load on a boat or bus. It is always quite hot in Costa Rica so summer clothes are a must. Opt for light...

  • The Quintessential List

    I packed light and only brought carry on, getting your bags though looked fairly painless in luggage claim, everything was in English as well as Spanish. Bring a light jacket, make sure you bring tennis shoes and hiking boots if you have them. Bring a pair of swimming trunks and a bathing suit if you are going to the Tabacon Resort or Rafting....

  • sunburnt...

    in spite of the very cheap prices compared to European ones, most of the bath foam or cream or similar toiletries I glanced in supermarket costed as much as in Italy when not more... it's strange of me to say it as I always try to get suntanned and in spite of my so white skin I pretend I don't need sun protection but you use it if you don't...

  • Basic reccomended packing list

    Like always always try and pack as liget as possible. One big packpack of suitcase and one small day pack/carry on. You should have at least some good sneekers for hiking and spanding time in the jungle. Sandles with a sturdy backing are reccomended for the rest of the time.As for clothing you should bring a lot of shorta and tee-shirts. lond...


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