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  • Chirripó
    by darthmilmo
  • We had such a beautiful day!
    We had such a beautiful day!
    by TempNomad
  • I hope the colors come through...
    I hope the colors come through...
    by TempNomad

Chirripó Things to Do

  • Monte Sin Fe

    This is about an hour from the's a great view, but at this point you really want to just curl up and whimper yourself to sleep. No, actually, it's a relief to know how close you are. But I didn't name it Monte Sin Fe, so I must have some people who agree with me! A youth group on its way up the mountain never even made it this far. It...

  • Hiking to Chirripo mountain

    Chirripo is the highest mountain of Costa Rica. It's on a natural park, in the middle of the country, and hiking to the summit is not difficult at all, except that it takes more than 8 hours go and 8 back. The trip starts after Rivas, and during the climb you pass trough all the different climates of the country: rain forest, dry forest, open...

  • Get to the peak of Chirripo!

    It takes anywhere from between five and nine hours to climb to the lodge...then another 45 minutes to an hour or so to reach the peak (I suggest a night of rest in between for full enjoyment!). There are notebooks in which to leave greetings and comments. It's very interesting to see who else has been there and what their experiences were.

  • Terbi Peak

    For those with leftover energy, there are several other hikes and peaks around the peak of Chirripo. This is but one other peak with amazing views of the area. Note, the clouds you see in the picture come and go so give it a minute to clear to see the view :).

  • Crestones Peak

    Crestones Peak offers another amazing view of the sourounding areas. This is the most challenging of the peaks I climbed that day. To get to Crestones peak's top, I had to climb a rock wall. I had no rope, but I still managed well. I was so scared of the height when I reached the peak, that after a few minutes I went down... stupid I guess, but hey...

  • Chirripo's summit: Climb to the top of...

    It's best to head to the summit of Chirripo (3820 meters above sea level) early in the morning. I woke up bright and early at 4 AM (2 AM is recommended). I was hiking towards Chirripo around 4:30 AM. On the way there, I watch the most amazing sunrise at this beautiful valley. Click picture to enlarge. I arrived at the top of Chirripo around 6:15....


Chirripó Restaurants

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    by darthmilmo Updated Sep 14, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    After hiking Chirripo, I trully enjoyed the meal in 'La Roca,' a lovly pension with a tasty restaurant in San Gerardo de Rivas.

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Chirripó Transportation

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    by darthmilmo Written Sep 13, 2002

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    The start of the trek is at San Gerardo de Rivas. So it's best to take a bus to town, find a pension, and then from there walk uphill to the actual start of the trail in the Chirripo National Park.

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Chirripó What to Pack

  • Absolute necessities

    A backpack that suits you. Don't choose one bigger because you MUST bring that extra t-shirt. Choose one with the proper size and padding for a constant up-hill hike. Yes, it's a HIKE not a WALK! Bring something for wet weather - a cheap poncho made of plastic is fine, but bring two in case one rips. Forget about a'll pass out from...

  • Chirripo is colder that you think.

    If you hike up Chirripo, make sure you take a comfortable pair of shoes. Also, it is bitter cold in Base Crestones. I hiked during summer, yet the weather up there got as low as freezing. Take good thermal underwear and a good sleeping bag (they do rent good ones up there if you don't have one).

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Chirripó Off The Beaten Path

  • Sabana de Los Leones

    This is a different walk/hike than the peaks. It goes up and down and all around the area, but the views are just as amazing. The valley is breathtaking, and the clouds literally sit on the ground at times. Just beautiful. Watch out for animal droppings on and around the paths. I wouldn't suggest going alone...and bring water! If you keep following...

  • Cerro Terbi

    The peak of Chirripo is most popular, of course. But you will be missing out if you don't take the other trails as well. There are other peaks, and a beautiful valley to explore. Local guides will know how to go to these other places safely. Cerro Terbi was an easy clamber to the top, and while the view was white and wet, we had a great time.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Chirripó Sports & Outdoors

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    by TempNomad Written Jun 21, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is so much fun! I am NOT a climber at all, but the rush is tremendous, and I can't wait to go again. The guide I had is an expert climber, so he taught a mini-lesson and off we went. Amazing fun!

    Equipment: Make sure you have the proper lines and harness. Also, where you repel from is important. Make sure you choose wisely (or let the expert choose!).

    Truly, one of my happiest moments
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