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  • Monkeys
    by grandmaR
  • Sitting around park headquarters
    Sitting around park headquarters
    by grandmaR
  • Boat trip to the park
    Boat trip to the park
    by grandmaR

Corcovado National Park Things to Do

  • Beach hike

    While we were staying at Drakes Bay, we had an excursion to Corcovado National Park. Some English folk who were very snooty apparently didn’t want us on the trip with them, so the camp was forced to send another guide with another boat so they wouldn’t be held up by how slow I was. The main objective of the English couple was to see a scarlet...

  • Corcovado National Park trails

    The previous posting mentions trails in Corcovado National Park. There's a good trail description and map for those who would like to plan a trip. This is useful if you want to go on your own without a guide. It's located at chose to do the Sirena Station to Sand Pedrillo route with a...

  • Day Hike into Corcovado

    One of your options to explore Corcovado is to hike in from the La Leona Ranger Station. It’s a 3.5 km hike down the beach from the pulperia and / or airstrip in Carate to the Station. If you’re not a Costa Rican National it’s $10 US for a pass into the park, payable directly at the ranger station. The trailhead is clearly marked and once in the...

  • Scarlet Macaw

    One of the major birds which the English couple and others wanted to see was the Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao) in the wild. The Scarlet Macaw is native to humid evergreen forests in the American tropics, from extreme eastern Mexico locally to Amazonian Peru and Brazil, in lowlands up to 500 meters (at least formerly up to 1000m). It has been widely...

  • Yet another look at the incredible...

    I outweigh the capuchin by a thirty to one ratio, my brain is far better at solving puzzles, yet I wouldn't last a week in the capuchins habitat (unless I had a great deal of help). But if the capuchin minds his p's and q's, he will live upwards of forty years. Forty years in an environment where all sorts of predators, from the harpy eagle to the...

  • Busy little fingers

    Small, but large-brained. The capuchins have the largest brain relative brain size of any non-human primate. The white faced monkey is adept at using tools and is a social animal, living in groups of five to thirty individuals.We got good looks at these little monkeys and it is really quite amazing to get a closeup look at their human-like facial...


Corcovado National Park Hotels

Corcovado National Park Restaurants

  • zrim's Profile Photo

    Corcovado Tent Lodge: The view is 5 star

    by zrim Written Feb 11, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Beans and rice. Rice and beans. Beans and Rice. Three times a day.

    Hey, you don't come to an isolated place like Corcovado and expect the lavish gastronomy of the court of King Louis the XIVth. It is beans and rice, rice and beans--you get the picture.

    But the view. Not bad. Not bad,at all.

    view from the open air dining center
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Corcovado National Park Nightlife

  • holligolytly's Profile Photo

    Howler Monkeys

    by holligolytly Written Jun 20, 2004

    Yes it's the howler monkeys who will provide you nightly entertainment. They start making their very strange howling noices right around dusk. It's really neat sounding.

    Look closely-Monkey in the Middle
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Corcovado National Park Transportation

  • Through the Surfline

    When we visited Corcovado, we went from our lodge in little open boats with outboards. There are no docks. So the guys running the boat would roar up to the beach, whip the boat around so that the stern was toward the shore, and pull the outboards up out of the water and allow the boat to beach itself stern first.Then we would have to jump out of...

  • Boating Out

    After walking in, taking 4 hours of hiking I really was in no mood for hiking back out. Fortunately there were several english students working in CR on their GAP year who had organised a boat to pick them up & return them to Port Jimenez, where I too had my gear.After paying my share of the trip, $28usd we headed to the beach. The Station Ranger...

  • The rest of the way is on foot

    No taxi stand at the the Corcovado airport. If you are staying at the tent camp or sleeping under the stars in the National Park, you will have to hoof it to your resting place. The Corcovado Tent Lodge just south of the National Park (our destination) was only a mile and a half up the beach. But holy moly was it hot, even at 10:00 a.m. And no...


Corcovado National Park Local Customs

  • The Scarlet Macaw!

    Costa Rica is a country that boasts more varieties of birds than Mexico, Canada and the U.S. combined. All manner of brilliantly colored tropical birds call Costa Rica home. But for my money, the Scarlet Macaw wins the bird pageant. It is so very pretty with its red, blue and yellow plumage. But more than that, it is an intelligent animal that...

  • The welcoming committee

    There are more birds than people in Corcovado and that is a good thing. We settled into our tent, opened the flaps and immediately sighted a bluegray tanager chirping a welcome to us from the palm tree in our front yard. We chirped a hello back at him. Always a good idea to get off on the right foot with the locals.

  • Corcovado National Park Hotels

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Corcovado National Park Warnings and Dangers

  • e-katarina's Profile Photo

    Water rises!

    by e-katarina Written Nov 18, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Walking along Osa's coastline is great fun. You can walk along the sand, and in through the jungle.

    Just be wary, riversthat run into the sea and that at some hours of the day can be waded through, deepen later on due to the tide.

    Of course there are not necessarily bridges, and with cloths and bags, you won't be able to swim accross.

    When this situation happened to us with Rio Claro, there were fortunately locals with boats who took us to the other side. They are probably often there, but as you can't be sure, make sure before hand.

    In our case, we were with a costa rican guide, so in any case he would have found a solution.. but if you're alone, it may be less fun.

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Corcovado National Park Off The Beaten Path

  • Hoo Are You, Hoo Hoo

    The crested owl. Strictly a nocturnal animal, so what in the world was it doing up and about at 11:30 a.m. as we descended from the jungle back down to the tent camp for a little rest and some lunch?Owls are spooky. They seem to have a way of peering into your inner soul. Looking at the still bird that almost never blinks, it is tempting to...

  • Brown pelicans in flight

    So many pelicans. What a sight.Not because pelicans are now uncommon, they are easily seen up and down the California coast, in Baja, Florida, Texas etc., but because these wonderful birds almost did not make it.Back in the 1960s "civilized" countries such as the U.S. decided that the bug killing chemical DDT was all the rage. Kill the nasty...

  • Sigmund the Seamonster

    Always be on the lookout. As we wearily trudged up the beach under the sweltering equatorial sun, there were new life forms awaiting discovery. This little seahorse washed up and onto the beach. Sure, I was miserable under the relentless sun, but at least my mode of locomotion was still available to me. the poor little seahorse had no respite from...


Corcovado National Park Favorites

  • Stars all around, millions of light in...

    A few hours after night has set in, find a safe bathing spot (check with locals as Costa Rica has dangerous currents - perhaps a local could come with you) and go for a night time dip in the sea.You will witness a show of light from inside the water. Millions of little lights appear when you disturb the water by moving your arm in it. These are...

  • Relax

    Take some time to sway in the hammocks under the rustling palm fronds. But not too much time. Come on, get up, there are still all sorts of mammals, birds, amphibeans and reptiles waiting to enchant you in the jungle.If you cannot tear yourself away from the lazy life in the hammock, at least keep an eye out for the scarlet macaws. pairs of macaws...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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