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Quepos Highlights

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     Friendly and relaxing 

  • Con
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     not many apart from some tourist aspects... 

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     Quepos is grungy, but Manuel Antonio is breathtaking 

Quepos Things to Do

  • Plenty of animals in Manuel Antonio...

    We've had a great tour through the park. My recommendations are: 1. if you prefer bottled water, bring a bottle along with you (or buy one before the entrance), as there is no water for sale in the park, though there are several (regular drinking) water taps. 2. bring a sun tan lotion, 3. better wear closed shoes (sneakers are OK); my wife didn't...

  • Scuba Diving and snorkelling

    Pacific coast diving is awesome. You can learn to dive, advance your skills with loads of different courses or just come fun bubbling. Lots of wildlife, plenty of white tip reef sharks, rays and eels. Always big schools of jacks and surgeons. Its pretty much year round but vis is most reliable between december and may. If you want something thats a...

  • Waterfall Rappelling

    The tour company calls this "Canyoning"We were the only ones doing this and for the four of us there were three guides. Since it was the green season, it was raining, but it didn't matter, we were wet anyway!! We rappelled down the falls and the climbed back up (photo 3)The website says that the Tour includes : 7 am: Transportation , breakfast ,...


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Quepos Restaurants

  • Best homemade pastas and pastries in...

    Dolche Vita is really the best place to go for homemade Italian pastas and really delicious pastries!. We came for a pasta, and it was really delicious. But after having one of the homemade desserts....i knew that i would have to come back for more!. Really nice ambiance. Open for lunch and diner. They also have WIFI so the next day while having a...

  • Great Tapas

    Great restaurant on the road from Quepos to El Parque National in Manuel Antonio. Very nice, open surroundings, friendly service and very good food. The Tapas menu gives you and your friends a chance to share and enjoy several different plates. The owners, Mike and Marcella(?) are great hosts and their little dog "Bumpy" is a pleasant visitor to...

  • Great Restaurant and Bar in Manuel...

    The Newest Restaurant in Manuel Antonio offers unbelievably Fresh Seafood.  It was such an inviting atmosphere.  It is all open air. There are no outside walls and there are beautiful mounts of fish everywhere you look.  There is an amazing Marlin Fountain out front.  At night all of the neon lights along with the lit up fountain is what drew us in...


Quepos Nightlife

  • quepos night life

    Manuel Antonio restaurant and bar. Offering you a great dinning experience in Manuel Antonio. Featuring the freshest seafood in town. Or try are great bar (OFF THE HOOK) for drinks, including a giant specialty martini list. We have a world class executive chef with award winning menu. Night life in Quepos Manuel Antonio - Are you ready to party? We...

  • Great Atmosphere, Terrific Owners, lots...

    Manuel Antonio doesn´t have much of nightlife, but there´s one spot that´s pretty good. It´s called Juan Toucan´s. A happening bar with great food just above and to the left of the Marlin restaurant at the opening of park. It´s run by a great Expatriot from Idaho who goes by the name Mase. Since it´s directly across from the beach it´s a great spot...

  • New place in Manuel Antonio

    This place just opened the week we were there. It used to be called something like Trio Wine Bar. It sits on the second floor, right next to the Blue Marlin. We had a lot of fun here. It's not really a Costa Rican place, but more like a sports bar. The owner is an American named Mace, who is super friendly and runs a good bar. The prices were...


Quepos Transportation

  • Rental cars

    We've taken a rental car all around the country twice, and while a 4x4 would be preferred it's not necessary. Considerations would be whether you are traveling in dry season or not, and how primary the road is. If it's rainy season then you'll run into a lot more problems with the roads, otherwise you just take your time as occasionally you'll run...

  • Do NOT use Easy Ride Costa Rica

    NEVER PICKED US UP AS ARRANGED – LEFT US AT THE AIRPORTDo NOT pay in advance for services from Easy Ride Costa Rica. I paid in advance and Javier Ortiz left us at the airport and never picked us up as arranged even though I confirmed with him via email the week before that he would be picking us up. The tourist officials at the airport tried to...

  • Cab from San Jose to Quepos/Manuel...

    Heads up on a price... It cost us $125 U.S. to go from the airport to Quepos. This was on Thursday night at around 11:30 p.m. and he started at $140. We talked him down but really for a 3 hour drive... not a bad deal. Our driver even stopped for us to get some "to go" food and a beer.The return trip cost us $100.


Quepos Shopping

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  • T-Shirts

    Of course we had to buy the obligitory Pura Vida and Imperial Beer t-shirts. They range from $5.00 to $8.00 at the stands around Manuel Antonio (depending how much you want to haggle). The only reason I'm pointing this out is the exact same shirts were $24.00 at the airport.

  • Gifts

    A great choice of gifts can be found in Manuel Antonio. There are several gift shops along the road leading to the national park. Also several gift stands can be found in front of Playa Espadilla Norte. Pareos, figures made of tropical wood, ceramics, t-shirts and more.

  • Manuel Antonio

    This little paradisiac city seems to exists only to enriched the visit to the national park. Little restaurants and cafe, street vendors, colors and sounds of the pacific coast. Aside from getting water bottles, juices and fruits from street vendors, you can also get (and for a really good price) nice handcrafts, arts, souvenirs and pareo. if you...


Quepos Local Customs

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    by static1 Written Oct 30, 2006

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Imperial Beer...it's everywhere. Just drink it.

    Actually, it's not a bad beer, and the taste seems to vary from bottle to bottle. There's also Bavaria which is pretty tasty. Most places have Corona, but at almost twice the price, and it's not like it tastes better than an Imperial.

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Quepos Warnings and Dangers

  • Polluted waters of Manuel Antonio...

    Beaches inside Manuel Antonio park are calm water and whiter sand compared to other Costa Rican beaches most of which have black sand and neverending waves. And blue flag waves over the beaches of MA park, but the water gets often VERY dirty in one of the two most popular beaches in the park,with disgusting gray chemical foams. Locals say...

  • Quepos Best Western Kamuk Dangerous

    There is a sizeable crack smoking community that makes this are along the seawall their hangout. I was mugged by three locals and nearly choked to death while a Best Western employed "security guard" watched. Best Western could have cared less that I was beaten and robbed right at the entrance to their hotel since I was not a registered guest. This...

  • Scamming tour guides

    Be wary of the "tour guides." They are all related and will scam you. It's better to just go to the park on your own for the $11 entrance fee instead of paying $40-$60 for a supposed private guide, which ends up being a group of 12 or so. We fell for it and then had an irate couple, completely valid since we were lied to, call the guide out and...


Quepos Tourist Traps

  • Monkeys will take your bag from the...

    Someone mentioned losing their bag/backpack on the beach and I wanted to say that when I was there last year, at the Beach at the park at Manuel Antonio, the same almost happened to me and my friends, but luckily didn't. Those adorable monkeys swinging through the trees are great fun, til you see them going for your bag on the beach! You see,...

  • Internet access

    The La Cantina BBQ restaurant has an old train waggon in front of the restaurant where you can access the internet. However, this will cost you 4 USD per hour. Go a little bit further down the hill. In the curve stands a red building, this is the Hotel Arboledo. They have an air-conditioned room with 4 computers where you can access the internet...

  • Avoid Quepos and Manuel Antonio

    QUEPOS: City of Quepos has no soul or sense of city vibe. Traffic flow is confusing. Street paving seems random. It was an uncomfortable city. QUEPOS to MANUEL ANTONIO: The narrow and dead-end road to Manuel Antonio park is lined with the nicer hotels and restaurants. This road cuts up a hill and then along the side of the hill so all of these...


Quepos What to Pack

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    by Helga67 Written Feb 1, 2006

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    Luggage and bags: Small rucksack for your day trip in the rain forest

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Bring light cotton cloths, good walking shoes, slippers for the beach and a raincoat during the rainy season. Don't forget your sunglasses and head protection.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Insect repellant with DEET, good protection for the intensive sun (factor 20).
    Medical precaution: hepatitis A and B.
    We didn't bring anything against malaria.

    Photo Equipment: Bring lots of films or memory cards and a big zoom lens (min. 300mm or 10x optical zoom) for those wildlife shots.
    Don't forget your video camera for all those rain forest sounds and active wildlife.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Bring a flashlight because at night it sometimes happens that there is no electricity for short periods

    Miscellaneous: Bring an adaptor if equipment is not 110 Volt and american standard.
    Make a copy of your passport and drivers licence and keep the originals in your hotel safe during day trips.

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Quepos Off The Beaten Path

  • Good local food

    It's not really off the beaten path, but right by the beach in Manuel Antonio, next to some of the souvenir stands, is an outdoor restaurant that consists of some benches under a tarp. They cook up local fare with either fish, pork or chicken on an outdoor grill, along with vegetables and some fruit. This stuff was tasty. I believe it was about $5...

  • Manuel Antonio

    We stayed in Quepos but were a short taxi cab ride from the beaches and cloud forest of Manuel Antonio.We were able to then book some rooms right on the beach where the surfing and whale watching excursions are top notch.

  • a small waterfall...

    in the national park Manuel Antonio, at the end of the service road, before the last bend going left, on the right there is a not signed path which ends only in the little waterfall in the pic but it's very refreshing on a hot day and in a discreet point where you can even change your dress to enjoy it...only don't expect more than a few inches of...


Quepos Sports & Outdoors

  • Scuba Diving and snorkelling

    Diving in the waters of Manuel Antonio Park. Host to scholls of Jacks, Sharks, rays, eels loadsa cool stuff. Either beginner classes, more advanced classes, even trips to Cano island for those more adventurous. Swimsuit and towel

  • Sportfishing for sailfish!

    Sailfish are not to be missed by any fisherman! The experience is incredible and remains one of my best memories in Costa Rica (even thought I came for the birds!!).These big and muscular fishes will give you the fight of your life, as they rush away and jumped many time on your line. They are amazing and beautiful to see, purple, dark brown and...

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Quepos Favorites

  • Monkey Drop

    The Manuel Antonio National Park was closed when we were there (on Monday) so we didn't see as much wild life as we would have seen had it been open.We did do a free fall segment of the Canyoning/Waterfall Rapelling adventure which was called the Monkey Drop, and on that segment, we did see some spider monkeys.

  • No need to pay $20 for a guide in Manuel...

    We were warned that we would miss on seeing monkeys and other wildlife while in the park if we didn't hire a guide to point them out. We found that while walking along the trails whenever we saw a group of people with a guide pointing at something we just stopped and looked along with them and took pictures

  • Beach

    Manuel Antonio has three good beaches.Playa Espadilla Norte lies in front of the small town of Manuel Antonio (outside the park). It's a good place for surfing, there are eateries and gift shops nearby. Be cautious while swimming as rip currents can be dangerous, especially in the rainy season. This beach is always crowded.Playa Espadilla Sur and...


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