Nightclubs and bars in Cuba

  • Nightlife
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  • Nightlife
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Most Viewed Nightlife in Cuba

  • Check out nightlife wih the locals

    by jeroen_serre Updated Jul 12, 2012

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You might want to go down town and ask a local where they hang out in the evening.

    Good live-music, salsa , local beer, and very friendly people are available in abundance
    Luke warm beer, dirty toilets, crowded and steamy places are seen frequently..

    Dress Code: Leave fancy stuff, expensive clothing and your DKNY glasses at home.

    In general Cubans have little to spend and life (in a financial sense) is rough for most Cubans.
    Just don't show of or make them jealous. It might be safer as well although I think you shouldn't worry about violence to much.

    Do put your dancing shoes on and shine.

    make that sound
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  • kat-m's Profile Photo

    La lluvia de ora: The time for rain?

    by kat-m Written May 7, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We stumbled across this bar in Obespo street as we heard fantastic music coming through the wide open doors. We went in and found you can also eat as well as drink and listen to a variety of great bands. We returned at night to find the same quality of music and a fantastic atmosphere. The bands pass a hat/cup round after they play a set and then move on to another bar whilst a new band arrives inside. The food here was reasonable, pizza or sandwiches which were preferable to most of the food in Cuba! No need to starve after all!

    Dress Code: Ok just casual

    great bar
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  • gwened's Profile Photo

    several: Beach night action in Varadero

    by gwened Written Mar 14, 2012

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    the place to party at multiple places and best beach still is at Varadero. A whole tourist complex with all amenities for visitors.

    You have all this
    Cabaret Tropicana Varadero
    like the one in Havana,hours 20h30 -2h45
    Discothèque Havana Club
    Shopping Center Copey 64th street and 3rd avenue from 22h30-3h00
    Cabaret La Patana
    Ruta Vía Blanca,hours 21h00-4h00
    Karaoke El Castillito
    Avenida Playa between 48st and 49st, hours 22h00 -6h00
    Cabaret Cueva del Pirata
    Autopista Sur km 11, hours 21h00- 2h00
    Discothèque Palacio de La Rumba
    Avenue Las Américas km 4, Varadero.
    Sala de Fiestas Mambo Club
    Ruta Las Morlas km 14, hours 21h00-5h00
    Cabaret Continental
    Hôtel Varadero Internacional, hours 20h00-4h00
    Sala de Fiestas Caribe Mix
    Hôtel Arenas Doradas,hours 22h00-4h00
    Discothèque La Bamba
    Hôtel Tuxpan,hours 22h30 -3h00.
    Discothèque La Goleta
    Hôtel Sol Palmeras, hours 22h30-4h00.
    Karaoke Tenerife
    Hôtel Meliá Varadero, hours 22h00- 2h00
    Centro Nocturno Amfiteatro de Varadero
    Vía Blanca and Ruta de Cárdenas.
    Karaoké 440
    Vía Blanca and Ruta de Cárdenas.
    Piano Bar Noche Azul
    60 st between 2nd and 3rd avenue
    Discothèque Havana Café
    Avenida Las Américas. Reparto La Torre
    Discothèque La Cascada
    Hôtel Meliá Las Américas,
    Discothèque La Movida
    Hôtel Oasis,
    Cabaret Santiago
    Hôtel Meliá Varadero.
    Discothèque Cáñamo
    Hôtel Cáñamo, Matanzas.
    Centro Nocturno El Jagüey
    Ruinas de Matasiete calle Luis near the viaduc Habana-Varadero Matanzas. Hours from 22h00-6h00
    Centro Nocturno Arechabala
    767, Calle Sáez, Cárdenas.
    Karaoké La Descarga
    Hôtel Kawama, Varadero.
    La Pachanga
    Hôtel Acuazul, Varadero.

    have a blast and report back chauuuu!!!

    Dress Code: dress for the tropic casual cool

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  • Natalllya's Profile Photo

    Cafe Cantante: Salsa Dancing in Havana

    by Natalllya Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This place was a truly Cuban experience.

    The live band played for a good 4-5 hours, all 12 of them! They were unbelievably synchronized and melodic as they all played instruments, sang AND danced!

    The colourful mix of local Cubans gives this underground bar an authentic feel. So does the overflow of mojitos and Cristal beer.

    The cover is $10 USD...I should say used to be $10 USD, the use of the American Dollar is now prohibited and the use of convertable Pesos is now in effect.

    Dress Code: No half tops for girls.

    Dress comftorably but nice.

    Salsa dancing
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  • wrasdell's Profile Photo

    La Zorra y El Cuervo: Cuban Jazz

    by wrasdell Written Jan 14, 2011

    A great place for jazz in Havana.
    With its location below street level and cozy atmosphere I'm reminded of the Village Vangaurd.
    Except here you can still enjoy your Series D #4 with some hot Jazz and a cool Mojito.
    Cover charge is $10.00 and includes 2 Mojitos.

    Dress Code: Clothing is required.

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  • felixm77's Profile Photo

    casa de la musica in havana: clubbing and live music in havana and trinidad

    by felixm77 Written Sep 7, 2008

    La havana is full of places where u can hear really nice live musi...of course salsa and caribbean music!! Or if u are in trinidad u can go clubbin at "la cueva" a really cool club set in a natural cave where u can dance salsa and reggaeton!

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  • AnjaV's Profile Photo

    Trinidad!: Best nightlife?

    by AnjaV Written Jun 19, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    For sure Trinidad has the best nightlife of Cuba.
    A number of 4 open bars on walking distance from eachother, with daily life music, mixed audience Cubans and tourists, dancing salsa's or romantic boleros, chilling with a glass of rum or a mojito .... yes, for sure ... Trinidad is the place to go

    Dress Code: Whatever ;)

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  • Arc86's Profile Photo


    by Arc86 Written Mar 13, 2008

    By the way. About your comment about the "young proud communists" there.
    That was one of many things I was totally surprised about:
    The young Cubans seemed to be more pro-USA and capitalist like than in any other country I've visited so far in Latin America. For example they attach much importance to have branded clothes. They also like to hear a lot more American and European music than I thought. Salsa can almost only be found yet in "casas de musica", kind of expensive restaurants with live bands for tourists.

    This kind of music is very famous now:
    Reggaeton mixed with some elements of salsa..called Cubaton. This band is named "Gente de Zona". Beside techno, rock and pop this resounded all the time. Since my holidays I really love this music.

    Sometimes it seemed to me like changes had already came to Cuba, and the country is already in a more tempered political situation.
    I remember one night we went out for a party in Havanna. We went to a club, our guidebook described us as typical meeting point for young Cubans. There appeared hundreds of people in my age with better clothes and better styled than me and my friends were. The music that was played was heavy metal rock. It seemed to me like a rock openair in Europe. Later we went through a part of Havanna where it looked similar to a place like Miami. Endless rows of very large villas with pools and finally a circus on a square.

    In general Cuba was very confusing to me. It was totally different than I expected it in many ways. Other tourits I met there were the same opinion.

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  • tomcarlson's Profile Photo

    casa de la musica: casa de la musica in centro: hookers & pickpockets

    by tomcarlson Written Sep 21, 2007

    well, there's a serious push to get in the door, complete with dudes who are trying to pick your pocket in the press of people. there's real cordial about it and all, and easy to put off, but beware! once you manage to wrangle a ticket and push your way in, it's your average college-level scene, with the exception of the innumerable hookers floating around. we went under the auspices of seeing some live music and were greeted, upon entry, with a magic show, followed by a dance contest.
    apparently, the casa de la musica in miramar (the beach one, i believe) is better... or worse, depending on what you're looking for.
    OH! and if you're into getting hookers, the local rule in havana is one CUC for every year you have. so, if you're 25 years old, don't pay more than CUC 25 for that girl or guy... EVEN if they're asking for more!

    Dress Code: not sure if there's a dress code... i'd guess that you need to have pants on (jeans are probably okay), and you probably can't wear sandals?

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  • rsudic's Profile Photo

    Casa de la trova: Salsa live

    by rsudic Written Apr 10, 2007

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Every city has "Casa de la trova", place to listen salsa music, to dance salsa with cubans, to drink good coctail, to pay coctail to your dancer if he/she is cuban.
    It's always live music with band and you'll be offered new CD (usually 10 CUC = 8 EUR). List of songs is almost the same from any band I listened (10 bands total; my friend took them all).

    Dress Code: No dress code

    casa de la trova
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  • mandiebambi's Profile Photo

    Santiago de Cuba: Outdoor nightlife

    by mandiebambi Written Feb 15, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Santiago de Cuba has the best live music i have ever heard, people gather in the square young and old together listening to bands playing all night. The waether is stunning (warmer than Havana as its lower down the country) Its is also very safe at night time there are always police around but the Cubans are just such happy people there is never any trouble.

    Dress Code: You can wear whatever you like its outdoors and very warm

    The cathedral at the square Music day and night

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  • Alicja1's Profile Photo


    by Alicja1 Written Jul 20, 2006

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Ah, the nightlife in Cuba ... it's legendary. There's just magic in the night. Something about the trade winds, the people, the sights, the smells, the sounds, ... it all makes for a truly unique place and experience. The Cubans, irregardless of their economic conditions, have never lost their passion for partying. People dancing on the streets, music is everywhere! That was experience i was really looking forward to, and i wasnt dissapointed! More about nightlife on each destinaton tip!

    music is everywhere

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  • russian_yaz's Profile Photo

    Just some tips about nightlife in Cuba

    by russian_yaz Written Feb 2, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Many people will advice about this club or the other one, how much is the entrance fee...etc, etc, etc...But the problem is that most cubans can´t afford 5 cuc or more just to get into a club. And supposing that they have saved for a several days to get into one, then they will not have too much to spend inside. Of course in the discos and nightclubs U'll always find cubans, but they are the minority, trust me, I know what is like to feel that other people stare at U like if U where some kind of rare thing only because U don't have 1 buck to spend.

    So, my advice is mainly about feel the music in the streets, in the small bars. In every corner of the country U'll find someone playing a guitar or just banging with his or her hands on any surface to find the music hidden on the air. There are lot of small bars wher U can seat with lot of cubans and share with them a great evening without the need of spending more that 2 or 3 cuc.

    Also a good to spot to enjoy music, in Havana, is the malecon. At sunset this 6km bench fills up with lot of people with guitars, harmonics and drums to sing and have fun. They don't charge anything, just spect U to give them something, one cuc will be ok for them or even a sip if U're drinking some rum.

    Also don't forget cuban parties. There are lot of parties everywhere going on, U just need some cuban friends to take U there. If U go to one of them just buy a bottle of rum and a bottle of Cola, it will be welcomed.

    Street in Havana Havana patio Havana street
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  • carolondon's Profile Photo

    Casa de la musica: salsa dancing and fun

    by carolondon Written Sep 15, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This place was so much fun, we went on a saturday and it was packed, but during the week it was a lot quieter. They had dancing, acrobatics and of course the amazingly good band playing super salsa all night long.

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  • Darkwind's Profile Photo

    Any cuban home or the Malecon are perfect fof it: If U have the chance go to a...

    by Darkwind Updated Apr 5, 2005

    0.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If U can, have the chance go to a cuban partty!!
    We are good at having fun!!!!
    And U can find alot of different partties all around the cities!!
    Also at the Malecon in Havaa or any publcplace where U see cubans armeds with bottles of run and a guitar say thats where i want to go!!!!
    U will have a good time
    If U go to a partty,try to bring a bottle of Rum an some Cola,that will be welcome!!!

    Dress Code: As well as U want !!

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