Dominican Republic Favorites

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Dominican Republic Favorites

  • Zona Colonial - Old Town

    Santo Domingo Favorites

    Besides comfortable shoes and clothing and a water bottle (or 2), a good map of the Old Town is good to have if you want to know where you walked by or information in general. A good one can be found at Colonial Zone. They have a printable version and the one on the link, where you can click on the numbers to find out about the places.

  • Coconut Drink

    A coconut drink is sold in many places in the Dominican Republic - for example at local markets where the sales man will open it in front of you and serve it with a straw.Refreshing, but okay - its not one of my favourites… If you try be sure that the coconut is fresh (young and green) and check the coconut for insects holes...

  • Seashells and Corals

    It is very easy to find seashells and corals in the Dominican Republic. If you take a walk along the beaches you’ll see many different kinds - and they are very beautiful, but dead shells and corals are often home and food for other species and is a part of the natural environment, so don’t bring them home!It is also against the law in many...

  • Dominican Cuisine

    If you are interested in Dominican Republic cuisine – or maybe want to try some cooking at home – I can recommend the book: “Aunt Clara's Dominican Cookbook”.Have you for example ever tried “Mondongo”?Read more at:

  • Climate

    The climate at the Dominican Republic is tropical maritime with little seasonal temperature variation. The wet season is from May to November with most rain in the northern and eastern regions. The main annual temperature ranges from 21c in the mountainous regions to 25c on the plains and the coast. The average temperature in Santo Domingo in...

  • shiping

    I agree - it is wonderful over there - seafood is awesome and all that fruit- and I do have a passion for roadside chiccarones although I have to dio that sparingly - but they are soooooooooooooooo good. I wanted however to bring over food for the poor there- from what I see in their supermarkets, everything is so expensive for them.. here we have...

  • Every year, just a little bit better.

    Except in Santo Domingo, I would take someone to one of the many seaside "malecons" (ocean front roads) on a Friday Saturday or Sunday afternoon and buy a couple large Presidente beers and watch the Dominican world pass by. Over the last four years, it has seemed to me that the economy and condition of the country has been steadily improving. What...

  • Distance table between some of our...

    The DR is not so big but the farthest road trip, be it by bus or by car, can take 5-6 hours. Depending on when you start it can take up to 8! (like from Punta Cana to Enriquillo lake), so to help you plan your road trip, this table can tell you how many kilometers there are between your point of origin and your destination. Be aware that Dominicans...

  • Melia tropica Resort

    We felt that our resort was fantastic. We are 78+ and had no trouble at all getting around. I really can not understand the reviews that said you would have to wait long periods for transportation. Never more than 5 minutes. If there were not so many places to0 travel, we would go back there all the time. Besides the obvious beauty of the resort...

  • Best time to visit

    You could visit DR all year round, but I'd suggest to avoid visiting in May because it rains a lot.Our high season goes between mid December to March (more or less) and Easter week if it's in April. Other times where the prices sky rocket are long weekends due to moving any public holiday. The traditional dish called "La Bandera" (the flag). Read...

  • Far away from tourist areas...

    My trip to the Dominican Republic was a bit different to a normal tourist trip... I stayed in a friend's appartment in the near of Higuey. It was a small village without streets and shops, just small tienditas. To do a trip as this I really give you the good advice to speak a bit of Spanish. Otherwise it's a bit difficult. Don't drink the water,...

  • Language: handy spanish phrases

    The official language of the DR is Spanish although English, German, French and Italian are widely spoken in touristic areas. However, if you want to go beyond the AI's (all-inclusive hotels) then these phrases might come in handy.Hola: helloBuenos días: good morningBuenas tardes: good afternoonBuenas noches: good evening/nightMe llamo : my name is...

  • Sosua is a surprise.

    Sosua today is a surprise compared to what you read in the guide books. The cheap hotels listed in the Lonely Planet have been gone for a number of years. The heavy sex trade is history and the day when there were no upper class clubs and bars has also passed. In fact, this is the only place I found in the DR outside the big resorts that seems to...

  • Spending money maybe more difficult than...

    I would recommend that your primary reason to go to Punta Cana would be for poolside or beach activities. There are plenty of water-related activities and I would recommend that you take advantage of them as nightlife is limited.Most of the all-inclusives are self-contained--meaning that you may never have a reason to leave the property and if you...

  • New Plates

    The license plates for the Dominican Republic are fairly basic with the name of the country (Republica Dominica) and the numbers and letters. The plates are the North American shape, rather than the longer thinner European shape and are displayed only on the rear of the vehicle, not on the front.When I asked about this plate, which appeared...

  • Pesos

    The currency used here is Dominican Pesos. Some may accept American dollars in Santo Domingo, but very rarely outside of the city. 100 pesos is equal to about $3 Canadian dollars, so its quite a difference! Try to change just as much as what you're going to spend, because its apparently not as easy to change money back from Dominican pesos since...

  • Money Rates

    We were not sure what kind or how much money to bring. I brought alomg some American money and some Canadian as well as my debit card. Most people will deal in Pesos or American dollars. At the time we were there the exchange rate I used was 25 RD$ per $1 CDN and 30 RD$ per $1 US. The hotel gave a bit less. I took money out of a ATM machine and am...

  • cocktails

    being an all inclusive resort yu can have great cocktails all day long and whatever yu are and whenever yu want. alcoholic or not a lot of cocktails for yu to try.and refreshing of the pool or at the beach the perfect vacation spot...

  • at nite

    at a resort of this kind obviously, the offer for a nite entertainment, is very narrow one.a couple of drinks in open bar, some sort of show, dancing, singing, in a small theatre, and by midnight off we go to the discoteque...7 days with "all" these options, it's a bit ...anoying!by the fourth nite we had an evening on the beach with ocasionally...

  • The Dominican Peso

    The Dominican currency steadily depreciated for the first several year of the new millennium, reaching an exchange rate of nearly 60 DOP to 1 USD in early 2004. Since that time, the Dominican Peso has gained ground on the dollar and at the time of writing (2005) converted at approximately 30 DOP to 1 USD. Currently, the Dominican Peso is exchanged...

  • Beautiful country, beautiful people...

    I urge anyone looking for an amazing tropical gettaway to go to the Dominican Republic. The resorts are incredible, however, take the time to explore the country outside the resorts. The Dominican people are genuine, friendly people, and the countryside is wonderful. I miss the people the most...not for long though! I am moving to Santiago, DR to...

  • Gotta make a phone call?

    Use the internet-one minute costs use you're head-plus,you're only gone for one week-you're not gonna die if you don't talk to you're loved ones.... The cruise of course!

  • lush greenery and hot

    do take one if the jeep safari, will take you out into the countryside and you will see all sorts of beautiful things..I think the beauty of dominican is the natural surroundings.. do take some binoculars with you and go for a walk..I was delighted by the birdlife there..such beautiful colours..there are two types of hummingbird too..both can...

  • English

    The official language is Spanish, so do as much as you can to bone up on Spanish before you go. Officially, nearly everyone involved in tourism speaks English, but in fact many people have trouble understanding English. Waitresses in coffee shops may simply drop their jaws when you speak to them in English. In the outlying areas, it is absolutely...

  • children

    make sure that you go and visit the locals take lots of goody bags for the children, pens, pencils school stuff they have very little its quit a tear jerker you will want to take them home with you jeep safari go and see the waterfalls. be prepared!

  • Pack light

    Do not overpack.Even at an all inclusive resort did not need much.Bring space for souvenirs in suitcase.We brought some school supplies for the poor children and left.School is free, but some cannot afford the required uniform and then the textbooks.Leave some toys for maid or coloring books/crayons.Expect to spend much time on beach.Sunblock a...

  • Sunrises!

    You can not leave the Dominican Republic without getting out of bed early one morning to see the fantastic sunrises!

  • The best place i went to was...

    The best place i went to was bounty island its were they filmed the advert.I went with the tour operater i went cost's about £70 pound that is with a flight over the island, you then pick up a boat that takes you there, you moor up in the middle of the sea the water is so shallow that you can get off the boat and stand up and have a drink...

  • A children's smile

    The Dominican people are very friendly and welcoming. If you stay in one of the all inclusive resorts you must take the chance to visite the country and get in touch with its people. Especially go up the country and don't stay in the most touristic spots!

  • Small towns

    La Vega, would have to be one place to experience dominican culture. The People, Carnival, wonderfull beaches.

  • Samaná

    View from Cayacoa Beach Hotel in Santa Bárbara de Samaná. At the hotel I stayed a weekend during my stay on the island in 1995. For one week-end we went to Samana by car. The ride from Santo Domingo took a few hours. The country side was amazing. Arriving on the peninsula we went up a hill (sorry don't know any more were excatly) but from up there...

  • A market at the Haiti Border

    On the way to Lago Enriquillo we stopped at the Haitian Border where a market took place. I can't really remember what to buy, cause it is quite some time ago. Its was in 1995. Also I didn't buy anything ... well, it was quite interesting to see!Sorry but I have no idea if these markets still exist ...

  • A Dominican christmas tree

    ... a little bit different from a German one. But you also find other one and the christmas staff is quite similar to the staff you could find in Germany. I got the impression that the American influence on christmas decoration was quite high .... A christmas without snow and low temperatures? Yes, I would prefer it ...

  • Election campaigns

    In December 1995 I saw several election campaigns for the election of the new goverment. It seamed to me that the party with the best meregue music has the best chance of being elected!

  • School is over

    When school is over the El Conde was packed with kids dressed in their light blue and beige colour school dress. I think it was the school uniform of the public schools ...

  • Car for sale

    I was really surprised when I saw that this car was for sale. Coming from Germany where we have a Technical Inspection Authority (TUEV) for cars ... and where you can get a ticket if you car hasn't a valid TUEV badge ...This car definately wouldn't get the German TUEV badge! :-)

  • Drinks

    You just can not leave Dominican Republic without trying the most popular drinks: CUBA LIBRE, COCO LOCO, PINA COLADA, BANANA MAMA and more...

  • Lago Enriquillo

    The salt lake is the driest region of the Island. The lake is 40 m under the sea level. Landscape is quite different than in the rest of the island, lots of cactus ...

  • Cibao Valley

    Visit the Cibao Valley. The country side is breath taking and a good change to the beaches. During my stay in 1995 I spent several days in La Vega visiting a friend. One Sunday afternoon we spent in a Sporting Club with a pool (don't remember the name any more, it was near La Vega somewhere in the hills). From up there one had an outstanding view...

  • Lago Enriquillo - 2

    On your way to the sea you can notice how the country side changes. This is in a little village through which we passed by. The wooden colorful houses are very typical. It was on a Sunday at round about lunch time and nobody was in the steets ...

  • Venta Club " Marsa Alam " beach

    ENJOY here your vacation relaxing under the sun, laying down on the beach and watching in front of you the wonderful RED SEA.....obviously with a cool cocktail!!!

  • " The amazing Abu Simbel's temple "

    Obviously, AFTER you'll dive with me or AFTER I' ll give you the best Scuba certification, don't miss these sites...don't forget Egypt is the cradle of hystory!!! ( Am I a poet?? ah! ah! ah! )Luxor and Karnak: amazing temples dedicated to God Sun Amon-Ra (...that's why the sun here is always shining...ah! ah! ) the Valley of the Kings, with Ramses...

  • *Giggle*

    Aside from the glorious beach, my fondest memory was of one of the vendors. He greeted me, shook my hand, looked me up and down very carefully from head to toe, and then said in a puzzled voice, "You are very white!". ;-) What can I say? He's right! I practically disappeared into the white sand!Also, while it really sucked having to do homework...


    OK.Some general information about the Dom. Rep.:*You drive in the right side of the road, just like in the states, but the left lane is not only used by fast or passing vehicles, it's just another lane to drive on, in the highways expect to see vehicles (sometimes Trucks and Semis) drive into the adjacent traffic lane to pass other vehicles on...


    MMMMMMMM,The Best ice-cream hands down in the Dom. Rep., at least the last time I had a taste of it, was Helados Bon "Bon's Ice-Cream", things tend to change, some for the better others for the worst. I used to love an ice-cream made entirely with natural ingredients by a couple that had moved to Santiago from Italy, and set up an ice-cream shop...


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