Dominican Republic Off The Beaten Path

  • Off The Beaten Path
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  • KATI - Massage on beach near Sirenis Punta Cana
    KATI - Massage on beach near Sirenis...
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  • Gift Shop - BONGO TAINO near Sirenis Punta Cana
    Gift Shop - BONGO TAINO near Sirenis...
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Dominican Republic Off The Beaten Path

  • Los Tres Ojos - The 3 Eyes National Park

    Santo Domingo Off The Beaten Path

    Los Tres Ojos are 3 lagoons inside 3 caves, and then there's a fourth eye, an "open lagoon", that's not considered an "eye". All of them are fed by a subterranean river. The taíno people, the islands first habitants, used these caves for religious ceremonies. At the beginning all 3 caves were one but an earthquake made them in the shape they are...

  • Zona Colonial - Old Town

    Santo Domingo Off The Beaten Path

    Puerta de la Misericordia is usually not on the standard tourist retinue because it is a bit out of the way, but it still an interesting part of the city's history. The western-most gate in the city's defences, it stands beside the ruins of the San Gil Fort. The Puerta gets its name from the fact that, after a massive earthquake in 1842, a group of...

  • Jardín Botánico - Botanical Garden

    Santo Domingo Off The Beaten Path

    The Jardin Botanico, located in Santo Domingo, is a wonderful place for nature/bird lovers, families, joggers, couples, and just about anyone else to spend a morning or afternoon. The well-maintained park has a main road the loops around the entire garden, allowing you to see all parts easily. The Japanese garden is lovely and meticuously...

  • Marina Puerto Blanco

    The Marina Puerto Blanco is a where the cruising sailors go for all of their needs, including a restaurant , bar and social activities. As refugees from the Luperon Beach resort, it was a great alternative for food, drink, exploring and socializing.The bar/restaurant is open walled and airy. The people working there were friendly and they served...

  • Luperone Yacht Club

    We were fortunate to find this lovely refuge, a fifteen minute walk from the Luperon Beach Resort, and a much better option for eating, drinking and ambiance. It is nestled on the side of a hill in the woods, overlooking Puerto Blanco. We came across it with the help of a couple of English sailors who were exploring the area on foot, as they had...

  • porto plata

    this was secont trip to dominican was punta cana last year this year north coast porto platathis is foto of mountain neear porto plata airport

  • Ziplining in Domincan Republic

    This was a first time experience for my husband and I. We LOVED it. It was very safe & easy. It was well worth the long trip. Beware of some bumpy roads on the way there, but again... worth it.

  • Visit a coffee factory

    If you see a place like this one in Jarabacoa or anywhere else in the DR, at least wonder in and ask a question or two. Rather then an official packaged type of tour, we spent the better part of an afternoon with the octogenarian owner learning more about the region and the coffee business then we could have reading a thousand guide books.Later one...

  • Cross the country by bus

    If you speak Spanish (good basis), it's cheap and easy to cross the country by bus. We didn't use the town bus, but the bigger ones that go from a city to another. We went from Santo Domingo to Varadero, it was quite intertesting to be the only "strangers". That's an experience we'll remember. Dominicans were really nice people.

  • Samaná

    I consider Samaná to be an off the beaten path destination because of the few hotels that can be found there. The tourist activity peaks during the whale season but Samaná has more than that to offer:- unspoiled beaches at Las Terrenas, Las Galeras and Samaná city- excursions to one of the hidden gems in DR: El limón Waterfall- day trips to Cayo...

  • Go on horseback riding...

    Take a horseback riding excursion!!!I was the only one in our group who wanted to join the excursion and I was a bit scared to go alone as I hadn't been riding in many years...but the group I went there with was lovely...I met one family from Netherlands and we became good friends, still keeping in was so nice to ride on the...

  • The South West coast/region: overview

    The SW coast/region is the least exploited part of the country although it offers a lot when it comes to ecotourism and really unspoiled beaches. Because of this, it might be difficult to find good (or decent) accommodations other than in the Barahona province.This zone is better to go to if with a tour or with someone who can communicate in...

  • Motorcycle rental

    From my experience, it is safe to rent a motorcycle (mostly 175 to 500 ccm Enduro) from one of the local rental places. Make sure they are a serious place - they'll want either a copy of your driver's license or/and your passport. Make sure there's enough oil and the fuel display is working correctly. Then take a trip along the north coast from...

  • The unprotected beach

    Walk down the beach from the Allegro and you come to a sign that reads "u r leaving the protected beach..." Just look for the bent palm tree. There are a few locals that are selling homemade products like jewerly and art. We bought a few things. I got a turtle that was made from an ivory-like substance. A little further down u come to almost a...

  • Find your own beach in the Dominican...

    Even though not usually recommended, I rented a car in Dominican Republic. It is a very good way to see something unusual and several places during your holiday. But please take care if renting a car and driving in Dominican - you cannot be 100% sure of the insurance rules, the roads are somewhere in lousy condition (holes, even half can be...

  • Puerta Plata city and port

    This may seem a strange place for a Puerta Plata tip with it being the center of much of the tourism to the Dominican Republic. But it this case, I mean to refer primarily to the actual port that is probably rarely seen now that it is not visited by cruise boats. Even if one makes an excursion from your resort to the city you are unlikely to see...

  • Coffee

    This family, as many others, also grows their own coffee. When coffee beans are mature they put them into to oven to toast it and later grate. The Dominican way of making coffee is: they boil water and put the coffee inside a fabric bag with a stick. They pour the water over the bag and they roll the stick until it presses the coffee. They repeat...

  • Sugar cane and rum

    The sugar cane is used to produce rum, the Dominican Republic's typical drink. Everywhere you go you will find rum, plain or mixed with something. When we visited one of the plantations, the driver took us through the plantation showing worker's way of living. Then we visited the harvest and the warehouse and were, obviously, welcomed with rum...

  • 28 Waterfalls

    One of the best things we did there - There is a place near Puerto Plata called 23 waterfall (in spanish of course). It is so much fun, you hike, swim, climb up 7 waterfalls with a guide. (They provide cheap shoes, vests, and helmuts all of which you need) It was a great experience. My only complaint is the tour of the waterfalls first included a...

  • The South

    The trip to the South was a truely memorable experience. We had rented a car from Santiago and gone to Santo Domingo. After a couple of days we took the road to the West, in order to go to Enriquillo Lake. This part of the coutry is much drier, there are no resorts or big industries, so it's considerably poorer than the other parts. That's where...

  • Laguna Gri-Gri

    The lagoon is small and has a prolongued river-like shape. When the water level is low you can see the roots of the trees. Shaded by those trees with weird roots and with a lot of birds flying or hiding, this lagoon is a strange fairy-tale place. It's like entering a darker, older world. And then, after the short boat trip you emerge into the open...

  • Cow & Palms

    No, these aren't Milka cows in the Alps, those are cute Dominican ones hiding in a coconut plantation on Samana penninsula. For more cute faces, check out the travelogue on my Samana pages. Moo

  • The cocoa

    Cocoa "fruit" grows from the trees. In this photo you can see that they grow in a different way, .. .well, I found it different since I had never seen any of these trees where fruits grow in the log. When fruit is mature, they catch it and then a treatment they make some balls of cocoa and store it that way. When they want to use it (to make...

  • The drivers' family

    We soon discovered that the house that we were visiting was the driver's house. He introduced us to his nice family - wife and kids - and showed us around. We had a nice explanation about local fruits grown at their house - papaya, mango, and banana - and where given some to eat. Fabulous, tasty fruit! We were also shown how they "manually"...

  • Traditional houses in the inner island

    While visiting the inner island, we were shown a typical house. Houses are somewhat apart from each other, and made of wood, some of them being very colourful. Usually houses consist of a living-room connected to the kitchen, and one or two bedrooms. Not too big, but all the family fits there and seems to be happy. Around the house you may find a...

  • The sugar cane harvest

    The sugar cane grows in these farms, and occupies huge extensions of land: sometimes it looks like reaching the horizon, as everywhere you look you see sugar cane.When sugar cane grows, men cut the cane with a proper instrument, a kind of blade, and put it in a "carriage" that is pulled by some kind of cow or ox. When "carriage" is full, the animal...

  • Sugar cane plantations

    One major economic activity in the inner island is the sugar cane plantations. You can see huge plantations (farms) where the green sugar cane fields extend for kilometres and kilometres. The owners of these farms have installations for their workers, mainly Haitians. Haitian men come to Dominican Republic in search of work and bring wife and...

  • Natural Beauty

    Getting away from the resort will expose you to the natural beauty of this country with it's lush green landscape.

  • If you are feeling giving, school...

    Children in Dominican Republic need basic school supplies. If you come here and want to: bring suitcase of pencils, paper, chalk, chalkboards, maual pencil sharpeners and the most basic school things.They truly need and appreciate them!Baseballs and gloves fun things too.Then you have empty bag to bring souvenirs home!

  • The Capital City

    a GREAT! nightlife and some intresting places you should see... like the Old Santo Domingo, Museums and go to "Mercado Modelo" to buy great souvenirs, typical desserts and typical jewlery.

  • Go to the center of the...

    Go to the center of the country and visit La Vega. In La Vega you will find high mountains, and an important one named Contanza. It is a beautiful mountainside, just like springtime scenery. It does get a bit chilly in the winter (*amazingly), but it is a great place to visit. I miss the mountain views just like this one here. It is the only part...

  • The Dominican 'White House'

    This building is what the White House is for the U.S. It is the place where the president stays and works for the most part. They recently gave it a paint job. It looks like a very pastel pinkish type of color now.As of August 16, 2004 the newly elected President Leonel Fernandez has taken its position and hopefully can reverse the damage that...

  • Take Gifts for the Kids

    The boys love baseball and baseball cards and underwear is greatly needed (and appreciated). The girls love little dolls. I just stopped by a school to visit and they sang for me and read stories also, and were so proud to tell me their story!


    High in the Cordillera Central above Bonao are a system of surprisingly picturesque reservoir dams. The turqouise waters, pristine valleys, and fantastic views make for a great hike and picnic destination.You can really feel the altitude. Fresh air, pine trees and vultures wheeling around. On the road between the dams there is a giant waterdall...


    The mountain village of Rio Blanco, about 20 miles west of Bonao, has breathtaking panoramas of the Cordillera Central. This remote area has a lovely antiquated ambience with roaming pigs, open fire stoves, and men tilling the land with machetes. The only visitors to the area are engineers to the nearby dams and ranks of the Dominican bourgeoisie,...

  • Heart Thumpin Trek to Secret Waterfall

    The Mountains that surround Bonao are so untouched that God himself forget where he put them.Charco Bonito is an enchanting, TV advert quality waterfall buried deep in forested valleys behind Los Quemados. To reach it you must take a strenuous 2 hour trail that involves wading across the Rio Yuna and hiking through steep thick jungle. It is simpy...

  • Meeting the poorest of the poor

    Since we were in the DR for a Church trip, to learn about poverty and injustice in the Third World, we visited some communities where the poorest of the poor live. Bateys are small communities where the sugar cane farmers live with their families. They live in shacks that a breeze could knock over, and the living conditions are very uncomfortable...

  • Off The Beaten Path- What This Country...

    I want to share with you why I love this place. Take a minute and check out the web site link.It is to a Dom. gallery that tells you the story in pictures.If you don't have time, Click Here for a quicky preview:photoI have helped a lot of people find the beauty of the "campo" is a great trip report from one of them...I know you...

  • Mercado en La Romana

    La Romana was a 2 hour drive from Punta Cana.Do visit the street market in La Romana, buy some fresh fruits and if any children follow you buy them a drink when you stop to get yours, because you will need it! (tip: make it a coca-cola for the kids).Don`t be suprised to see beef and poultrey hanging from hooks in the stalls, completely covered with...

  • New hair-do - that's it!

    You may meet local inhabitants (especially at the beaches) who will offer you "new hair-do" - pigtails with the colour beads at the end.You can choose from many colours of beads they offer. Of course you don't have to change completely your head - you can just "order" a few pigtails...It looks really nice. And what interesting - daily hygiene (I...

  • this is off the beaten path, cause...

    Venta Club " Marsa Alam " organize, with just an hour by air ( that's why is off the beaten path in Hurghada for me!! ), the excursion to Cairo: Giza, Cheope, Chefren pyramids, the Sfinx.....what emotion I had watching the HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!!Saqqara with Pharaoh Zoser' s temple, Menfi with enormous Pharaoh Ramses's statue!!!Don't miss these...


    OKThese dirts roads announce that you're about to enter a path seldom traveled by tourists if ever, when you want to experience and see the real Dom. Rep. and not the canned tourism vacation, hit these trails, no matter where they take you, you're bound to feel the ease and depth of the local culture and the most beautiful sceneries your eyes ever...

  • Visit the Brugal farm, then the factory!

    We visited the factory where Brugal rum is made and, of course, has all the free rum we could handle. Not too shabby. Later we visited the ranch where the sugar cane is grown. The Bull in the picture is a champion bull owned by the Brugal company, it's worth $50,000!!! So I was very gentle with it.

  • Snorkle with the sharks and stingrays

    We took a great excersion from our resort. We went snorkling with nurse sharks and sting rays. They take you out to a reef area and you can see some great underwater creatures.. A must for first time visitors. Includes a boat ride down the Punta Cana costline.

  • This little shops are common...

    This little shops are common in the Dominican, you can buy fruit, fish and meat like this. Dont forget to wash the fruit...if you buy any.....And dont drink the tapwater, buy bottles.


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