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    GPS El Salvador
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  • Apaneca bus stop, to Sonsonate.
    Apaneca bus stop, to Sonsonate.
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El Salvador Transportation

  • Four Legs are Better Than Two?

    I mounted a horse twice during the time I spent in El Salvador, and both times someone ended up on the ground. The first time, my friend Natalie (pictured here) ended up with a little bump on her head after she and her friend Marilyn both somehow fell off a horse that was walking at a snail’s pace. The second time was much more consequential.I’d...

  • Where There is No Border Crossing

    Nowadays, there’s a nice little bridge over the Río El Sumpúl that connects the village of Petapa (in the municipality of El Carrizal, department of Chalatenango) to the Honduran community of Olosingo on the other side of the river. Before 2008, however, there were only two ways to travel between these two communities: (1) walk across the hanging...

  • Travel Could Be Worse

    Unfortunately but understandably, departures to many smaller, out-of-the-way communities are much less frequent than inter-city traffic, and they are often scheduled at times that prohibit making day-trips to certain destinations (since the purpose of these routes is to get the locals to the nearest government/commercial center so they can go about...

  • From Santa Ana to Copán Ruínas...

    To go from Santa Ana to Copán Ruínas in Honduras the quickest way is to go through Guatemala and if you are using public transportation it will include changes between several buses. In the morning I went to the corner of Avenida F Moraga Sur and 13a Calle Pte in Santa Ana and there I waited 10 minutes for the next bus to Metapán. The ticket was...

  • Traveling around El Salvador...

    Traveling around El Salvador is easy. Don't forget that you are in Central America and that El Salvador is recovering from 12 years of civil war and a major earthquake last year so don't expect German highways. The airport is located about 45 min away from San Salvador, about 20 minutes from the Costa del Sol resort and 6 minutes away from the...

  • Going around with bus

    All except one of the buses that I took in El Salvador were old colourfully repainted American school buses. They are often referred to as chicken buses , and actually once a woman did bring aboard a chicken under her arm.On every bus ride I could have my backpack with me by my legs. That’s better than to have it with the other luggage in the back,...

  • GPS in El Salvador

    El Salvador now counts with it's own GPS navigation system (just like "Never Lost") It's very complete, with almost any imaginable point of interest and all roads, from main highways to the smallest dirt road you can find. The name of the device is QFind and you can find it in it's web page: http://www.elsalvadorgps.com

  • Local Bus

    Well I visited El Salvador in November 28 2008. Visited relatives, in San salvador and San Miguel, and attended th 50th anniversary of th Carnaval de San Miguel. Left on the last (so called) special bus from Terminal de Oriente , its a more modern bus than the conventional buses , no restroom though and it only cost like 2 or 3.00 p.p, not bad for...

  • Catch that Pickup Truck

    getting around by pick-up truck is not uncommon throughout central america especially in smaller places.

  • Pullmantur Bus

    When doing the Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras loop, I would seriously consider using the Pullmantur bus lines. This is a professional run and accommodating outfit. They offer two classes on their double-decker buses; Premiere and Executive. Premiere class is topside in unreserved but spacious leather seats. See the country from uptop and with a...

  • Hire a driver

    We found the best way to get around was with a car and driver. The roads are pretty good but there are no directons and signs are scarce! It's a much better option , than driving yourself, unless you know the area.

  • Taca Air

    Taca air was great . They have what looked to be new planes and the service is top notch . No delays and they send an email with your intinery a couple of days before you leave. Would definitley use them again.

  • El Salvador Airport

    The airport is quite modern with some duty free shops and a few places to eat . They even have a Subway restaurant. We were surprised at the umber of dogs they had checking people . We counted 6 in the room at once! Going through customs you press a button . If you get red light you get checked!!There were only a few taxis waiting out front and...

  • Heading South?

    Many people who are heading south from El Salvador to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, or beyond commit themselves to making the journey locked up inside the long blue tablet that is the Tica Bus. That’s undoubtedly the fastest option, but not necessarily the most enjoyable. You won’t necessarily save much money taking local buses – traveling in early 2006,...

  • When All Else Fails

    If no other option presents itself, the best transportation is a sturdy, comfortable pair of shoes – start walking and then, if you’re lucky, the “RUY” you were waiting for will catch up with you sooner or later, since hitch-hiking is quite common in El Salvador. In addition to the omnipresent pick-ups, which I used often, I also managed to hitch...

  • Quiere un ride en un pick-up?

    Look in your English-Spanish dictionary, and you’ll probably find that a “pick-up truck” should be called a “camioneta,” and that a “ride” (as in, “can you give me a ride to Chalatenango?”) is either an “aventón” or a “jalón.” Throw your English-Spanish dictionary in the garbage! In Salvadoran Spanish, a ride is a ride, and a pick-up is a pick-up....

  • Where There Is No Bus

    A popular book that gives practical medical advice for Peace Corps types and other people who expect to spend large amounts of time in remote underdeveloped areas is titled _Where There Is No Doctor_. Similarly, it’s good to know what to do when there is no bus. In some places, other vehicles – such as this flat bed truck loading passengers for a...

  • Wait for the Bus; It Will Come Along...

    Chances are, if you’re traveling through El Salvador on a budget, you’ll get to know the country’s ubiquitous bus system. Frequent departures to most relatively important destinations and dirt-cheap fares do a decent job of making up for how crowded, hot, and uncomfortable many bus trips can be. Robberies and assaults on buses aren’t unheard of,...


    Buses are the number one way to get around. If one dresses modest and doesn't act over exhubarant there is no danger. In a country were the police run contrabands and fake taxis tourists should ride aboard the many caravans of buses. Think about it...They're picturesque, they're only a quarters or so, you get where you need to be mega fast and you...

  • San Salvador -> Honduras

    August 2004I saw that Hedman Alas began new service between San Salvador and San Pedro Sula (via Copan) Honduras. I decided to try them out for a trip from Salv to Copan. I arrived at their private bus terminal at 5:30. I was the sole passenger that day. It was weird having a huge bus all to myself.We drove past Santa Ana and crossed into Guatemala...

  • Coming by bus from guatemala

    There are only 230 kms aprox. between guatemala city and san salvador city, the closers capitals in central america.By bus it takes only 4 hours, including the fast border customs.i did it by Las Chinamas, a tiny place and a remote bordervery cheap prices, about 8 USD by King Quality buses, and 9USD by Ticabus. If you drive, locals say it is unsafe...

  • El Salvador National Airport

    El Salvador has essentially one airport which is located about 45 miles south of San Salvador, the capital. When going to El Salvador, the US FAA recommends that you fly on only planes that depart from the US.

  • Any major US airline has...

    Any major US airline has direct flights to El Salvador from major US cities(NYC, Miami, Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, New Orleans, etc) There is also the local Grupo TACA, good option if travelling within Central America, they fly out of the same major US cities and also from Toronto and Montreal, Canada. El Salvador...

  • El Salvador International...

    El Salvador International Airport is a hub for air travel in Central America, by far the most modern and convenient airport in the region. Many North American and some European airlines have service to San Salvador, however the most convenient is the Taca Group, flying from major North American Cities and from Latin America. The picture comes from...

  • The best way is to drive or...

    The best way is to drive or take the train or bus!! I am serious! I have done all three. The train trip through Mexico was a once in a lifetime experience. I also love going on long distance buses in Latin America-- Cheap and meet great friends. But, unfortunately, with time constraints, work etc, we mostly end up flying. TACA is a very good...

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