El Salvador Warnings and Dangers

  • Crowds in the downtown area
    Crowds in the downtown area
    by mikey_e
  • Shoppers and the vendors
    Shoppers and the vendors
    by mikey_e
  • More vendors, blocking the main thoroughfare
    More vendors, blocking the main...
    by mikey_e

El Salvador Warnings and Dangers

  • murder

    On 1/09/2014 my step father was murdered in front of my mother shot in the head for his gold chain. Please becareful he did not deserve this. I am of salvadorean decent . The crime is real you might get lucky but you never know. My parents would go to el salvador 2x a year.. becareful

  • El Salvador,

    El Salvador is a dangerous country. It also depends of the places you visit. You have to take some extra considerations on your security, like not brag about your stuff and avoid showing off your jewlery. Some other comments posted here are totally out of place. Like the girl that says she got sick because of "El Salvador ruined water" and went...

  • theft on the beach

    watch out my friends. . . me and my friends were on the beach in oasis de tasajeraenjoying the sun and the water. we left our stuff a few meters away from the water.when we came back to dry ourselves my little black bag was gone. gone was mynikon camera, my cellphone and ipod. luckily, they left my passport and wallet.all cash were gone too but...

  • Unfortunately there are young...

    Unfortunately there are young men who belong to gangs and they are sometimes dangerous so it is not a good idea to wear jewelry when you come to visit my country, you can recognise them because the are tattooed with the number 13 or 18, I also recommend not to have much cash you´d better not forget your diner or visa card.I sometimes buy something...

  • Avoid the war and behave as normal

    Fear not El Salvador is not as bad as people make out it to be. Sure San Salvador can be dangerous as can any Latin American city. but during my time there I found the people to be extremely friendly and welcoming. Don't mention politics; the history of US sponsored repression (el mozote etc) is still quite fresh in people's minds and had brutal...

  • Caution Salvadorean water

    Dont drink their water!!!!!!! You will get so sick, that you wont be able to stop the diahrrea, vomiting, chills, fever and constant farting no matter what you do. As soon as I did when I got to the states is went straight to the doctors. Well actually take a shower and then went to the doctors.Yes, its that bad!

  • Stray Dogs in Rural Villages

    In my visit to El Salvador's villages and rural communities I came across many stray dogs wandering the streets. None of them was aggressive or bothered me indeed, but many of them looked quite unhealthy. Be careful.

  • Don’t Come Looking for Nature

    This mural warns that “when the last fish has been fished; when the last river has been sucked dry; when the last tree has been cut; then you will understand.” It is very unfortunate that this mural no longer exists, itself a victim of “progress” and the construction of a larger house, because El Salvador desperately needs to heed its message. The...

  • The Famous “Suicide Shower”

    If the contraption pictured above doesn’t look familiar, then you certainly haven’t spent much (if any) time traveling through Latin America on the cheap. This tip is for you. With a few exceptions (like the top of the line hotels in the capital), “hot water” does not mean the same thing in El Salvador as it does in the “developed” world. If you...

  • Caution: Flying Cups of Urine (Part 2)

    “After that initial humiliation, we sat down in the rain and DARK. Yes dark, because the stadium's lighting was not fully functioning. Just minutes before the Canadian referee assigned to the match was going to abandon it for darkness, God (or at least some electrician) said, "let there be light," and all was well. All except for the cold rain that...

  • Caution: Flying Cups of Urine (Part 1)

    Generally speaking, Salvadoran fútbol fans are a peaceful, fun-loving bunch who arrive at the stadium to cheer on the local team, jeer the refs, and enjoy what is for many of them the only day in the week when they don’t have to work (like this group of my La Laguna friends and neighbors who made the trip to San Salvador to watch C. D. Chalatenango...

  • Language

    There was very little if any English spoken here. The tourism infrastructor is not in place so you have to fend for yourself. A language dictionary was a big help.

  • Theft

    Youcan't take the warnings lightly to watch your money and cameras in crowded El Salvador streets. I couldn't believe how blatantly we were being followed by a young guy, who had his eye on our camera, in the market of Zacateculuca. We were with a guide who told him to get lost and he still turned up on every corner trying to catch us off gaurd I...

  • Buses

    We saw the local buses that are used to get around the country and they looked pretty bad. They are so overcrowded. Basically they fill them untl they can't get anyone else on. They stop everywhere so it will take three times as long to get there, Plus they are a haven for robberies!

  • Not as bad as you have heard

    The first time I travelled to El Salvador to see family, a lady I know who is from there told me HORRIFIC stories of robbery, theft, carjackings, fake road blocks, airline problems, etc. I almost cancelled my trip I was so scared. I thought "Why the heck would anyone go to this dangerous pit of the earth?" Turns out she had not been back home in...

  • Safety

    I've never seen so many weaons than in El Salvador! Even a bakery is protected by a big ried gun! The civil war might be over, the're still thing hapening in El Salvador, not always that nice! Wathever you do watch out!Especialy if you're an American. They don't like gringos much because of their involvement in the civil war where the US suported...

  • Gays are not that welcome in El Salvador

    This picture was token in the main bus station in the capital, San Salvador. Just to say that people are still very concervative against things such as gays. So if you are, just keep it for yourself, that's the best advice I can give you! If you don't you might get in serious trouble!

  • Crossing the border with car

    We were not allowed to go into El Salvadore at the border close to Monterrico, Guatemala, with our Mexican rental car. It took 5 hours and over 12 different counters at the customs to find out that they did not allow us to enter with the car. Some Americans who brought their own car had been there for two whole days before they were allowed to...

  • Airport Danger

    El Salvador's main airport lies near the Pacific, well outside the city of San Salvador. While I was there, crime was burgeoning in the area just outside the airport grounds. We had a police escort from the airport to San Miguel, but I was told that it is not unheard of for tourists and others to get run off the road once outside the airport and...

  • When travelling to El Salvador...

    When travelling to El Salvador let your common sense be your guide. Salvadoreans are friendly people that warm up to foreigners with ease and will be helpful if you ask them for tips. Don't forget that El Salvador went through 12 years of civil war and is only begining to readapt, so don't be surprised if you see armed security in bank offices,...

  • You must know if you go to El...

    You must know if you go to El Salvador, you should never wear any type of jewelry its dangerous, there is always someone that likes to take it from you. Also never travel by yourself specially if you are going from town to town. Please don't carry jewelry.

  • Yeahh!! Make sure you wear...

    Yeahh!! Make sure you wear your seat belt. If you don't have one...... hold on!!!!!!!. There are a lot of crazy taxi and bus drivers. If your renting a car be careful of pedestrians they don't fear cars and trucks missing them by centimeters. The civil war between 1980-1992 made them fearless of many things. No jewelry, nothing expensive. In your...

  • Watch the streets! There...

    Watch the streets! There aren't strict raod rules here. Some people can't wear seatbelts and the buses are big and go faster than they should.

  • The seafood in El Salvador is...

    The seafood in El Salvador is great, but you do have to take care if your system is not used to it. They eat a lot of ceviche (raw fished 'cooked' in lime), and raw shellfish. This is a picture from a seaside restaurant (La Dulce Vita) in La Libertad, only about 45 minutes from San Salvador.

  • This is the big issue everyone...

    This is the big issue everyone worries about here. It is always difficult to guage the dangers. But I can say that in many trips to El Salvador with my family we have never had a single problem, and I love walking around San Salvador. I have done so for years in all parts of the city. On my walks I take about $20, a cheap watch, a photocopy of my...

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El Salvador Warnings and Dangers

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