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  • From the outside -- walking through the mall
    From the outside -- walking through the...
    by bekssa
  • Their menu
    Their menu
    by bekssa
  • A bunch of interesting fruit!
    A bunch of interesting fruit!
    by bekssa

Most Viewed Restaurants in Grenada

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    Celine's Fruity Palace: Smoothie Adventures

    by bekssa Written Mar 30, 2014

    This was so much fun. I wish I had enough appetite and was there long enough to try every single one of their smoothies. I've tasted Guava, Passion Fruit, Mango and Paw Paw (Papaya) and other fruits like that BUT I've never had a smoothie made from them. I'd never even tasted Sour Sop, Five Fingers, Sorrel, Tambran or Sea Moss!!! So, I finally chose Sour Sop and it was really, really good. I'll bet they are almost all good. And so cheap--mine was only $3!!

    This place has baskets of fresh fruit. And when you make your choice, they pull that fruit, peel it or whatever and turn it into a smoothie. So there was no quick tastes of anything--each smoothie was made from scratch. Do not miss this!!! And please report back on any other flavors that you try. I'm serious, if I lived there--I'd have been in there daily until I tasted them all.

    From the outside -- walking through the mall Their menu A bunch of interesting fruit! Very happy customer

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    by DAO Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Marvelous Marvas is an institution in Grenada. Its famous for its chicken rotis (roti is a traditional Indian bread) and affordable prices. It certainly was busy when I took these pictures. They have a wide variety of Caribbean dishes including Oildown, Fried Fish, Cornmeal pone, Baked Chicken Surprise, Rice & Peas, Fish cake and deserts like Coconut tarts.

    You can wash this down with Mauby Juice or Ginger punch. If you want something a bit stronger just go to the bar in the back for an ice cold Carib beer.

    By the way I have no idea what some of the food items above actually are! Enjoy finding out.

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    Aquarium: Better in the day?

    by dbeatty Updated Apr 4, 2011

    At night you cannot see the beautiful beach, so I think it probably would be nicer here in the day. I thought there was supposed to some stained glass entry but I didn't see it. We entered from the parking lot. Good ambiance here, right on the beach. Good service. This place had more people in it than the True Blue, but I didn't like it as much. I had the corn crusted fish (Mahi Mahi) and it was very dry (the cat seemed to like it though). My husband had the veal rib eye which liked.

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    Pharmacy in the Esplanade Mall: Nutmeg Ice Cream!

    by bekssa Written Jan 28, 2011

    The ambience? Forget it! Just find the pharmacy and go to the ice cream counter there and get some nutmeg ice cream.

    Favorite Dish: I think I'll be mixing nutmeg into my vanilla ice cream at home from now on. Delightful! Who knew?

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    Tropicana Inn Restaurant: Breakfast

    by nsbm Written Jan 6, 2009

    Located @ the lagoon in Grande Anse the terrace restaurant has a pleasant water view and a tasty brakfast menu from 0700. We had salted fish mix with fried bake (fluffy flour flatbread) with nutmeg condiments. I also had nice french toast hehe...Of course local fare with nutmeg and international eats are available at okay prices, which are the norm for Grenada. Hearty meal cups of tea a bit small though.

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    Cafe on the Carenage: A nice place to sit

    by iwys Updated May 30, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The cafe on the Carenage has the best location on the island. You can sit at one of the tables outside and have a perfect view of the harbour.

    The menu is fairly simple: baguettes, croissants, pastries, ice cream and fresh fruit juice. They also serve sangria.

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    Morne Fendue Plantation House: Ronald Reagan ate here

    by iwys Updated May 30, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Morne Fendue Plantation House is a guest house and restaurant. They serve very traditional, home-cooked, Grenadian food, in what used to be the owner's dining room.

    Ronald Reagan ate here, when he made his one-day visit to Grenada, following the American invasion

    It's a charming place and there's a beautiful garden to walk around after you've eaten.

    The set lunch costs EC$45

    It's open for lunch daily 12.30-2pm. Dinner is only available if you book in advance.

    Favorite Dish: My favourite dishes were callalloo soup, spicy pork and yam and sweet potato casserole.

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    The TRUE Grenadian FOOD!

    by Caribbean_Gyrl Updated Mar 12, 2007

    Unfortunately i do not know the name of this establishment...but the FOOD is WICKED!!!! We came across this place whilst taking an island tour, all i remember is that this restaurant is in St patrick' the north point near to a cementary.

    Favorite Dish: Our Taxi driver Roy, treated us to a meal (i think its was he daughters restaurant). The food is to die for the seasoned fish (which tasted like meat) with rice and pea's ...also yummy, salad and lots more...i can't remember off the top of my head, but the service is great and good value for money if your looking for something delicious and local.

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    Sur la Mer restaurant: Don't miss the great view!

    by Henrik_rrb Written Jan 30, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Sul la Mer restaurant is the hotel restaurant of the GEM holiday beach resort. It's divided into three locals, where one is the bar, one is for breakfast, and one is for dinners.
    We had dinner here the evening we arrived, and was lucky enough to get there right in time before closing. 40 minutes later and we would have had to go to bed hungry.

    They have both a normal menu, but then also a special three-meal-menu, where most of us took the latter one. Started up really good with a nice starter (crepe), then pork as the second plate, followed by a huge plate of ice cream.

    And some very nice local beers, Carib, too of course! :)

    Good service, where we started in the bar (more or less right on the beach), and then was called into the restaurant after a while, where we had another beer, before we switched room again to the real restaurant where they had prepared our table.

    After we were done the boss came out and asked us about what we had thought, since they tried this menu for now, and wanted our opinions about it. Mostly very positive reviews I can say. Only negative thing was the the plates could have been a little bit bigger.
    But then we had been sitting on a flight for 16 hours, with only aeroplane food to eat. So no wonder we were hungry...

    Price was good, although I would definitely say there are cheaper restaurants in Grenada. But this is on the other side a resort, compared to a 4* hotel...

    Favorite Dish: The crepe was great, and so was the ice cream. Was just slightly disappointed (I need a less serious word here...) with the pork steak, but it went very well anyway.

    The best part of the evening, except for finally being in the Caribbean after such a long wait, was the first beers at the pub, sitting just 10 meters from the ocean, 0,5 meters from the beach. In just a t-shirt and jeans. Simply amazing for us swedes who were used to +-0, rain and wind...

    The bar to the left of the building, then the rest
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    Coconut Beach French Creole Restaurant: Dine on the beach

    by dbeatty Written Nov 6, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Passing through a local hangout for the younger group, our driver said they were "lime-in"!
    This restaurant has indoor and outdoor dining. The umbrella covered tables have bench seating and cute lanterns at the table rights on the beach. We decided to eat inside, which is open air.
    I finally tried some local dishes, Callaloo soup and Curried Lambie (conch). They were both good and filling, although the conch had some sand in it.
    I'd only tried conch fritters before and was expecting the Lambie to be a bit chewy but it was very tender and tasty.
    A nice place to eat with good service and a nice view of the beach/ocean.

    Favorite Dish: Try the Callaloo soup! It's green like spinach and very delicious.

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  • dbeatty's Profile Photo

    True Blue Bay Resort: Romantic Dining

    by dbeatty Updated Nov 6, 2005

    This restaurant served us a great meal, service and ambiance. We were the only patrons while we were there, making us feel we had rented the whole place!
    Situated on a seaside dock next to a marina, at night it is lit up with sparkling lights strung from the rafters and around the railings and good music fills the air.
    There is a popular bar "Stuart's" right next door which is very popular. It's more like a beach palapa with chairs and tables scattered about.
    This was our favorite restaurant.

    Favorite Dish: We had shrimp served in curry sauce and garlic cream sauce. Chocolate cake for dessert with nutmeg ice cream...all washed down with a bottle of South African Goiya 2004 Chardonnay. YUM-E.
    We ordered a bottle of this wine for the next three nights at each restaurant we were at. Very good.

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  • iwys's Profile Photo

    Rex Grenadian International Restaurant: Oil Down and Provision

    by iwys Updated Nov 28, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The International Restarant at the Rex Grenadian Hotel serves very good buffets, with plenty of variety. The first night, I ate Crabback, which is crab meat fried with cassava flour, mahi mahi fish fillet and pancake with nutmeg and ice cream. The second night, it was porkloin, grilled marlin and lime pie. The night after that, I ate mixed seafood and Provision, which is a local dish made from yam and sweet potato.

    If I go on any more, I'll just make us all feel hungry! Anyway, it was good.

    The staff are lovely people too.

    Wear your best clothes.

    Favorite Dish: I really liked trying the different local dishes, like pigeon pea and dumpling soup, conch chowder and Oil Down, which is a nutmeg, clove and pork casserole.

    International Restaurant
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    The Nutmeg Cafe: Good food and what a view

    by Dougy Written Oct 25, 2004

    The nutmeg cafe in St Georges had an amazing position overlooking the harbour. The best seats are right next to the window where you can get the cool breeze and watch the world go by. The cafe is open every day for breakfast and lunch and is also open some evenings. This is not a tourist only restaurant you will see lots of locals eating and drinking here.

    Favorite Dish: Try a roti, these are flat breads filled with either curried vegetables or meat. Also do not miss trying one of the rum punches.

    The nutmeg cafe Grenada

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  • LisaMJ's Profile Photo

    True Blue Bay Restaurant: Wonderful setting

    by LisaMJ Updated Sep 20, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The cuisine served here is Mexican/Intenational. The owners consist of an English guy and a Mexican lady.

    True Blue Bay restaurant is part of True Blue Bay Resort - a small hotel, but the restaurant on it's own is wonderful and well known.

    Rueben, their resident driver, will pick you up for free from your hotel.

    The hotel is approached down some steps, and set right on the waters edge. The floor is decked, and the perimeter is made up of pretty fretwork fencing, with fairy lights entwined throughout. The picutre is a little blurry but you get the idea.

    We went twice, and the second time was 'romance' night on a Saturday when they have a jazz playing keyboard artist.

    Favorite Dish: We went twice, and both times the food was great. Here is a small slection of their menu:


    Pumpkin Soup
    Callaloo Soup
    Samosas with fruit chutney


    Fajits, Burritos, tacos
    Steak - palin/peppercorn sauce
    Grilled or pan fried fish & various seafood
    Chicken (in their award winning Thai sauce)

    Desserts - Nutmeg cheescake (yum!)
    Berry pie
    Coconut mousse
    Kahula cream ice cake

    Good wine selection, and fantastic cocktail menu.

    Total for the 2 of us about $90-100 U$

    True Blue Bay restaurant

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  • LisaMJ's Profile Photo

    The Aquarium

    by LisaMJ Written Sep 15, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Aquarium is a gem!

    You approach down stone steps, into the bar area where we sat and received a complimentary drink while we waited for our pre booked table (Make sure you book!).

    There is an internal water feature, and split lvel wooden floors with large wooden pillars, undercover but with open sides onto the beach.

    We (sadly!) both had exactly the same meal, but it was delicious.

    We both started with the pumpkin soup which was laced with ginger.

    We then both had the filet mignon with brenaise sauce. The steak was cooked to perfection, with the freshest and most delicious bernaise sauce. It had a wonderful varied selection of vegetables: med vegetables in a tomato type sauce, coleslaw, boiled vegetables, all beautfully presented around the plate.

    No dessert that day as we were sunburnt and so not feeling our best!

    Favorite Dish: Steak with Bernaise sauce!

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