Île Saint-Barthélemy Travel Guide

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    I can see happiness from here....
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Île Saint-Barthélemy Things to Do

  • Anse de Grand Saline--nude beach

    My girl and I went here to see what naked experiences we could have in St Barts, and found this lovely beach, not many folks, about half naked half clothed. Really a spectacular beach, fine white sand surrounded by trees and cliffs. It's a little bit of a trek getting in, but well worth it. No food or water available so bring what you need with...

  • Gustavia

    Like the island as a whole, Gustavia is a pretty town from afar and, in some ways, even up close. Yachts rock gently on the harbors blue waters. The red-roofed buildings look natural hemmed in against the green hills. The streets are clean and relatively free of traffic. The cafes are full of people, and there is both a tranquility and buzz to...

  • Anse de Grande Saline

    Anse de Grande Saline, or Grand Saline Beach, is another of St. Barts’ most popular beaches. Even though there is a law forbidding nudity on St. Barts, many sunbathers at Grande Saline quickly strip down to their birthday suits upon arrival. The surf is usually calm and the beach is nice enough, making this a popular family spot as well. There are...

  • Shell Beach

    As the only beach within reasonable walking distance of Gustavia, Shell Beach is one of St. Barts’ most popular. The aptly named beach isn’t very big and isn’t particularly memorable, although there is good shell searching to be done for those interested. Tennis fans might want to visit this beach if for no other reason than Yannick Noah co-owns Do...

  • Baie de St. Jean

    Baie de St. Jean is perhaps St. Barts’ most popular beach. It is a hip strip of sand which those in the know say recalls the French Riviera. Unlike some of the other beaches, there are restaurants galore along St. Jean, which actually has two beaches that are divided by Eden Rock. The smaller beach is more sheltered and more popular with families...

  • Into paradise....

    St. Bart's is paradise for the global elite and one of their upcoming members is my dear friend. I am here by invitation. It is breathtaking. The serene waters, jutting green cliffs, and soft tan sands are gifts to those privileged. The sailboats are as aloof as their inhabitants and in the clean luxurious town, one can see every form of material...


Île Saint-Barthélemy Restaurants

  • Cheeseburger in Paradise

    For the Jimmy Buffet fans out there, this lil' local joint has become somewhat of a landmark as it is most famous for being the place where Buffet allegedly was inspired to write his famous song about....Cheeseburgers in Paradise!It's owned by the "unofficial" mayor of St. Barths and attracts both locals and visitors alike. We stumbled upon it as...

  • Pleasure to the Eyes and Mouth

    What was nice about traveling during the 'low season' is that you could pretty much walk into any of the renowned restaurants on the island without a reservation, and still manage to get a table.La Plage restaurant at the Tom Beach Hotel had a very cool atmosphere and the night we were there, the local band "Papagayo" performed. They were actually...

  • Be Cool......

    Nikki Beach is an institution. All of its international locations are placed strategically in some of the most luxurious jet-setting havens in the world: St. Tropez, Marbella, Marrakesh, Miami.....They're known for their luxuriously hip decor and sophistication. They say the Nikki Beach in St. Barths happens to be one of the smallest, most...

  • Still Cool.....

    Nikki Beach slightly shifts gears when the sun sets and what you experience during the day with the casual flip flops, and lounging on the bed turns into a bit more elegant atmosphere. In the evenings, you can still dine on the beach, but you're seated on a table and having dinner by candlelight with the waves quietly crashing beside you. They...

  • Beach Lunch

    Have you heard of the famous Nikki Beach?? Check out the website~there are five locations in the world~Marbella, St. Tropez, St. Barth, Puerto Vallarta and Miami Beach. Miami has the teepees on the beach. So cool! Here on St. Barth there were rows of beds on the beach. Okay, now about the food, haha. I had the amazing assortment of sushi rolls...

  • My Birthday Dinner!

    I remember the pool IN the restaurant. It is decorated in a Balinese style, and wooden Buddhas and paintings dominate the decor. It was my birthday the day we arrived, and I have a nice memory of dessert arriving with a blowtorch in it, with fireworks shooting up off of the chocolate tart it was in!

  • Funky Decor...with a Modeling Show

    This restaurant has a reputation of diners dancing on the tables. No, I am not kidding! Wait till you hear this: while you are having dinner, there is a modeling show going on around you. Yes, I am completely serious! The changing decor currently featured pink faux fur covered tables, silver streamers dangling from the ceiling, and walls painted...

  • Meeting New Friends!

    Well, guess what, after the foie gras, we went to have our actual dinner. Can you believe it? And I did not gain a pound on this trip~ I don't know how that was possible. We had seafood kebabs and grilled vegetable salad at this very hip restuarant. We were eating light, hahahha!!

  • Foie Gras

    Okay, get ready for this, all you goose liver lovers!! This restaurant had the most amazing foie gras. No, not pate, but actual sauteed goose liver, surrounded by soft peeled grapes. Did food ever bring tears to your eyes?? This will, it's so good!!

  • Lunch with a View!

    I realize I keep talking about the view in these food tips, but it is just so beautiful! This restaurant is just above Shell Beach, where sunbathers are stretched out right on top of the crushed shells. This is where the bed on the beach is in my intro picture. There was a photo shoot while we were having lunch, which I desperately tried to get...

  • Best Cote du Boeuf!

    Love the tapas here. in fact, you could come here just for drinks and tapas if you're not in the mood to have a full entree. You won't leave hungry, believe me. If, however, you are hungry, order the Cote du Boeuf . I don't know if I am describing it correctly, but it's like slices of prime rib. Be prepared~~you will be served a lot of beef!

  • Harborside Lunch

    Another beautiful setting, in the port with a view of the boats. This time I had the goat cheese salad, and it was amazing. They were 3 or 4 croquettes of almond crusted chunks of cheese over a bed of greens. I have to say it was the best goat cheese. Can you tell I like cheese??


Île Saint-Barthélemy Nightlife

  • Party on Le Yacht

    The night wasn't over after sweatin' it out at Le Ti St. Barths. We still had another stop to make----this time at the island hotspot, Le Yacht Club.After hanging out at Nikki Beach during the day, we made friends with one of the gals working there who also happened to work as a hostess at Le Yacht Club. Her name is Nellie and when I told her we...

  • A Very Sexy Time.......

    St. Barths has always been known as a fun-loving playground, but traveling during the low season, we weren't sure what kind of nightlife there would be on the island. A lot of the usual island hotpots close their businesses during the lull ....but we discovered that those that did remain open catered to the locals and no doubt knew how to pull off...

  • Late Night Disco

    If you are still up at about 3 AM, this is the place to go! This was our fourth stop, and our last night on the island. So there was no time for sleep! It got really crowded closer to 4AM.


Île Saint-Barthélemy Transportation

  • The Airport

    I traveled to the island by ferry, but most tourist prefer to fly. The airport is at 3 kilometers from Gustavia.

  • St Barts Airport de St Jean

    It is really tiny but loud if you are on the beach directly below it.....most folk come by boat I guess, but some arrive by small airplane from other islands nearby. The government is trying to keep major development off the island, so no large carriers allowed. Only 10 minutes by air from St. Maarten.

  • Fly In or Ferry In

    As with Saba, most tourists’ choices for visiting St. Barts boil down to one of two options: taking a ferry across rough, vomit-inducing waters or flying into one of the world’s shortest commercial runways. Pick your poison.


Île Saint-Barthélemy Shopping

  • ......where a "Geisha Vampire" goes to...

    As we were making our away around the shops in downtown Gustavia, my friends immediately drew my attention to this sign hanging above us. GEISHA VAMPIRE??? I knew I just had to check out this shop.The boutique is located in the very hip Les Hauts Carre D'or shopping center surrounded by shops like Tod's, Louis Vuitton, and Roberto Cavalli. This...

  • Where a "Geisha" goes to shop

    St. Barths is renowned as being one of the Caribbean's glitziest resort destinations with premier shopping. It's a Duty-Free island and the main port of Gustavia is the island's central shopping haven.The array of prestigious designers are all lined up along three main streets in Gustavia----but what I loved about the layout of this area is that...

  • Villa Creole

    Better luck with souvenirs here, although still more than you would pay anywhere else. I do love the Made in St. Barth's clothing, though! There were these great beaded, embroidered cotton tunics and ruffled skirts, that were so nice, I had to have them!


Île Saint-Barthélemy Warnings and Dangers

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    The 'White-Knuckle' 15 minutes of your...

    by Geisha_Girl Updated Aug 28, 2007

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    I have muscled my way through the Himalayas, swam with sharks in French Polynesia, climbed to the top of a volcano in Vanuatu, and climbed the highest point in Africa.....but those experiences don't even come close in comparison to that "life flash before your eyes" landing onto the 800-foot airstrip in St. Barths.

    It's amazing how skilled these pilots are and trained to avoid nippin' the sunbathers on St. Jean Beach!

    It's a 15 min. flight from St. Maarten to St. Barths. As you approach the landing strip, the plane descends between two mountains, then seems to drop suddenly-----to the 800-foot so-called runway below. The airstrip ends right onto St. Jean Beach, one of the island's hotspots, so that quick stop by the pilot is required!!

    Situated atop one of the mountains is a white cross monument. I assume it's strategically placed so passengers can focus on their "Hail Marys" during the descent!

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Île Saint-Barthélemy Off The Beaten Path

  • Gustavia Lighthouse

    We didn't give this lighthouse the attention that we usually give lighthouses, but we could see it from almost anywhere in town. It is an active lighthouse - a round conical tower painted white with a single red band at the top. The lantern has been removed and is on display at the Musée Municipal de St.-Barthélemy in Gustavia. It is located atop a...

  • Columbier Beach (III)

    Beware of the cactus, when hiking to Columbier! Here you see a rare level path of ground~~but the hike was very steep with slippery rocks beneath your feet. Do not attempt this if you are not in good physical condition. The climb back up was a series of negotiations with the rocks and branches, trying to find a solid one to hold onto, then deciding...

  • Columbier Beach (II)

    Be prepared for a workout when trying to access this beach! The hike was about half an hour, with rocky terrain. Travel light, because the climb back up is much, much worse!


Île Saint-Barthélemy Favorites

  • Have a 'Stress-Free' Trip with Premier...

    One of the beauties of St. Barths is the fact that it's such a cool, laid-back island. You go there hoping you are going to have nothing but a relaxing, stress-free good time. However, traveling TO the island can be a bit daunting, especially when you have to connect through the somewhat chaotic St. Maarten airport.Luckily for us travelers, St....

  • Columbier Beach

    My favorite thing was snorkeling, of course! There is a small reef near the shoreline. I chased fish around for an hour or so with my underwater camera. I was really hoping for a sea turtle or an octopus, but no such luck on that day!! Still, I like watching the fish feed on the reef and play. So interesting!

  • Lorient Beach

    in progress... This is also a very nice beach, although not as peaceful as the others, as you can hear the buzz of cars whizzing by. Still beautiful, with interesting piles of coral, as you can see from the cool textures in the photo.


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