Guadeloupe Local Customs

  • Local Customs
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  • Dancing the zouk
    Dancing the zouk
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Guadeloupe Local Customs

  • Very, very French

    As a Dutchman I have a good view of the Netherlands Antilles. These islands officially belong to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but when you visit them they don't look like Holland at all, often the language is not even spoken, a different currency is used, the culture is different and also very important: the people call themselves "Antillians",...

  • Créole

    OK, Guadeloupe is officially French-speaking, but still a large percentage of the people use Créole in every day life. Créole is a mixture of languages turned into a completely different language. There are influences of Spanish, Portuguese, French, English and some African influences as well. It is very important to know that not every "Créole" in...

  • No girls in the nightscene

    One very special thing about the nightlife on Guadeloupe is the fact that there are hardly any girls going out. In an average bar or club about 90% of the customers are men and the 10% that are women generally are accompanied by their boyfriends. Why is that? I don't know: on neighbouring islands you don't see things like this, but on Gwada it is...

  • Dance the Zouk!

    By far the most popular music style on Guadeloupe is Zouk. This music is typical to the French Antilles Martinique and Guadeloupe and is also spreaded around French and Portuguese speaking parts of Africa, Brazil and Haiti. Everywhere on Gwada you hear this music: there is one radio station called Zouk FM that only plays this music, but basically...

  • Hinduism on Guadeloupe

    As every island in the West Indies, Guadeloupe has a long history of slavery. Black slaves have been brought in from Africa by thousands and it are their descendants who now form the great majority of people on the islands. But what most people don’t know is the fact that there is also quite a large number (60.000) of Indian immigrants on the...

  • Drinks

    Coming from Sweden, where every drink ordered is mesured with ml precision to have exactly the amount of alcohol that you paid for, to Guadeloupe was a bit of a clash of cultures. But in a good way, without a doubt.The first evidence of this was when we ordered a beer and a Cuba Libre at the hotel bar upon arrival. (Something we ended up doing...

  • Dual Customs in Guadeloupe:chicken...

    It's really interesting the Dual Customs in Guadeloupe since there are both Creole locals and French locals as well. My friend Jennifer and I were hanging out with our Creole friend Laure, and we starting eating some chicken together. She noticed and mentioned how strange it was that we picked our chicken up and ate it with our hands. She on the...

  • Exchange rate stinks

    The exchange rate for US dollars is our $1.00 to their 75 cents. So for every 100 dollars that you exchange you only get 75 euros to spend. Different banks have different exchange rates as well. However, no matter how much or how little amount you exchange at the banks there is a 5.09 euro tax (about $6.82 US dollars) every time you exchange so I...

  • No need to tip

    My friend and I continuously tipped during the greater part of our stay. One of our friends that we met on the island told us though that tipping is not required and usually isn't given by the locals. She mentioned that only tourists tip. She also said that to some people it can be considered almost rude to leave a tip because the people of the...

  • try the local food

    here is few of the local dishes , drinks, and vegetables:*poulet colombo: chicken cooked in a curry sauce*accras: fritters usually eaten as an appetizer, sometimes made with morue( codfish)*chatrou: small octopus*ouassous: fresh crayfish*sauce chien ( if you translate it, in french it means dog sauce, do not worry, it s not a dog sauce...haha)...

  • ZOUK

    the Zouk is a type of music which is played a lot on radios but is also a slow dance where you have to be totally stuck with your of their favorite hobbies when they are dancing is to try to dance with your partner on one floor-tile and not get out of the beginning of the century, zouk meant a quit "hot" country ball. it was not...

  • take your time

    take your time to do things as they mostly do there especially in the smaller villages and dont worry if for example the shop keeper carry on talking to his/her friend instead of serving you.

  • mournings

    if you come across to pass close to a cemetary and can hear some singing and see lighten candles, this is the way in some places that people mourn a departure of someone as they think people should be remembered in a happy way.

  • Think French!!! Outstanding...

    Think French!!! Outstanding buys in perfumes, Parisian fashions, silk items, porcelain, crystal, liqueurs and vintage wine can be found.The standard Guadeloupe souvenir is a puffed up, porcupine spined puffer fish (poisson lune). I suppose, if you wanted to, you could make a lampshade out of it as the islanders suggest.

  • HistoryWhen sighted by...

    HistoryWhen sighted by Columbus in 1493, Guadeloupe was inhabited by Carib Indians, who called it Karukera, 'Island of Beautiful Waters.' The Spanish made two attempts to settle Guadeloupe in the early 1500s but were repelled both times by fierce Carib resistance and finally abandoned their claim to the island in 1604.Three decades later, French...

  • Si la nouvelle créolité est...

    Si la nouvelle créolité est encore à ses débuts, les Antillais se retrouvent encore dans un ensemble de pratiques qui les soudent. Ainsi en Guadeloupe, c'est à travers le folklore, le langage, la gastronomie, les danses et la musique, l'habillement et les croyances que la population puise ses référants d'identité culturelle.Cette pluralité des...

  • They have a 'Pani Problem'...

    They have a 'Pani Problem' philosophy in Guadeloupe which translate in No Problemo. Altough it's the perfect philosophy for a vacation, it can gets in the way of your important stuff, like catching your flight back! Double-check even if they tell you everything is under control. Same rules apply if you rent a car; I've been warn that some dealers...

  • If you don't know French,...

    If you don't know French, learn as much as you can before you go. Very few people speak English. Even at the Tourism Office in Guadeloupe's largest city, I could not find anyone who spoke English. My high school French just wasn't enough. If you try to speak French, no matter how poorly, people will be more willing to try their poor English....


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