Guatemala Transportation

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Guatemala Transportation

  • Buses

    Antigua Guatemala Transportation

    The best way to get to Antigua from Guatemala city is to arrange for a shuttle to pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel. Antigua is located about 45 minutes from the capital, and a private bus should cost around $7-12 per person.

  • On Foot

    Antigua Guatemala Transportation

    We found out that a great way to get to know Antigua is by renting an MP3 tourist guide. We found the place that rents them just by serendipity. My wife was having her picture taken wearing regional dresses when we discovered that in the same place they rent these tiny devices containing the most important facts about 25 monuments of Antigua...


    Vans (or shuttles) carry the vast majority of tourists around the country and they are considered the safest way to travel- and the fastest as well unless you use a car.President Otto Perez Molina, reported that the homicide rate fell from 39 to 34 per 100,000 inhabitants.NEWEST NEWS: Inacif reported that 6,072 people were killed violently in...


    It's the TRANSMETRO consisting of articulated buses painted florescent lime green that operate in reserved lanes. This brand new system (constantly expanding) is safe and patrolled by police and attendants and kept spotlessly clean. It is just the beginning of a much larger system that will take a decade to complete. A popular main line operates...

  • Chicken Buses, Narrow Roads, and Tight...

    There are many areas in the Highlands of Alta Verapaz and north of Huehuetenango with hazardous narrow roads. Although vans are becoming popular, used school buses from the US are still used. Seats have little leg room and it can get very uncomfortable on the knees for those with long legs. AVOID sitting in the last seat of the bus and expecially...


    The principle skill required is knowing when and how to pass. Passing other vehicles is a skill you will have to learn very quickly. Passing is an essential skill - it is not optional- you will be expected to pass slow moving vehicles in front of you- particularly in the mountains where cargo trucks grind forward at glacial velocity. In the coastal...

  • Download Detailed Electronic Maps

    Prensa Libre, Guatemala's most important daily newspaper, displays a link to download PDF maps of each of Guatemala's provinces. Each map is 10.5 by 12.5 inches (and about 3 megabytes) and is an accurate update of the highway and river systems with information useful for deciding what to see and do. If you download these to a penlike portable USB...


    GANGS ARE TARGETING CITY BUSES. RIDING CITY BUSES IS NOT ADVISED. Use of the 83 is not necessary (I recommend taxis) but is an alternative way to get from the airport (Zona 13) to downtown (Zona 1) through (Zonas 9, 10).Bus 83 will get you to/from the airport (Zona 13), the museums and zoo (Zona 10), government offices (Zona 4) and the central...

  • Water Taxi's on Lake Atitlan "La...

    Water taxis are the best way to get around and in some cases the only means to visit some of the villages on Atitlan as hiking between villages is not recommended due to petty crime/muggings. Don't feel like a sell out here as the boats are often the primary means of transport for the locals. Boats like shared vans cost a buck or two depending on...

  • Tuk Tuks

    Tuk Tuks are here. as they are in the rest of the world there is no shortage here. Although riding around in one in the village of San Pedro I thought I was going to have to jump out and push it up one of the roads as these tend to be better suited for flat metropolitan areas.The one positive note is that they have been banned from the historic...

  • GUA - LA Aurora Airport

    GUA (La Aurora) is Guatemala's main international airport located in District 13 of Guatemala City. From Europe it is served N/S from Madrid on Iberia and from the US on American, Delta and United(Continental), and Spirit...American probably has the most flights but both Delta and Taca serve LAX which is roughly a 4 hour flight. Copa serves Panama...

  • Aéreo Ruta Maya

    Aéreo Ruta Maya offers jungle flying tours. Linking the Mayan world with harter flights from Guatemala City, Tikal & Copán.Copán is being served exclusively from the private runway "La Estanzuela" located 4 km from the archeological site.

  • Flying to Guatemala

    There are (at present) no direct flights from the UK to Guatemala, so you’ll need to change planes somewhere. Most people choose, as we did, to travel via the US. This has the advantage of plenty of choice, and relatively reasonable prices, but the disadvantage of the lengthy customs and immigration procedures at US airports, which you are obliged...

  • Chicken Buses

    Chicken buses are old U.S. school buses that are privately owned. A family will usually own several. When a bus arrives, it gets modified in a special shop—it is painted in 5-10 bright colors, more seats are added, hand straps go along the center aisle, and it gets roof racks and a rear ladder. They also put in a more powerful engine. When the bus...

  • To Flores from Copán Ruínas (Honduras)

    I took the first minibus in the morning leaving Copán for the border. It left at 6.00 and was 20 lempiras (July 2009). At the border the customs went quick as I was the only passenger from the minibus who needed to get my passport stamped. On the Guatemalan side the bus going to Chiquimula waited for me. For that bus I paid 25 quetzales. In...

  • From Santa Ana El Salvador via...

    To go from Santa Ana to Copán Ruínas in Honduras the quickest way is to go through Guatemala and if you are using public transportation it will include changes between several buses. In the morning I went to the corner of Avenida F Moraga Sur and 13a Calle Pte in Santa Ana and there I waited 10 minutes for the next bus to Metapán. The ticket was...

  • Chicken buses

    You've just got to try Guatemala's chicken buses at least once. They are incredibly cheap and present a rare opportunity to share an everyday experience with ordinary Guatemalans. The seats are small and four people usually squeeze onto a seat that should really only take two. I think three hours is about the maximum journey time anyone should...

  • a pick-up or any other 4x4

    While planning my trip to Guatemala, I tried to find out what type of vehicle should I rent. So now that I am back from a month long trip, going to most of the recommended sites in the country, here is my most important insight on the mater. If you plan to stick to the main CA roads (Guatemala-Antigua-Tikal) most of them in good shape and you will...

  • Ready for an Adventure?

    The "chicken buses" of Guatemala have a fairly bad reputation. However, it is how a lot of the people o the country travel, so to get a good taste of how Guatemalans travel and live, you have to take one. They look like large school buses which have been souped up with turbo diesel engines, often painted bright designs. They are an adventure unto...

  • Crazy Buses

    The chicken buses are like, scarily crowded. They look so cool, but they are crowded. I'm talking four or five to a seat. When I was riding on one, I actually sat in the aisle, held up by the two ladies on either side of me. That for four hours was like whoa. My dad thought it was the most amazing experience ever, so I guess if you're into that...

  • Pick Ups As Transportation to Remote...

    Buses and mini-vans are the main way tourists have of getting hither and yon. But wherever you want to go, no matter how bad the road or remote the location you will find a pick up. One of the finest rides (and only available in a pick up) is the ride from Totonicapan to Santa Cruz del Quiche. It's a back way through pine clad mountains on a road...

  • By plane to Tikal

    From Guatemala City we made an excursion to Tikal by plane with Aeroquetzal. From the plane we had a nice veiw at the city, the mountians and the forest. Just before landing we saw the lake Peten Itza with Flores at an island.We took a morning flight to Tikal. You can return the same day in the afternoon, like many visitors didi. But we decided to...

  • Major Pan.Am.Hgy.Reconstrution Project

    Due to a major Pan American Hgy.repaving project currently being undertaken between KM.20>KM.24 of the Pan.Am.Hgy.[Between San Lucas and Mixco],all travellers to or from Panajachel,Antigua,and all points north should allot themselves a minimum of 1 extra hour travel time for all travel to the Aurora,Guat.City Airport[Or any other destination in...

  • They call em TUK TUKs (Took tooks)

    Scene from Charge of the Tuk-Tuks!You've seen them in Southeast Asia and India (painted black) and now the three wheeler "tuk tuks" are swarming all over Guatemala's cities and larger towns. They are much cheaper than a taxi and drivers are more willing to do small favors. No meters of course.Officially, they are called mototaxis and operators pay...

  • Other transport options

    These little red things are everywhere. We were warned by locals that they can be dangerous because they tip over easily. The locals use them a lot. They are called Tuk Tuks.Getting around Atitlan is quite easy by launch. We rented one for the whole day for $140. Not bad as there were 4 of us.

  • Chicken bus

    We didn't have the opportunity to take one of these but we will next time. These are the famous chicken buses. We were really surprised when we saw how beautifully painted and polished they were.

  • Buses to Guatemala from Other Countries

    We took a "greyhound" type bus through all of the Central American countries ending in Guatemala City we also did the return trip from Guat City all the way back to Costa Rica. Just ask a local travel agent. They are called "Tica Bus" but are sometimes referred to by another name. They are affordable but challenging. You have to deal with border...

  • Local Buses

    Local buses are a great way to explore villages just outside of cities. They are dirt cheap and give you a great opportunity to travel with the locals. Unless your Spanish is good you essentially guess when to get off and on but we managed to explore without problems. The buses are colourful and felt pretty safe to drive in.

  • Autobuses del Norte

    Luxury 1st Class Service of ADN offers transportation to Tikal, Flores (Petén) and Guatemala with the following services:- double decker bus- game lobby- leather seats- dvd- air-conditioning- menu on board- bus hostess- lavatory- snacks- refreshments- pillows- non-stop service- first-aid kit

  • Helicopteros de Guatemala

    Get to know Petén by helicopter. Members of the International Helliopter Association, they take you on journies throughout the Mayan world, you an fly over the Lago Petén Itzá and many destinations more.To experience the most exotic places ask for transfer service to Yaxha, Uaxcatún, Cancuen, Piedras Negras, El Mirador ...

  • Mexico City to Guatemala City

    In 2004 I was in Guatemala city and at the Gallego (sp?) bus terminal and happened to notice the prices. It was $99 US one way to Mexico City. I am sure the reverse trip would be about the same amount. I think the trip was in partnership with the Mexican San Cristobal company. (There was a further connection through Greyhound in the US.) Gallego...

  • Buses!!!

    You can get to almost ANYWHERE in Guatemala on a bus. Its incredibly cheap almost always under 2 dollars. There is a sign on top of the bus that says its destination. The only thing is you need to keep a low profile on the bus. If your going to be wearing nice jewelry, clothing, or flashing around fancy electronics then you should stick with the...

  • The Mayan Loop, San Cristobal to Cancun...

    Here is the loop of Central America I took going through Lago Atitlan, Antigua, Tikal and Belize back to Mexico. The best way to go Antigua from Mexico is by San Cristobal de Las Casas. You can get a bus to Ciudad Cuauhtemoc on the boarder and cross into La Mesilla, Guatemala. Once in Guatemala you have to take about 6 chicken buses to Panajachel...

  • On the route to Copan, Honduras

    "Rutas Orientales" located in 19 calle 8-18, zona 1, will take you to the city of Chiquimula, near the border on the way to Copan Ruins in Honduras. price is very cheap, only 22Q ( 8Q=1USD) with a/c. it takes about 3.5 hours. there, take a car to the El florido town, ask where in the bus terminal, Chiquimula was kind of safe to me. a small bus full...

  • Hire a driver.

    Sometimes just offering someone a few bucks to get you around will work. Riding around in a pickup is a fun way of seeing the town. Make sure you hold on tightly.

  • School busing it.

    Getting around Guate is fairly easy. Just make sure you carry a map to orient yourself. Other than that, the front of the bus will tell you where they are going. The bus driver doesn't accept metrocards. On the plus side he does make change.

  • On the route to El Salvador

    A view of The border bewteen Guatemala and El Salvador...a tiny place called Chiquimula.61Q or 7.75USD 4 times daily by Pezzarossi King Quality Bus. (from 6 am) fair buses, located at 3a avenue 1-38 zona 4, Guatemala City or9 USD one time a day by Ticabus (departure only at 1pm) a/c busSee more info on the EL Salvador transportation tips

  • One of the ways to get there.....

    Catching the bus to Chichi was an adventure in itself.....heck buses on a whole are adventures. It was a long trip so I thought the bus would not be as crowed as they normally are...but I was wrong. I believe these buses are old school buses...always 3 or 4 people to a seat with the isles full also. Wonderfully loud bus drive had an Anne...

  • using buses instead of taxis

    you must use buses all over the city due to its cheap price 1 quetzal ( 8 quetzals=1 USD, by june 2004)

  • Psychedelic People Movers

    Hopping on a bus to get around Guatemala is a great idea. After all, you can't miss their rainbow paint jobs and a possible glimpse of the vehicle that took you to grade school in a former life.Just remember, they're super cheap, they'll pick up people et al. way beyond what a circus clown would think is a good idea, and they're not exactly speedy....

  • Different Zona, Different Calle

    It is important to note which zona your destination is in. There is a different calle 11 in zona 9 or zona 1, so you can really end up in the wrong place or no place at all if you don't clarify the zona.

  • From Belize border to Flores

    Crossing over the border is as chaotic as you 'd expect. Walk past everybody and over the bridge into the town. you will come to the main square/roundabout. If the bridge is 12 o'clock then there are roads at 6 and 9. The bus comes from 9 o'clock. It's a great journey as you arrive into Flores St Elena the bus will stop at the causeway to Flores...

  • Guatemala City to Tikal

    Here a great way to plan in advance for a great price your Guatemala city - Flores flight, so you won't loose time over there and spend more time visiting Tikal!Go to and buy your ticket on line. Great service, great prices and a very good little company

  • Ride the buses. They're fun, and...

    The Guatemalan buses are a very inexpensive way to get around. They are also a great way to meet some local people (and animals!)

  • Zacapa

    Zacapa (Guatemala) to Santa Rosa de Copán (Honduras).This route's attraction is its rarely visited by outsiders.


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