Guatemala Warnings and Dangers

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    Market of Chichicastenango
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  • Warnings and Dangers
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Guatemala Warnings and Dangers

  • Cerro de la Cruz

    Antigua Guatemala Warnings and Dangers

    People try to give you a false sense of security telling you there are police all over the stairs up to the cross and you are very safe during the day. This is not true Myself and another girl were together and walking in Broad Daylight (1:00-2:00pm) down the stairs from the cross when we were attacked by two guys. Normal looking young local guys....


    UPDATE MARCH 2014According to Margaret Dix, a biology professor at Del Valle University: “Every year one million cubic meters of untreated raw sewage enters the lake; 109,500 metric tons of litter – 3 pounds of solid waste per person, per day – and 110,000 metric tons of soil is lost due to erosion,” Dix said.ORIGINAL WARNING TIP (2009):Lake...


    This is the title of an excellently researched and clearly written report published by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in May of 2007. The report analyzes criminal activity in Central America, how it grows, what nourishes it and why it is so difficult to control.The footnotes alone are worth the read- especially for anyone who has...


    I'm going to go out on a limb and say I like Guatemala City and enjoy its many cultural institutions as well as exploring the different "zonas". It's a friendly town with a lot of helpful people.Drop by the modern Municipal Building (in the Civic Center) and you'll find order, promptness, courtesy, efficiency- the city is run by Alvaro Arzu- he's a...


    This is an alternative to the US advisory I have on my Guatemala Page. Information is updated regularly and it is effective at instilling a sober sense of caution and preparedness. I use a risk/reward model. Is the benefit worth the risk. Is it worth ducking down an alley at night to save time.


    If the police are not available, call the Guatemalan office of Assistance to Tourists ASISTUR. Even if the police are available, call them anyway24 hours per day, 7 days per week. ASISTUR has three phone numbers: 1500, 2421-2810, and 5578-9836. Always contact your embassy if there is any trouble. In the old days if you were a US citizen this was a...


    GUATEMALA'S VIOLENT DEATH RATE DECLINES SIXTH YEAR IN A ROW.The government says lowest in SIX years but my figures say two, Still it is welcome news.Guatemala ranks 15 worldwide for death by firearms.25% of all murder victims are other criminals. For tourists, robbery is the foremost concern. LATEST FIGURESIn 2012 5174 Guatemalas died from violence...


    Demonstrations vary in size and composition. Spontaneous demonstrations should be avoided. Altogether different are the organized demonstrations with shouted slogans, banners and loud speakers. (See photos added to this tip) Many are held at the Congress Building (9th Avenida) near the National Palace or downtown near the Bank of...


    What a change a new administration makes. The US EMBASSY PAGE for Guatemala is well designed and easy to navigate. Someone has done some deep down cleaning- it shows and you should take a look. Links galore for emergencies, non-emergencies, citizen services, medical, travel warnings, sending money, residency transportation and more.


    HUMAN BOTFLY (Beef Worm)Bot Flies are picked up in rural areas characterized by grassland, pasture, and cattle. The normal host for a bot fly is a cow. Humans are a delicacy.Botfly eggs are commonly transported and deposited while you are asleep by mosquitoes, spiders etc. The Larvae (or "warbles" in English) painlessly burrow through broken skin-...


    Guatemala ranks second globally for death either by malnutrition or alcohol, fourth globally for death by violence and sixth globally for death by drugs. Don't be afraid but don't be foolhardy. If every male in sight sports a tattoo you are probably in the wrong place. However, on the truly amazing side, Guatemala ranks 175th for death by...

  • CERRO DE LA CRUZ, Antigua Guatemala

    Widespread and Repeated Warnings about going to the overlook to enjoy the panorama of Antigua Guatemala and the majestic spectacle of Volcan Agua should not be ignored. BUT DO GO. But go during the day and better if you have company. You can also use the Tourist Office facing the Central Jardin Plaza to be escorted (their schedule not yours)Make...


    There are sporadic reports (it's hard to say if the same event isn't the source for multiple reports) of customers drawing out money and being followed.In one case, (obviously well organized) motorbikes or scooters were used to force a car to pull over. In another case, three cars were used. One to identify the victim leaving his home and getting...

  • Mail Service in Guatemala

    Friends,My wife and I visited several cities and sites during September-October 2010. All along my wife tried to mail some postcards to USA, Mexico and Europe. However, and even though we located the post offices at every place we visited, none of them had stamps to sell. Needless to say our tour guide was somewhat embarrased by this.Finally, at...

  • Intrusive and Inconsistent Airport...

    Fellow Travelers,I have recently traveled trough several cities and sites in Guatemala. In all it was a beautiful trip and experience.However, you must be aware of some "heavy handed" , "inconsistent" and "instrusive" airport inspections in the country. My first experience with these was at the Flores Airport, where a young woman inspector searched...


    Guatemala accounts for 40% of all reported cases of malaria in Central America. Guatemala last reported 18,102 cases of malaria (July 2005). The most effected provinces are the highland provinces of Quiche and Alta Verapaz.Fortunately, malaria in Guatemala is not a virulent form of the disease. Symptoms include fever, severe headaches, and possibly...


    Before crossing pastures look for bullsAlways ask if possible about dangerous bulls if you are hiking near cattle.If you are in cattle country you may happen to cross paths with a brahman type bull. This means in the Peten and the lowlands- especially the plains sloping towards the Pacific. If the bull isn't paying you any heed that is a good...

  • Curious about safety in Guatemala?

    I must admit I was somewhat concerned about personal safety before visiting Guatemala. If you read the US State Department's web pages, you can develop an uneasiness about visiting this fascinating country. I blogged VT members to get advise from travelers who have visited Guatemala. Their advise was well taken.Guatemala has poverty and a history...

  • Rough Guide for Guatemala 2006

    Rough Guide for Guatemala 2006 is very out of date. Halfway through realised that they have not bothered checking if some of these hotels / cafes are even still in business.My tip would be to ask other travellers if they have been to the hotel and the obvious thing would be to call the hotel before you get there.We stayed at a place in El Estor and...

  • Greater then usual travel dangers

    Travel and living in Guatemala is dangerous for Guatemalans and tourists. There is a residual level of violence from 16 years of civil and not so civil war that must be considered. This includes more than simple theft or pick pocketing. Guidebooks and consulates tend to advise traveling in groups, using regular tourist transportation and avoiding...

  • Out of the Cities...

    Outside of Guatemala city or Antigua, be careful because there is some mistrust of Americans and other foreigners in more rural areas. Malaria shots are recommended, and bring some stomach medicine- anti vomit- anti diarrheal-and remember, you never know what you are allergic to in a foreign country, so probably some benedryl

  • Gautemala and safety

    Yes Gautemala is no joke and is a very violent country and is still dealing with the aftermath of a civil war. With that being said the people are incredibly warm and for the most part I felt safe the whole time I was there. I have friends that live in Gautemala city mostly in Zona Viva. As a tourist you should never never be in zone 1, 18 or 3....

  • Guatemala market places- tourists will...

    Market villages in the highlands of Guatemala such as Chicasantengo, and Santiago Atitlan are interesting and fun to explore, you can find Mayan knittings, pottery and wood carvings, along with many other interesting items. Walking around here like a tourist, with your camera exposed to the locals, you will be bothered to buy just about everything,...

  • Just Be Aware

    Spent two weeks traveling the country in March 2006 and only had one problem. It was our own fault though. We let our guard down while in Chichicastenango and was approached by a guide that flashed an Inguat badge and offered to take us on a tour of the central church. We didn't ask the price or negotiate first and got to the end of the ten minute...

  • Guatemala City at night...

    If you are truly prepared and you some investigation and research before traveling to Guatemala, then there is no doubt in my mind that you have already read what I am about to recommend. DO NOT venture into Guatemala City at night!On our way to the Guatemala Airport, our cab-van had to make a few quick drop-offs in same relatively shady locations...

  • Photography

    Guatemala is a beautiful country, full of color and tradition. my only close call came in a market in Chichicastenango. i was mulling on the steps of the church camera in hand. a man passed me and thought i had shot a picture of him, and became very upset with me. luckily, i hadn't taken the picture and a nearby group of guys spoke up for me when...

  • Antigua - Cross Lookout - Rapes,...

    We were told that people have been robbed, raped and killed at the cross lookout. This cross lookout offers the most amazing view of Antigua. You can see the cross from everywhere in Antigua so one day we decided to walk up to it. We walked up the beautiful path and were awarded with the most wonderful view. We noticed there were two guards there....

  • Sunset Cafe

    The only problems I had while visiting Guatemala was at a particular restaurant in Panajachel called The Sunset Cafe. 9 different people in my group, including myself, were pick pocketed. Some friends of mine who visited a year earlier had the same problem at the same location. I would advise keeping your money out of your pockets, I kept mine in...

  • Dengue Fever

    This is a viral infection found throughout Central America. Thousands of cases occur each year in Guatemala. The virus is transmitted by zancudo, which bites predominantly during daytime and are usually found close to human habitations, often indoors. They set their breedings normally into artificial water containers, which are commonly used here....

  • Dangers & Annoyances

    No way to pretend that Guatemala is a very safe country. There are just too many stories of – often armed – robbery for that. Rapes and murders of tourists have also happened. Other potential dangers are pick pocketing, bag-snatching & -slitting and the like in crowded streets, markets, bus stations and busses, but also in empty, dark city...

  • Guatemala City..

    Guatemala City is huge city, during my stay there, I actually didn't dare to go alone on the street in centro historico (zona 1)in the night.However, nothing bad happened to me. But, if possible, avoid to walkaround after sunset. Take and safe

  • Take care in Antigua

    Although it seems a fairly safe place and there are lots of foreigners here, we were warned on our trip to stay away from certain places - Cerro de Cruz, a local hill where you can take in the panaroma, we were told to register with the tourist police beforehand so you can be accompanied. There have been reports of theft .We were also told to be...

  • arriving late in the evening

    at nighttime you must consider stay close to the airport and do not go by yourself to unsafe downtown area. or:reserve in a hotel in advantage and they will pick up you at the airport.hostals los volcanes, dos lunas, tel334-5264 and hermano pedro, see hotels, are 5 minutes away.

  • walking alone at the city

    i read plenty of information warning not to walk alone, i did it, not becuse i wanted but due to the confusion of the city and the expensed taxis i had to walk until i realized the buses were cheap and I starts undertand the city streets, but at first looks scary, specially at zone 1and 4

  • Climbing the Pacaya Vulcano

    It is advised to do the trip to the pacaya vulcano near Antigua under police protection. Be sure you have protection if you book at one of the travel agents. We booked at Gran Jaguar tours in Antigua, who did promise police protection, but didn't see any police. We got 2 park guides for our little group of 3 people however.

  • General Safety

    Although everyone warns for safety problems in Guatemala, we didn't really have any problems during our visit. However, everywhere you can see police and guards patrolling the streets and guarding shops, banks, restaurants (even the little ones). The only place we didn't feel safe was in Santa Elena near Flores. The fact that we didn't have...

  • Do not waste your town heading...

    Do not waste your town heading down the road to 'santa elena' it's about a five minute walk from Flores, it a very dirty town. The typical spanish town you'd see on movies (very stereotyped i know) We were told there was a great market there, what we saw was a very bumpy market, definitely a culture shock =)

  • Obviously don't drink the...

    Obviously don't drink the water. Enroute to Chichicastenango and Lago Atitlan, drive during the day. I don't know the current situation there, but when I was last there there were problems with guerillas and bandits and the like, creating problems for those traveling at night. We were actually held at gunpoint at one point by the army as we were...

  • I started saying this on the...

    I started saying this on the Belize page, but I figure it will fit better here. Guerillas could be a potential threat. We once were held at gunpoint, not allowed to travel onward to our destination (some caves) due to guerilla activity. Generally travel during the day, and don't stop on the side of the road, even at the beconing of some person....

  • Beware of Hotel Jaguar Inn, inside Tikal...

    Today it appeared in the newspaper of Guatemala a sad incident all travelers who would lodge at the Tikal National Park should be aware of. The son of the owner of hotel Jaguar Inn and another employee of that same hotel are being charged of intent of rape by 2 Spanish women who lodged in that same hotel. The owner instead of being worried about...

  • There have been problems in...

    There have been problems in Tikal with a group they call the invisibles. A few tourists have been vandalized. They have increased security in the park due to this but you should make sure you are traveling with a guide, especially when you are leaving the main area.

  • Don't wear any dangling...

    Don't wear any dangling jewelry. Especially in Zona 1. Always carry your passport. Drink bottled water. Inter-urban buses (chicken buses) are notoriously dangerous. Make sure your driver hasn't been drinking.

  • Be careful at night,...

    Be careful at night, especially in Guatemala City. Walk in groups or better, use cabs. I was about to be mugged one time. Downtown becomes virtually dead after 6 or so. There are reports of murder, robbery pretty much everyday in the newspaper while I was there. However, richer side of the town is a little la Zona Luz.

  • No viajar de noche, tampoco...

    No viajar de noche, tampoco utilizar artículos de lujo en lugares peligrosos. En la ciudad de Guatemala es recomendable no viajar solo.Riesgos de salud: ingerir agua embotellada y, en lo posible, evitar consumir alimentos en la calle.

  • Guatemala is a very poor...

    Guatemala is a very poor country. Be very wary of bandits and roadblocks. Never pull over for anybody, unless its the authorities. Even they are a bit unsettling. Well maybe not them, but the M16's they carry. Also, if driving, be very careful of the roads. They have a ton of dangerous potholes. Often times I thought they looked like a practice...


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