Haiti Things to Do

  • Haitian Flag
    Haitian Flag
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    Crossing across the lg lake near F....
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Haiti Things to Do

  • Local Crafts Market

    Once we walked into the market the jewelry, paintings, baskets looked colorful and attractive. As we walked to the back of the market we found Haitians selling old worn American clothing that looked like things we gave to charity years ago. It was uncomfortable walking past these tables and stalls.

  • Jet Skiing

    First Instructors provided instruction on handling the jet ski then they brought us out into the ocean. Enjoyed hour thrill ride on water craft around Labadee past reefs, disappointed that there were hawkers in the ocean peddling expensive crafts.

  • Go Visit a Community and See How They...

    It really is a travel secret. We go there on mission trips but 20 years from now this will be a huge vacation spot. Gorgeous & untouched. The people there that we encountered on multiple trips are quite kind.Things to do: Visit Jacmel- gorgeous coastal town. When our truck broke down the people rushed out with chairs for us to rest on and offered...

  • Le Marche de Fer

    This is a fantastic red-metal structure that was left in Haiti by mistake at the end of the XIX century.Todays is a market and according to what I rerad, it has been rebuilt after the earthcaque that devastated Haiti a few years ago.

  • Cite Soleil

    All I have to say is go with someone that is Haitian and that you can trust.This was once considered to be the worst slum in the world. You still need permission from the gangs to be able to get out of the car there. And people do get very angry if you are taking pictures, so watch what you are doing.

  • Hammock Time

    Find me a hammock and I'm there. No matter where we travel lately; I manage to find a hammock. Nothing is better than a relaxing swing or nap in a hammock. My wife and i enjoy having our hammock time while listening to the crashing surf.

  • Buccaneer Children's Park

    Labadee had a large children's playground called the Buccaneer's Children's Park. This is where a majority of the kids gathered on the island. The big draw seemed to be the water activities and the pirate theme...I can understand that..I love Pirates.

  • Relax on the Beach

    A relaxing day on the beach is always good in my book. Our day at Labadee began with some relaxing time on a lounge chair under some Palm trees enjoying the water views. I really enjoying being able to truly forget about work and get into vacation mode. After the first ten minutes on the beach I was feeling so good and ready for a little nap; which...

  • Take a Dip in the Crystal waters

    The water of Labadee was quite nice. One side of the island was calm clear water and the other side had the same clear water but with a crashing surf. We enjoyed swimming and relaxing in the calmer waters. The surf side was better for relaxing on a beach chair; enjoying the sound of the waves. It was a nice time just being with my wife.

  • Visit an Orphanage

    I was part of a mission team in Croix Des Bouquets, Haiti and I spent my time helping to build bunk beds for the two mission homes that host missionaries. I also shared duties at a mobile clinic in a nearby town for over 100 people seeking medical attention. But the best part for me was visiting the children's orphanage in the small town of Croix...

  • Hiatian Art

    Art is to Haiti what music is to Jamaica. It permeates its recent history. You can see it in the religious traditions and local festivals. Terms like "primitive, naive and self-taught" are used to designate the freshness found in some of the best of Haitian art. There is the full spectrum of works from craft copies or imitative copies to originals...

  • Get out and walk the roads.

    We took public transportation to Kenskoff and then walked through the market and all around the town looking at the lovely colonial architecture and the mountain views from the roads. I caught this photo of women walking to market with their wares in baskets on their heads.This is a pretty common sight and you wonder how they manage to keep...

  • Keep a Journal

    While in Haiti, or any other country for that matter, keeping a journal of what you have done there or what you have seen and explored is a great idea. I did it and enjoy looking back at it every once in a while.

  • Horseback Riding in Milot, Outside of...

    The Northern side of Haiti is my personal favorite when in Haiti. The great beaches like Cormier Plage, and Labadee are surreal. Visiting Milot is a must just for the scenery and horseback riding up to the Citadel. When in Milot you get the real peaceful feeling of the provinces outside the Capital PAP and get to mingle with the very friendly...

  • Baptist Mission

    The Baptist Mission is a really cool place to visit. It is a church, clinic, restaurant, zoo, school and store in one. It is located in Fermathe which is up in the mountains above Port-au-Prince. The church service is really long and all in Creole, but a neat experience. The food at the restaurant is all safe to eat. The salad was really good...

  • Plenty to do in Labadee

    Eating, drinking, working on that tan, shopping, dancing, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, jet skiing, water sliding; oh, and relaxing!

  • kayaking

    $35 usd dollars and a very cool little trip. the guide will take you along the haitian coast telling your about local customs and some general country info. when they take you to shore to get off the kayak don't get off. hang out in the water and wait for them to be done. its a trap and they have u beach your kayak and the locals bring your kayak...

  • Labadee Historic Walking Tour

    The Historic Walking Tour in Labadee was the most interesting and fascinating of all exursions I took during my Royal Carribean Western Carribean cruise. The first thing our guide did was draw a map in the sand of where we were, making sure we all knew we were in Haiti. On his last tour there were 7 people who had no idea they were in Haiti. After...

  • eat season fruits

    It's mango season now (in April). Take the time to discover our many mango varieties.Actually I would suggest you try out as many varieties as possible until you find one that you really like. The season has just started and we have the tastiest mangoes in the world, really! :))Most varieties (not all) turn, at least partially , either...

  • Carneval

    Early February is Carneval in Haiti, this event lasts for several weekends until it finishes with a three day long procession in the centre of port au Prince.

  • Hotel Oloffson

    This great Hotel is now only a shadow of its own , but at least it is still there! Known from Graham Greenes Novel "The Comedians" it is an architechtural beauty, now also famous for the concert of RAM every Thursday night.

  • Centre d'art

    This beautiful house is the Centre d' art since 1944. A must for all those who like Haitian art. You get small boxes for 5 $, metalwork for 300 and paintings for up to 15.000 !!!

  • Out of the town

    Impressive is the beauty of the landscape in th emountains, up to 2500 meters high. Here you can really enjouy your stay in Haiti.

  • Walking the Dirt Trails

    The plants & trees on the island are very unique... so make sure to hike down some of the trails on the islands and take in all the beauty.We were at Labadee, Haiti which seemed tobe a tourist section. Felt like we were somehow kept or sheltered from the reality of Haiti. Did not see any of the political unrest or the dirty cities that the news had...

  • Beach Bumming

    Make sure to take time to enjoy the beaches while you are in Haiti. The sand is almost pure white and the water is the most incredible aqua / teal color. The water is also so clean & clear that you can see the rocks on the bottom.

  • Citadel "La Ferriere"

    Seven-kilometer trip up the mountain can be made on a horseback. It's an awesome place, built by a madman (Roi Christophe) as a fortress to defend Haiti's northern shore from the French invaders who never came. The king shot himself in the head with a golden bullet and is burried on citadel's grounds.

  • transport

    remarquable is the the public transport, which is usually a pickup with a self made roof. I have not yet tried that. Anyway, the streets are so crowded that walking by foot is not always a pleasure.

  • Streetlife

    People sell (or at least try to sell) almost everything in the streets, from single second hand batteries to furniture or old clothes...

  • Private Island for Royal Caribbean:...

    A short ride on a tender from the cruise ship to the beach at Labadee and a day of water sports. There is a natural sandy beach on the north side of the island (opposite the peninsula depicted). Other beaches around Columbus Bay are used for the kayak and jet ski activities.There are ruins of several stone buildings between the pier and the beach....

  • Religion/Voodoo

    It started raining, when I had to take shelter in this church. Once inside, I heard a band playing when this was suddenly interrupted by women throwing themselves on the floor and crying unhuman cries with their eyes rolled back and their bodies cramped up.Catholicism and Voodoo go together in Haiti. For more info about Haiti, its history, voodoo...

  • La Place in Petionville

    As mentioned, Hait's art is probably second to none, and the place to get hold of 'art primitif' paiting is la Place in Petionville. Even though the paintings are not the original, it is still a great thing to take back from your trip. Remember to bargain!

  • Petionville

    Petionville lies above from Port of Prince and is a middle to upperclass area. It is not us bustling as Port of Prince, but a lot safer with plenty of art galleries and restaurants. Most of the good hotels are in this area.

  • The Citadel

    Just an awesome place to visit. Its a hard place to get too, but well worth it. Make sure you wake up early and catch a cab to the foot of the hill. I think the cost was about $7-10. If you want the car to drive you up the hill, make sure the car looks trustworthy. Our driver pretty much gauranteed us his car would make it up, but it didnt even get...

  • Haiti - friendly people & others as well

    all people I met in Haiti were really friendly to the tourists.And scenes like on this painting ( that I bought in Haiti ) are quite usual with women carrying their purchases home on their head.A friendly population...... BUT policemen, or rather gunmen ( police and/or soldiers, I don't know), who might intimidate also tourists and simply ask for a...

  • high mountains & a great blue sky

    Have a look for that beautiful blue sky and the high mountains in the back :In fact there are lots of rather high mountains in Haiti and plenty of them had fortresses on top of them, and this way it was easy to defend the island against enemies.

  • Visit the Citadel and Sans Souci

    The must see attraction in Haiti. A fortress in a unique spot and overlooking the landscape of northern Haiti.Just marvellous, but beware of the constant hassling inofficial tour guides and those guides which rent horses. Better just walk it is worth to do it like this!

  • "Primitive" Art ??

    At the local markets you will find a large selection of 'primitive paintings' and wood-carvings.

  • Fresh tropical fruits

    go to the local markets, buy fresh tropical fruits - and you will find out, what FRESH Bananas,Pineapple etc. will taste like

  • Marche de FerPlace des Heroes...

    Marche de FerPlace des Heroes de L'IndependenceWalk around, follow a rara band for a whileHotel OloffsonGallerie IssaMusee d'Art HaitienSt. Trinite church and its astounding muralsGod, everything, just walk around for a day or two, you will see life, beauty, poverty, kindness, smells, sights, sounds you have never witnessed before. Enjoy it all.Its...

  • The Baptist Mission in...

    The Baptist Mission in Fermathe (on the route de Kenscoff) is a great place to 'get away' for a couple of hours. There is a snack bar with a breath-taking view of the mountains. The gift shop is a great place for souvenirs. Past the church there is a small 'zoo' with a monkey named Charlie, a caymen alligator, some rabbits, and other small...

  • Kennskof and Furcy are two...

    Kennskof and Furcy are two nice little villages in the mountains not far from Port-au-Prince. It's a nice place to visit, you get to relax and enjoy the nice fresh air of the mountainsit's a very nice Place to relax. I like it a lot

  • La Citadelle in Cap Haitien in...

    La Citadelle in Cap Haitien in the (Nord of Haiti). The Citadelle is a huge fortress based on the top of a mountain. it was build in the 19th Century by the haitiens to protect there land from forrein invasions. It's a real masterpiece.

  • I recommend going to the...

    I recommend going to the coastal town of Jacmel. I loved the scenary, the beach and the beautiful Blue Bassin. The blue bassin is a large waterfall that has three beautiful bassins of water to swim in. I think that we spent 4 hours swimming and relaxing there.

  • The Citadel is a huge military...

    The Citadel is a huge military fortification built by Haiti's last king, and should be the eighth wonder of the world. Built to defend against an attach from Spain, the Citadel sits way atop a mountain, and takes almost a half-day's climb to reach...but it's worth it. Donkeys are available to assist with the difficult trip up to the top.There's a...

  • Catch a view of Port-au-Prince...

    Catch a view of Port-au-Prince from Kenscoff in the hills above the busy city. It's cooler there and the hills are red and beautiful. Also, brave the crowds and visit the Marche de Fer (the Iron Market--I hope I spelled the French correctly) in downtown Port-au-Prince. You'll see anything imaginable being sold and will probably think that everyone...


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  • Kaliko Beach Club

    Cote des Arcadins, KM 61, P.O. Box 1670, Gonave Bay, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Caribbean

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Hotel Cyvadier

    This hotel is beautiful and private, very well kept and clean; the staff and service is amazing. The...


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