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  • Desde el aire es preciosa
    Desde el aire es preciosa
    by Mailo
  • Beautifull nature
    Beautifull nature
    by Mailo
  • Utila - Bay Islands, Honduras
    Utila - Bay Islands, Honduras
    by TinKan

Utila Highlights

  • Pro
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    andrealee says…

     Inexpensive, safe, clean clear water, sunny days 

  • Con
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    TinKan says…

     Hard to get to at times 

  • In a nutshell
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     Diving :) 

Utila Things to Do

  • Alton's Dive Center - Utila's Party Dive...

    I visited several dive shops before choosing Alton’s for an Advanced Open Water course. I was impressed with the staff’s professionalism and the condition of the scuba gear and boats. Those initial impressions all proved out; instructors were professional (some more than others); no equipment problems; new, first-rate boats.The only caveat is that...

  • Diving

    Just got back from Utila and the diving was amazing. Got certified with Deep Blue Divers and I think they are wonderful. Great bunch of instructors that made me feel very comfortable. The reefs around Utila are just amazing. Whale sharks are usually the big draw but I didn't see any. Instead I got to snorkel with a pod of 15 dolphins. They played...

  • Go diving!

    The main thing to do on Utila is diving.There is a bunch of diving centers.Choose the one that looks serious and takes security serious.

  • Hummingbirds

    If you want to see Hummingbirds, go to the Mango Inn's bar in Utila Town (East Harbour). Just about anytime when it is daylight, the feeder hanging from the roof has 3-5 hummingbirds "buzzing" around it. There appeared to be several different species also. VERY cool, especially if you have never seen one before. You can enjoy the experience as you...

  • Whale Sharks! Whale Sharks!

    There is no more excited cry over the radio than that of a whale shark siting. The biggest fish in the ocean, people come to Utila from all over the world to try to see a whale shark. I saw my first Whale Shark in September during a surface interval while travelling between dive sites. I was prepping my equipment in the cabin when all of the sudden...

  • The diving boat!

    There are a lot of diving schools on Utila. Please make sure to check them thouroughly. Don't pay to much attention on the prices (they're all cheap!) but make sure you have a good look at the equipment and talk to the instructors. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and safe! After all while diving your life is in somebody else's...

  • Me in my tight diving suit

    It takes a lot before you are ready to jump into the water and go to the big blue deep... Trying to get your suit on takes quite a while as it is really tight! Then putting on your oxygen tanks. With these tanks on trying to stand up (the weight quite a lot!) and do the buddy check!You always dive in pairs and your partner is called a buddy. Before...

  • Water Key

    Probably the best beach near Utila is located on Water Key. You must take a boat to get there, but it is a very nice island with white sand, coconuts, and very nice clear water for swimming and snorkeling. Most dive shops charter boats to Water Key, or you can pay one of the locals to take you out there and then pick you up.

  • Diving

    The diving here is really good, and the water is clear and warm. There are really nice coral reefs, and it is one of the best places to see whale sharks, if you are lucky! It is also very inexpensive to get your SCUBA cert here. No need to make reservations. Just show up and start a dive class with one of the many diving operations on the island.


Utila Restaurants

  • Don't Miss The Pizza

    There is always a mix of 3 day tourists, 3 month tourists and expats hanging out here. The 2 big screen TVs make watching the Soccer World Cup, Rugby World Cup or the Superbowl a fun experience. There's also a pool table and dart board. Pool tournament nights get entertaining. It's a laid back place with good food, good prices and great people from...

  • Breakfast is a must at this restaurant!

    I had a tradtional honduran breakfast earlier this year and it was possibly the best breakfast I've ever had during my vacations in Utila. They offer REAL fruit juices and very good coffee. Finding this place is tricky because you cant see the restaurant sign from the Main Street. Utila is very small, so just ask for directions. Honduran Breakfast...

  • La Piarta restaurant, party center

    La Piarta restaurant is the best stocked bar and grill in Utila. The menu is vast and caters to all specialties of steak or seafood. Local flavors as well with the Honduran chef well versed in the art of fine dining. Lavished attention to the guests with the "good old back home standards" of customer service, is the modus operandi. Personally I...

  • Oh Canada!

    The Bundu Cafe is a very interesting place to go and eat. It is run by a couple of Canadians who have brought an ecclectic taste of home and mixed it with a local flavour to make this a unique place. The food was great, and they have Canada Dry gingerale (try to get that anywhere else in Central America!). They have tables and really comfortable...

  • Yummy Pizza Oven

    The restaurant at the Mango in is a very nice place to eat... It is outdoors, surrounded by the hotel and Mango trees. They have an assortment of seafood as well as a pizza oven. Everything I've eaten there was delicious. The pizza, especially, was very good. The service can be slow... especially when you're accustomed to the speedy service in the...

  • My Favorite Restaurant

    Daves is one of the best restaurants on the island and for 4-5 dollars for dinner, you cannot beat the value. Open Mon. -Sat. starting around 6. Dave's enchiladas and curry are to die for. He goes out each morning and see's whats fresh in the market and that is what ends up on the menu. Menu changes every night. But, there is always fresh seafood,...


Utila Nightlife

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  • patying at barbush in 2000

    its the best place to party and have fun, my sister april and i was out their in 2000 for our brothers wedding, and let me tell yah bar bush was close and the owners came up and said too us he herd that we came out just to party at bar bush , so he opened the place up and let me tell yah we tore that place up, ever time it was open, we got drunk...

  • Best Live Music in Honduras

    Bundo is open four nights a week. The best night is Tuesday nights when the dive shop crowd gets together for jam night. It always rocks and is always packed. Other nights:Sunday: Mexican nightThursday: Curry NightFriday: Sushi Night Like the whole island, casual baby!

  • The two main hangout spots

    The place where everybody gathers after another day of diving is The Coco Loco bar. It's built on a wooden dock above the water. How great it is to sit with your feet in the water zipping on your cuba libre! Another great hangout place, especially if you like to dance, is Bar in the bush. I think it's only open in the weekends but I'm not really...


Utila Transportation

  • Roatan-Utila direct

    Many of the tour books talk about the weekly service betwen Roatan and Utila. But during my April 2009 vacation, this had been increased to daily or near daily. The regular operator had some boat problem but managed to arrange a temporary service on a private boat. Excellent service and a pleasant ride. Don't waste time by going bacl to la ceiba to...

  • Go to utila by ferry

    Take the ferry from La ceiba on the mainland.There is 2 boats a day i think.Take a taxi from the bus terminal or airport.Its quite a long walk to the dock.

  • Airstrip is scary!

    If you have a fear of flying, take the boat ferry to Utila. The plane we flew on was obviously Russian-built, and the "runway" was a cleared strip of gravel on a peninsula (so if the pilot missed, you were in the ocean). Almost everything is walkable, so that is great. You will want luggage that is easy to carry or drag.


Utila Local Customs

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    by TinKan Written Jan 17, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are two banks on the island, Bancahsa and Banco Atlantida. Bancahsa is located across the street from the Municipal dock, and Banco Atlantida, located half a block away from Bancahsa.

    The bank hours are 8:00 - 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 - 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8:00 - 11:30 a.m. on Saturdays.

    Bancahsa and Banco Atlantida will exchange your US dollars, American Express travelers’ checks and some days offers cash withdrawals on your Visa.

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Utila Warnings and Dangers

  • Biting insects

    There are mosquitos, sand flies and something called "doctor flies" all of which bite. Bring 100% DEET or you will be sorry. You may also want to stay somewhere with 24/7 electricity so you can sleep with a fan. Otherwise there is no way to keep the sand flies from biting.

  • The beach is the home of monsters!

    You might feel like spending a day on the beach here but you might reconsider! What you can't see and won't notice until you lie in bed at night is that the beach is the home of many sandflies and these tiny creatures can cause severe itch and even pain. Unless you want your legs to be full of red, very itchy spots take a wooden sundeck...

  • Chose your diving company carefully.

    Diving is a dangerous sport. Make sure you chose your diving company carefully. Ask around to see which company is the best and consult the guidebooks if you can't find good word of mouth. Even the serious companies may not be too professional so don't be deceived.


Utila Sports & Outdoors

  • Great Diving

    Utila Water Sports offers excellent dive charters around Utila with knowledgeable dive masters, excellent equipment, and spacious and well equipped dive boats.All our dives (I did 7) were well managed with maximum in water time. The boat captain also spotted a pod of dolphins on one trip and we all had an impromptu and unexpected dolphin-experience...

  • Cross Creek Dive Shop

    Diving in Utila is amazing. I the last week I have swam with dolphin's twice, logged 15 great dives, and seen four species I never saw before. (With hundreds of dives on these reefs, four new species is saying something). Cross Creek is a great place to dive. It is laid back, but very professional and safe. You can dive for $125 for 10 dives, or...

  • Captain Morgan's Scuba Diving Shop

    Scuba Diving is an exciting sport. I was totally clueless about it and i'm glad a fellow traveller recommended me this place. At the time I viisted in 2001, it was ran by mostly British instructors and dive masters. They ran the place with a bit of a laid back attitude, but in the upmost professional manner. I really don't have any complaints at...


Utila Favorites

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  • General

    Utila is as one of the bay islands, a favourite Honduran touristic destinations. Just at the end of the Barreer reef and with cheap diving facilities thats maybe not even strange. While money have to grow on your back (a Flemish saying) when you visit the Belizean cayes (or Roatan), this is much more a destination to the budgettravelers....The...

  • Clear dives under the sea

    Diving! I just love the thrill of getting underwater and being as free as a bird. Since you are as close to weightlessness as you will ever be on Earth, you are free to do all sorts of moves under the sea. You can see so many animals and plants it's unreal. Discovering what really lies below the sea for the first time!

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