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  • Old Dolores Church and Plaza, Tegus
    Old Dolores Church and Plaza, Tegus
    by atufft
  • View of Tegus from Santa Lucia
    View of Tegus from Santa Lucia
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  • Iglesia Los Dolores - Church of the Sorrows, Tegus
    Iglesia Los Dolores - Church of the...
    by atufft

Tegucigalpa Things to Do

  • Museo Nacional

    Just down from the entrance to Paseo Liquidambar, on the opposite end from the Parque Central, is the Museo Nacional, which was closed when we visited on Christmas Eve, but appeared to promise much both architecturally, and in terms of exhibitions. Downtown within a block or so of the museo are other buildings of architectural and historic...

  • El Calvario and Teatro Nacional

    Anchoring Parque Herrera are two buildings of note: El Calvario Church (1747) and the Teatro Nacional El Bonilla.

  • Parque Herrera

    Parque Herrera is a few blocks south of the pedestrian mall, and features Tropical plants, a number of statues, and the old Teatro Nacional and El Calvario Church. The crowd clinging to the small plaza appear somewhat less safe than in the Parque Central, but mostly because of a busy nearby chicken bus terminal.

  • Parque Central: Morazon Statue

    Of course, the park has the finest equestrian statue of Francisco Morazon found anywhere in Honduras, which includes a bronze relief of a pivotal revolutionary battle scene. Parque Central, as the gathering place downtown, has a good perspective of the hills around the city.

  • Parque Central and Church in Tegus

    The plaza of the old Dolores Church is dirty by comparison to the well-kept Parque Central, which is anchored by St. Michael Archangel (1782). The newer cathedral interior is easier to visit too.

  • Iglesia Los Dolores and Mercado

    A couple blocks west of the Paseo Liquidambar is the Iglesia Los Dolores - Church of the Sorrows-the mercado central, and a handful of souvenir shops. In the background, a large statue of Jesus Christ, located on a hill in El Picacho National Park, views the city. An inscription on a foundation block dates the church back to 1732, making it among...

  • Browse Paseo Liquidambar

    In downtown Tegucigalpa, there's a street closed down to auto traffic and opened for pedestrians. There are plenty of clothing and shoe stores there, and adjacent to this mall and on either end are various museums, churches, and plazas filled with memorial statues. The name of this street turned pedestrian mall is Paseo Liquidambar, which is posted...

  • Visiting El Picaho

    El Picaho is a mountain near Tegucigalpa the capital city of Honduras, there is a park (Parque Naciones Unidas) 15 minutes by car to the top. There you will have a complete view of the city, this picture is of a new developing area of Tegucigalpa with some fine houses and new big commercial buildings and malls, as seen from El Picacho and the...


    I really enjoyed my short stay in the capital of Honduras. I was running out of time and therefore I decided to leave all the Mayan ruins for another trip and just have a taste of Honduras. Though a big city Tegucigalpa wasn't that bad a place after all! I am sure that it would have had much more to offer if I had had more time.I liked the narrow...


    This beautiful building used to be the supreme court of Honduras but today it houses the museum of the Honduran man. I didn't visit this museum because I only had one afternoon in Tegucigalpa and wanted to walk rather than spend my time indoors. When I was taking a photo of this building a man came to me saying "Isn't it beautiful?" and asked where...


    It is easy to miss details when you are in a new place to you. I always try to look for them and managed to see some in Tegucigalpa, though I have to say that I was not in mood for taking photos. I was feeling quite miserable with runny nose and nasty cough.


    The area of Tegucigalpa I saw was between parks Parque Valle, Plaza Morazan and Parque de la Merced, I wasn't looking for parks but seemed to end up to them. It was nice to rest my feet and sit down under shade of trees on that hot September day. It was good way to watch people come and go too.


    Honduras has colonial history and there are some beautiful colonial houses around Tegucigalpa as well. Though I spent only one afternoon and a few hours in the following morning there I managed to see quite a lot of the downtown area.


    Like in any other city or town in Central America central plaza is the place where locals like to spend time and meet people, eat and chat. Tegucigalpa was no exception and I spent a while watching the colourful, everchanging play.


    In the Parque Central there is a statue of General Francisco Morazan, who is a Honduran hero. He was elected president of the United Provinces in 1830, but this union didn't last long. Nine years later the union was history. His aim was to lessen the power of the church, the narrow the huge gap between Spanish upper class and the indigenous people...


    The cathedral dominates downtown Tegucigalpa. It is in one side of the Parque Central so if you go where the locals are you cannot miss the cathedral. It was built in the 18th century and its altar is decorated with gold and silver and there is a lot of fine art in the church. I didn't take any photos inside because I didn't want disturb people who...

  • Commercial Heart of Tegucigalpa

    The commercial heart of Tegucigalpa is located within the Boulevard Morazán, a modern bustling district also known as "la zona viva". In this area you will find many of the restaurants, shops and offices of the higher echelon of all Honduras. Honduran food? Oh yeah! My favorite is El Patio Restaurant ! El Patio offers typical Honduran dishes in a...

  • Visit the Museums

    The buildings around the Plaza de la Merced all built during the XVII century, were all part of one unit, the Mercedian monks called this home. During the XIX century these buildings housed the National University of Honduras, and today it houses the Museum of the Honduran Man, known in Spanish as the "Museo del Hombre Hondureño". The Manuel...


Tegucigalpa Hotels

Tegucigalpa Restaurants

  • The best restaurant in...

    If someone travels to Honduras they got to go to this restaurant El Patio, the food is the best, pinchos, anafres of beens and cheese, the service is great and the music is nice with all the mariachis and the decoration of mayan stile is original, I hope someday this restaurant comes to the USA.They have facebook fan page...

  • Shopping Mall Food and ATM

    The Centro Comercial is across from Parque Central, within view of the Cathedral steps. Next door is a historic municipal building also shown in photos here. The Centro Comercial is a shopping mall with escalators and several floors, with the upper floors devoted to a fast food court, including a variety of locally important corporate brand name...

  • Tegucigalpa Hotels

    14 Hotels in Tegucigalpa

Tegucigalpa Transportation

  • Travel by bus to Tegucigalpa

    I left El Salvador and took a bus to Tegucigalpa. At the border we were searched, but nobody asked me a tip or bakhsheesh. Soldiers were correct.

  • From Los Manos border crossing to...

    (This tip is the continue story from my "transportattion tip" of Somoto (Nicaragua) .After finished the border crossing process(at Los Manos) which took me only half an hour.We just walked cross border from Nicaragua into Honduras .On the Nicaragua side ,there were long line of trucks waiting on one side of the road and estimated to be about 500 m....

  • Natonal Highway to Gulf of Fonseca

    Wealthy of Tegus trying to get away for the weekend are likely to drive the nacional highway south to the Pacific Coast, which takes just a few hours. This road is subject to many problems though as seen in these photos. But, it's also a beautiful drive.


Tegucigalpa Shopping

  • jorgejuansanchez's Profile Photo

    street stalls: Buy bananas on the road

    by jorgejuansanchez Written Jul 5, 2015

    Heading from Tegucigalpa to Nicaragua the bus made several stops where the passengers could buy fruits.

    What to buy: bananas

    What to pay: cheap price

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Tegucigalpa Warnings and Dangers

  • Thieves

    Delincuency is normal all around the world natiosn, so here you better watch your pockets, cameras, and wallests, pick pockers are waiting in the area near the popular markets, on the public transportation buses, and at nigth in dark an lonly streets and places. My advice.. just don't take any risk.


    It was late afternoon, bright daylight still when I decided to look for the typical restaurant my guidebook recommended. It was not too far from my hotel, in a side street, so I thought I'd walk there. When I was walking that street a man came towards to me and said "Buenos Dias" and gave his hand. At the time I didn't think anything strange about...


    This is not really a warning in Tegucigalpa as this happened when I was crossing the border from Honduras to Nicaragua in Las Manos. When entering Nicaragua you are supposed to pay $2 and I knew it. I had read the warning in my guidebook about customs men trying to earn some money, but I wasn't feeling well at all (no reason to be stupid though)...


Tegucigalpa Off The Beaten Path

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    Santa Lucia and Valle de Angel

    by atufft Updated Feb 3, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I have a separate series of tips for Santa Lucia and Valle de Angel, but these are so close to Tegucigalpa that it's worth considering within even a one day visit to the city. In fact, we chose to stay the night in Valle de Angel, rather than in Tegus. They are only 6 and 12 miles from town, respectively, up in the nation's first national park created to preserve the city's primary water supply. These two pueblos are restored for local tourist consumption as much as anything.

    View of Tegus from Santa Lucia Santa Lucia, near Tegus, Honduras Valle de Angel, near Tegus, Honduras Valle de Angel, near Tegus, Honduras
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Tegucigalpa Favorites

  • Safety

    Its true there hapen things in Tegucigalpa, but many depends on yourself of course. I would say don't show around with you digital camera in fonrt of the many streetchildren and don't just walk around after dark. Comayagüela, Tegucigalpa's twin city, might even be more dangerous.

  • What to do?

    If you do stay here you can visit the many churches around. In the inner city at the 'plaza de morazán' you'll find the cathedral, a little further 'San Fransisco', ....Another interesting place can be the museum 'Museo de la historia Republicana Villa Roy' where you can see as well old mayan sculptures as modern Honduran art.

  • Tegucigalpa

    Tegucigalpa is the capital of the country, but many tourists avoid this area. Because of insavety and just because there's not much to see. I stayed here lets say about a week and I have to say they're wright! There is almost nothing to see, it's a very dirty city and well about savety...I think its still saver than for example San Pedro Sula, but...


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