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  • Nightlife
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Most Viewed Nightlife in Honduras

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    The entire West End...: Roatan, Honduras

    by bobbynish Written May 28, 2009

    You can't tell by looking at the place, but its something out of a Rolling Stone article by Hunter S. Thompson...

    Crazed scuba divers on "holiday" roaming the streets, stoned, inhaling copious amounts of cocaine, drinking gallons of rum, and cases of Port Royal. Local men and women being searched by police for weapons upon entering the clubs on the West End. And lets not forget Coxen Hole, folks. One of the main towns on the island, it makes some ghettos of the world look like paradise. Needless to say, I wind up there at some random party at 2:00am with some locals I met at a bar that night, feeling quite jovial and confident I would live out the evening, but thats a whole other can of worms... The beauty of the island during the day has an underlying menace at night, not to mention unrelenting heat, humidity, and bugs that could devour you in minutes... But I must say, I did have fun.

    All joking aside, the diving was great, the locals were great, trained dolphins for a day, and was surrounded with great friends in a tropical paradise... what else could you ask for.

    Dress Code: Coma as you are.

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    Treetanic Bar: Utila - Treetanic Bar

    by epicult Updated Dec 3, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Up coco del mico road is a neat place on the left called the Treetanic bar. The bar is up in the trees (think tree fort with a blender... for big kids) has cool tables made from marbles (not marble), has bathrooms that are outta this world - it's a rarity for anyone to rave about any bathroom in Honduras - and provides different levels for you to escape down below, get busy with your significant other or just escape the music and people. Very cool.

    I love tree forts!

    Dress Code: It's hot up there. No shirt, no shoes... service!

    Cool bathrooms. Thanks for the
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    Carlos N Charlies in Cozumel Mexico: Dancing The Night Away....

    by Leniebill Updated Sep 23, 2007

    Majority of cruise guests party at Carlos N Charlies before heading back to the ship for the next sail. We had a blast the last time we were there! We enjoyed sharing the dance floor with guests from other cruise lines. They played all kinds of music fom the ever famous YMCA, the 70's, 80's, reggae & blues. We had several friends in our group so we took over the dance floor. Everybody joined in & had fun themselves. I had the best pina colada & my friends had tequilas & margaritas. We headed back to the ship at 11:30pm, half hour before sailing to the next port of call.

    Dress Code: Anything that suits your taste! Wear your dancing shoes & outfit but be comfortable too.

    Me & my husband at Carlos N Charlies Hard Rock is few blocks fr. Carlos N Charlie Authentic boot shop next few doors away I took this picture of Bill w/ ship as background.
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  • Casino Caribe: Nightlife Alternative

    by Joeymeyer Written Nov 29, 2006

    While in La Ceiba, visit Casino Caribe. It is located in La Zona Viva section of La Ceiba, next to Conrad's disco. The casino is new, clean, bright with murals on the walls and is full of poker machines, slot machines and a five player blackjack machine, with all the abilities of a Las Vegas table game. There is also a private area for high rollers.
    Free food and refreshments. A friendly atmosphere, well protected and American owners. U.S. dollars are used in the slots with a cashier to change lempires to dollars or vice versa with the best exchange rates in Honduras. Say hi to Joey - he is a wealth of information for tourists.

    Dress Code: Dress code is casual.

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    The road to the ruins in Copan: Moon in a blue sky

    by alza Written Jul 25, 2006

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I was careless and started off a bit late from Copan centre to the ruins. They're only ten minutes away but it's best not to waste all day checking out everything in Copan or you'll reach the ruins at dark and then, no photos.

    Out of curiosity, I kept walking after the ruins and saw the sign by the small road for a big resort type hotel. It took me at least 10 minutes to walk up the drive so I made it all worth my while by spending an hour at the bar. The barman was very friendly and the hired musician who did his gig was fun too. A minivan filled with French people arrived and livened up the place a bit, but they didn't sing along. I knew all the words to the musician's songs and tried to encourage him, without going too far in case he'd think I was a bar fixture.

    I was surprised when the musician told me he lived in Montreal and was on a sort of contract at the resort. When he packed up his instruments and said he was going back to Copan centre, I asked him if I could get a lift with him. But the car picking him up was full already... I nearly cried to think I'd have to walk back along that deserted road. I called a cab. What came was a contraption on 3 wheels and the driver certainly thinks he owns a race car. It was very inexpensive though.

    Alone on a deserted road

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  • kiwigal_1's Profile Photo


    by kiwigal_1 Updated Oct 21, 2004

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In Tela the main place to go in 1994 was Turicentro. This lovely place unfortunately burned down and was never re-built during my time in Honduras.
    Telamar had a marimba band that played on Friday and Saturday nights.
    Enigma is a very new place (I haven't been but my friends have recommended it) in town. Located on Subirana Avenue 4 blocks from the main street. Good music and atmosphere.
    Mango is another newer place with Internet, cinema, music and food. Located at what was the Garifuna Museum and open until 11pm. Occasionaly it is possible to see live performances of punta the dance of the Garifuna people. Punta music is also regularly played in most nightclubs.

    In SAN PEDRO SULA we used to go to the more expensive places to avoid unnecessary trouble. The place was called Confetis, located on the Circumvalacion before Texaco on the Bulevard that goes to Cortes. It cost 50 lempiras per person back then but is around 80 -100 now.

    In LA CEIBA the place that most comes to mind was Boers a nightclub with a big bar. They played all sorts of music like rock, salsa and merengue. Another place called Sea View was located over a lagoon. It was lit up at night and you danced on a platform over the lagoon!

    Salsa on the beach!
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    Many: Garifuna Hangouts

    by epicult Updated Jan 17, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are a few Garifuna hangouts in La Ceiba but for a more authentic look at Garifuna life/nightlife, check out the small Garifuna village across the lagoon from Palacios. These folks will get your *ss "movin' to the groovin'" whether you like it or not. I was sceptical at first in thinking this would become another 'tourist show' but it became evident that this was the real deal. These people love to dance! Once the music starts, the women from all over the village head towards the music, taking turns playing, singing and dancing to traditional Garifuna songs for hours. Be prepared to 'cut some rug' on the dance floor (usually someones kitchen). The party will probably continue long after you leave.

    Some of the percussive instrument are really cool including conch & turtle shell and many of nature's other percussive wonders.

    Although the Garifuna are everywhere, we only visited a few of the villages in and around Palacios. If you're in Palacios, ask around for Don Abel. He'll set you on the right path.

    While there (or La Ceiba), try to get your hands on some Gifiti (the "medicine of love). Gifiti is a concoction of alcohol, soaked in various roots and herbs such as "pie de hombre," cloves, and anise. Many locals, swear by its healing and potency powers. Tastes like a really interesting cough syrup. You gotta try it once!

    Punta Dance - Thanks to Bonnie Schmidt for the pic
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  • Tatianaxanadu's Profile Photo

    Casa Medieval: Swanky restaurant/bar in Tegus

    by Tatianaxanadu Written Dec 10, 2003

    This a gorgeous, very posh, newly opened place where i think you can eat (i was having a purely liquid dinner, so i have nothing to report on this ; ). Drinks are resonably priced and the bar is fully stocked (yay G&Ts!). There is a small dance floor which when i went (Saturday night) had a few couples who really knew what they were doing, so unfortunately it is not for clueless gringos who have two left feet and prefer to try out their moves in a darkened bar where everyone is too drunk to notice their crappiness. But if you want to watch some talented dancers tear up the floor, its totally worth it. The owner prefers old school salsa, so its great you want to listen to some quality latino music (ie. not mark anthony, eugh!) and enjoy some drinks in a comfortable environment. (also, for all you backpackers, if you are yearning for a beautiful, clean, flushing toilet, this is the place for you!)

    Dress Code: formal enough, although no one is going to chuck you out for not wearing a tie or anything.

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    See below: Other Honduran Nightlife

    by epicult Updated May 9, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    La Ceiba
    La Casona:
    Good karaoke and dance club - safe

    Good pub-style gringo bar. If you happen to be Canadian, be sure Mark the owner serves up a 'traditional' shot for you. The food is very good too.

    Bush bar:
    Great place to people watch, meet heaps of fellow travelers. Only open Fridays

    Coco Loco
    Great place to people watch, meet heaps of fellow travelers. The bar is 'on' a dock, over the water. Stay dry, jump in or dip your toes... the choice is yours. After a few too many, most simply try to keep from falling off. Always open. Loads of people dancing to groovy techno into the wee hours. Lifejacket optional.

    Happens in Mid July. Utila shuts down and one of the small cayes off the island becomes a 48 hour dance party. Anything goes.

    Lots of cool beach parties but most bars are full of iritating hookers. This place is similar to Jamaica. Locals 'know' how to hustle touristas. Watch out for locals with Machetes. I kid you not! I saw visitors being chased with Machetes twice in my three days there. Maybe just a bad week...???

    Dress Code: They're all casual but no shorts at La Casona

    Party Shack?
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  • El Bocalou: One Block from the Ocean Bars

    by dawnpaz2000 Written Mar 9, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you like to just sit and listen to jute box music, or meet other travelers, or meet locals, this is the place. El Bocalou is one block from the ocean. There beer is cheap!! They only serve beer however, so those wanting hard alcohol need to go to another place. I find the place relaxing, but during Carnival or on the weekends, there are alot of people on the streets either hanging out here, or bar hopping as there are many other bars on this street. It´s an open bar with a grass hut covering. The music may get a little loud, but they usually play country or oldies-but-goodies

    Dress Code: There is no dress code

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  • LATINO82's Profile Photo

    Party, music, food, and beutiful women...

    by LATINO82 Written Sep 23, 2002

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    All of this can be found in Honduras...All of these in one only place! A discotec !! La ceiba is recognized for being the city where people dance and party at all times!.. A weekend in La Ceiba is just music! Go to the 'Zona Viva' a saturday nigth!, there are a lot of places to chooses...such as: El Mussol ( Bar&Grill ), Alejandro's Discotec, Area 504, Crash , etc... all of then with a nice environment ...and musci for all people !!!

    La ceiba is synonimus of Party !!!!

    San Pedro Sula, its also another city where nigthlife is very accelerated. Circunvalacion Ave. is famous for the discos, bars and restaurants.

    Tegucigalpa, the capital is also full of discotecs and bars... Ther is no reason to ber at home in a weekend in Honduras !

    Sinford park, in downtown , La Ceiba.

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  • DanEnslow's Profile Photo

    Lots of places to meet people...

    by DanEnslow Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Lots of places to meet people and have fun, especially on Utila! But I want to talk about the good times I had doing music. I got into several jams on Utila, notably when I became a star at the regular Tuesday night jam at Las Deliciosas restaurant/pub. I had a nice time with Mike and Alan from Alaska, and just playing by the sea at Trudi's Hotel.
    I also had a good tune swap with Heintz in Tela, a professional guitarist from Germany. If you like music, by all means bring your voice and your axe.
    Below are Mike, Dan, and Birnie, Peace Corps volunteers on RR, helping with diving classes and sharing some tales and tunes in the evening.

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  • juandiver's Profile Photo

    Coco Loco: Coco Loco

    by juandiver Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Almost everybody is a traveler. Everybody enjoy the night and the sea. But be carefull because it is easy to fall in the sea.

    Dress Code: What's Dress code in Utila? Just be yourself.

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