Honduras Off The Beaten Path

  • Beauty of a sunrise
    Beauty of a sunrise
    by sltmjones
  • Entrance outside the National Stadium
    Entrance outside the National Stadium
    by bdougherty
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by bdougherty

Honduras Off The Beaten Path

  • Los Naranjos Archaeological Park

    Los Naranjos Archaeological Park is an archeological site protecting the ruins of a settlement established by the pre-Columbian Lenca Culture on the northwest shore of Lake Yojoa. It is considered to be the second most important pre-Columbian site in Honduras, after the Mayan ruins at Copán. The settlement was established in about 700 B.C., and it...

  • La Moskitia with La Ruta Moskitia!

    The week I spent in La Moskitia was the most memorable travel I have ever had. I went on a tour organized by La Ruta Moskitia, a local organization that works with the locals to put all profits back into their communities. They were very well organized, but I still got to feel like I was immersed in the culture - no westerners taking care of your...

  • The Aguán Valley

    Most people who visit Honduras will never travel to the remote and dry Aguán Valley. The reason is that there is absolutely nothing in the area that would attract most tourists. However, for birdwatchers this is one of only two or three arid valleys in Honduras where the endemic Honduran emerald can be found. This highly endangered species of...

  • Trujillo

    Blown away by Hurricane Mitch, tourism in Trujillo has never really returned. The former capital sits in a torpor on the North Coast opposite the heavily trafficked Bay Isles. It is a pity that Trujillo is neglected, for it is one of the most beautiful small towns in Central America. Trujillo is also of historical interest to travellers who know...

  • Copan Ruinas

    Copan is in the WESTERN part of Honduras, in the centre of the NORTH-SOUTH borderline with Guatemala.CHIQUIMULA is the town in Guatemala closest to the border crossing into Honduras. Calculate about 2 hours from Chiquimula to EL FLORIDO, the hamlet where you cross the border on foot.Buses leave Chiquimula for El Florido all day, every hour. MAKE...

  • Las Marias - Trekking

    If you're up for adventure, this is a trip for you. Not so much for its strenous activity but for its sheer logistical challenges. Lush jungle, lovely Pech and Moskito people, and some of the most amazing wildlife I've seen in all my jungle adventures, including the Amazon. A little on the expensive side; about 450 USD w/ a guide and about 350 or...

  • A Trip with the Locals

    The people I was staying with in Juticalpa invited me to go out into the countryside with them. I have no idea where this picture was taken, except for the fact that I was riding in the bed of a pickup truck. It wasn't a bad way to be immersed into the daily living, although there were telltale signs that the truck had been used to haul manure. I'm...

  • Walking to Honduras

    I’m told that much of the mountainous region of the departments of Ocotepeque, Lempira, Intibuca, and La Paz along the Salvadoran border is good hiking /trekking territory. So far, my travels in that area have been limited to walking across the rickety hanging bridge over the Sumpul River that connects the small villages of Petapa (El Salvador) and...

  • Holy cow?

    The picture is from downtown Tegucigalpa and it might belong in another category, but on the other hand the city is a little bit off the beaten path in the world today.

  • Trienfa de la cruz

    This is a beautiful Garifuna town of which I was really fortunate to be able to be accepted by the community. The beaches are beatiful but is packed from visitors during the day. The beaches are free and practically deserted around 8 in the morning. If you visit the nature preserve near by you may hear the howler monkeys. I highly reccomend staying...

  • Guide

    There are several little kids about 10-14 years old running aroudn the streets. They will take you wherever you want to go (with good information) and walk you door to door. WATCH OUTthey force you at the end to pay them .. or else...this didnt just happen to me but several other travelers....say no thank you or be ready to pay them 5-10 dollars US

  • Most of the interior is hard...

    Many areas of the interior are accessible but hard to get to. From Guatemala, the road runs around a large central area of mountains to reach San Pedro Sula and then the capital. Pick ups are still the primary means of transportation once you leave the few main roads.Honduras is still a country of horses. If you like a frontier environment then...


    Puerto Cortes is a port city to the north west of San Pedro Sula. It is best reached by bus from SPS. There is a beach here but it isn't as nice as Tela in my opinion. The main attraction for me here was the Omoa Fort. The hotel that we stayed in was called Hotel Costa Azul located on the Coca Cola Beach on the waterfront. The rooms were very...

  • Poorest areas of Tegus

    Getting around one of the poorest neighborhood of the capital, called 'Alemania'. We went to visit a school and a sewing factory, supported by the organization "Save the Children". Even here big smiles, especially from the kids... :)

  • A beach worth beating a path to!

    Tujillo has very nice beaches. I must admit I'm not a big 'beach' lover, but these stretches are truly spectacular. Staying at Campamento (a few miles out of town... take a taxi or hitch hike) we never saw a person within miles on these beaches, besides the owners of course. The accompanying picture pretty much tells all.It's quite easy to get to...

  • Walpaul-bansirpe petroglyphs

    About 4 hours up river from Las Marias (via dugout pipante) you will come to the Walpaul-bansirpe petroglyphs. Not a whole lot to see but interesting none-the-less. The local guides are funny, entertaining and an overall joy. They work very hard propelling these dugouts UP the river and get a little silly (always wanting to practice their English)...


    Trujillo is a small beach town in the north east of Honduras in the state of Colon. There is a beautiful beach front area with wonderful seafood restaurants and bars. The town is situated on the hill above the beach.

  • small, nontourist villages

    If you come to Honduras, of course there are tourist places to see and visit. However, if you want to see how the REAL Hondurans live, get a map of Honduras, pick a small town, and go there. You´ll surely see how the people really live. Honduran people are very friendly and have alot of Hospitality. One time my family and I went with my Honduran...

  • San Lorenzo

    The area of San Lorenzo is a very dry region on the south coast of Honduras. It was one the most devastated part of the country by the Hurricane Mitch in 1998.

  • Iguana Farm

    It’s a bit out of the way but Roatan has the only Iguana Farm on the island. The drive to the farm from the West End itself is interesting in itself. The Farm is a local man’s attempt to keep Roatan’s Iguana population intact. While Iguana’s are suppose to be a protected species many locals kill them for their meat. For more pictures and info see...

  • san pedro sula: a nice coastal...

    san pedro sula: a nice coastal city with some nice 'colonial' remains. the climate has created a nickname for this place: san pedro sauna

  • Agua Caliente is a hot spring...

    Agua Caliente is a hot spring resort hotel near the Pech village of Silin, about 7 Km west of Trujillo. It is in a very peaceful hilly country setting. You can use the hot pools and get a complete massage for about $10. I paid extra because Lastenia spent a lot of extra time on my shoulder which I had injured in a bicycle accident in Tela. Lastenia...

  • Central America Spanish...

    Central America Spanish School, Utila. I had a very good experience there. The teachers come from La Ceiba and spend the week. My teacher, Yadira, is an excellent teacher and a very special person. One-on-one lessons are very inexpensive. Smiling here are Angél, Nolvia, me, and Yadira.

  • Spanish lessons at the Mango...

    Spanish lessons at the Mango Spanish School. One-on-one lessons are inexpensive, the location is very pleasant, and my teacher, Olympia was excellent. What more could I ask?

  • Visit a different type of culture in...

    Trujillo: A lovly town in Honduras' Carribean Coast. The town is quite laid back so I chilled for a night there. If you're into Afro-Carribean culture this is your town :).

  • San Alejo is located about 30...

    San Alejo is located about 30 minutes drive from Tela. It is a small village and the site where palm trees are grown for the production of maseca which is a type of fat used in nearly all cooking in Honduras. You can get to San Alejo by taking the bus from Tela to Progresso and telling the driver you want to get off at San Alejo. From there you...

  • Cuevas PintadasSome of the...

    Cuevas PintadasSome of the other teachers and I searched for Petroglyphs less than an hour outside of Tegucigalpa on the road towards Choluteca. You need to turn left where the road to Ojojona goes right. After turning around many times, asking anyone we saw, and finally discounting anything the book said, we found them with the help of a guide...

  • Cayos Cochinos. Make no...

    Cayos Cochinos. Make no mistake - THIS IS A PARADISE off the coast from La Ceiba. 13 different keys or small islands. Hard to get to but well worth your trouble. Travel to a place called Armenia (on the road to Trujillo) and arrange the crossing from there. The cost is about $ 30 US per boat - return. It's a simple fishing boat.Cayos Cochinos have...

  • When in La Ceiba try to see...

    When in La Ceiba try to see the following:1).Rio Maria (take a bus for Sambo creek)2).Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge (33 km. from L.C. on Caribbean shore)3).Congrejal River Rafting (some best white water rafting in C.America)4).Butterfly and Insect Museum (5000 butterflies and more)5).Pico Bonito cloud Forest6).Villa Rhina (H-wy towards Jutiapa),...

  • Iguana farm - Roatan. There is...

    Iguana farm - Roatan. There is a guy on the island of Roatan who is trying to save iguanas, (they are - unfortunately for them - considered a cullinary delicacy) sheltering and feeding them at his ranch. One can see up to 300 hundred of them at lunch time at a time!

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    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Was in Honduras: (no date given)Updated: Aug 31 21:58:01 PSTPage Hits: 136 Edit this Page Delete this Location marko727's Trip to Honduras » Send this Picture as a Postcard I'LL BE VISITING HONDURAS THE LAST COUPLE DAYS IN OCTOBER, 2001. I'LL POST PHOTOS AND TRAVEL...

  • Lago Yojoa...went there for a...

    Lago Yojoa...went there for a couple of days this past March. Most amazing inland lake between San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa (around 2 hours from either). Beautiful scenery, great fishing and fish eating, excellent birding, Pulhapanzak??? Falls....largest waterfalls in Honduras, cheap lodging (aournd $30/nite for lakeside cabin sleeping up to 8 @...

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