Honduras Transportation

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Honduras Transportation

  • Ramón Villeda Morales International...

    Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport (SAP) serves San Pedro Sula, the second-largest city in Honduras. It is located about nine miles (11 kilometers) from the city center. Because the airport is more convenient than Tegucigalpa's airport to most of the tourist attractions of Honduras, including the Mayan ruins of Copán, and the beaches and...

  • Toncontín International Airport

    Toncontín International Airport (TGU) is located about four miles (six kilometers) from downtown Tegucigalpa. It handles many international flights, although the airport in San Pedro Sula, the nation's second-largest city, is actually the primary international gateway to Honduras. Because it is closely hemmed in by tall mountains, and because it...

  • La Ceiba-Golosón International Airport

    La Ceiba-Golosón International Airport (LCE) is a small airport serving La Ceiba, a small city on the northern Caribbean coast of Honduras. The airport handles mostly domestic flights, although there are a few flights to neighboring Central American and Caribbean countries.Airlines serving La Ceiba-Golosón International Airport: Aerolineas Sosa,...

  • Getting a cab

    All of the cabs in Isla Roatan are monopolized by one company and the cab drivers are hired by them. There were no independent cab drivers who own their own cabs.I made a deal with a cab driver for the whole day so he can tour us around the island. He brought us to the market in Coxen Hole, Monkey Place, and even waited for us when we were...

  • local Honduras bus rides

    I cannot be specific as to your possible bus trip, but let me say this. I´m in Honduras NOW, and I´ve ridden buses everywhere for the past 2 1/2 weeks from San Pedro Sula to Tegus to Nicaragua to where I am now in La Esperanza, and I´ve not had any problems whatsoever. EVERYONE has been most kind and helpful. trip has been TODO BUENO, NO MAL...

  • Hedman-Alas

    Hedman-Alas is an upscale bus company which links a limited number of destinations in Honduras and Guatemala (Tegucigalpa - San Pedro Sula - San Pedro Sula Airport - Tela - La Ceiba - Copán Ruinas - Guatemala City - Antigua Guatemala). In some towns like Tela, the Hedman-Alas terminal is further from the center than the humble bus station. The...

  • Pick-Up

    When buses aren't available or practical, you can often find someone willing to give you a lift in the back of his pickup truck. It's called a pick-up, and pronounced picop. Naturally, you need to hold on to your hat, and spread sun screen beforehand. And it can be quite rattling on unpaved roads. But you see the landscape much better than from the...

  • Honduras Bus Travel

    Buses in Honduras are either decommissioned US school buses or grimy old touring coaches. The school buses are still yellow (unlike in Guatemala, where they are gaudily redecorated). As of 2009, the fare is less than $2 per hour - some times much less. The conductor collects the fare en route, and gives you a piece of paper, the length of which...

  • By Air to Honduras

    San Pedro Sula is the prime gateway to enter Honduras by air, with the capital Tegucigalpa a close second. I flew into San Pedro Sula nonstop from New York / Newark with Continental. This flight only operates on Saturdays. There are two daily flights from Houston with Continental, and service from Atlanta, Dallas, and Miami with other airlines....

  • La Sultana Bus

    Ist is a reliable bus service, locals use it as well, it is the lesta expensive of the bus services between Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. It only costa round 5.60 usd (100.00 lempiras ) to get to/from these 2 cities.And it only costs approx 1.50 to get From San Pedro to the beach town of Tela

  • Stay off Hedman Alas Bus Line - Part II

    As I posted in the "Warnings and Dangers" section last year, Hedman Alas should be everyone's last choice regarding travel within Honduras. There have been some interesting communications between the Hedmans and myself since this ordeal, and I invite anyone who's considering bus travel within Honduras to read the blog post on my site, before making...

  • Ferry from Dangriga, Belize to Puerto...

    The Puerto Cortez (Honduras) ferry leaves every Saturday morning around 9, though probably later, from the docks at Dangriga. The ferry operators make smooth work of the passport control, for which you need to arive a tad early, though after the three hour ferry you are on your own to find the customs office in Puerto Cortez. Barter before making a...

  • Jalone = Hitchhike

    Jalone (Ha-lone) is the Honduran word for hitchhike. Most people are willing to stop and pick you up and I imagine it is safe to do almost anywhere outside of the big cities. Always ask people how much money they would like for the ride, though people rarely accept anything. Do not jalone at night and it is probably safer to do with more than one...

  • Any fligth from Houston,...

    Any fligth from Houston, Miami, New Orleans, Panama, Madrid, etc. Or by road from the United States all the way down to Panama trougth the 'Carretera Panamericana'and crossing all the five central american countries, Guatemala, El Salvador, then Honduras and Nicaragua, Costa Rica and then Pánama. You can travel inside Honduras by almost any kind of...

  • Rural MiniVan

    Our mode of transportation was usually in the bed of a pickup truck, but we saw several of these carts on the road.

  • Bus system

    We were on the main highway through the country, and had a great opportunity to explore the local towns with the bus system. The bus took us to any of the local villages in the area, very safely and efficiently. I don't remember the cost, but it was not expensive.

  • From Guatemala to Copan, Honduras

    There are several tours from Guatemala to Copan, Honduras. The cheapest price I found were 15 USD from antigua to copan, only one way transport fee, and 60 USD including a night in a hotel and free entrance to the ruins.i did it by local buses, only 3 USD From G. City to Chiquimula, then 1 USD to the border town of El florido, and then 1 USD to...


    Luxury Non-Stop Service - Viana Clase Oro Tegucigalpa, Boulevard Fuerzas Armadas, Tel. 239-8288. San Pedro Sula, Ave. Circunvalación 200 Mts Wendy's, Tel.556-9261. * Buses are at 06:30, 13:30 15:30, 18:15 Sunday to Friday and at 06:30, 09:30, 13:30, 15:30 on Saturdays. Direct Service - Hedman Alas Comayaguela, 11 Ave. 13 y 14 Calle, Tel. Teg....


    I am a New Zealander and both times I came to Honduras from there. I flew to LA first and then took an American Airlines flight to Miami. From there you can fly into either Tegucigalpa or San Pedro Sula. It is possible to travel overland into Honduras but I haven't tried it. I have heard that there is a good border between Guatemala and Honduras...

  • Clueless Taxi Drivers

    You'd think that a taxi driver of all people would know the names of at least the main streets in a town. not so in tegucigalpa. really, i didnt get in one cab with a driver to whom i could give the address and have him go, oh, ok, no problem. however, many are happy to let you get into the cab knowing full well they dont have a flippin clue where...

  • La Ceiba: Saving on cab fare

    In La Ceiba you cut your cab fare (into town) to $2.00 US by walking out a couple hundred meters to the main road (I believe $8.00 US is the cost from within the airport parking lot). This general rule of thumb can be applied to pretty much any airport in Central or South America. You may want to ask a 'badged' airport official about safety outside...

  • Ticabus

    Ticabus is thé way to travel true Central America in a luxury, but cheap way. The modern busses are aquiped with tv, video, Air conditioning, big confortable seats, a fridge, ...Route 1; Panamá city (Panamá) - San José (Costa Rica) - Managua (Nicaragua) - San Salvador (El Salvador) - Guatemala city (Guatemala) - Tapachula (Mexico)Route 2; Managua (...

  • Transportation to/around Moskitia

    Transportation here is very expensive and the logistics are more complex than you might think. Typical transport is via dugout like the one pictured here. The trip from La Ceiba to Las Marias took us 13 hours including our flight to Palacios and all boating. River trip activities included things like helping farmers and their horses across small...

  • More Aero Adventures

    Traveling by plane in Honduras is cheap which is great for those with time constraints. Most of the planes are old Russian carriers. They may be held together with duct tape and rarely do any of the accessories work (sometimes not even the seatbelts) but they get you there, and cheap!The airlines are almost always on time unlike many 3rd world...

  • Fly to Utila or take the boat?

    Personally, I like to spent time exploring and not in transit. If you feel the same way (or simply have limited vacation/travel time) and want to get to Roatan or Utila , take the plane. I believe the ferry is 10.00 USD or so to Utila. If you shop around you can find a flight for 15.00 and it's only 15 minutes. Why sweat a few dollars, unless you...

  • Different Kind of Buses

    You can get around to the major cities and small towns via Direct Buses, Non-Direct, or Chicken Buses. The Direct Buses and Non-Direct have ^specific^ time schedules and don´t make any stops. If it is more than a 4 hour trip they will stop half way for the driver to take a 15-30 minute break and for you to get some refreshments and/or food. The...

  • Local Buses are great and Inexpensive

    Local buses are a great and inexpensive way to get around the island. There is really only one road on the island so if you need to catch a bus stand on the side of the road in the direction you need to head in and just flag down the bus. Buses run every 30 minutes or so and a 30 minute ride will cost less than a dollar. Taxi's aren't outrageously...

  • Fly, but beware of delays and...

    Fly, but beware of delays and cancellations at least until the area becomes more modernized.In Honduras, the taxi is the way. In Roatan, there are plenty of car rental places, as well as places that rent motorbikes and scooters. The roads on Roatan are somewhat dangerous, and it is pretty hard driving at night especially because there are people on...

  • Best way to get is by plane.....

    Best way to get is by plane.. there are several airlines from Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Guatemala that can take you there...You may also take buses or private tour to get to Copan Ruins.Do not rent a car. It's actually unsafe to drive!!

  • I was amazed at the bus...

    I was amazed at the bus coverage in Honduras. For instance, there was a bus from Tela to La Ceiba every 25 minutes practically around the clock. They're also really easy to figure out; they're well marked, the driver's assistant calls out the destination repeatedly before the bus leaves. Out on the road, they honk whenever they come up on people...

  • Ah, how do I get there?

    Well, unless you are traveling overland you will have to fly. There are international flights from Tegusigalpa, San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba, and Roatan.Buses are easily accessible. So are boats to the bay islands and flights between large cities.

  • As I came from Guatemala, the...

    As I came from Guatemala, the best way to get there (cheapest) is by bus or driving.Hedman Alas, for a couple of dollars more you can travel in one of the best transportation in Honduras.

  • Go to the Bay Islands, in the...

    Go to the Bay Islands, in the Carribean Sea, some of the most beautiful waters, and there is very inexpensive scuba diving. (I think it costs less than $200US to acquire your diving certificate)

  • Para llegar a Copan desde...

    Para llegar a Copan desde Guatemala, el punto de partida es Chiquimula a donde se puede llegar con transporte publico por carretera directo desde Guatemala City y desde Puerto Barrios. Se encuentre aproximadamente a la misma distancia de cualquiera de las dos ciudades, 3 horas y media. En Chiquimula se toma un autobús o una camioneta, para un...

  • They usually don't let you...

    They usually don't let you hang out the window of these things!Islena Airlines from La Ceiba to Roatan: teh layed back way to travel.

  • Roads

    Most of secondary roads in Honduras are usually in not very good conditions, especially after the disaster of hurricane Mitch in 1998. So it is mandatory to get around with a 4x4 car. Well... sometimes even with a jeep you can have a flat tire !! :(

  • I perfer to go to the mainland...

    I perfer to go to the mainland of Honduras by TACA AirlinesI plan to go on my first trip to the Bay Island and will be sailing to that destination.Walking. You must remember you do not have the right of way if you are crossing a street.

  • The cheapest way is Taca...

    The cheapest way is Taca Airlines, however, I wouldn't recommend them to anyone! American Airlines has a direct flight to San Pedro Sula and Roatan Island from LAX and Houston. It's worth the few extra bucks!The buses are cheap, but often crowded. Taxis don't charge much more than the buses and they can be found everywhere. Small planes are the...

  • Air and bus. We used buses at...

    Air and bus. We used buses at the time, the best being Tica Bus, which was -- and possibly still is -- a company that ran/runs Greyhound-style buses from Guatemala City to Panama City.We used SAHSA, the national airline, to fly between Tegucigalpa and San Andres Island. At the time they were using Lockheed Electras, though those have no doubt been...


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