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  • Ruinas de Copan
    Ruinas de Copan
    by Twan
  • Stela E and view of Structure 4, Copan
    Stela E and view of Structure 4, Copan
    by atufft
  • View from Ballcourt across to Ceremonial Court
    View from Ballcourt across to Ceremonial...
    by atufft
Map of Honduras

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Barra Patuca



Isla de Roatán

See all 312 Isla de Roatán Tips
  • Fresh fish of the day

    Isla de Roatán Restaurants

    Probably this is the best restaurant in Roatan island, although is the only one that I visited, but according to the people I talked with, must be the número uno. Fresh fish, of course, you even see how that catch the fish.

  • Infinity Bay Spa and Beach Resort

    Isla de Roatán Hotels

    West Bay Beach, Island of Roatan

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • West End

    Isla de Roatán Things to Do

    West End is where the posh hotels is located... it has a truly amazing long and wide white beach - a dreamy place BUT full of people: people enjoying the sea and sand AND approximately the same number of people selling jewellery, drinks, excursions etc. We stopped for photos and for a drink but such a paradise was a bit too crowded for our taste.



See all 71 Tela Tips
  • The Telamar area

    Tela Things to Do

    West of the former headquarters, you will find a whole neighborhood which once housed the US employees of United Fruit. The complex looks somewhat like a Southern military base.Part of the neighborhood has been turned into an upscale resort, the Villas Telamar. This is where the beach looks cleanest and safest.

  • Hotel Marsol

    Tela Hotels

    I had read good comments about this hotel, and, as is my custom, I wanted a reservation for my first...

  • Bungalow - good food, good atmosphere,...

    Tela Restaurants

    We ate at the Bungalow in Tela. Its a small place that is a favorite with locals and expats alike. We wandered upon it and noticed the low prices. We asked a few expats that we ran into about it and everyone had great things to say. We loved our food and ended up staying for hours talking to Norman, the owner of the restaurant, from Louisiana. I...



See all 221 Copán Tips
  • Necropolis

    Copán Things to Do

    Initially thought as an area of tombs, the name "The Necropolis" was given to this site. However, it has since been determined that this was a residential area. However by this time the name had stuck to the site.

  • Hotel Posada Real de Copan

    Copán Hotels

    3 kms anParque Arqueologicotes del, Copan, 504, Honduras

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Copan cons

    Copán Transportation

    We thought we had better let people know that there is a scam going on in Copan which will cause independant travellers a lot of grief. Travelling to Copan from Antigua no problem 125 quetzales door to door service leaving 4am arriving 10ish. Checked onward travel all the same everywhere in Copan $29 to Purto Barrios , Rio Dolce etc.  Costly but to...



See all 41 Utila Tips
  • Don't Miss The Pizza

    Utila Restaurants

    There is always a mix of 3 day tourists, 3 month tourists and expats hanging out here. The 2 big screen TVs make watching the Soccer World Cup, Rugby World Cup or the Superbowl a fun experience. There's also a pool table and dart board. Pool tournament nights get entertaining. It's a laid back place with good food, good prices and great people from...

  • Breakfast is a must at this restaurant!

    Utila Restaurants

    I had a tradtional honduran breakfast earlier this year and it was possibly the best breakfast I've ever had during my vacations in Utila. They offer REAL fruit juices and very good coffee. Finding this place is tricky because you cant see the restaurant sign from the Main Street. Utila is very small, so just ask for directions. Honduran Breakfast...

  • Alton's Dive Center - Utila's Party Dive...

    Utila Things to Do

    I visited several dive shops before choosing Alton’s for an Advanced Open Water course. I was impressed with the staff’s professionalism and the condition of the scuba gear and boats. Those initial impressions all proved out; instructors were professional (some more than others); no equipment problems; new, first-rate boats.The only caveat is that...



See all 36 Tegucigalpa Tips
  • From Los Manos border crossing to...

    Tegucigalpa Transportation

    (This tip is the continue story from my "transportattion tip" of Somoto (Nicaragua) .After finished the border crossing process(at Los Manos) which took me only half an hour.We just walked cross border from Nicaragua into Honduras .On the Nicaragua side ,there were long line of trucks waiting on one side of the road and estimated to be about 500 m....

  • Marriott Tegucigalpa

    Tegucigalpa Hotels

    Boulevard Juan Pablo Segundo, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • The best restaurant in...

    Tegucigalpa Restaurants

    If someone travels to Honduras they got to go to this restaurant El Patio, the food is the best, pinchos, anafres of beens and cheese, the service is great and the music is nice with all the mariachis and the decoration of mayan stile is original, I hope someday this restaurant comes to the USA.They have facebook fan page...


San Pedro Sula

See all 34 San Pedro Sula Tips
  • Great Sushi

    San Pedro Sula Restaurants

    Sorry, as of 2012 Bonsai is closed. Try either of the two Sushi Ito locations instead.Bonsai is a place I visit frequently when I am in San Pedro Sula. The sushi is always fresh and I always eat vast amounts of it. This is a two-story restaurant with exceptional service. Try the Titanic sushi boat- it is enough to fill up any party of four with a...

  • Hotel Gran Mediterraneo

    San Pedro Sula Hotels

    Barrio Guamilito 4 avenida 6 calle, una cuadra arriba de La Prensa, San Pedro Sula, Honduras

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • food of the town..

    San Pedro Sula Restaurants

    I recently traveled to san pedro sula for work , I must confess the food was awesome. There wasn't an item that I tried at any local restaurant that I didn't go WOW that tasted great.Looking forward to getting another round in this october.flexter



See all 19 Trujillo Tips
  • Trujillo Fort

    Trujillo Things to Do

    The fortress at Trujillo is a national heritage site that maybe the oldest settlement and fortress in Central America (Granada, Nicaragua was founded by Royal Spanish charter in the same year, however). Columbus himself had first set foot here, and Cortez ordered that a supply settlement be founded here. Thus, Trujillo was also the first Spanish...

  • Rental Car Wash

    Trujillo Transportation

    Getting out to Trujillo from San Pedro Sula isn't likely to be much of a mud bath because the roads are mostly paved. But, from Trujillo to Santa Fe and Guadalupe, or anywhere else outside of Trujillo, the roads are sandy mud, and so the car is likely to need a bath. On the road leading into town, there are a couple of car washes, but I recommend...

  • Guadalupe

    Trujillo Off The Beaten Path

    Guadalupe is even more remote from Trujillo and smaller than Santa Fe. The town has no government buildings nor church that I saw.



See all 20 Omoa Tips
  • Information accuracy

    Omoa Warnings and Dangers

    My tips here and of any guide book may be innacurate, since things are changing and Honduras has been improving a lot its systems of transportation, which is excellent news. So, you had better check locally for any information on transport to/from and around.

  • Carribbean Cliffs Marine Club

    Omoa Hotels

    Acantilados Del Caribe

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • To and From Puerto Cortés

    Omoa Transportation

    If you arrived in Puerto Cortés by bus from Tela or San Pedro Sula, you just have to change the bus at the terminal - which is not more than a parking lot. Drivers will help. The journey is short, something about half an hour. You can take the buses to Corinto, too, but then you'll have to walk all the way from the road along the main street. Well,...


Isla de Utila

See all 33 Isla de Utila Tips
  • ATMs in Utila - always get a receipt

    Isla de Utila Warnings and Dangers

    There are only two ATMs on Utila Island. Both are located on the Main Street, one is at the Banco Atlantida and the other is yards away near to the pharmacy. Both machines accept a wide variety of cards. Make sure that you always go for the option that gives you a receipt. At busy times it is possible for the ATMs to run out of money. This happened...

  • Mango Inn

    Isla de Utila Hotels

    I had not pre- booked any accommodation for my stay in Utila and liked the look of this place. The...

  • Insect repellent and After Bite are...

    Isla de Utila What to Pack

    If you visit Utila then there is a good likelihood that you will come across the sand flies. They are particulArly active both at dawn and dusk. I would recommend that you pack a insect repellent with a high DEET content and also something to soothe any bites. Whilst there are many ointments containing antihistamine or mild hydrocortisone, I...


Santa Rosa de Copán

  • Mercado

    Santa Rosa de Copán Things to Do

    Off the plaza, behind the cathedral is a market place. Step through the entrance into an enclosed patio area with a food concession at the center. Around the patio are colonial style business covered by tile roofs. I didn't see much worth buying for the tourist, however. This was apparently not the busiest of markets in the city.

  • Colonial Street Architecture

    Santa Rosa de Copán Things to Do

    It's worth a few minutes to walk some side streets in Santa Rosa de Copan to shoot pictures of the brightly colored and sometimes restored colonial buildings. The narrow elevated sidewalks are sometimes filled with vendors, so expect to step into the traffic of these congested cobbled streets.

  • One of the Decent Places to Dine in Town

    Santa Rosa de Copán Restaurants

    My wife ordered a very nice looking soup, while I ordered a beef dish. I can't recall to many of the details, but it seems we had chips and salsa. The food was good, and the well lit location on the second floor of a restored old colonial building was quite charming. The owners try to effect a contemporary design and play American music. There's a...


Valle de Ángeles

  • One of the Best Souvenir Shops in All...

    Valle de Ángeles Shopping

    The fellow in this shop was educated and spoke excellent English, so we learned a lot from him about Honduras, Tegus, El Tigre National Park, and Valle de Angeles. He was proud that his shop was one of the few certified to get Mahogany and Cedar from sustainable forests in Honduras, since over logging of Honduran mahogany is endangering the...

  • Only Place Open on Christmas Eve

    Valle de Ángeles Restaurants

    We found all the normal tourist places closed by the time we got to dinner, which was around 8pm on Christmas Eve. However, down the street there was a restaurant with a rotisserie of chicken outside that appeared very popular with the locals. We had no choice but to dine here in this dimly lit restaurant with lacquered Honduran mahogany tables. We...

  • Narrow Cobblestone Streets of the Pueblo

    Valle de Ángeles Things to Do

    There are plenty of shops and other businesses that normally cater to tourists, but on Christmas morning, they were mostly closed and still asleep inside the mixed use buildings. We found a mural that was locally painted...



See all 22 Gracias Tips
  • Iglesia Las Mercedes

    Gracias Things to Do

    The oldest church in Gracias is Iglesia Las Mercedes, dating back to 1611. It is a few blocks off from Parque Central. At the time I visited, it was closed, and mostly fenced off from tourists. The church was in obvious need of renovation, having weeds growing in its tower. A bell tower has two nice bronze bells hanging. Apparently it took 30 years...

  • Parque Central Gracias

    Gracias Things to Do

    The Parque Central has the statue of Lempira, and other memorial statues and fountains under an arbor of old tropical trees. One of the more curious statues is apparently of Mary with baby Jesus, because the way she holds arms outstretched a sexualized infant is a very rare style of art. Closer examination reveals this is a Lion's Club statue to...

  • Iglesia San Marcos

    Gracias Things to Do

    Adjacent to, not facing, the Parque Central in Gracias, is the largest church in town, the Iglesia San Marcos has 18th century origins, but appears newer than this. The interior was only sparsely decorated for Christmas, not having the textiles hanging from the ceiling found in so many other churches along the Lenca trail. The altar is gold gilt,...


Sambo Creek

See all 7 Sambo Creek Tips
  • Walk Around Town

    Sambo Creek Things to Do

    Sambo Creek is a grimy but interesting town to walk around for some exercise and to see what's happening.

  • Walk Along the Beach

    Sambo Creek Things to Do

    Sambo Creek has a couple of small creeks flowing into the ocean, and the beach is long and beautiful. I like to look at the old plank boats and watch the children play. If I had the time, I'd dive into the surf. But, the waves aren't big here. This isn't a good body surfing beach. Sunset on the Atlantic side is certainly less interesting than on...

  • Bargaining for a Boatman

    Sambo Creek Transportation

    Pastel painted fiberglass boats with outboard motors and shade canopies are commonplace on the Atlantic coast of Honduras, so don't shy away from bargaining for the boat ride to Cayos Cochinos, or wherever else you may want to go.There's a well established tour package deal available at the red brick and mortar building right on the beach in...



See all 15 Amapala Tips
  • Money Exchange in Amapala

    Amapala Favorites

    In its hey day, Amapala had plenty of banks, but not it has none, so come to the island prepared. However, if you need to change some dollars, go to a woman who owns a beverage distribution warehouse just a block up the main boulevard from the pier across from the Hey Mister disco club. Going up the hill from the pier, it will be on the right. Ask...

  • Favorite Hang-out for Those Traveling...

    Amapala Restaurants

    There's a historic colonial era hotel in severe need of rehabilitation down on the waterfront, where a lot of motor taxis hang out. Despite it's run-down atmosphere, or perhaps because of it, this place is a major stop for breakfast and for those wanting to stock up on beer or bottled water on their way off the pier. We were recommended this place...

  • Seafood at the Waterfront

    Amapala Restaurants

    Surprisingly, this is the only place on the waterfront in Amapala, and it's closed in the morning, but it's a great place for dinner, fortunately. We had jumbo shrimp sautéed garlic and olive oil. I drank a beer. Prices are reasonable.


Roatán Town

See all 31 Roatán Town Tips
  • For a good time by the beach

    Roatán Town Restaurants

    It's a great spot by a beautiful beach, where you can enjoy the wonderful weather and scenery. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner with some daily entertainment at night. The menu consists of local seafood dishes, hamburgers, salads, steaks, chickens, etc. Everyone can find something they like. Fresh seafood items were always good. For drinks,...

  • Great dive every time!

    Roatán Town Things to Do

    We stayed at Bananarama's dive and beach resort. Every morning, we met at the dive shop to check gears, and hop on a boat in front of the resort. There are TONS of great dive spots near the beach throughout the island. It was usually a short 5-10 minutes ride to a dive spot. Most dives we did started at 25-40ft of shallow coral/sand area, and moved...

  • Be careful

    Roatán Town Warnings and Dangers

    Watch out for the kids. My husband and I were almost robbed by a kid who was about the age of 8! He seperated us while we were shopping and he was asking me what was on the ship and all. I started to talk but I noticed that he kept looking over at my husband. Finally looking at my husband I noticed that their was 2 or 3 kids around him hovering. I...


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