Honduras Warnings and Dangers

  • Fazio in Roatan Honduras
    Fazio in Roatan Honduras
    by FazioEliz
  • ATM on Utila
    ATM on Utila
    by CEP1863
  • The harness assistance
    The harness assistance
    by joiwatani

Honduras Warnings and Dangers

  • "But if I pay it for you . . ."

    We live in Guatemala and decided to drive to Nicaragua for Christmas holiday. We had driven to places in El Salvador and in Honduras before and expected no problems this time. We were wrong.To get to Nicaragua, we drove through San Miguel, El Salvador, and crossed the border into Honduras near there. We only drove 70 miles through Honduras, but in...

  • No sun doesn't mean no burns

    If you are fair skinned, remember to use sun screen, even on overcast days. Parts of your skin which you may not expose to sun in everyday life can burn easily while in a kayak, or in the back of a pickup truck - even on a cloudy day with a gentle breeze. Same thing with the bug repellent: if there is a chance you'll need to take off your socks and...

  • Treacherous sidewalks and gutters

    Drainage is an issue in Honduras. Five minutes of hard rain can turn streets into streams. Some towns deal with the problem via very deep gutters, so deep that there are little bridges of sorts in front of each house or storefront. In additions, some sidewalks remain resolutely horizontal while the street beside goes down or up, and you can find...

  • San Pedro Sula Bus Terminal

    This is true of all bus terminals, but especially in San Pedro Sula. You can't find centralized information. Nearly everyone you ask for direction has only one thing in mind: to get you on his bus or on his friend's bus, even if it is not the earliest or most direct to your destination.This is very different from my experience in Ecuador, where bus...

  • Litter

    Like neighboring Guatemala, Honduras is practically strewn with plastic bags, plastic bottles, and snack containers. It is tempting to feel superior. However, my guess is that the carbon footprint of the average Honduran is but a fraction of ours. Municipalities do encourage their inhabitants to use trash bins. The natural parks are very clean -...

  • Tourist Police

    Honduras has a reputation for crime and violence. It actually has one of the highest murder rates in the world, but most murders are gang-related, and it is unlikely that most visitors will experience any form of violent crime. Most crimes commited against tourists involve theft or muggings. In the small towns, crime is rarely a problem, but big...


    As I posted about a year ago, we were robbed at gunpoint on a Hedman Alas bus. Since then, I've reported the whole incident on my blog site, and several other travel sites, including this one. Just recently, I've received a response to my post from a member of the Hedman family, which owns the bus line. I've presented the entire dialog on my blog...

  • Trujillo ATM machines!

    Be careful using the ATM at Banco Atlantida in Trujillo. It often deducts the funds from your account and does not give you the cash. Only go inside the bank and sign for cash...NEVER use the ATM!! If you do not notify your card company within 10 days, you are out of luck and out of money!


    I've been all over Central America for the past 3+ years. Mostly cruising on my boat, but I've also done a lot of overland travel. I've had many close calls on buses, but yet I always took them. I must say, that the bus line that I considered to be the SAFEST in Central America turned out to be the one least concerned about security and safety. In...

  • Lock your taxi doors!

    There have been robberies in which people jump into the back seat of a taxi and pull out a gun on an unsuspecting passenger. Keep windows rolled up and doors locked and take a directivo instead of a collectivo (picks up multiple passengers).

  • Women travelers to Honduras

    If you are female dress conservatively. I wore shorts 1x (the shorts were by no means short shorts) in a small town. This attracted some unwanted attention by some men who followed me and one tried feeling up my shorts. Needless to say that I was worried and hurried back to where my friends and their families were - the men left. If you are female...

  • Dangerous road

    While in Olancho province in Honduras, I learned from local people to not drive at night through Olancho. We ended up turning around and driving back b/c the main highway (can't offhand tell you which one) has a tendency to have bandits who pull cars over at night and kill the inhabitants and other do other malicious things and steal your...

  • Sand Fleas in Roatan

    During my latest trip to Roatan, I had the unfortuate experience of being bitten numerous times by the invisbke sand fleas. Aparently, they have a 3 week life cycle, and I was a major meal for them the week I was there. I had a serious reaction to the bites. I had hundreds of bites on my arms and legs, to the point where I was horribly...

  • Sandflies

    The Bay Islands could be paradise - if there were no sandflies.I used insect repellent and got bitten anyway (and scratched my legs open and open again the next weeks).Someone told me to use lots of simple baby-oil. The sandflies just glide off and cannot bite You.I tried it, and it worked! (I do not travel anywhere without now. You can also drop...

  • Road Obstacles

    Not really a danger unless you are going too fast, herds of cattle on the road are hazards to be expected. Just be patient, and they'll move eventually. You can always take time to enjoy the scenery while you wait.

  • Dangerous Fruit

    “Comer frutas sin autorización es peligroso” (It is dangerous to eat fruit without authorization). If only someone would have thought of placing a similar sign in the Garden of Eden, maybe Adam would have resisted the temptation. Although, truth be told, the sign (found in the Lancetilla Botanical Garden outside of Tela) didn’t work on me – I...

  • Crime

    Honduras is a poor country and the change in our pockets is a month's pay for people living there. So be careful, there is a risk. But that said I never felt uncomfortable when I against the security advice of the embassy wandered around in Tegucigalpa alone. I would not do it at night, though.

  • TP, TP, TP.

    Toilet paper is the most essential thing to bring with you on this sort of trip especially if you are not going to be in areas that are not tourist locations. The toilets rarely provide and do not flush so be wary tpo always throw the paper out in a basket or if there is none keep it with you until you find a garbage. Hand sanitizer is also very...


    When I first came to Honduras all the stories I heard (from people who have never been!!) had me thoroughly worried. I had no problems in Honduras travelling alone (single, white, female). In Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula I suggest you exercise extra caution but other places are pretty safe.Don't be too worried about the presence of armed guards...


    Tap water is generally unsafe to drink in all of Honduras. Most of the better restaurants and hotels treat their water, making it safe for you to drink. Purified water can be purchased at different places throughout the cities. Another safe alternative is to stick to bottled soft drinks or beer. Don't be alarmed if the proprietor pours your drink...

  • Utila is not about beaches (Update......

    Seems some American guy with too much money and absolutely no business sense has built a beach - complete with a large thatched roof bar area - near the tip of the old airport. It looks nice and is a great place to catch a few rays but that's about it. He is trying to change people 3 dollars per person to use the area. Good luck buddy. :-)At the...

  • Utila is not about beaches!

    Some believe that Utila is a beach paradise. This is not the case. There are 4 main activities in this order on the island:- Diving- Drinking- Eating- ChillinUnfortunately, beach lounging is not one of them.

  • Montezuma's Revenge

    Before I went to Honduras, I was advised to take a good supply of Imodium AD and don't even bother with the Pepto Bismol. That was the best advice anyone gave me (although I wish someone had advised me to watch my passport more closely, but that's another warning tip entirely). Indeed, my bowels suffered mightily on that trip.If you are not...

  • Stolen Passports and Police Bribes

    When I was 16 (1992), I visited Honduras for a month as part of a school sponsored trip. On arrival at the international airport in San Pedro Sula, my passport and travellers checks were immediately stolen. The travellers checks were easy to replace, but my Honduran host had to drive me 4 hours to Tegucigalpa in order to get a new passport from the...

  • The roads in Honduras are...

    The roads in Honduras are surprisingly, even startlingly, good! Basically two lane roads, but built wide enough to accomodate any eventuality. I didn't see much speeding, but Hondurans seem to get a lot of enjoyment out of passing trucks and buses on hills and curves so keep your eyes open.As far as I could tell, there was no police presence on...

  • Driving

    Driving to Copan from Guatemala is NO JOKE. You need a 4 wheel drive, confidence and nerves of steel. Cars passon turns, hills and any other way they can. sadly we witnessed 3 fatal accidents on our trip. one of which kept traffic blocked for 2 hours. take the air conditined tour bus or go with an experienced driver you trust.

  • How to choose a good dive shop: Part 3

    Things to look for Although not an exhaustive resource, this covers relevant criteria in choosing a good shop without exploring areas frequently covered in dive texts and other publications. I'll be updating this as additional thoughts cross my mind :-)Experience:Prior to signing up, meet the people you will actually dive with. Ask about their...

  • How to choose a good dive shop: Part 1

    I can't stress enough the importance of finding a good dive shop !!!This advice series looks at important elements beginners should consider when looking for a good dive shop. This advice simply transfers the knowledge I have gained from my diving experiences, to you the reader.If new to diving, please don't take another travelers word that a dive...

  • Safety Using Taxis

    The following warning only applies to women traveling alone or very cautious travelers. Places like San Pedro Sula, Tegus and, to some extent, La Ceiba can be a little rough around the edges and taking a taxi can make some people feel uneasy. Therefore, when hailing a cab - unless you're in a group or able to confidently fend for yourself - don't...

  • Toilet Edicate

    If you're new to traveling in Central America and are planning a trip, please take note of the picture I have posted here. The same sewage treatment facilities we take for granted, just don't exist here. It's hard to break old habits, but it's important to adhere to these simple rules of third-world toiletry law.

  • Squat and flush w/bucket

    And most think I'm kidding when I say I collect pics of toilets from my travels... hahaha.Not so much a danger but a warning to the ladies. A local toilet in Raista, La Mosquita.

  • La Ceiba - Trouble with travelers...

    When in La Ceiba, only one bank (BFA) will cash your travelers cheques. When you do cash them, be sure your signature is absolutely identical to the one you originally signed on your cheque, or just forget it! If you happen to be in La Ceiba, go to Expatriates. Mark and his wife (a nice Canadian couple) may cash them for you as long as you pay out...

  • How to choose a good dive shop: Part 2

    Know your rightsOn more than a few occasions, my experiences have been focused on 'watching over' less experienced divers (while underwater) to ensure they have a safe and adventure filled experience. This is usually due to the fact that the Dive Master(s) has/have no clue as to what is going on or that he/she is simply too inexperienced. While I'm...

  • Watch out for Taxis

    Always do these two things before getting into a taxi. Ask the price per person. Here in La Ceiba, 2003, the price anywhere in town is L11.00, but they´ll surely try and get more. After, remember the taxi number. These numbers are on the outside of the two front doors. This way, if a problem arises, you have the taxi number and can report it to the...

  • honduras is not safe for tourists

    After my journey into this country I've met some poeple who live a few months in the country and they told me that there were tourist attacks very often. It is a very poor country and poeple don't like to see visitors who are living in opulence. The best way to visit, and even that...is to be part of a group. The visit have to be well planified and...

  • Local Medical Care

    If you need to visit the hospital go to the doctors at a local resort first. Anthony's Key has western English speaking doctors. I did not know this and went to a local clinic. It was not a comfortable experience. I had to go to four doctors offices before I found one that was clean and the sanitation at the one I finally chose was still...

  • Beware of Sand feas!!!

    Sand fleas are a problem 24 hours a day but they come out with a vengeance at dusk. We all seemed to be covered with bites so make sure you bring plenty of insect repellent and some anti itch cream. I would also recommend bringing long sleeve shirt and a pair of long pants. Since Honduras is in the tropics it can be very hot so make sure the pants...

  • Feeding Animals Equals RABIES SHOTS

    After being bitten by a fish and 50+ sand flees within a 45 minute period I decided to call it a day....On the way to the cabin, I stopped for dinner at a local pub in West Bay for a fish dinner. Several cats were milling around begging for a free meal. I threw a scrap to one cat 3 – 4 feet to my right and THEN was attacked from behind by another...

  • Beware of the fish

    While snorkeling off of off West Bay Beach (this was minutes before I was bitten by 50 + sand flies) and a fish came up and bit my finger! Hard! Even drawing blood!So if your floating on top of the surface watching the fish I would recommend keeping your fingers together...preferably in a fist!!! I guess floating fingers can be mistaken for fish...

  • Look, some people will try to...

    Look, some people will try to frighten you, telling you to travel in groups and not to look like a tourist. Well, as good as that advice can be at times, the fact is, if you are foreign, they will know, and most likely they will assume that also means you are rich. Now, that having been said, don't try to make yourself an easy target for pick...

  • Many people may be concerned...

    Many people may be concerned with hurricanes, especially on Roatan and the islands. Well, some that have come through here have done extensive damage to Belize, the mainland, etc, but have pretty well spared the islands. One hurrican damaged the village of Punta Gorda. We made it down there right after the fact, but the damage wasn't horrid. The...

  • We took our own supply of...

    We took our own supply of bottled water with us. Do not drink the water in Honduras or drink anything over the ice. You can by pepsi (was $2 a bottle in '98 ') but if it is not cold do not drink over ice.The only required shots I had to get was a tetnuaus, however we all took antibiotics daily while there.

  • Some smells seemed toxic...

    Some smells seemed toxic enough. Watch out for the large insects. Some things like buses lack transmissions and brakes. Sometimes there are three lanes on traffic on a two lane road. And they don't pull over for the Ambulance, so don't get injured!. Also the hospitals don't look like western hospitals. None of us wanted to be hurt enough to have to...

  • Tap water is not safe to...

    Tap water is not safe to drink. Make sure any veggies or fruits you eat aren't washed in unpurified water. Don't drink anything with unpurified ice cubes. Antimalarial medicine is recommended- mosquitoes are everywhere. I would also recommend 2 bottles of 'Oh So Soft' by Avon. This is the only insect repellant that kept the little critters off of...

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  • Nov 4, 2013 at 10:35 AM

    Just like everyone!..CRITICS AND MORE CRITICS...
    You're saying that Honduras is dangerous but beyond your words, you enjoy the trip.
    Honduras is a poor nation, so what were you expecting? I don't understand tourists that go a places and they wanna live an adventure like a kings or queens who want to walk in the air!!!....
    Put your feet on the ground and clear your mind and think if you wanna live an adventure in central america you have to touch the dirty.... if you don't want to do it, so, go to Dubai!!!!

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      Nov 4, 2013 at 12:49 PM

      Did you realise you were reading the 'Warnings and Dangers' section? Of course the tips in this section are 'critical'. But you'll find the exactly same type of tips in the VT 'warnings and dangers' sections for pretty much any country (and many cities etc in those countries). Surely you wouldn't expect a travel website on which the content is purely from members' own experiences to *only* have positive tips? And surely you wouldn't want any country to be presented as being perfect in every way?

Honduras Warnings and Dangers

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