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  • Rio Grande
    Rio Grande
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    Caribbean Sea
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  • Jerk Pork, pepper sauce and festivals
    Jerk Pork, pepper sauce and festivals
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Jamaica Things to Do

  • Dunns River Falls

    This is a Water Falls Park located at Ocho Rios north of Kingston. This is a nice place for family and couples to go on picnics, and there's other activities they offer like catamaran and boat rides etc. The water falls end down into the soft sand beach. People can actually climb the water falls rocks from the bottom where the main beach is and all...

  • Wickedest Place on Earth

    PORT ROYAL and the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN:We love history, and so when our Jamaican friend suggested that we visit Port Royal, Fort Charles, we were very interested. There is a museum onsite, and the entry fee also includes a guided tour of the artefacts in the museum and the grounds of the Fort.The guide we had had a wealth of information to...

  • Historical Emancipation Park

    We went to this beautiful park in Kingston. It commemorates the abolition of slavery. It represents the freedom of the slaves and of the Jamaican people.Many people can be seen jogging around a running track in the park.Jamaica used to be populated by indigenous Taino/Arowaks. But these people became extinct as a result of a combination of...


Jamaica Hotels

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  • Sunset Resort

    Calabash Bay P.A., Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth, , Jamaica, Caribbean

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Lost Beach Resort

    Hope Wharf, Negril, Jamaica, Caribbean

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

  • Villa Bella Hotel

    Christiana, P.O Box 473, , Jamaica, Caribbean

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Couples

Jamaica Transportation

  • wheretonext...'s Profile Photo

    by wheretonext... Written May 6, 2010

    We stayed at the Montego Bay Jamaica in August 2009. We were told going to town was a fun time, but make sure you take a taxi. They will stay with you the whole time. TRUE! We took a taxi into town. The driver was very pleasant. We told him we did not want to shop in town itself, but rather purchase from the "locals". The people of Jamaica hand make so many beautiful items it seems almost impossible to leave there without a piece of heritage from hands that put in so much time. He took us to a store on a corner and said "you will be well taken care of here". We again reiterated we wanted to see the "huts" and the actual "people of jamaica" stands. He said this is here! He kept urging us to purchase from this store as if it was the only one in town. After we kept getting "deals" (ha), the attendant said $250 please. I said NO WAY! We had to bargain down as I was about to walk out. But it was our last nite there and so we really needed a few gifts. There was a Jamaican lady that kept coming to the door, never entering as she was shunned away each time she passed. We took our things out and the taxi driver said "i will watch for you" and he put our gifts in the van. Then he directed us to go with this lady..... we did and it was not for the faint of heart where we were lead..... it was the "huts" I had asked about!! She took us to her hut and showed us many beautiful things they had made, but unfortunately we had not even a penny on us.....(they can only take cash of course) I was not happy.... I so wanted to give to them instead of that store!! The huts are made wall to wall so you walk all around.... again, you can't be a worry wort. "'smoke" in the air and children begging you to buy... So sad, but there way of life. MORAL OF THIS POST: Do not let the pressure of "store" shopping get to you. The huts are literally across the side street behind the buildings. Dirty alleys, dirt paths and a group of the most underprivileged folks I think I have ever seen... BUT, the items they have made with their sweat and imaginations are impeccable! Glass, purses, vases, shoes, trinkets, jewelry, rugs, clothing, etc..... Just so amazing the meticulous detail in each of these handmade items. Insist on the huts and take CASH!! AND I found out thru sources, the taxis get proceeds from each "storefront" if the vacationer makes a purchase. AND the government takes a piece as well...... We will go back. Take a group to town, and walk around to find our own treasures.... Not that of the taxi cab driver..... OF course, do not walk around by yourself..... always in a group and before sundown as there are no lights in the huts..... just candles. ANd it is not a safe place for westerners.

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Jamaica Warnings and Dangers

  • Chikungunya Virus

    Chikungunya is a mosquito-borne virus which can cause rash, fever, joint pain, fatigue, and other symptoms. It is passed to humans from infected mosquitos.The best thing to do is try to prevent contracting the virus in the first place, and the way to do that is to use a good insect repellant. Jamaica is a humid tropical country, so make sure to...

  • "jamaica travel solo part 2"

    Here are some more common sense items for you Jamaica trip.1. DO NOT CARRY LARGE AMOUNTS OF CASH WITH YOU and DO NOT FLASH LARGE AMOUNTS OF CASH AROUND. Just keep a few bucks with you in your pocket or beach bag for tips etc. And never leave your beach bag or items unattended or out of view.2. Make photocopies of your driver’s license and passport...

  • jamaica travel solo part 1

    While some people must, it is never a good idea to travel abroad alone. It is always better to have someone you know with you in case of emergencies etc. If you must go alone use common sense when traveling.1. Always keep your passport and travel documents on your person while flying and on ground transports to and fro your resort. It’s too easy to...


Jamaica Off The Beaten Path

  • Chinggis_n_Borte's Profile Photo

    by Chinggis_n_Borte Updated Dec 27, 2014

    Rio Grande river is known for river rafting located further east of Kingston perhaps about 1hour drive from the capital city. It is at the parish of Portland. A parish means a region or a province. The coastal area is also known as The Bay of Hope. Along the highway you will see a sign that says Welcome to Rafters Rest and it also say Rafting on the Rio Grande. There is no formal ticket booth or a reception hall to purchase ticket . Pricing and dealing is done along the road by the rafters themselves. The place is very natural which is good and is not developed where tourist can expect a hotel chain or an eatery or snack shops , there's non such. As we get off from the car on the side of the highway we were approached by a lone rafter from there we started to bargain for a price. To cut the story short we end up bargaining and done deal to do the rafting for a price of Jamaican dollar $ 3,000 for 2 people. The exchange rate that time (12 Nov.2014 ) was U$1 = Jamaican $ 114 so it is about U$ 28 dollars for an hour rafting for 2 people. But the trip and the cost was well worth. The rafter himself was very nice person quiet but if you asked question he is willing to tell you about Rio Grande. But what I see is wild nature of the river really very relaxing and the water is shallow. You can actually ask the rafter to stop and have a dip into the river and swim. I would advice you to bring a drink as it could get warm along the river journey. I was even drinking the water on the river as it is so clean and good for drinking the taste of the water was good and cool and clear fresh water pure free from chemical and chlorine. Night rafting is also allowed but you have to arrange in advance, we were told that during full moon to coincide people book in with the local rafters as it is really beautiful to do it. But night rafting is only done when full moon is visible and weather is permitting.

    Rafting at Rio Grande The starting point The sign along the highway at The Bay of Hope Along the river is a lush of greenery
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