Jamaica Restaurants

  • The Ambience...Priceless
    The Ambience...Priceless
    by barrylee
  • Restaurants
    by jimbradleythomas
  • Tables set up for our family dinner
    Tables set up for our family dinner
    by barrylee

Jamaica Restaurants

  • Where everybody goes

    Referred as one local attraction, the sunset at Ricks calls hundreds of tourists everyday. Music, diving and noise are the "company" to drinks and snacks, at the tables, or anywhere.I write and show a little more in my Negril's page.

  • A landmark

    Located in the beach of Negril, this was the most lively place we visited in Jamaica. Too close to the water, in a narrow stripe of sand, it allows eating and bathing almost at the same time. We have been there for lunch but, by the look, I think that it must be interesting also for the night.

  • The Ruins at the Falls

    A lunch stop was included in our Carnival Cruise excursion to Dunn's River Falls. A short drive from the Falls was this restaurant - The Ruins at the Falls. Absolutely beautiful - I could totally imagine weddings being held here. The staff was very friendly and brought us our food quickly (good thing, since we were HUNGRY!). The food was very...

  • Jimmy Buffet's Jamaican Restaurant of...

    Some of our best pictures during our entire stay in Jamiaca were taken here at Margaritaville right as the sun was going down. This three story on the water restaurant was a great place for food and drinks over the ocean. It was perfect to stimulate that pre-party atmosphere before we started our trek to the local night clubs.The Jerk Chicken was...

  • Best food

    By far the best meals that we had in Jamaica were on Little Culloden Bay.We ate there often and enjoyed every meal. Great atmosphere, friendly servers and owners, freshly prepared food.

  • Jerk Lobster

    After being on the resort so many days, we ventured into Mobay proper for a day of shopping and local food. We decided on The Native because of where we were in town and it being so close. Turns out to be a very good decision. The view from the resturant is lovely: overlooking a park and a large bay (I wish I remembered my camera and the name of...

  • Get down to Pablos bar

    Next Pablos Bar is a kitchen where you can enjoy some great local cuisine, from lobster to saltfish and ackee, you can even bring your own. One thing is for sure - you will not meet nicer people anywhere in the world.

  • The 'trendy' place in town

    Jack Sprats is the trendy place in Treasure Beach, and they do get a crowd - both locals & tourists.It's right on the beach with some of the tables set up in the sand.We spent a good bit of time here one evening. We had walked down from Taino Cove, but it managed to rain a bit. Winnie was kind enough to drive down & pick us up. While we were...

  • Simple but great!

    Oliver use to be the chef at Lover's Leap, and they've really made a mistake by letting him go.He now owns and operates his own little restaurant in the May Len Plaza, Treasure Beach.A simple menu that rotates between some really tasty dishes.We had a wonderful meal, and great conversation both provided by Oliver. I was bound and determined to try...

  • Jerk Chicken Stands

    Some of the best food that we tasted was from the little Jerk Chicken Stands that were up and down the street in Negril. From what I saw they were in Ocho Rios and in Montego Bay too.The Jerk chicken is made right there in these carts that the vendors can move all around town with. It smelled real good so we had to try it. We had jerk chicken and...

  • This Place Is A Must

    This place was great and we only dined here once, we should have dined here every night, we just didnt feel like dressing up each time, we loved to be casual but this place was very good and the servers were perfect from the beginning to the end it was a perfect meal. Scallop Sautées en Bisque de Homard, Champignons Sauvages et Radis Chinois -...

  • Can't miss this local favorite!

    This place is completely outside the tourist zone. Our driver David took us there when we asked him to take us somewhere that local people go to. Like anywhere else in Jamaica, we were treated very well and served jerk pork and chicken with rice at a shockingly low price. In order to get there, you should go with a local. Hail a taxi and ask them...

  • Roadside eating and drinking

    I admit that in some countries we visit I’m cautious about eating food from roadside stalls, but you need have no worries on that score in Jamaica, and we had some delicious meals from such places. The best of them are the jerk centres, and some are now as established as more conventional restaurants. We loved Scotchies, near St Ann’s Bay, for...

  • Fast food, Jamaican style

    Juici Patties is a Jamaican fast food chain – their answer to McDonalds or Kentucky Fried Chicken. A meal here is a far more authentic way to experience the island than any burger or the Colonel’s attempts at jerk chicken could be. As the name suggests, among the main offerings are traditional Jamaican patties – pastry cases filled with beef,...

  • Jerk Chicken-Best on Long Beach

    Finding the best Jerk Chicken is Jamaica is a worthy pursuit for anyone who likes to eat! In Negril we have two recomendations. If you are ready for lunch on Long Beach, head to Best of the West take a minute to cross the Road and check it out. For the best Jerk Chicken on the west end, head to Three Dives. Be ready to chill awhile as they are a...

  • Do the Jerk!

    This was the best Jerk I have ever had! They grill it over a open fire and you can get ribs or chicken. I thougt that the ribs were a little bit hotter than the chicken. Be ready and order several Red Stripes to go a long with it as your tongue will be ablaze!!!! i know that most people only fly into Montego Bay and I myself would not stay there...

  • I miss the place!

    This was one of the best places in Montego bay. Unfortunately is was closed a few months ago but there is talk that a new owner will reopen it soon. Escovetch Fish

  • Great restaurants

    All restaurants were included of which there were 6. There were two buffet style restaurants that open onto the beach or to the pool and serve a huge breakfast spread with plenty of American fare and some local specials as well. There were also two Italian style restaurants a Pacific cuisine place and a seafood restaurant. The latter four are full...

  • Jerked food

    Come hungry! Order LOTS of food and take it back to your room! Be sure to order a dozen or so Festivals! Very casual dining, they offer beer, soda and juices. They take US currency too. The main guy there wheres dark glasses and a red shirt usually. He is the man! Anything he prepares tastes awesome! I think the currency conversion was $64 of their...

  • ~ Japanese Restaurant ~

    Munasan is a fantastic restaurant, once you have decided what you would like to eat the chef then cooks it all in front of you at your table which makes you more hungry waiting for it. Its also great to watch them and see how they cook and prepare it all for you.The surroundings of the restaurant are really welcomming and the food is fabulous too....

  • Great view

    The Reading Reef Club, is a small hotel in Reading, just a few miles outside of Montego Bay. It was located at the intersection where we had to turn to go to Anchony, so we stopped here for lunch.It was had a very nice restaurant and we enjoyed it but I don't remember what we had to eat.We also enjoyed looking out at the ocean and watching people...

  • Cliff side dining

    A great place to see one of Jamicas beautiful sunsets.DON'T set to close to the edge or you may get wet.Good food in a very romantic setting.

  • Elegance in downtown Montego Bay

    This is an elegant restaurant in the old part of downtown Montego Bay. It was built in 1765 and is very historic. The walls are old brick with beautiful paintings of local artists. The restaurant picked up our group from our hotel and drove us through downtown to the restaurant. We were met by a large guard who walked us into the restaurant. You...

  • Elegance in the Blue Mountains

    Our tour leader made reservations for us at Strawberry Hill which is high in the Blue mountains at Irish Town. It is a beautiful place and the food was excellent. The restaurant was full of lovely flower arrangements. It is a bit of a splurge. Chris Blackwell, the owner, is the one who launched Bob Marley to fame through his label, Island Records....

  • Jerked meat

    Barbecue jamaican style!This place is famous for its Jamaican jerk pork and jerk chicken. Picnic tables encircle the building, and everything is open-air and informal. In case you don't know jerk is a fiery Jamaican seasoning blend used in the preparation of grilled foods, especially pork or chicken. It usually includes chilies, thyme, allspice,...

  • EDEN II: There were a number...

    EDEN II: There were a number of restaurants in the hotel. One of the many benefits of an all inclusive is the food of course. We had buffett style dinner three times and the food was fantastic, with lots of seafood and ethnic foods for everyone to enjoy.Didn't have to pay, included in the resort price. Lobster bisque soup, lobster tail, stuffed...

  • Fast food Jamaican style

    We stopped to have a quick bite at one of these near Mandeville and again in Kingston but saw them all over Jamaica. Apparently although they have a variety of them on the menu, not all of them are made up at any given time. Patties are a pastry (kind of like pot pie pastry) wrapped around filling containing meat, chicken or seafood and vegetables...

  • If you love romantic settings and good...

    The restaurant is really very beautiful at night because it has his own garden and you can sit on a terrace and watch the stars while you are having your dinner. Appart from the perfect romantic atmosphere they have perfect service and good wines with live music and I can tell you the misicians can play Bob Marley's songs really well. Lobster (The...

  • Great Lobster and delicious home made...

    The owners and staff of this little restaurant are very friendly and give you a great service. It's a place for casual dining and it offers you a beautiful view of the sea.The food is delicious, especially the Lobster! It's their speciality. (See the picture) Also try their home made desert. Yummy! Definitely a place to go.Thanks folks! Lobster,...

  • Resort Restaurants

    Eating in Jamaica, in my opinion, is better at the all-inclusive resorts, since everything is paid for. It feels awkward at first...you sit down at a candelight dinner on the beach, bottle of wine, great food. Then you grab the bottle of wine, get up, and leave. You are wondering in your mind if someone is going to chase you down! It's great...

  • Entertainment while you eat

    Good food and service. You can snorkel (equipment for hire) from their own cave (steep steps down). Changing rooms and showers. Life guard on duty. Also diving platform - far too high for me!

  • Wonderful Lobster

    Their Spicy Lobster Salad was to die for. Also great Lobster Lasagne.Good service and they will pick you up in town if prearranged

  • Gorgeous pesto!!

    The Luna di Mare is a premium restaurant in the hotel we were staying at (you get one free meal there per stay). We went for our anniversary and it was the most fantastic food we've had in a long time! The waiters are attentive and knowledgeable and very interested in you as a customer which is in stark contrast to the general staff outside the...

  • Jerk

    These guys are really specialist in spicy sauce ang barbecued meet mostly chicken and fish. Jerk with this creol sauce, hot very hot indeed. Negociate the price.

  • Breakfast

    Jamaican, American it's all good ! We never had a bad meal here. And it's all cheap. French toast, fruit, hot tea

  • Jamaican Cuisine

    The national dish is ackee and saltfish. Jamaica is the only Caribbean island where ackee is eaten. Jerk pork (pictured) is also popular. So is escoveitched fish (that means cooked and pickled in a sauce of vinegar and spices). They also eat curried goat and mannish water (a soup made from the head, legs, liver, etc. of the goat.)

  • A Local Favorite

    Here is a "bread fruit" tree. Our cook prepared bread fruit by cooking it (whole) right on the gas stove...with no pan. She turned it regularly until it was black...and then peeled it, sliced, and served it. Very commonly found around the island, but don't know if they serve it in resorts. Be sure you try it.

  • Bread Fruit

    Buying bread fruit at the local market with our cook. Our cook and maid were such sweet women. My husband and I shopped daily with the cook. Got a big kick out of her. Learned a lot about local foods...habits...family life....social conditions from her. She was a jewel.We are holding bread fruit... which seemed to be a staple in their diet.

  • Sit outside among the Waterfalls

    A reasonably price buffet featuring soups, salads, Jamaican Jerk dishes, Chinese food and desserts also includes beer or rum punch. Sit outside at the bottom of the Waterfalls. And after you eat, you can walk along the property to see the flora and across the bridges which cross the waterfall.

  • The Birthplace of "Jerk"

    Boston Beach is a roadside collection of outdoor jerk pits, where you can buy jerk pork and chicken right off the grill. Boston is where Jamaican 'jerk' is said to have originated, and it is the spiciest and niciest stuff around. Jerk Pork, Jerk Chicken, Festival

  • LTU Pub in the cliff area in...

    LTU Pub in the cliff area in the south of Negril was our favorite by far, and not just because we were staying at LTU Villas. The food was consistantly delicious and the service was excellent! This venue has the same great sunset view that Rick's has, with a more intimate atmosphere. This was one of the few restaurants we ate at that was frequented...

  • Charela Inn on the beach has...

    Charela Inn on the beach has absolutely the best food on the island. The owner is a Frenchman, with a Jamaican wife and their menu is always just right. We didn't stay here this last trip, but ate there three (or was it four?) nights anyway. Have the three-course special of the night. You can't miss. And the service is unmatched. The staff has been...

  • Local Favorite

    The food at Juicy J's is cheap and very tasty. The menu consists entirely of Jamaican fare. I recommend the Jerk Chicken and trying some of their homemade juice.Juicy J's has no ambience to speak of, it is very casual, small and in the open air and the service is very friendly. If you want to buy souvenirs, it is just around the corner from the...

  • At Sandals Royal Carribean, Montego Bay

    Very popular, book ahead early. I hated it. Mike hated it. The other couple we went with liked it only ok. If you want Itallian, go to Europe, not Jamaica. We liked this restaurant the least of all. It was a big wait to get a reservation too, must be the view! Go to the Bay side or the Thai place instead.Nice sunset.Open only at night,...

  • Best seafood on the island

    Alligator Pond is one of the busiest fishing beaches in Jamaica. Little Ochi sits in the heart of it....


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