Caribbean and Central America Local Customs

  • Pollera de Baila
    Pollera de Baila
    by bilgeez
  • Carnaval float in Las Tablas 2007
    Carnaval float in Las Tablas 2007
    by bilgeez
  • Local Customs
    by cjg1

Caribbean and Central America Local Customs

  • language

    San Juan Local Customs

    Puerto Rico is a commenwealth of the United States but the main language spoken is Spanish. The majority of the Puerto Ricans also speak English and are very friendly. The only time you will actually need to know a little Spanish is if you travel outside the metropolitan area.

  • Dominican food

    Santo Domingo Local Customs

    Dominicans love stew Goat meat and Michelangelo Restaurant is consider the best places to eat this exotic dish. Goats in some providance are fed oregano plants so the Goat would absorb the oregano during the feeding. Michelangelo is a International and Seafood Gourmet Restaurant, but 8 years ago they were requested to make this dish for a going...

  • Barefoot

    Caye Caulker Local Customs

    I saw "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem" signs at several places around town. Life truly is laid back here - I know I keep using this phrase, but I can't think of a better way to describe it. People are just not uptight about anything, and it's wonderful. You can go barefoot everywhere here, including restaurants. For women, a sarong and swimsuit top...

  • Give Aways

    Holguín Local Customs

    Get to know the locals. They are the best people but remember they are poor. Bring lots of clothes and toys for the children. One little girl her toy was an empty toothpaste box. We litterally gave away all my clothes and shoes except what we were wearing home. Be generous and accept and invitation for lunch or dinner. Nice place.

  • Religion

    Santiago de Cuba Local Customs

    Christmas in Cuba this year passed with little more observance than the tiny plastic Xmas tree for me. Some of my Cuban friends did attend church as usual but there was none of the comercialization that we have been accustomed to here in North America and Europe. However, there is always a shrine to El Cobre, the patron saint of Cuba, in the...

  • Trinidad People

    Trinidad Local Customs

    In most of the Cuban Cities it is an experience to visit the local temples of music and that made my second trip to Cuba so different Like this building - not that far from the Plaza Mayor This island in the Caribbeans is a must for music lovers - visit the temples of music - the so called "Casa de la Trova" and enjoy the music of bands like Son...

  • People

    The Bahamas Local Customs

    We liked the uniforms of the Bahamian police that was directing traffic everywhere, white gloves and all. I asked the one in the photo if it was ok to take a photo of him, and he just smiled at us ( after giving us directions) and said "of course".

  • People

    Belize Local Customs

    Belikin Beer! My that sounds interesting, Would you like that in Lager or Stout my good man. Well actually I think I would like the stout tonight as it is such a nice beer warm or cold. Good choice if I do say so myself. Yeah I would definitely go with Belikin beer. The stout or lager come in the same, smart move, returnable bottles. So please...

  • Jugo de caña - Sugar cane juice

    Santo Domingo Local Customs

    Jugo de caña means sugar cane juice and it's delicious! The way to get the juice is to grind the sugar cane, and they usually do it in front of you when you order your juice. The juice is sweet and also an excellent diuretic! I recently bought a glass of sugar cane juice for 25 pesos (a little less than 1 US) at La Sirena on Ave. Venezuela but...

  • Holguin City

    Holguín Local Customs

    There is a lot spainish in Cuba, also the buildings. If you like the spainish buildings there are alot of pictures you can make just of the buildings. So bring enough. This building has a balcony and from this balcony Fidel spook his first speech over the people in Holguin.

  • Cuban Music

    Santiago de Cuba Local Customs

    The famous "Casa de la Trova" in Calle Heredia - exchange of emotions between a teacher and his student (a Cuban music player living in the Netherlands ) - we had a great time. But no misunderstanding - this is Ingrid and the famous leader of the band (72 years old-the leader i mean) and the portrait at the wall showing the location of the Casa at...

  • Island Time

    The Bahamas Local Customs

    There are many girls on the island that set up on the beach ready to braid your hair with beads. I took on this experience and it was fun and the girls are very talkative. They are not only good at it, but very fast. What a job? Where do I sign up for that position - beach all day, doing hair, meeting new people and get paid (pretty good) for it!

  • Tipping

    Belize Local Customs

    When travelling through Belize, do be aware that tipping is becoming more and more common, it's the usual 10% of your bill. Restaurants, taxi's, excursions and hotels are the standard places to tip for the service you got, but of course it is at your discretion, there will be no grudge held toward you if you don't tip. The people in Belize do not...

  • Practical

    Santiago de Cuba Local Customs

    During your visit of Moncada garrison you'll see that part of it is school as well (Mr.Casto decision)... it's strange that we passed and kids had exam...with open door and none told us to be quite or anything...i know cubans have pride considering their education but still...

  • Traveling with a minor

    What passport do u hold, at any country to get in or out you need the other parent's signed agreement notarized, before you decide to travel with a minor.This is an international law, to prevent and making sure you have the rigth authority to travel with that person and make sure is not taken illigal.Regards,Eduardo

  • A Royal Send-Off

    As tourists straggled to the ship in two's and threes due to the roadwork outside of Montego Bay, students in flashy white uniforms played STAR SPANGLED BANNER and other favorites as we strode up the gangplank into the belly of our floating hotel.The music was a surprise and a welcomed event--seeing the bandmembers strut and shimmy added a little...

  • Jamaica tidbits

    Jamaica is derived from the Arawak Indian name "Xayamaca", meaning land of rivers and springs. Although Jamaicans speak a combination of words derived from English, their language is a mixture of Spanish, African, Arawak, East Indian and other languages commonly referred to as 'patois'.As one of our Jamaican guides informed us, you'll do fine on...

  • Can you feel it calling?

    You can almost hear the beach calling you, the beautiful blue water, the grass umbrellas. OH CABANA BOY ANOTHER DRINK PLEASE! OH now I want to go back! There is nothing like baking in the sun down by the equator with a drink in hand, now is there?

  • Steel bands

    Steel bands played to welcome your arrival off the ship. It was lovely to hear them playing there traditional instruments, at each island that we docked at. Also notice they are sat in the shade out of the hot sunshine!!

  • Tipping is something that you...

    Tipping is something that you don't do at the resorts, except when you are leaving and you want to make sure that your bags are taken care of. Everyone is so friendly there, you just find yourself saying hello and carrying on a conversation with anyone who wants to stop and talk!

  • Do NOT overtip or overpay!!...

    Do NOT overtip or overpay!! It's unfortunate that the locals earn so very little but by giving them money in excess of the local norm they start expecting all foreigners to give them money and therefore does not build a good foundation that they must work for their living. Always be polite and formal. And most of all--slow down and be patient!

  • the old town market and custom...

    the old town market and custom house has been turned into a museum of Belize and information office, in the 7th Ave...

  • Elsalvadorans think its...

    Elsalvadorans think its awesome when you try to speak your best Spangish (ha) Be prepared to get smirks and laughs. They are helpful in trying to communicate so don't worry. Most people speak some english. You will have no problem

  • As mentioned before the resort...

    As mentioned before the resort people were fairly nice & considerate. But when we venture out of the resort one day when we rented a Motocycle, we met some of the real locals & they were just great people. As long as you are considerate to them, they respect you back, as in any culture.

  • the men ignore them if your...

    the men ignore them if your walking by yourself especially at night. Once in a place for a while you can make friends mas o menos. pero, Don't ever smoke with the guys down there. There are a lot of Drugs and the guys are almost always getting high.

  • In most central american...

    In most central american countries there is still a lot of poverty. This is never authentic, beautiful or picturesque...

  • in the caribbean it is common...

    in the caribbean it is common for people to stop and chat to eachother when meeting on the street. If you are invited into visit with a family, remember to carry a gift of Fruit, or some freshly purchased Flowers or Veggies.When comming to Dinner it is assummed that the person comming is a guest due the finest of the household, and knowing that you...


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Caribbean and Central America Local Customs

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