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  • Statue to Simon Bolivar, Managua
    Statue to Simon Bolivar, Managua
    by Stephen-KarenConn
  • Wall mural
    Wall mural
    by ReinaMorena
  • Managua's New Cathedral
    Managua's New Cathedral
    by mayadoc

Managua Highlights

  • Pro
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     The people and the beautiful flora and fauna 

  • Con
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     Language barrier, poor street directions, traffic 

  • In a nutshell
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     Cheaper and less touristy than neighbor Costa Rica 

Managua Things to Do

  • Want to play pool ??????

    Managua is a city that can be extremely dangerous at night if you don't know where your going... so use extreme caution ....That being said ... I was taken at night to play pool at a place called Pool Ocho .. which translated is Pool Eight .... a nice billiards hall with Air Conditioning and a nice but small bar .....We played for almost 2 hours...

  • Very, Very Good !!!!

    Nicaragua has several national rums and beers ..... When I first visited almost 15 years ago .. I had tried the Toña beer and didn't really like it .... but as you get older and wiser you taste palatechanges as you travel to all parts of the world and try and drink different things ....And I must say .... I was served a Toña that was so cold that...

  • Mercado Oriental

    If you really want to experience Managua....then head to the market....and when I mean's a market unlike any market you have ever seen in your life !!!!! Stay on the many isle and stay away from people trying to exchange your US dollars for the local currency !!!! Be forwarned....when entering the meat part of the market be ready for...

  • New Managua´s Cathedral. Interior.

    The interior of the church gives a sense of spaciousness and simplicity, i loved the yellow interior of the domes

  • New Managua´s Cathedral.

    After visiting the Plaza de la Revolucion with the ruins of the old Cathedral, i took the road to Granada to visit the new Cathedral. The church is located on an empty field near one of the particular traffic rings of the new city. It was designed by Ricardo Legoreta in 1991 and inagurated in 1993. Since the beggining the church created much...

  • Laguna de Tiscapa.

    This volcanic lagoon formed in the crater of the old Tiscapa Volcano, is one of the city most important sights. It´s located in the middle of the Old and New Managua. Used to be a popular place for visitors during week-ends, now the lagoon is heavily poluted. There is a canopy line from the top to the shores of the lagoon.

  • La Loma. Sandino Statue.

    This historical Park is the place where the Presidential Palace used to be, it was destroyed by the 1972 earthquake, the place also was used as a prision for the Somocista´s followers. Actually there´s a huge statue of the famous Nicaraguan leader Sandino, and some historical monuments.

  • Central Park. Monument of Santos Lopez.

    In the park located in front of the Cathedral, there´s a modest monument to Santos Lopez. One of the founders of the FSLN movement.He fought Somoza as a leader of the movement in some of the most famous guerrilla actions (Rio Coco and Bocay). He died In Havana Cuba.

  • Sandinista´s Flags.

    Behind the Acoustic Conch there are a monument full of flags, the flags are faded due to the strong winds that come from the lake.


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Managua Restaurants

  • The best in Nicaragua

    Nicaragua isn't a country where you will find a great deal of foreign cuisine .... with that being said ... Los Ranchos is at the top of the restaurant scene in Managua .... Expect to pay foreign prices ... but don't get me wrong it's still nothing compared to the civilized 1st word countries like France, England, etc., ....Prices start at $2 US...

  • Food at Mercado Roberto Huembes

    Roberto Huembes is a large market and of course there is also a section with many food stalls. Where I was eating I could choose from several bowls what I wanted to have on my plate. I had meat (warm from the grill), rice, plantain, tomatoes and some kind of squash. It was a good meal and it was only 35 cordobas (July 2009), which was about 1.75...

  • Food court at Metrocentro

    At Metrocentro shopping mall there is one of these typical food courts of malls, full with fast food restaurants and a constant background noise of music, lots of people talking, food and drinks being prepared at many restaurants and chairs being moved. At Metrocentro you can find McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Subway, several chicken places...

  • Finally Some Asian Food

    Reminded me of some small places in China Town, San Fransisco. Comfotrtable seating, great music and friendly service; Sabor is one of the first Asian restaurants in Managua that has a chance of making it. I had the curry chicken which was very good. I've also had the hummus appetizer which was excellent.

  • Searching for Breakfast

    On my first morning in Managua I was eager to explore to city and also hungry for breakfast. I decided to take a walk around town, expecting to find a suitable restaurant. More than one hour and 25 blocks later I was hungrier than ever and still had found no place to eat - not a single open restaurant of any kind. I passed a couple of restaurants...

  • Air Conditioned - and a Wide Selection

    Plaza Inter, in downtown Managua, has a very nice food court with more than a dozen selections, from chinese to chicken to ice cream. There is even a McDonald's and a Pizza Hut. I ate at the Paza Inter Food Court twice while I was in Managua, once having Indian cuisine and the other time my favorite - fried chicken. I also enjoyed an ice cream...


Managua Nightlife

  • Club Broder

    Broder is one the best places to party if you're young, people that go are usually between 18-23 years old, is always open bar of rum and vodka, it opens on Tuesdays , Thursdays and Saturdays. The cover is most of the time like $7 dollars. The music is really good you would hear electro, salsa, reggaeton everything!. I completely recommend...

  • a trip to the third World

    I would not recommend this club. It shows you why Nicaragua is a third world Country. I took an American-Hindu friend of mine there. We were well dress, but my friend, (who looks like a local), was deny entrance to the club. This happened two nights in a row. The first night, we got the excuse they were having a private birthday party. We thought...

  • Alianza francesa, Managua

    Presents international film at 8 pm every Wednesday to Saturday. And it's FREE!!


Managua Transportation

  • Are you kidding !!!!!

    Don't even think about taking the local bus......your just looking for trouble at that point !!!!! The buses run it seem everywhere, but the chances that you get on the right bus are slim and the chances that you exist the bus with all of your possesions...even slimmer !!!!! Don't be cheap.....Take a taxi.....ask for the price then bargain for the...

  • Flying from Managua to Corn Island

    I bought the ticket for the flight from a travel agent in Granada about 10 days ahead of the journey. A return ticket with La Costeña was 177 US dollars (July 2009).4.30 in the morning I took a shuttle from the hostel in Managua to the airport. It took half an hour to the airport and as I shared it with someone else it was 10 dollars, otherwise it...

  • From Pochomil - via Managua - to León

    The bus from Pochomil to Managua leaves not far from Hotel Alta Mar where I was staying. I went down to the bus stop, but there was still some time before the bus was leaving so I sat on the bus talking to the driver for a while. Before the bus had left Pochomil and Masachapa the bus was packed with people, but many of them went off in San Rafael...


Managua Shopping

  • Want to buy Cuban products this is it...

    Duty Free inside the airport Besides Mexico....this is a place where you can find Cuban cigars and Cuban Rum at a decent price...of course you find them (these product) all over the world, but you will pay an arm and a leg. Here and in Mexico prices are great for Cohbia's, Montecristo's, Romeo & Juliet cigars...and of course one of the best...

  • Inner City Shopping Mall

    The downtown area of Managua has scores of small tiendas of various kinds. However, near the center of the city is also a large modern shopping mall, Plaza Inter. Here, across the street from the Crown Plaza Hotel, you will find you will find a department store, three levels of shops, a multi-screen cinema, an Internet cafe, a bustling food court,...

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Managua Local Customs

  • Trash Everywhere

    Nicaragua was the 53rd country of the world I have visited and nowhere else have I seen so much litter, although some other Central American countries are almost as bad. Trash is virtually everywhere - tons of it - paper, plastic and more, along rural roads, on city streets and in open fields. This eyesore is very distracting and is probably a...

  • Carnaval Nicaragua 2002/...

    Carnaval Nicaragua 2002/ when: 08/03/2002 2:00pm/ where: nuevo centro de Managua, Carretera a Masaya/ more info (in spanish):

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Managua Warnings and Dangers

  • Don't Photograph Military Installations

    Getting arrested at gunpoint in Managua was not on my "To Do" list when I visited Nicaragua, but it became my most vivid memory of the country.I was walking along one of the major streets of Managua, taking pictures of just about everything I saw, when I was suddenly apprehended at gunpoint by a soldier pointing a very large and angry looking gun...

  • warning

    when u go to the bus stops make sure u have no fancy stuff on or anything that make u look that ur from somewhere else because if u do gangs or robbers might kill u just to get wat they want so b CAREFUL !!!!! and dont walk alone cuz they will get u

  • Bad areas

    The barrios in Managua were caution is much advised are the following barrios; Renee Schick, Jorge Dimitrov, La Fuente, San Judas, Villa Venezuela, Batahola, Las Americas, BEllo Amanecer, Vida Nueva, Los Pescadores, Domitila Lugo, Santana, and Hialeah. Also, the walk from the hospedajes of Barrio Martha Buezad and the Plaza International should be...


Managua Tourist Traps

  • Carguja's Profile Photo

    by Carguja Written Jan 4, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    you will be robbed in the airport if you change money, exchange rate iis 19 cordobas per 1 USD and in the streets of Managua rate is 23 cordobas per 1 USD, unless you dont care about your money chnage in the airport...

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Managua Favorites

  • Entrance fee and documents to Enter

    For those who carry US passports .... there is a $10 entry fee upon arrival in Managua .. CASH ONLY AND IN US DOLLARS !!!!!!!! ... and you must also fill out 3 different entry forms .... I have no idea why in the world would they make you fill out so many forms ... I guess the government is trying to keep eye on those entering the country. Forms...

  • Internet Cafes

    I love the internet and sometimes wonder how I ever got along without it. I planned my trip to Central America on the internet and while I was there, I emailed home every day to give Karen an update on my trip.The two Internet Cafes pictured here are the places I stopped to check my email while in Managua. I saw several other Internet cafes. In...

  • Baseball Game

    The most popular sport is baseball in Nicarauga!! Watching baseball game in Estadio Denis Martinez for the first time!


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