Nicaragua Things to Do

  • Beautiful view from our boat.
    Beautiful view from our boat.
    by rosequartzlover1
  • Statue to Simon Bolivar, Managua
    Statue to Simon Bolivar, Managua
    by Stephen-KarenConn
  • Things to Do
    by paradisedreamer

Nicaragua Things to Do

  • The colorful building

    It provide countless subjects for photographing much more around the city. One of the allures of Granada is all of the historic architectureColorful houses everywhere you turn, you will see many of them. It is a multicoloured historic city that is large enough to ensure that you won’t get bored but small enough that you can still get a good feel by...

  • Old railway station

    Wandering around Granada, and you want to get to know the historic locations you'll get to this place the Vieja Estacion del Ferrocarril de NicaraguaThe old railroad station whose construction started in 1882 and was finished in 1886, that is the year when the first train arrives at this train station in old GranadaThe building architecture has a...

  • Lake tour to Las Isletas

    We took the boat trip in the afternoon, we went in group as it is cheaper than going by ourselves. It is really worth of visiting the island, along the way we've seen small houses our guide explain everything about it, but I wasn't listening thoughIn this tour you can also go on fishing. So, there's one guy in the group had his fishing equipmentAnd...

  • Colonial architecture

    Besides to its adoring cathedral, walk further and you will see more those colonial buildings in the cityAs a visitor and never seen an adorable building, all you can say wow!To be exact the third oldest in Central America, Granada creates a historic atmosphere with its brightly colored buildings and colonial architectureGranada is at once both the...

  • Watch the daily life of the locals

    The country has a low level of life, not everyone can afford it, Nicaragua is very cheap country to travel around and the city of Granada is a colonial jewel place,which give a satisfaction of every visitor to its surroundingThe city is not big very compact, easy navigable around, transportation is not necessary, the locals are very friendlyThe...

  • Iglesia chuch San Pedro

    This church has the same color of the other church we've seen earlier. With his light blue colorIts standing in a shaded small parkGranada is rich to its colonial building. Walking around is the only way to discover them all

  • Xalteva Church

    Every corner in the city center there is a church and belong to one of historical building The church was reconstructed in 1890, but its exterior today is from 1895 towers are different styles, double windows, Gothic mullions and imitation byzantine cupolasIt was one of the first churches that the Spanish built upon arriving in Central America and...

  • Maria Auxiliadora Church

    We keep on walking and passing a few church already, and this light blue church caught my eye. It has an unique style! The cute church, Maria Auxiliadora was built by the Salesians back in 1910. We enjoyed strolling along narrow streets with their brightly painted buildings and their shuttered and barred doors, giving no hint of the splendor often...

  • The Cathedral

    Beside the large yellow cathedral, (this was destroyed once) but has been rebuilt and looks pretty sharp as a backdrop to the busy Parque Central, there is a large cross like monument that kids seem to like to play onThe cathedral is one of the main attraction in the center of Granada. Due to its yellow color, the cathedral is recognizable from far...

  • The main square

    The main square of Granada is where this original cathedralEl Parque Central or Parque Colon is the social heart of Granada. This large, cobblestoned main square is dotted with trees, shady benches and fountains.A large, domed gazebo rises in the center where the young locals hold court. Vendors line the park’s periphery, selling candy, cigarettes...

  • La Merced Church

    This one of the many church in Granada is not look old. The black wall in the middle was a scar of burn. Someone has trying to burn this place a long time agoThe bell tower is open approx 10am to 6pm. The climb up the tower is short but 1/2 the steps are a tight slightly-dizzying spiral staircase without even enough space to pass someone. Once...

  • Iglesia de Guadalupe

    At the end of the street is yet another large stone built heritage church (Iglesia Guadalupe), one that has saw plenty of damage over the years. This one was used several times as a stronghold during battles because it was close the water front. Not sure why all these churches have been destroyed and rebuilt so many times nor why a small town needs...

  • Masaya Volcano

    This is one of the active volcano in Nicaragua called Masaya, we heard the locals saying, this volcano can be errupted again anytimeFrom the car park entrance its a short walk up hill to the crater, you have the possibility to view the very impressive crater and the flowing lava, which is continuously emitting smoke and sulfur gases From this...

  • Leon -- City of Cathedrals

    After Granada, Leon is certainly worth a visit within the Nicaraguan itinerary. No more than a full day is really needed to appreciate this city of cathedrals, home of famed writer Ruben Dario, and original base of the Sandinista. See my pages for Leon to see how we visited this place and to see many more great images of the city.

  • Oldest Spanish City in the New World?

    I really don't believe it's true, but Granada, along with Leon, have the reputation of being two of the oldest Spanish cities in the New World. Prior to this time, the Spanish simply conquered indigenous places, like Mexico City, for their own. Early on, the Spanish discovered that the location at the top of the lake could be an Atlantic seaport,...

  • Swimming pool in Granada

    We have so far spent two days at the gorgeous pool of Hotel Granada and will no double be there again. Even if you are not staying there, you can pay $5 and have unlimited use of the pool. There are loungers with umbrellas, trees all around and great shallow areas for little ones. You can go in and out if you want to go elsewhere for lunch...


    Hiking in Selva Negra is a lot more than walking in the woods. You hike into virgin rain forest where you experience nature at its purest, the sights and sounds of the forest will amaze you as they have done many of those who have already had a chance to visit us. Don't forget to check out the trail statistics and the trail map. Selva Negra offers...

  • Viejo Leon

    Viejo Leon is the archaeological sight of the "old city" ruins. We paid less than $10US (including tip) for a guide to walk around the ruins with us and explain the sights. His English was very good and he was extremely friendly. It was a very informative tour - well worth the $10US!

  • Masaya Volcano National Park

    You can drive right up to the edge of the volcano! Toxic sulfur gases fill the air (that's what the "steam" is in the photo). There is a walkway leading up from the parking lot to the large white cross at the top edge of the volcano. If you lean over the edge a little, you can see red lava! The entrance fee to the park was $4US/each for adults....

  • Leon & Poneloya vol. 1

    Somoto-San Isidro-Leon was our first bus-route. We somehow got close to San Isidro, got off at a ... well, next to a fritanga by the road, where people gathered waiting for the bus that goes to Leon. I was watching butterflies flying around, amused by everything my eye-balls were taking in and then the ruteado bus came. Wow, what an experience....

  • Managua vol. 4

    The nightlife in Managua is probably one of the city's most amazing features. Again, moving around implies having a car, but there are some great areas with fantastic bars and restaurants.I apologize for not having visual material to accompany the words, but I did not take my camera with me on that night out. We went to a great bar and restaurant...

  • Managua vol. 3

    We started to climb down from the hill where Sandino's monument is located, reaching a broader street. On the left, the restaurant of the brothers Mejia Godoy, marvelous musicians, legendary artists from Nicaragua. On the right side there is a shopping mall. Yes, the typical, North American type of a structure designed to provoke elevated level of...

  • Managua vol. 2

    The Park Sandino is located on a hill, not particularly high, but high enough to have a fantastic panoramic view of Managua. The hill is right next to Laguna de Tiscapa, one of the four lagunas within the city limits.From the park you can see the very few tall buildings that the earthquake has spared, the building of Banco Central de Nicaragua and...

  • Managua vol. 1

    An organized chaos! Or, a chaotic organization. An impressive mixture of contrast! Huge, loud, relatively dirty, FUN and unbelievably joyful - Managua is all that, and more.You cannot move without a car. All the interesting places that are to be seen are scattered throughout the city and... walking around is not an option. For one, the combination...

  • Tour from Granada to Masaya

    There are several companies in Granada organising tours to Vulcán Masaya. Some of the tours are day tours, some are night tours (actually late afternoon/evening) and some include stops at the market in Masaya or in the Pueblos Blancos.I chose to take a night tour to Vulcán Masaya with Tierra Tour. When I booked the tour I paid 30 dollars, but when...

  • Parque National Volcán Masaya

    The Masaya Vulcan is situated about 20 km southeast of Managua. The area around the volcano became a national park in 1979, Nicaragua’s first national park. The national park covers an area of 54 square km and in the park you can find two volcanoes, five craters and several short hiking trails. There is a visitor centre and museum. I visited that...

  • Isla de Ometepe

    Isla de Ometepe is a wonderful place that is easy to fall in love with. It is an island with natural beauty, kind people and a very tranquil atmosphere. The island consists of two volcanic peaks, Concepsion which is 1610 m and Maderas that is 1395 metres, and between them there is an isthmus. Isla de Ometepe is situated in Lago de Nicaragua and...

  • San Juan del Sur

    San Juan del Sur is a small beach town at the south part of the Pacific coast. It's a good place for relaxing. The town is small and quiet. The beach lies in a bay and is not so big. There are small hills around.Uppdate 2009: I came to San Juan del Sur for a few days during my trip 2009, but I also visited in December 1988 and March 1989. Of course...

  • Hiking on Volcán Concepción, Isla de...

    Volcán Concepción is the highest of the two volcanoes on Isla de Ometepe. It has a perfect cone shape and is 1610 metres high. Concepción is an active volcano with smoke coming out of the crater. I visited during the rainy season so the volcano was mostly covered with clouds (very much the day I did the hike).Right after arriving to Moyogalpa I...

  • Las Peñitas

    Las Peñitas is situated on the Nicaraguan Pacific coast near Poneloya, about 20 km west of León. It is a small fishing village with a relaxed atmosphere. When I visited, in the middle of the week, the long sandy beach was almost empty. There are a few hotels and restaurants in Las Peñitas, and even an Internet café. Some tourists come here only on...

  • leon

    León is the second largest city in Nicaragua, after Managua. It was founded by the Spaniards as Santiago de los Caballeros de León and rivals Granada, Nicaragua, in the number of historic Spanish colonial homes and churches. As of 2005, the city had an estimated population of about 175,000 people which increases sharply during university season...

  • isla ometepe

    Ometepe is an island formed by two volcanoes rising from Lake Nicaragua in the Republic of Nicaragua. Its name derives from the Nahuatl words ome (two) and tepetl (mountain), meaning two mountains.The two volcanoes, Concepción and Maderas, are joined by a low isthmus to form one island in the shape of an hourglass. Ometepe has an area of 276 km²....


    The Isletas consist of 365 small islands that are a result of an eruption of the volcano Mombacho. The islands are home to different flora and fauna, as well as homes, restaurants and other attractions.


    Granada, with an estimated population of 110,326 (2003), is Nicaragua's fourth most populous city and capital of the Granada Department. Granada is historically one of Nicaragua's most important cities both economically and politically. It is situated on the northwestern shore of Lake Cocibolca and was founded by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba on...


    Puerto Cabezas (Bilwi in Miskito) is a municipality in the North Atlantic Coast department (Región Autónoma del Atlántico Norte) of Nicaragua.The municipality and the entire region are indigenous lands. The city of Bilwi is part of The Community of Karata, including land north of Bilwi which borders The Community of Ten Communities. The owners are...


    Managua is the capital city of Nicaragua as well as the department and municipality by the same name. It is also the largest city in Nicaragua. It is located on the southwestern shore of Lake Managua. The city was declared the national capital in 1852.[2] Previously, the capital had alternated between the cities of León and Granada. The city has a...


    The beaches of Poneloya and Las Peñitas are excellent places for sun and beach activities. The little towns are located less than 25 kilometers from León (about 35 minutes in car). Both towns are characterized by a wide beach, great swimming possibilities, and a relaxed, tranquil atmosphere. In addition to the regular beach activities (sunbathing,...

  • Volcano Boarding

    Outside of Leon, Nicaragua is Cerro Negro, a young, active volcano that you can hire a tour company to take you out there for a half a day of volcano boarding. There are two options: sitting or standing. Its the difference between sledding and surfing. Most promotional materials display only sitting, run mostly by a big hostel in Leon, Bigfoot....

  • Churches in Nicaragua

    I have always appreciated Spanish and Latin American architecture. The more extravagant displays of this art typically is found in the churches of old. Here are a few shots to enjoy. The two oldest colonial cities in Latin America were founded in 1524, in Nicaragua. They are Granada and Leon. These 2 cities have the largest collection of colonical...

  • Volcanoes; Nicaragua's got lots of 'em

    Most people only look at the volcanoes from a distance. Some climb them. Here you can do both. Coming from the Pacific Northwest of the USA, I am more likely to be found climbing the volcanoes, rather then just looking at them from a distance. The most popularly climbed volcanoes in Nicaragua are Maderas, Concepcion, Momotombo, Cerro Negro (for...

  • Snorkeling and ATV's In Nicaragua

    The water on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua is a bit cloudy much of the time with a few exceptions. We found an excellent place on the central coast of the Pacific but your best option for arriving there is by ATV. There are ATV rentals at Barcelo, Montelimar Resort. The ride is about 18 miles before arriving to a secluded pool that is created in...

  • Checking out Sandino Estuary

    The Sandino Estuary is the second largest one on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. It is a huge sanctuary to a wide variety of birds which is located about 2 hours west of Managua on the old and bumpy highway to Leon.

  • Hiking Adventures in Nicaragua

    There's lots of places to drift away into the many secluded forests, jungles and beaches of Nicaragua. Here are a few special places near the Pacific Ocean about 1 hour from Managua. The petroglphys are abundant in this sector. The petroglyph photo below is one of the most unique ones in Nicaragua. It suggests that human sacrifice was practiced in...

  • Unexplored, Unexploited, Unlimited...

    The title tells of some key characteristics of the beautiful country, Nicaragua. In June 2008, after 2 years of planning, I moved to Nicaragua to realize a dream to bring some opportunity to some of the remote locations here. The idea is to create "sustainability through the development of real adventure travel". The principal method of doing this...

  • Lake Nicaragua

    Drive to Granada to reach the lake itself and take a boatride. Once in the lake, you'll have a panoramic view of Volcan Mombacho and the surrounding area. There are some permanent residents on the numerous islands of Lake Nicaragua, of which 50 are students who attend an "island school". Each day, the children put their books in a waterproof bag...


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