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  • Granada
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     Many interesting places to visit within easy reach, nice people 

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     I'll think about it.... 

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     Soon, not only for backpackers 

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  • Want to buy Cuban products this is it...

    Managua Shopping

    Duty Free inside the airport Besides Mexico....this is a place where you can find Cuban cigars and Cuban Rum at a decent price...of course you find them (these product) all over the world, but you will pay an arm and a leg. Here and in Mexico prices are great for Cohbia's, Montecristo's, Romeo & Juliet cigars...and of course one of the best...

  • Hotel Casa Naranja

    Managua Hotels

    It felt like staying at Home in Nicaragua. The rooms are nice, very comfortable beds, a great...

  • Club Broder

    Managua Nightlife

    Broder is one the best places to party if you're young, people that go are usually between 18-23 years old, is always open bar of rum and vodka, it opens on Tuesdays , Thursdays and Saturdays. The cover is most of the time like $7 dollars. The music is really good you would hear electro, salsa, reggaeton everything!. I completely recommend...


San Juan del Sur

  • Playa La Flor

    San Juan del Sur Off The Beaten Path

    This beach is a nature preserve where you can go and see the sea turtles that come to the beach to lay their eggs. I didn't know much going in, just that our drivers at Casa Ola were going to drive down ahead of us and see if there were actually any turtles to be seen before they bothered to drive us all down there. When they returned 20 minutes or...

  • Buena Vista Surf Club

    San Juan del Sur Hotels

    Playa Maderas, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • A juice bar and coffee shop...

    San Juan del Sur Restaurants

    On our last day in San Juan del Sur, we dropped into this place on Avendida Vanderbilt. The walls are adorned with all manner of cute vintage posters and shelves contain board games and the like...somebody broke out the Connect Four and they had some knock-off Jenga game as well. A lot of character and the staff seem nice. They even played pretty...


Isla de Ometepe

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  • Renting an ATV or motorbike

    Isla de Ometepe Transportation

    My friends and I decided that the best way to see the entirety of Isla Ometepe was to rent an ATV and a moto from Moyogalpa. We found a place right across from the gas station and next door to The Cornerhouse bed and breakfast (great place to eat by the way!) with motos out front, with a yellow sign saying Bar and Restaurante Bahia. We got a deal...

  • hostel Asi Es Mi Tierra and their taxi

    Isla de Ometepe Warnings and Dangers

    Ometepe Island is a beautiful place and most people are trustworthy and very helpful. However, there have been many cases of theft involving the taxi drivers and the owners of Asi Es Mi Tierra in Balgue at the foot of the Maderas Volcano.Many cameras, cell phones, money, and even computers have gone missing from luggage or from rooms there. So if...

  • Trekking Volcan Maderas (2)

    Isla de Ometepe Things to Do

    Our group had 2 guides ,Carlos..very good guide and another one was new guide which going to be trained by Carlos today.Both of them are young man age about eary 20.After half way look out the route going into cloud forest atmosphere so there'll be only trees around us ,can't see much of view outside .The humidity made the trail was very muddy and...


Corn Island

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  • Parque Ruben Dario

    León Things to Do

    Along Calle Central, between the cathedral and Ruben Dario museum, is a small plaza like park with memorials to four poets and writers famous in Leon's period of Modernisimo Literature period.

  • Hotel Los Balcones De Leon

    León Hotels

    Esquina de los Bancos 1C al Este, Leon, 00000, Nicaragua

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 2.5 out of 5 stars

  • Leon to/from Granada

    León Transportation

    Don't get fooled into believing the bus trip from Granada to Leon via Managua is difficult or dangerous. There are regular buses leaving both Leon and Granada destine for Managua. Since there are multiple stations in Managua, make sure the bus conductor knows of your plans. Usless you can't stand being crowded in a minivan for a couple hours trip,...



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  • Horse Cart from the New Market

    Masaya Transportation

    A the New Market near the bus station, one can easily hire at reasonable price a horse cart for the trip to the Malecon or to the Viejo Mercado. The vendors of these carts vary widely in both cart and care of the horse, so consider carefully which cart you choose. The driver will take you to El Malecon and wait while you walk it, then pick you up...

  • El Malecon and the Crater Lake

    Masaya Things to Do

    El Malecon refers to a promenade along the edge of the massively deep volcanic Laguna de Masaya, or Lake of Masaya, a crater lake of Volcan Masaya. Tree shrouded Red and yellow painted walk has a romantic quality to it. So, the city of Masaya has a waterfront on a lake with great views, but the steep descent into the waters of Volcan make it not...

  • Tourist Shopping in Center of Masaya

    Masaya Shopping

    We came across the Old Market on the horse cart ride to the Malecon. On the way back, we stopped and then later walked the half mile or so back to the bus station. El Mercado Viego, originally built in 1891, and restored in 1997 for tourist consumption, has a fine stone and concrete fortress like wall around it. Inside, the market has many vendors...



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  • Strong water currents

    Pochomil Warnings and Dangers

    There can be a quite strong undertow in the sea so be cautious when you swim. When I visited Pochomil in July 2010 the currents felt extra strong. I have read that Pochomil is good for surfing most of the year, but not when I visited. Three surfers staying at the same hotel as me said the currents were too strong at the moment for surfing. And one...

  • Vistamar Hotel

    Pochomil Hotels

    Had to add a review after seeing the only one on this place and it was not flattering. Our family...

  • Restaurante El Mirador

    Pochomil Restaurants

    On the beach in Pochomil there are many simple restaurants with thatched roof and the beach as the floor. The restaurant just below Hotel Alta Mar where I was staying is Restaurante El Mirador. I had lunch there and this day in the middle of the week I was the only customer. At the restaurant next door I saw a group of five, otherwise it was empty...


Laguna de Apoyo

  • Spanish School Apoyo Cultural Center

    Laguna de Apoyo Things to Do

    I had a wonderful time learning Spanish at the Apoyo Cultural Center. Besides learning Spanish I was able to kayak, snorkel, chill out and enjoy the beautiful lake. After spending a week there I went to a partner spanish school in Granada and enjoyed the colonial city. Lovely spot with lots to do including scuba diving.

  • An Afternoon by the Lagoon

    Laguna de Apoyo Things to Do

    There is a breathtaking view of Laguna de Apoyo from Mirador de Catarina. But the lagoon is a beautiful place that has abundant nature (you can spot howling monkeys and lots of birds) so it’s worth taking the time to explore it and enjoy a variety activities, from hiking, diving to kayaking. For hiking it's better to have a guide because most of...

  • Mirador de Catarina

    Laguna de Apoyo Things to Do

    The hillside pueblo Catarina is mainly known for the viewpoint Mirador de Catarina, a cliffside walkway at the edge of the crater lake Laguna de Apoyo. It is lined with restaurants and a few souvenir shops where you can buy some locally produced handicrafts. There is a small entrance fee to the viewpoint. Mirador de Catarina is one of the highest...



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  • Snakes

    Matagalpa Warnings and Dangers

    Yep, you heard right. Most of Central America is crawling with snakes. There are some very, very deadly species that inhabit all parts of this lovely department. There is a pit viper species called Castellana. This snake can be very aggressive and is capable of jumping to bite well above the knee also. Locals in the country side say that they...

  • Cooler environment

    Matagalpa What to Pack

    whatever you normally bring If you plan to hike, bring good shoes; boots if hiking during May, October through January. During these months it is common to have rain and much cooler weather. So, bring a parka and/or sweater. Matagalpa has well equipped pharmacies. Bring what you normally need, but know you should be able to get whatever else you...

  • Very interesting theatre

    Matagalpa Nightlife

    This is a live, local theatre that often has plays and or live music on the weekends. Talent varies greatly but it is always a cool experience to drop in for a little while and see what's going on. There bar on the main highway about 3 miles before arriving to Matagalpa. I don't remember the name. It has a huge dance floor and on Friday and...


San Carlos

See all 16 San Carlos Tips
  • Transport along the Rio San Juan

    San Carlos Transportation

    Passenger boats with powerful outboard motors ply the Rio San Juan, from San Carlos all the way to San Juan de Nicaragua on the Caribbean Sea. Boats stop as needed at various ranchos, but the most important regular stops are Boca de Sabalos and El Castillo, which are about 1 1/2 and 2 hrs down river from San Carlos. Like its name implies, Boca de...

  • Solentiname Islands--San Fernando, part...

    San Carlos Things to Do

    San Fernando Island has a petroglyph just off the trail to the Mirador El Targon. Wildflowers to be seen along the way. The petroglyph is protected by a roof, as it is located atop a highpoint on the island. There's a good view to the west. On the way back, I watched a ball game.

  • Solentiname Islands--San Fernando, part...

    San Carlos Things to Do

    The museum and gallery on San Fernando are very small but nice. We actually found the most outstanding collection of balsa wood carvings and oil paintings in the gallery here. While some of the artists do rather rushed work, there are several women who are quite dedicated to the genre of oil painting for which the islands are famous. These really...



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  • Finca Neblina del Bosque in Miraflor

    Estelí Things to Do

    The most beautiful and lovoely farm I have stayed in whole Central america. The farm is owned by a young and simpatic Nicaraguan/German couple how made a big effort to build beautiful bamboo cabins sourrounded by a big flower garden just on the top of a mountain range.All the vegetables and herbs come directly from the garden! There is a opan air...


    Estelí Local Customs

    When the bus stopped in some small town a man wanted me to take a photo of him, but when I did he covered his face with the bag full of oranges. I am shy taking photos of local people and this way had a chance to have some of them.


    Estelí Transportation

    I took microbus from Granada to Managua and paid little less than $1. From the bus station in Managua I had to take a taxi to the station where buses to Estelí leave and had the usual fight with the taxi drivers. I try to be understanding, because they need to get their money for living, but I hate it when three drivers pull (literally) me towards...


Las Peñitas

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  • A Day on the Beach

    Las Peñitas Things to Do

    If you would like to escape from the heat of León (some say it’s one of the hottest cities in Nicaragua and spend a day in tranquility on the beach, then Las Peñitas would be the place for you. This gorgeous beach stretches for about 4 km. There are not many tourists who have found this quiet and nice place, so during the week you’ll literally have...

  • Seashell Necklaces

    Las Peñitas Shopping

    On the weekends and holidays lots of people come to the beach of Las Peñitas, so this makes a good opportunity for locals to earn some extra cordobas, offering drinks and snacks, and children selling seashell necklaces. We made friends with three boys who tried to sell us some of them which they were supposed to made themselves. They sat on the...

  • A Small Beach Hostel and Restaurant

    Las Peñitas Restaurants

    Several small hotels and restaurants are scattered along the length of the beach of Las Peñitas. Petra suggested Oasis, a small hostel and restaurant, which is located right on the beach, some 200 m before the bus terminal. This long-time surfer favourite has a lazy backpackers vibe. Guests can enjoy a hammock area with a great second-story view of...



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  • Almost All Inclusive Hotel

    Montelimar Things to Do

    Montelimar is Barcelo. There is no separate town. The closest town is Masachapa which is about 1 mile south of Barcelo, Montelimar. After about 2 days at the resort people seem to get a bit restless and begin looking for stuff to do outside of the resort. Barcelo has a huge beach that is seldom croweded. If you walk northwest (away from the main...

  • Barcelo Montelimar Beach

    Montelimar Hotels

    Not only is this a nice resort with a huge beach, but, like all Barcelo Resorts, the food and drinks...

  • Lots of Adventure Near By

    Montelimar Off The Beaten Path

    ATV tours into the jungle on Barcelo's property.ATV tours to the local communities of Masachapa and Pochomil for an excellent cultural exchange and/or enjoy a little dancing, beer and/or local rum.ATV/snorkeling tourPetroglyph Nature HikeKayaking Sandino Estuary at sunsetFishing like the locals tour off the coast of BarceloSee...



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  • Isla de Ometepe - Rivas - Granada

    Rivas Transportation

    There are a few direct buses every day departing from Merida going to Moyogalpa. I took the bus passing El Porvenir just after 9am. A woman waiting for the same bus as I told me that the lancha/ferry in Moyogalpa usually waited if the bus was late. From El Porvenir to Moyogalpa it took 2 hours and it was 20 cordobas (July 2009). In Moyogalpa the...

  • San Juan del Sur - Rivas - Isla de...

    Rivas Transportation

    Buses leave San Juan del Sur about every half an hour for Rivas. The bus ride takes 45 minutes and cost 15 cordobas (July 2009). At the bus station in Rivas I asked for a bus to San Jorge, from where the ferries leave for Isla de Ometepe, and was told that there are minibuses passing on the street. Before I had time to cross the street a taxi...

  • Managua - Rivas - San Juan del Sur

    Rivas Transportation

    I arrived to airport Managua early in the morning. The exchange offices had not opened jet, but I found an ATM in the departure hall. I was approached by a taxi driver who showed his badge and told me he drove an official taxi (with red plates). He wanted to have 16 dollars (July 2009) for driving me to the bus terminal at Roberto Huembes. As the...


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