Panama Favorites

  • This big truck pass through this bridge
    This big truck pass through this bridge
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  • Favorites
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  • The border crossing between Costa Rica and Panama
    The border crossing between Costa Rica...
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Panama Favorites

  • Visit to Panama

    Panama City is only as dangerous as most of the latin american capitals, it is colon that you have to avoid on the other side of the country. you should have no problem seeing the canal and the old part of panama. if you are coming in from south america, you have to fly into panama, as there is no land connection available from south america into...

  • Panama City/local flights/Chiriqui

    Check the daily flight from Allbrook Airport at or www.aeroperlas.comReliable little planes that safely connect he capital with the main cities & touristic spots.We recommend to stay in the beautiful casco viejo (san felipe), we do not particoularly like the city life (we live in a remote pacific beach near the border with...

  • Beautiful Hummingbird

    If you like hummingbirds, and who doesn't, then you will love Panama.There seem to be tiny gems every where you look.

  • The most Sophisticated City in Central...

    Nearly one million people live in the New Panama CityPanama City, a vibrant metropolis located at the Pacific side of the Panama Canal. is without a doubt the most Sophisticated and Developmented city of Central America.It is a place of skyscrapers, resplendent suburbs and historic monuments from the city's Spanish past.Old Panama City has been...

  • An island on the Comarca de San Blas

    This is it. An island among many other in San Blas, but the one where our skipper always chooses to stop for an easy two-days stop before we get into serious sailing away from Panama.The Archipelago has many islands, some more overrun than others by tourist boats, and some more populated, with all the drawbacks this brings to traditional life. I...

  • Going through the Panama Canal

    This is definatly experience. It is really neat to see at first but then you get a little bored of it after least if you have been working everyday over 10hr for 1 month.

  • Lets celebrate Two independence days?

    a former colony of the spanish empire for more than three centuries, Panama declared its independence from Spain on November 28, 1821, and later became a province of Colombia, from which it seceded 82 years later, on November 3, 1903. Thus, we are celebrating a day of independence and a day of separation in the same month!There are several paredes...


    PANAMA CITY, Panama, May 24, 2005 – Mickey Mouse has come a long way from “Steamboat Willie.” Moving from riverboats to cruise ships, Mickey’s ship, the Disney Magic, crossed the Panama Canal on Friday, May 20, marking the ship’s first-ever cruise through the engineering marvel. And, it happened just in time to celebrate Disneyland’s 50th...

  • general info

    Inaugurated on December 29, 1979 this small museum has stone and ceramic artwork dated between AD800-1500. See the mural and captions inside for a glimpse of Natá life and their first contact with Europeans.Open Tu-Sa 9am-4pm, Su 9am-1pm. Adults US$1, including a guide in spanish. students and children US$0.25.telephone. 987-9352

  • Carnival in Panama

    Carnival is celebrated in many cities of the country, but the carnival in the City of Las Tablas is recognized as the best in the country. It takes place during February, about 40 days before Good Friday. By tradition the town is divided into two groups called tunas: calle arriba and calle abajo, who compete in every aspect of the carnival. Events...

  • land of beautiful women

    Panama staged the 1986 and 2003 Miss Universe pageant. Panama was selected as the venue of this prestigious event for its unique qualities such as natural beauty, security and infrastructure. The country was proud to have had a winner of the Miss Universe, Justine Pasek; and also holds a finalist in 8 diferents...

  • The Panama canal

    The Panama canal is mostly the only thing people now about this central American country. There is of course much more to see, but I think it is a must to see those impressive ocean-going vessels go trough the huge canal locks. The Locks of Miraflores are a good place, just a little bit west of Panama city.Recently the museum and visitor centre...

  • Towed

    Being towed along by these trains along each side (with only an arms length of space on either side!)...One of workers walking along the side handed us a local newspaper across the handrail of the ship. No that is a tight fit.

  • Which side of the canal?

    We were amazed at the high tech directional indicator (See the Big Arrow?)... We were also amazed to hear how much the cruise ship had to pay. I understand they charge based on weight, so it probably isn't so bad for a small boat.

  • Lake

    Not very many people know that the canal opens up into a of the reasons this area was chosen to build a canal.

  • Bienvenidos a Panama!

    It was nice whan a group of local school kids watching the ship pass by shouted "Bienvenidos a Panama!" (Welcome to Panama!)

  • Taking Pictures of the Canal

    Don't forget to acclimate your camera equipment to the humid air if you plan on photographing the canal. Take your camera outside at least an hour before your ship enters the canal. Otherwise, your lenses will continually fog up until they reach the same temperature as the surrounding air.

  • National Theater

    Built in a Neo-Classic style, Panama`s national theater was one of the first public buildings inauguarted after the birth of the republic, in 1903.Designed by italian architect Genaro Ruggeri, was inaugurated on october, 1908. for the last two yeras, a team of inetrnational rsstoration experts has been working at the theater in order to restore...

  • Panama is a great place to visit!

    I took this vacation as a last minute, inexpensive vacation. I was not expect to be as impressed as I was! Panama is a great place to visit and I highly recommend it to anyone. Panama has something to offer to everyone. I am a city mouse and love to be in the hustle of the city, but I also crave the beach and want to relax in a beachfront resort....

  • Panamas new Icon

    The Bridge of Life building.Designed by one of the world's most important architect FRANK O. GEHRY (Guggenheim musseum) will be a new icon for Panama. It will also be a striking building unlike anything most of its visitors have ever experienced, even when viewed from afar. the building's pavilions house extraordinary interactive exhibits that...

  • on the way

    English is spoken as a second language and the Panamanian people are among the most friendly in the world. The infrastructure is first-world, including excellent roads,a sophisticated business sector, the second largest Free Trade Zone in the world and a banking center that holds more than 100 banks. come and see me

  • Why Panama

    Panama has exotic tropical rainforests, cool gorgeous mountain refuges, Caribbean-style beaches, seven living Indian cultures, a pretty U.S.-style capital city, historic venues ( Columbus and Balboa both came to Panama) adventure tours, diving, rafting, kayaking- not to mention one of the world's engineering marvels- The Panama Canal. people that...

  • Survivor appeal

    in 2003, CBS choose Panama as the location for the 7th season of the EMMY winner reality show, SURVIVOR (pearl islands). and once again for 2004 Survivor ALL STARSIn fact the exotic, nature-rich islands of Panama have been home to the Survivor programs of 14 countries including Italy and Russia. Situated in the Gulf of Panama about 50 miles...

  • Panamanian People

    The people are very friendly and for the most part welcome you. We met heaps of people that became and have remained very good friends. Meeting a large class of tourism students and having them teach Mike, myself and two Dutch brothers to dance merengue at four in the morning on a beautiful beach in Bocas.

  • Panama's climate

    Climate: Panama's climate is pleasantly tropical, and temperatures are practically uniform the year around, from 73 to 83 degrees fahrenheit in costal areas. Nights are generally cool. In the highlands, temperatures range from 52 to 65 degrees fahrenheit. There are two seasons — rainy and dry. The rainy season begins in April and ends in December....

  • Isla Taboga

    Isla Taboga is a small island just 20km offshore. A ferry will take you from Bolboa to the island in about 1-1,5 hour. The island is an oase of peace if you compare it to the very buzzy life in Panama city! It's the island to rest out a bit, to swim and relax!

  • Casco Viejo

    Casco viejo is the old hart of the city. Part by part is being restored, but just a street further you still see the poverty of the normal Panameño living in the not yet restored buildings. When the governement also wants to renovate those, they will lose their homes...By using soft pastel tints to paint the post colonial houses and churches they...

  • Panamá city

    Panam city is certainly one of the most important economical cities in Central America. Its a city of contrasts between poor and rich, between old and modern, between the Latin American 'Mañana-life' and the Western 'Tommorow-life'.This economical and political hart of the region is still expanding rapidly. New skycrapers change the horizons while...

  • Teak Wood

    My Dad at a local lumbermill, negotiating for some Teak wood for the boat. We discovered the the wood bought here was not Kiln dried. Although it warped a little bit, it was used for years to touch up and repair Dad`s Sailboat.

  • Get off the beaten track

    If you have a chance to visit Panama, plan to go off the tourist track a bit. The small island of Bocas Del Toro on the north-east coast has a research station for students who study primates, snakes, turtles, eco-everything. Even if you aren't a student, visit the station (Insitute for Tropical Ecology and Conservation). The students love to talk...

  • friendly people,not too many tourists!!!

    The nature is really beautifull in Panama!!! Go to Panama city and see the big ships trespassing the canal...go surfing in riomar on the pacific;Go to boquete and climb the baru volcan...and don't forget to visit bocas del toro!!

  • Molas

    The Cuni Indians specialize in molas., a reverse appliqué technique. Here is a mola display. See my travelogue on the San Blas Islands.

  • Visit the San Blas Islands...

    Visit the San Blas Islands where the Cuni Indians display their wares. Officially part of Panama, the islands are administered by the Cuni tribe. See the travelogue on the San Blas Islands.

  • Bridge of the Americas

    This is the Bridge of the Americas which spans the Panama Canal on the Pacific side. It is 354 feet tall and 5,007 feet long. It connects the two land masses separated by the Panama Canal and is part of the Pan American Highway.The bridge was inaugurated on Octeber 12, 1962. It was originally called the Thatcher Ferry Bridge.

  • Visitors Pavilion

    This is the Visitors Pavilion on land where tourists can watch ships going through the locks. Located at the Miraflores Locks, it is open seven days a week from 9:00am to 5:00pm. There are bilingual commentators.

  • Chagres River

    This is the Chagres River, the source of all the water. Without this river, there would be no world wide trade as we know it. The mountains from which the river flows receive up to 200 inches of rainfall each year. the river delivers 80 billion cubic feet of water annually to the mand made Lake Alajueal (the upper reservoir.) Here the waters are...

  • French Cut

    Watch for the original French cut as you sail into the canal from the Gulf of Mexico.Ferdinand Marie de Lesseps, builder of the Suez Canal, proposed a sea level canal through Panama in 1879. He organized a French company in 1880 to do just that. He failed.

  • Watch as the dredges work...

    Watch as the dredges work constantly to keep the canal clear.Believe it or not the same company, Ellicott, has built all of the cutter dredges ever bought by the Panama Canal. The MINDI, vintage 1942, is still at work today.

  • Colorful Buses

    They don't compare to the jeepneys in the Philippines, but the buses here are painted quite colorfully!!

  • Highlights of Panama

    In Panama City: 1.)Don't miss seeing the ships passing through Miraflores Lock, afternoon is the best time to ensure you see ships.2.) See the beautiful architectures in Casco Viejo3.) Get a taxi to drop you off at Amador where you can walk or hire a bike and cycle along the causeway, stop and eat/drink in the many different restaurants/bars to...

  • The Canal

    On Dec. 31st, 1999, administration of the Panama Canal was officially turned over to the government of Panama.

  • The Canal

    The Canal opened to traffic on August 15, 1914; since that time, there have been more than 800,000 transits through the waterway.

  • Panamá Viejo

    The old district of San Felipe (also known as Panamá Viejo) juts into the sea on the southwestern side of town. It's an area of decaying colonial grandeur, striking architecture, peeling paint and decrepit balconies.

  • Canal construction

    The French started a canal in 1880 under De Lesseps, builder of the Suez Canal, but after 20 years of struggle with the jungle, disease, financial problems and the sheer enormity of the project, they were forced to give up.In 1903 a Frenchman, acting as ambassador of Panama signed a treaty giving perpetual rights to USA. The French canal company's...

  • Panama City

    Panama City, the capital of Panama, is a modern, thriving commercial center stretching 10km along the Pacific coast from the ruins of Panamá Viejo in the east to the edge of the Panama Canal in the west.


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