Panama Restaurants

  • Restaurants
    by MalenaN
  • Restaurants
    by MalenaN
  • Restaurants
    by MalenaN

Panama Restaurants

  • Empanadas de Carlitos

    Al borde de la autopista Panamericana a 50 minutos de Panamá city.Es una parada obligatoria para degustar exquicitas empanadas tipo argentinas. Los postres también son muy buenos. Siempre hay cerveza bien fríaAtendido por jóvenes muy cordiales.Los precios son económicos Empanadas picantes, pecan pie

  • excelente comida, ambiente y atención

    Ocupa el espacio de una antigua casona colonial, muy bien mantenida y decorada con muebles originales, atendido por su chef y dueña: Lourdes Fabrega. Con excelente atención.Las mesas están dispuestas en un agradable corredor con vista a la piscina y jardines. Muchos pájaros. Clima ideal. Precios no económicos pero muy buena relación...

  • Fun night!

    Great food, great decor, great show: native dance and music from Panama. NOt expensive about $15-20us per person. Try thier Yuca pâté: looks like a chicken pie but Panamian style. Make reservations otherwise you will not have a place to sit in the show room. Show on Tuesday, Thursdays, some Fridays and some Saturdays.

  • Gourmet - Spanish food

    The restaurant is the favorite of the Panamenian jet set and tourists. Paella: Pork, chicken, seafood mixed with riceSarzuela de Marisco: Mixed of sea food with red sauce.Cochinillo : baby pig roasted.

  • Good & Very Economical ltalian Food

    This clean and plain restaurant offers very good Italian dishes at an economy price. I had both pasta dishes and pizza. Everything was to my satisfaction. I found the pasta cooked al dente which is what I like and the tomato sauce was very tasty. The pizzas come in a variety of sizes and toppings. The staff is very professional and helpful. Service...

  • Indian Cuisine at Its Best

    It's a bit hard to find good Indian cooking in Panama but you do have the possibility to find the best Indian dishes at the Masala Indian Cuisine restaurant. This smaller size restaurant located in the Bella Vista area of Panama City is decorated inside with rich Indian tapestries and textiles. The Indian ambience is further strengthened by wood...

  • Cool and unique, Tango and Pizza.

    There is a pizza restaurant that has Tango on Thursday night. They are an open air restaurant with a dance floor under a cover next to the street. We had a wonderful time, a fine time dancing and a good pizza. They have 90 different types of pizza. Yes 90! and the 91st type is ' Tell us what you want" It is definitely worth looking foe if you want...

  • Wonderful Cuisine

    This was a great place! the food was freshly prepared and the menu was very large. Atmosphere superb, decor was off the chain and the service was excellent. I will definately go back when I return to Panama.

  • Good and cheap, perfect!

    This is a cafeteria style place that is open 24/7. The food is good, hot and cheap. I got a Gyro with fries and a coke for $4, my wife got a veggie plate( big enough for two) for $3 and a scrumptious cappuccino is $1.50. Gotta love it. They serve American, Panamanian and international meal, sandwiches, burgers, pizza and full meals round the...

  • Tapas in Casco Viejo without the menu

    Tapas restaurant that does not give you a choice, which was good, what a waste sometimes to look at a menu. All the dishes were good to mostly very good. The staff is excellent. Highly recommended. Please make a reservation, as this is a popular dining experience in Panama City. 25 dollars per person. Wine is 20 to 40 dollars a bottle. Whatever...

  • The Big Fish

    When in Bocas Del Toro make sure you head over to Pirate Restaurant and ask for the 5 pound Red Snapper. Its a must do when your in Bocas. The 5 Pound Red Snapper

  • juice, batidos and supreme burgers

    I'm not really a burger fan, but Java Juice's muliti-layered Supreme Burgers are great value. They also sell outstanding salads, fresh juice and batidos. Ther place has a modern, fast food atmosphere, metal and glass furniture, coffee sacks and national flags decorating the walls and big windows looking out onto Boquete's main street. It is very...

  • Choco Chettas- chocolate & strawberries

    Mmmm! Delicious, succulent, alluring chocolate strawberries. Unforgettably delicious! Skewers with pieces of marzipan, brownies or strawberries dipped into chocolate and coming out with a yummy yummy coat of it!!! My steps always took me to the shop without even thinking of it. Then I brought my friends, too, and was really happy to initiate them...

  • Pecado de Sabor - eclectic taste in...

    This was my favourite restaurant in Bocas del Toro and I would have had all my food there if I could...Its values are: Excellent food, flawless service, superb taste, warm candle lit atmosphere and a breezy balcony with view to the main street. I met the French Canadian owner who pointed out to me that he cares for quality. I heard they sometimes...

  • One of Panama City's Best

    El Bodegon is among our favorite restaurants and a "must go" on our trip to Panama. It is a place serving mostly locals and can be very difficiult to find unless you know where you are going in the San Francisco neighborhood.The staff is very professional and the dining experience is quite pleasant. It is one of the more expensive places in Panama...

  • Our Favorites in Panama City

    1. Albertos2. Habibis3. Mar Bella4. Casa del Marisco5. Tin BistroMore from Around the World that I Love:Including this Country Try the calamari en su tinta at Mar Bella - its fantastic.

  • dine and watch ships pass by through...

    This restaurant is also is part of the Panama Canal Visitors Center- that means you can combine seeing the Panama Canal Museum with an unforgettable lunch. You can dine at night when night views of the lit up locks and ships are no less stunning.**Called by Lonely Planet one of the top 5 places to dine in Panama**Recommended by the New York...

  • Do you like folklore?

    They have good panamanian food and a touristic folklore dancing and music. You may finish your dinner dancing. Don't miss this local food:Yuca Frita - Fried YuccaCarimañola - Yucca Roll

  • Local popular, steaks and hamburgers

    Great big bustling place, filled with Panama elite when they dress down. Imported steaks and roast beef, sliders and creamed spinach. WINE LIST IS HUGE AND WELL PRICED. Prime rib on Thurs and friday nights.

  • Candlelight dining

    Some night's after a long day of sightseeing/birding is is nice to be able to just stay home and eat. Some of the best food that we had in Panama was delivered right to our doorstep.Jane and Barry at La Montana y el Valle will prepare a meal for you. Just let them know before you go out of a morning what you would like and they will have it ready...

  • Historical dining room

    This beautiful old hotel on the north side of Boquete has a lovely dining room. They have been serving food to guests of the hotel and the public since 1914.The food is good and prices are a little more than some places nearby but not bad.

  • Adorable

    Great views, very well kept and just all around cute. It's a beautiful place to have a laid back meal. I only had the pizza which was just average, but that's what you get for ordering pizza in central america i guess. The atmosphere more than made up for the mediocre choice though. Apparently they have good fish, that's just what the other...

  • Mashed potatoes!

    Great local charm atmosphere. The food was great and reasonably priced. Two meals came out at around US$15. The waiter was nice and we had a very pleasant experiance. It's a good place to try out local dishes, and not be afraid of whats in them. Tourist friendly but not fake or tacky. I had the shredded beef dish with mashed potatoes. Those were...

  • enjoy with your friends

    Manolo Caracol cooks with love:I liked very much the ambience, the decoration, the service, it was OK. It was very interesting because they did not ask what you want, they bring you the food..., and a lot of different dishes, but we liked them all.

  • Authentic Indian food in Bocas Town

    Intimate and hip Indian Restaurant with an eclectic and delicious menu. We started dinner with the "Chaat Papri" appetizer, which I thought of as Indian nachos. Toasted flatbread wich chickpeas, potatoes, and onions in a mildly spicy sauce with a yogurt drizzle. For the main course I had the "Pescado Tikka Masala" which was a flavorful, spicy fish...

  • Bring lots of money...

    The food was excellent and the atmosphere great. You are perched out over the Chagres River with expansive views of it and of passing ships in the canal. Service was very good. This restaurant is pricey by Panama standards, but that is not surprising, being within the Gamboa Rainforest Resort.

  • offers authentic Panamanian cuisine

    The fun part is that there is a popular Folkloric dance presentation that takes place while you dine. Dancers wear traditional Panamanian dress and if you are lucky like me, you will end dancing!!!Every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday ........................ 9:00 P.M. local food as "carimañolas" , tamales, etc. and seafood

  • Encourage local fishermen

    On my island is Kuna Yala, the men were fishing all day in their dug-out canoes. Our sailing gang was either snorkeling nearby or doing hard time trying to tie MY hamac to two palm trees. Auntie Kuna had to intervene with that last one, the guys just had no idea... Usually, we gathered around the long, shaded table on the beach and drank coconut...

  • Tropical Classic

    A real secret, hidden away from the noise it is in a house from the last century. Homemade bread and pasta, crabs flown from San Blas Islands. Really the prettiest restaurant in Panama. Ceiling fans and potted palms. As a a frequent traveler to this city I was thriilled when this place opened. It is a see and be seen place for Panama's elite (on...

  • Try the Yucca

    Typical Panamanian atmosphere and traditional dishes, with folkloric shows several nights a week. Yucca is like a potato. The name might sound like Yucky, but it is quite good.The Panama Rolls are also very tasty.

  • right in the middle of everything

    Modern italian cuisine.Outdor and indoor seating. Informal atmosphere surrounded by a private tropical garden.Conveniently located, withing walking distance from the city`s major hotels The pastas and dessert

  • ask for the Carimaýolas

    If you are looking for local food, thats the place.It has reasonable prices and great taste.the surroundings are like a tipical house of the provinces of Panama. El Trapiche specializes in the best of Panamanian homestyle food serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Portions are generous and the restaurant is nearly always packed with locals- a...

  • Great national food with panamanians...

    If you are looking for a fancy one, with same national taste, go for Las Tinajas, with a show of traditional panamanian dancers* and music while you are eating!*Tuesday,Thursday and Fridays at 9pm Lunch and dinner only.

  • Nothing like fresh nuts

    We didnt' really bring any food to our deserted beach so we had to find something to eat... COCONUTS!

  • Island Princess dining

    We opted for the 8:30 fixed seating and enjoyed this as we weren't rushed and got to know our waite staff and other guests at our table. You could opt for dining at your leisure subject to tables being available. The food was excellent with a wide choice available. You always have some items such as shrimp cocktail, ceasar salad, sirloin steak,...

  • Oh, this is a hard one, as i...

    Oh, this is a hard one, as i have serveral.In Panama City:1. Mi Ranchito - this is in Amador next to the Canal and Panama Bay, good atmosphere and reasonable price range. Bohio style outdoor eating. $$2. Sunley Chinese Restaurant in El Dorado in Panama City. Excellent Seafood all round and great prices for the pocket.$$3. Eurasia - Oriental food...

  • Panama Typical Dish

    Sancocho de Gallina (Chicken Soup)Ingredients chicken stock (1 and 1/2 qts.)1 yucca, peeled and cut into 1"x1"x1" pieces2 plaintains, peeled, halved, and sliced into thirds longitudinally 2 red potatoes, peeling optional, cut into chunks3 whole chicken breast, skinned and quartered with bones left on.juice from two lemonscumin, 1 tspscallions, 1...

  • Curry chicken on the cheap

    Bocas del ToroGreat little place (yellow) across from Casa Max's hotel. The family serves up the best chicken curry dinners on the planet while offering you the chance to catch up with you favorite spanish soaps via the 12 inch B&W TV in the corner... $2.50 You can have anything you want as long as it's curry chicken

  • Panamanian Cuisine

    Panamanian food includes:Sancocho de Gallina - chicken soupArroz con Guandu y Coco - rice with guandu and coconutArroz con Pollo - chicken with riceCevicheHojaldresEmpanadas

  • We stopped by a small...

    We stopped by a small restaurant in the middle of nowhere to get something to eat. It was near San Andres, Panama which is about 30 minutes south of the Costa Rican border. This is an authentic Panamanian Tortilla. Great.

  • 1985 / Rincon Suizo. The...

    1985 / Rincon Suizo. The only true 5-star dining in Panama. They also have the largest wine cellar in Panama. A sure bet. I must warn you though, this place is not for the thrifty traveler. For those concerned about price try Pomodoro owned and operated by the same Master Chef. They serve a lot of the same dishes without all the 5 star frillsBest...

  • Madame Chang

    Read this (In spanish) Buñuelos de langostinos ($18), pato Pekín ($20), langostinos a la sal ($12.50) MMMMMM!, very good, I can't decide which one I liked most.Ask for Prospero.

  • House of ribs, there are lots...

    House of ribs, there are lots of other restaurants on calle Uruguay as well. An Argentinan steakhouse (Gauchos) is there, as well as several chinese, italian, american, several other places.It will take you several minutes to read the whole menu if you choose to, it is about 10 pages long, with dozens of different entrees, from steak, ribs, bbq,...

  • Restaurant at Parque...

    Restaurant at Parque Internacional La Amistad :>)Native Indians cook for you in their native stove along the Rio Teribe. Owls hanging out in the trees watching you. Bats flying through the kitchen. Rooster laying on the floor. Chicken and Rice, what else is there in Panama?

  • Rincon Suzio

    Located in the same building as 1985. Chef Willy operates two wonderful restaurants here! Cordon BleuPotatoe PancakesChocolate Mousse


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