Panama Things to Do

  • The locks and containers
    The locks and containers
    by mikey_e
  • The Kings and Queens in the Gazebo
    The Kings and Queens in the Gazebo
    by mikey_e
  • The Cinta Costera
    The Cinta Costera
    by mikey_e

Panama Things to Do

  • Portobelo-Colorful buses

    This is all you have to say once you see them. They have about 4-5 buses around the town that transport locals to other surrounding towns/villages, and also some for tourists to take back to the main city.

  • San Blas Island via the The Andiamo!!!!

    Sailing San Blas Island with my boyfriend and two sisters and we all agree that it was the best trip ever! I looked on the internet and discovered, The Andiamo. beautiful boat. very easy to make reservations. Anyways. We had too much fun!! Phil was our Captain and he was a gracious tour guide. Talk about Paradise and more Paradise! Phil showed us...


    VALLE DE ANTÓN: atractions inOrquidiario: muy completo y muchas variedades. Asistido por pasantes de varios países. Charlas interesantes. 2 horas de visitaSerpentarium: sencillo pero interesante.Piedra pintada: antiguos jeroglíficos. Sendero muy bien mantenido. Abundantes aves. 2horas de visitaZoológico: Sencillo muy amplio y bien mantenido....

  • Nature Park only 5 min from Downtown...

    El Parque Natural Metropolitano (Metropolitan Nature Park) is a natural and and recreational treasure that is only a 5 minute drive from downtown Panama City. Within its 232 acres of grounds you will tropical forests where more than 200 species of birds have been observed. There are also many other types of animals living in the park, including...

  • Colon-city views

    These are pictures from the cruise ship. The town is a busy port for transport of goods onto ships. There were a dozen anchored offshore then. The port has been in use for centuries. Columbus was around here in 1502. Colon was founded in 1850 as a port. It was an island, later filled in to connect. They have the second largest duty free zone in the...

  • Royal Decameron Beach Resort Golf &...

    It was fun to have all included, a lot of music, nice views to the beach.I did not like at all the food, but I reccommend it anyway because you will enjoy the beach, the pools and the activities.I went again in August 2007 and I liked better the restaurants, they have improved the service. I liked very much.

  • Metropolitain Park

    Not to great. You will see if you are lucky: snakes, monkeys, nice flowers, ants, lezard, and more. Very humid forest. Did not enjoy but worth the visit if you like walking. Takes about 4 hours to see all the park.

  • Summit Garden and small Zoo

    Open: Mon - Fri.: 8 am - 4 pm Sat. Sun. : 8 am - 6 pmEntrance: adults: $1 - kids: 50 cent. From there you will see some rainforest animals hard to see during the daylight.Principals atrractions: Harpy Eagle and Tapirs exhibition.

  • Barro Colorado Wild Life reserve

    The Barro Colorado Island, was formed when the lake was built as part of the Panama Canal. which was a hill before the lake was formed. Established as the first wild life reserve in the new world tropics.As for the flora and fauna of the island, the lake and its surrounding, numbers are astonishing. About 1,368 species of vascular plants out of the...

  • Colonial Panama ( El Casco Antiguo)

    Lets walk along alleys and colonial buildings, ruins and streets of stone, museums and antique churches, where three styles of construction are combined: Spanish, French and Italian, which give birth to an impressive architectural frame where the French and neoclassic styles prevail. In the "Old Quarter", founded in 1673.Colonial Panama, which was...

  • World`s largest free trade emporium back...

    Talking about pirates...PORTOBELO: Was during century XVI and XVII the richiest port between Spain and American colonies.Because of the beauty of its natural harbor, this sleepy little town was first given the name "Puerto Bello" (Beautiful Port) by Christopher Columbus in 1502. Over time, it was shortened to PortobeloClaim to fame is its...

  • The First European City on the Pacific...

    Old Panama City was the first European assent on the Pacific coast of the Americas. It was founded on August 15, 1519. All the GOLD from Perú was transported through the Old City to Portobello and Nombre de Dios, where it was shipped to SPAIN. The city boasted the Tallest Building in the new world during the XVII century.Old Panama was burned by...

  • Coronado Beach

    Rent a house in front of the beach, for us it was a great experience to share with the family, safe for children, and relaxing above all.

  • Spectacular View of Canal and Panama...

    You need an outlook to put everything together and in place. No better place to do this than on the top of Cerro Ancon. Cerro Ancon is a little mountain that overlooks Panama City on one side, the Panama Canal and the Pacific Ocean on the other. From the top you can see the canal locks in motion, the dozens of ships in anchor in the Pacific Ocean...

  • Seeing the Panama Canal in Action

    Of course the country of Panama is most famous for it canal which allows transit from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean in a matter of hours instead of the weeks it would take ships to travel the long route around South America.Of course you must visit the canal itself to see it in action, raising and lowering huge cargo ships in a matter of...

  • Great Bird Watching

    The Canopy Tower originally built in 1965 as a radar station by the US Air Force, was converted to an observation tower when the US turned over the Canal Zone to Panama. At present the Canopy Tower is used to watch the many animals and birds that live in the canopy of the surrounding tropical rain forest. Early in the morning you will see a great...

  • Visitor Center at Airport

    Once you've arrived at the Panama City Airport and have claimed your baggage and cleared Customs, as you head out of the Airport, stop at the small Tourist Center Boothe to get lots of brochures, booklets and maps of Panama and Panama City. The glossy Focus Panama booklet contains all kinds of information on hotels, restaurants, car rental...

  • The Canal Story Bought to Life

    Everybody knows of Panama because of the Canal. To appreciate the enormous undertaking that created the waterway, you should visit the Museum of the Inter Oceanic Canal of Panama, or Museo del Canal Interoceanico de Panama which is the official Spanish name. This museum is very new and so well designed that I was amazed. Thousands of photos,...

  • Railway Trip from the Pacific to the...

    The Panama Canal Railway Company takes passengers comfortably and in style from Panama City on the Pacific side of Panama to Colon on the Caribbean / Atlantic side of the country. The cost per adult is $22, per child $11, and per Ritiree $15. This cost is only for a one way ticket. The Train service is offerred Monday thru Friday and leaves early...

  • Panama History Museum - Museo de...

    Instituto Nacional de Cultura - Patrimonio Historico - Museo de Historia. This small museum covering Panama's History from Spanish colony to independent country is housed in just a couple of rooms in a Government building next to the Cathedral in Casco Viejo. Admission is $1 but I enjoyed a personal tour of the museum given by one of the museum...

  • Portobelo Church Tradition

    This church called San Felipe is still unfinished even to today, even though is was dedicated in 1814. In 1650's this priest created a said miracle, and he was later called Nazarene of Portobelo, an effigy of Jesus. The monument is in a glass case and hewn from a piece of wood. It is called "black Christ" and looks just like one. For over 300 years...

  • Zoos

    We went with a group to both the Summit Zoo and to the El Valle Zoo. The first was notable for the national bird and unusual layout. The second for the golden frog. Each was reasonable if not cheap - $1 per person to get in. Best bet is to go in the morning before it gets hot because the animals are more active.Summit Zoo site:...

  • Emberá Women

    Women wear only a simple knee-length sarong, their ink black hair falling on copper shoulders, their breasts, bare. Both men and women have a great fondness for adornments. They wear quantities of glass beads around their necks or draped over their shoulders, and on special occasions, flowers in their hair. For additional adornment, they paint the...

  • visit bocas del toro

    The archipelago of Bocas del Toro in Panama is situated on the northwestern coast of Panama in and around the Laguna of Chiriqui. Bocas del Toro offers the perfect combination of Caribbean charm, nature and history with cultural traditions. Due to its variety of aquatic species, coral reefs, mangroves, tropical forest, beaches with crystal clear...

  • visit local town of david

    David is the third largest city in Panama and the capital of the Chiriqui province. It is a very convenient stop over point for several important destinations within Chiriqui, such as the flower and coffee highlands of Boquete and Cerro Punta. It is located 45 minutes from Paso Canoas, the border of Costa Rica and you can also drive to Bocas del...

  • visit isla grande

    Isla Grande is a popular place in Panama because of its seclusion, and beauty. People from all places come to the island to enjoy the water, snorkling, fishing, listening to the sea and skinny dipping(at night mostly).The island's name does not really reflect it's size, but in comparison to the other islands that surround it, it is the biggest...

  • Canal-How It Works

    This shows the steps in moving the ships/cargo-2 canal split-tight fit-steel doors, train and cog wheel not used now, but was in the past. The trains guide the ships so no sway side to side, and ships move on their own power. The locks at Gatun is in three parts, and it rides 87 feet total. The gates are huge at 42-87 feet high and weigh about 1.4...

  • Canal at Gatun-CArgo Movement

    The ships carry 1.5 million containers through the locks annually. Each ship can carry 65,000 tons of cargo. There are 15,000 ships coming through a year. That generates $600 million in revenue fees. They are charged by cubic tons. An average cost is $216,000, and paid up front 2 days ahead of getting there. The highest price was $319,000 for a...

  • Canal at Gatun Locks

    This is the place most people from tour ships find their sites. The three locks are connected by lakes and back up water. That is what is used to increase/decrease the water flow into the locks. There are locks going both ways-two with a median for workers. The total of 9,000 workers includes 4,500 on sites, and the rest admin work. Gatun was the...

  • The Panama Canal

    The Panama Canal is the most famous spot in Panama. But it's not that special. You see boats and the docks where the vessels manoeuvre trough. It takes about 25-30 minutes to drive from the city.

  • The beach outside Panama city

    There are some beaches outside Panama city, and some of them are OK. Panama city is on the Pacific side, and the water is colder than on the Caribean side. I was also told that there are sharks in the water. Somebody who can confirm it? The taxi driver showed me a kind of fence against sharks (see photo)

  • The seaside promenade of Panama city

    The seaside promenade of Panama city is nice, but noisy. The traffic from the road beside in quite hectic. But the view of the Panama skyline is nice.

  • Gatun Locks

    The Gatun locks are the biggest locks on the canal and well worth the trip to see them. I travelled by bus from Panama City (see tip under transportation for information about the Panama City to Colon trip). You can then take one of Panama's ubiquitous artistically decorated school buses from the Colon bus station to Gatun. The Colon bus station is...

  • Portobelo-State Park Preserve

    The strip nearly from north Colon to Portobelo. The strip is nearly from north Colon to Portobelo. The national park is 86,000 acres and has 70 kilometres of coastline. It preserves the coral reefs, habitat along the coastal area, and the lush green you can drive through. A fair number of houses are scattered inside the park, must be grandfathered...

  • Oceans are for Fun and Blue Secenery

    They are wonderful, but we did not get too close. Scuba, Snorkel, fish, and other sports are here to offer.

  • Rural Living in the Boonies

    The locals do seem to manage quite well without having to come to towns for stocking up on goods. Small communities along the way are providing the staples. They seem to have some close by jobs, and the convenience store is ready for service.

  • Portobelo-the bay pictures

    This bay has been a place to trade and defend since Columbus discovered in 1502. Early years in 1600 the Spaniards built the town and the forts followed. They controlled the bay and town mostly until mid 1700's. Except for those marauding pirates and privateers that came form England. Henry Morgan took the forts in 1668 and wiped out the cadre...

  • Portobelo-the four forts

    There were four of them total. All are ruins now, mostly due to the 48 attacks by the French and English on this bay from early 1600's through 1821, when Spain relented the colonies. Henry Morgan, Drake and Parker in 1602 (the first attack)all made this their outpost away from home. Morgan when he was pirate attacked here in 1668 and took the...

  • Portobelo-Shopping is Limited

    There are only a few shops to look for the treasures and trinkets. One of the largest was outdoors under a canvas tent, of sorts. It had native hand woven cloth and blankets, and foot wear. Pricey items, though. Most are made by the native Embera Indian.

  • Portobelo-Local Show for Tourists

    When the tour buses show up, there are a few dancers that put on a traditional dance-I guess called Congo. Maybe a bit of Calypso thrown in too? It is Afro based, and they look to be mix of that and Spanish. The indigenous-indigent Embera also was in the show, sitting there. The show was okay and tips appreciated.

  • Portobelo Downtown Sites

    The downtown area is rather small, and cramped. It is easy to walk the 2-3 blocks around to see most of it. They have the main administrative building that used to be the Customs House, and maybe is Government uses now. The town was famed for its 40-60 trade fairs for well over a century in the 1600-1700's. Colombus landed here in 1502 and in 1597,...

  • Colon Shopping downtown

    This is some of those. The shops are marketing is mostly set up for the locals, as I see it. If you stroll down the streets, I am not sure what yo could buy that is safe to eat, as a foreigner and different metabolism. Once you get through a culture shock, then you may be able to adjsut somewhat. Stay with a crowd, though.

  • Colon downtown

    Shots of things. The town is rather dirty feeling, and the locals seem to thrive. It looks like they have a daily outside impromptu market for items foodstuffs for the daily meals. Most fish caught is exported, so no deals there. Fruit is cheap; like 20 lb bag of oranges for $2.00. Some food may not be fresh enough for our tummies and refrigeration...

  • Colon-Shops by cruise ships

    These are for the tourists. There is a string of shops just set up for the cruise ships to come by. Yo actually board coming across a bridge, and then go down again. I think the area is controlled somewhat as to who comes through here. The shops are nice, but nothing special as to the prices they want to get. Yes-t shirts, plates, jewelry,...

  • CAnal GAtun Locks Grounds

    This is showing the various ground sites. The grounds area are secured to an extent, but they do get tourists through relatively easily so they can get to the veranda terrace and see ships coming into locks. Chinese operate the locks and Us gave up the final claim in 1999.


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