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    Afro-Panamanian Beauties
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    Monumento a Simon Bolivar
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Map of Panama

Panamá City


Bocas del Toro




Las Tablas




Isla Taboga








La Chorrera


El Valle










Isla Bastimentos


Cerro Azul


Isla Contadora


Isla Flamenco


Boca del Toro




Puerto Mutis


Isla Naos




Isla Bastimentos




Isla Boca Brava




Boca del Drago


Las Lajas


Cayo Carenero


Boca de Sábalo


Alto de la Estancia


Isla Taborcillo




Old Panama


Isla Colón




Cartí Tupile


Alto de Panamá




Panamá City

See all 450 Panamá City Tips

    Panamá City Transportation

    When i arrived to the airport Grupo Vm Travels was waiting for me with hapiness. When i got on board the bus, the driver offered me water, beer, soft drink or water. it´s the first time that i travel and transportation company treat me as a King. I want to take a tour city but i was not sure at the begining but the driver told me in a perfect...

  • Riande Granada Hotel And Casino

    Panamá City Hotels

    All in all, we enjoyed our experience at the hotel. It is well located, hence you are close to...

  • Cheap drinks and good company

    Panamá City Nightlife

    Ok,Apparently there was once more to this place till a fire burnt the area down. The "Club" is next to the Country Inn and Suites at the entrance of the canal. This is a great place for a drink and some decent eats. Nothing fancy but reasonable bar food (burgers, etc....the deep fryer is well used here. You can watch the sunset here or listen to...


Bocas del Toro

See all 176 Bocas del Toro Tips
  • Crossing to the border

    Bocas del Toro Favorites

    We came from Costa Rica arrive in "Sixaola" station with the bus and we step out and the people said we have to walk cross to the bridge to get to the immigration office of PanamaThis bridge is very old, if you come from the neighboring country like Costa Rica and wants to continue traveling to Panama, the bus trip stops at the border and the rest...

  • Garden of Eden Resort

    Bocas del Toro Hotels

    Private island off Bocas del Toro Panama, , Panama

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Snorkeling

    Bocas del Toro Things to Do

    Scattered in the archipelago are wonderful places to snorkel. Most famous are Bocas del Drago, Hospital Point, the coral gardens at Isla Cristobal, Coral Cay (Cayo Crawl) and Cayos Zapatilla. As I'm born an Aquarius I'm crazy when it comes to do with water. I'm not a very good swimmer but I do love to go under waterI love very much nature above and...



See all 57 Boquete Tips
  • Rio Calderon

    Boquete Off The Beaten Path

    The Rio Calderon runs through Boquete, during rainy season it is very rapid and exciting to see.If you walk south from town, down calle 1 about a kilometer (half a mile or so), off to the left is one of those cable suspension bridges over the river. I walked across it and took some pics of the river. You get some nice views of the surrounding hills...

  • Valle Escondido Resort Golf & Spa

    Boquete Hotels

    Valle Escondido, Boquete, Panama

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Supermarket In Boquete

    Boquete Shopping

    If you go to Boquete there is a decent supermarket there, it is called Romero's, it is part of the Rey's system in Panama. It is not a big market, but it has a decent variety of stuff and an in-house bakery, so you can get really fresh baked goods right there at very reasonable prices.


Las Tablas

See all 27 Las Tablas Tips
  • World Famous Resturant in Las Tablas

    Las Tablas Restaurants

    Ponchalos Resturant, is world famous and offers the Famous Ponchalo Burger,6oz of ground beef, topped with a special mushroom sauce and bacon for just $3.50Ponchalos Resturant is located next to Mega Centro and Bar Allen, just before the only traffic light in town.Ponchalos Resturant offers Buffalo Wings, Quesadilla,Pizza, Nachos, Chicken Sandwich...

  • Playa Uverito, Las Tablas , Panama

    Las Tablas Things to Do

    The information that one of the members enter about the "Uverito Beach" located in Las Tablas , Panama is incorrect. My family was born in this little town called "Santo Domingo" , were the Beach is located, the name of the beach comes from a centenarian "uvero" tree that used to stand in the center of the beachfront until about 15 years ago. Under...

  • The World Famous Royal Gin.

    Las Tablas Nightlife

    Open-sided bar with two big screens and a juke box. I could sit on the balcony of my apartment which was across the street, when I lived there, and watch their TVs. On special occasions they have a DJ and disco, so I didn't sleep those nights, which was almost every weekend! Big reason why I moved out of that apartment was lack of sleep Friday and...



See all 21 David Tips
  • Local drink holes : Cantinas

    David Restaurants

    If you're feeling brave and adventurous, this cantina in downtown David is quite good to beat the heat and recharge yourselves over a few drinks.Literally a few steps off the main square. AC full blast, tinted windows, multi TV's with sports channels on, football decor. Place is small, but quite clean. We went there a few times last month in fact....

  • Gran Hotel Nacional

    David Hotels

    1 Calle Central, David, Panama, 0426-00037, PA

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • A small cozy place with a good view

    David Restaurants

    This was the first place we hit after checking in at Hotel Iris.Located on the second floor of the hotel, it has a separate street level entrance to the right of the hotel entrance. Prices were very reasonable. We had breakfast and dinner there a few times in our past visits. There you would find both westerners and locals enjoying drinks and...


Isla Taboga

See all 19 Isla Taboga Tips
  • Vereda Tropical Hotel

    Isla Taboga Restaurants

    Atop a hill with a spectacular view, this is a beautiful hotel (did not stay there) and the restaurant was great. The restaurant is open-air with a sunny patio. It serves great meals that are prepared by a Portuguese chef. It's located 100m past the path leading up to the Kool Hostel. You can just ask a local where it is. They will point you in the...

  • 2nd oldest church in the western...

    Isla Taboga Things to Do

    Not really the proper category on "things to do, " especially since you can see it right from the boat dock and there isn't anything "to do" there really. The unassuming church was founded in 1550 and is the second oldest church in the western hemisphere (as mentioned above). Inside (which is actually outside) is an alter and some artwork.

  • Ferry Ride

    Isla Taboga Transportation

    The boat ride is scenic and about 45 minutes to the island. It is $10 per person and departs from Panama City at:8:30 and 3:00 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday8:30 on Tuesday and Thursday8:30, 10:30 and 4:00 on Saturday and SundayFerries depart Isla Taboga:9:30 and 4:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday4:30 on Tuesday and Thursday9:00, 3:00 and 5:00...



See all 14 Chitré Tips
  • Best Casino in Chitre

    Chitré Nightlife

    Every town in Panama of any size has at least one casino. Chitre has three that I know of, and a bingo hall. The biggest, and best is the Fiesta Casino next to Hotel Guayacanes. It boasts live table games, not just slots. They offer blackjack, roulette and pai gow poker tables. They tried Texas Hold 'Em but couldn't get enough interest, so it has...

  • Barcelo Guayacanes

    Chitré Hotels

    Via Circunvalacion, , Chitre

  • Greek food at an Italian restaurant?

    Chitré Restaurants

    Terra Nostra, as the name implies, is an Italian restraurant. (The name is "our land" in Italian, in Spanish it would be "Tierra Nuestra" FYI) On the awning, outside, it says "Pizzaria" but inside they offer much more than delicous pizza! As my title indicates they also offer a large assortment of Greek dishes, such as Zatziki, souvlaki (gyro), and...



See all 19 Cambutal Tips
  • Buses to Cambutal.

    Cambutal Transportation

    Currently, there is bus service to Tonosi from Panama City, the main bus terminal at Albrook. It is only three times a day, but saves one from having to change buses in Las Tablas. The bus from Panama City to Las Tablas is $8 and you have to then walk about a mile or take a cab to the other, local bus terminal to get the bus to Tonosi. Not all...

  • Local

    Cambutal Restaurants

    Gonzales Surf Camp y Restaurante is a small, fonda-type restaurant next to Los Buzos Resort. Nubia usually has sancocho (soup) and a meat dish and a fish dish every day. There is no set menu, just whatever they have on hand or got that day. Also, drink choices are limited. You can get Coca-Cola, Fresca, Ginger Ale or Cerveza Panama, and sometimes,...

  • Someone Had to be First!

    Cambutal Favorites

    VT Member, Jack was first VT member to visit us here, at Los Buzos, what are the rest of you waiting for? Come to a serene location, uncrowded beaches, lots to do and see! There is a surfing tournament here the end of April but other than that, we should be pretty quiet and peaceful!



See all 12 Colón Tips
  • Entering the Panama Canal From Colon

    Colón Things to Do

    It's 5 am in the morning and our ship is approaching the Panama Canal. There are an amazing array of orange, blue and black clouds as we edge closer to the canal. I step up on deck to try and picture what it was like for the gold seekers in the mid 19th century that approached this area. However as the ship approaches Colon it is as if the City is...

  • Four Points Colon

    Colón Hotels

    Milennium Plaza Av A. Waked Corredor Zona Libre, Colon, Panama

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars


    Colón Things to Do

    The Colon terminus is just outside the west entrance to the Zona Libre at the southern base of Colon - the bus terminal is also close by. The railroad was the original reason for the town’s existence, serving both as a construction headquarters, then as a transhipment point. This railroad runs from here across the Isthmus to Panama City and offers...


La Chorrera

See all 2 La Chorrera Tips
  • Unique local treat

    La Chorrera Restaurants

    Chicheme is a tasty concoction made primarily from corn off the cob. The corn is boiled down, chilled and mixed with milk and sweeteners. There are derivations of the recipe from one Latin American country to the next. Just put the word chicheme in any search engine and you'll find recipes for it. The version made here uses milk and sugar. It's...

  • Feria de la Chorrera

    La Chorrera Off The Beaten Path

    I happened to be there when it took place, I heard from everybody it was great so I decided to go... I took a bus, really crowded, 45 minute trip. Not that worth if you're not acquainted with this kind of events. It was similar to "Ferias" in Mexico but with a lot of dirt. A nice thing was that I found a rodeo event which was fun.

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El Valle

See all 21 El Valle Tips
  • El Nispero Gardens & Zoo-

    El Valle Things to Do

    El Nispero is a beautiful botanical garden and plant nursery with endemic exotic plants and flowers such as orchids.. The zoo includes birds, reptiles, turtles, monkeys and other animals in cages... The unique 'ranas doradas' - gold frogs - were temporarily put in a small glass container with plants, when I visited, and you could see nothing; but...

  • Los Mandarinos Boutique Spa & Hotel

    El Valle Hotels

    Corregimiento de El Valle, Distrito de Anton, El Valle de Anton, Panama

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

  • El Rancho Sucko

    El Valle Restaurants

    Ambience was good. Crowded. Outdoor seating. Service- horrible. Sodas came first. Water took an hour.Food took forever.Pizza came out in about 30 minutes, the next 4 plates came out with out silverware, 1 1/2 hours after we sat. 5 more minutes to receive silverware, food on the verge of being cold.Final dish came out 10 minutes later without...



See all 5 Santiago Tips
  • Cuban Cuisine

    Santiago Restaurants

    Restaurante Tropicalismo is a smallish restaurant on the main street in Santiago.They have two dining rooms and outdoor seating.At lunch time, they have cafeteria-style set-up, you grab your tray and order from the steam table, they usually have a couple of rice dishes (black bean and guandu usually) and a couple of meat dishes, (chicken and pork...

  • Pizza American Style

    Santiago Restaurants

    Pizza Happy is a small place in the Pyramidal Mall in Santiago, it is down the same side from the KFC. The pizzas at this establishment are more like US pizzas, meaning they have a thicker crust and more sauce than most of the pizzas I have encountered in Panama, which tend to be thinner crust and light sauce and more cheese. They also offer...

  • Bus Terminals in Santiago

    Santiago Transportation

    There are two bus terminals in Santiago, one on the Pan American Highway (Carreteria Interamericana) at the Pyramidal Complex, is almost exclusively for the David to Panama City buses. They stop there as a break as it as about half way between the two cities. One can get on the bus to go to either of those two cities or points in between from this...


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