Panama Warnings and Dangers

    by DennyP
    by DennyP
  • Concertina and fenced up bad sign
    Concertina and fenced up bad sign
    by BruceDunning

Panama Warnings and Dangers

  • Warning of possible dangers in panama

    We are the Canadian couple and yes the whole story is never told in the media however to clarify a few things, we were not looking for trouble in fact up to that point we had enjoyed the week talking, socializing and enjoying the locals. We travel very humbly and with great respect of the country and people we are visiting. We had adhered to...


    PANAMA CANAL Whenever travelling in this part of Equatorial Central America Always carry and use a strong Mosquito and insect repellant. Due to its location not far from the Equator this is an area that is prevelant to many mosquito borne diseases.. Malaria, Dengue fever are really bad infections to receive So a strong Repellant is neccesary to...


    PANAMA Like anywhere , here in Central Americas Panama make sure that you have the neccesary Travel Insurance. I found Panama City to be a very dangerous place and was glad that I had my Travel Insurance in place. I always have the neccesary cover for my needs when travelling anywhere. The thought of an accident as we travel is the last thing...

  • Colon, Panama, To be avoided at all...

    Colon is one of the most dangerous, violent, and grotesque places in the Western Hemisphere, to give out information contrary to this, is not only patently false and ridiculous, but precarious and misconceived. Colon is a place of despicable and abject vileness commensurate to the harshest slums of Haiti or Brazil. No Panamanian with the slightest...

  • Trash is Strewn Around

    They may not have enough trash barrels, or someone does not pick it up frequently in the outskirts. I would hope they become more eco green conscious for the sake of country.

  • Do Not Pet the Dogs

    I imagine all of these dogs are littered with worms. A US pet shelter would have a heart attack the way these animals listlessly meander around town, and can barely hold their head up. They are sick and in very poor shape. I felt sorry for them, but to feed them is not right, and to make a friend can be dangerous to your health. No doubt. They just...

  • Emberas Are Not All Endangered

    Not all those natives are endangered and being encroached by tourists. This little old lady was down right mean, and she surely did not want to be here, but was planted square in the middle of the main square looking for handouts. I did this, and she was not at all appreciative. On the other hand, I am sure she does not want all these intruders...

  • Portobelo EAteries

    Watch were you may want to Eat. The appearance of most, if not all of the establishments look to me as if you may take something home with you. Not all looked that bad,but the back door and the "runoff" of stuff into the drainage ditch around town caused me to wonder about sanitation. A small bar/grocery convenience store is right in the middle if...

  • Portobelo Security

    The local police kept driving by while the tour bus was stopped here. A fair number of locals also show up here on colorful buses daily, to shop, or leisure? The danger may not be outwardly apparent, but unemployment is high, and mix that with some drink and maybe someone goes loco on you. I do not think the people would intentionally get in your...

  • Portobelo Restrooms-Get REady

    These are the more "rustic" of kinds. The ones I first went into were not worth walking through the door. I backed out and went to the little restaurant next door. For 25 cents, they let you in. Water barely ran, though. The flush was okay, but ask where does it flush to. I noted a "creek" that looked like a drainage ditch for whatever. I am pretty...

  • Colon-Restrooms ARe Hiding

    They are hard to find in Colon town and by shops near ships, Keep it to yourself so they do not get abused and take away the priviledge for the next desperate sole

  • NonFit Not on Tours

    Do not go to them if you cannot handle it. A fair number of tours may take a little effort, and others more so. If people are not able to keep up, are miserable in doing so, or hold back others; do not go on tours. Some look like they are going to die on the spot.

  • Tips REquested-Please

    Hokey locals for tips. This is another place where the almighty dollar outlay prevails over just plain do not embarrass them or you. These people need to live, so set up shop on the bridge getting back to the ship. In playing, they obviously want a tip. If a picture is taken, guess what. Myself, I cannot stand to see this from either side. It...

  • Security is Mandatory

    Make Sure you know where you are, where you are going, and when/how to get back. The streets in town look safe enough, but would not venture too far off the main one. No one said do not go out on your own, and crime was not discussed much. But, given the poverty level, and local indigenous hard living can lead to problems. Taxi drivers can take you...

  • Taxis, watch out!

    We found out the hard way that a lot of taxi drivers are crooks! We paid $20 for a trip to see a relative. The return trip was $5. We were schooled by my Father in law that you must find out(from your hotel staff) what an average fare is to your destination. Then ask the driver before what he wants. We actually haggled a taxi fare, imagine that. We...

  • get a reliable tour guide

    If you decide to hire a guide to show you around be sure to have someone trustworthy! Our tour guide was a nice guy but spoke hardly a word of english and so there were a few misunderstandings about what time the border closed (leads to lots of stress!). Also, for some reason we made lots of stops to see his "friends" which included strange pick...

  • Save on electricity

    Panama was worried about the use of to much electricity because of drought conditions. So every afternoon the electricity was shut of for 4 hours. This was no problem for us because we were always out of the cottage at that time.

  • Panama-dangers of road travel

    Near Chorerra, is a very dangerous stretch of the Pan/America highway. In less that 2 years 22 accidents with multiple fatalities, in some cases 7 fatalities,5 fatalities, 3 fatalities, Panama has 10 times the fatal accident rate of Canada and a much smaller population. If you are travelling from the airport to the beach areas where the Radison...

  • Old Town Panama City and Colon

    My uncle (Panamanian local) warns everyone to stay away from Old Town Panama City. It's very poor and very dangerous. There are 2 old towns; one is safe...the other...well...not so safe. The newer Old Town is the most dangerous...stay out of the neighborhood!Don't even bother going to Colon. People get mugged just stepping out of their cars in...

  • Enough a Quiet Country

    Panama was given one of the highest ranking for tourist safety from the Pinkerton Intelligence Agency. But as with any foreign destination, it is not advisable to walk around the streets flashing your money or valuable belongings. Panama is probably safer than where you live now. Recently, a government study on crime in Latin America found Panama...

  • Colon - the most dangerous city of...

    The city of Colon has a really bad reputation because the crime rate is tremendous. Unfortunately this is the place where all the cruise ships arrive because it's the most important port at the Caribbean Sea. As the city hasn’t to offer that much anyway it isn’t recommendable to stay here. So don't roam the city. Take a taxi or one of the tour...

  • Buses called Red Devils

    if you are renting a car i have to advice abouttly privately-owned buses that are gaudily spray-painted to suit their owner’s whim. These vehicles are called “Red Devils” for the mischievous way in which they’re driven. you must have tomaneuver in between dozens of then!

  • Mosquito Bites

    Because the humid climate is an ideal environment for mosquitos, you should take precautions to avoid bites using a good repellent with DEET.Malaria is a serious, but preventable infection that can be fatal. Your risk of malaria may be high in Panama, including cities. If you plan to spend some time there, you may want to investigate obtaining a...

  • Traveling by boat at night

    If you are as taken by Bastimentos and the people as we were, you will undoubtedly find yourself mingling into the night with the locals which means making your way back to Bocas after dark. It must be noted that many boats (botes... the large dugout canoes pictured here) zip back and forth all day and all night through the small channel between...

  • Toilets

    I like to photograph all the strange toilets I encounter. Wierd I know... everyone has their quirks. Some of the toilets in panama are merely holes in the dock and your "waste" trickles (or other) down into the ocean water where the children play just meters away. Toilet paper? Yeah right.Some of the mens urinals (in the country) pack a punch that...

  • Area to avoid in Panama City- Chorillo &...

    Panama City has a beautiful coastline along the water and a lot of tourists tend to walk from Casco Viejo to Amador along the water edge. The problem is, one has to walk pass the bad and dangerous area Chorrillo and many people get mugged on that streatch. DO NOT WALK BETWEEN THE TWO SPOT. TAKE A TAXI, it only cost $2 to $3.If you are unfortunate...

  • Invasion

    On 20 December 1989 the United States launched an invasion of Panama, sending in 24000 troops ostensibly to oust the country's leader, General Manuel Noriega, and to bring him to justice. US government policy - President Ford's Executive Order of 1976 - forbids the assassination of foreign leaders but is quite happy to condone the killing of...

  • SanBlass Islands - ...

    SanBlass Islands - The only danger I saw on San Blas was the little runway. A Cessna landed while the ship's passengers were walking around. It flew so close over me that I could feel the pull as it landed. I wasn't even aware of the existance of a runway! So beware - between the market and the thatched roof of the hotel there is a runway! It...

  • Panama -Don't be...

    Panama - Don't be afraid to venture out with a competent local guide! Our cabbie took us to several local museums and went searching for English speaking people to tell us about the area. He ushered us around and really made us feel safe. Parts of the inner city areas of Colon and Panama City were places I'd not have ventured to without a local...

  • Keep your license and passport...

    Keep your license and passport always at hand while driving, I was checked by police up to three times a day. Apart from that I feel I have to contradict my fellow travellers on the car rental issue. I found driving in Panama City to be quite easy. If you're european and spend your free time in Spain and Italy regularly the occasional ignoring of a...

  • When the streets are not lit,...

    When the streets are not lit, stay out! Panamá is not a really dangerous spot but you do need to keep your radar on. The driving is different, at least by US standards, but you get used to it. Colon is not the deathtrap most think of, I prefer Colon to almost any other major city in Panamá.

  • I only went to Colon and...

    I only went to Colon and Panama City, and haven't spent much time in either. Apparently Colon has gotten safer over the years, a testiment to what it was not what it is. Its a very dangerous place, there is nothing to see in Colon but poverty. I consiter the city itself a danger to be avoided.

  • Don't rent a car! We found...

    Don't rent a car! We found driving in Panama City a frightening experience. There are few traffic lights and even fewer stop signs. The rule of the road seems to be 'he who goes fastest and has the most nerve WINS'! After one day, we turned in the rental car and hired a driver/guide/new friend. This certainly helped with the communication barrier...

  • There are only a few places in...

    There are only a few places in Panama you should steer away from. The city of Colon, once a flourishing exchange post, has befallen to street delinquents partially due to its high unemployment rate. There are some places in Panama City such as the area known as Chorrillo and Rio Abajo that also present a high delinquency rate. Otherwise, the rest...

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Panama Warnings and Dangers

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