Saint Lucia Favorites

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Saint Lucia Favorites

  • most beautiful place on earth!

    Breathtakingly beautiful! Everywhere you look is beauty- mountains, lush greenery, beaches, rainforests! AWESOME destination! The locals are super nice! Everyone is so friendly! There is so much to do, you will not be bored for a minute!

  • Flora and Fauna

    I got a lot of pictures of local foliage and a bird when I went on the rainforest tram. I saw more birds here than I did on my previous tram ride on another island

  • Caribbean World Heritage Pitons

    St. Lucia has some unique features which other Caribbean islands don't have. In addition to all the usual suspects (snorkeling, diving, rainforest, zip lines, and bird watching) which are also features of many other tropical islands, they advertise that they have the world's only drive-in volcano. I guess this depends on how you define a volcano,...

  • Leaving St. Lucia

    It's so lovely to experience your ship moving out of the harbor on your balcony or the top deck of a cruise ship. It's amazing to think of a vessel that size backing out and then turning around. And you thought backing out of your parking spot was challenging enough? You'll want to linger after you leave the port and enjoy the colors of the...

  • Morning Views of St. Lucia from our...

    We awoke to this fantastic view as we approached St. Lucia. What a welcome and sign of good things to come. As we approached the dock I could tell what a beauty this island is. My friends raved about it and now I know why!

  • Get Friendly with your Cruise Staff!

    Imagine having to stand in the Caribbean heat in this outfit and pretend like you're not miserable while having to pose for photo after photo. Well, I just couldn't do it.So I thought I'd give the poor toucan a quick thrill. I'm a giver.

  • Life from a Balcony

    There is nothing better than doing "nothing" on vacation and truly relaxing. During our vacation to St. Lucia we were able to do just that on our balcony. Our balcony had two lounge chairs that we fully enjoyed relaxing upon while gazing out at the blue of the water below. Whether it was morning, afternoon or evening; having this balcony was so...

  • Making New Friends

    Over the years and through our many travels we have made friends. My wife calls it "collecting" new family members since she treats friends as family.During our trip to St. Lucia we made some incredible new friends; Bob and Cindy. Surprisingly they are also from New York and about an hour away from where we live. Bob is a crack up and has a...

  • Birthday Breakfast

    My wife's birthday is a big deal; so every year we celebrate with a trip. This year St. Lucia was a part of her actual Birthday. A favorite moment of mine from this year's birthday was when she awoke to breakfast on our terrace complete with a bottle of champagne. She was thrilled to have her breakfast favorites laid out on the table with the...

  • Cruise information

    One of the best places for information on what to do in various ports is Cruise Critic. The Cruise Critic St. Lucia forum board was very useful in planning shore excursions, whether the ones offered by the ship or independent, and there is also St. Lucia port information with hints on where to go, what to do, where the ships dock, where to eat and...

  • Money matters

    The local currency on St. Lucia is the Eastern Caribbean dollar but you can generally use US dollars on the island although you may receive change in local currency. The only place we shopped was at a local grocery store, it took a little work but I finally got someone who could get me change in USD since I only had a $20. ATMs can be found in...

  • Stay at One Play at Three

    Just returned from 12 nights at Sandals Halcyon in St Lucia but also visited The Grand and the Regency with their courtesy bus. The Grand is a lovely hotel, its bigger and busier than Halcyon. Also the Regency, also larger and busier. Had never been to the Caribbean before - the heat caught us out! Even on a cloudy day you can get sunburnt - always...

  • on ship towel folding animals on our bed

    this was a lizrad the first of many towel animals I'll take a photo of the directions how to fold towels in animal shapes

  • Preparation is half the fun.

    Well, actually my second favorite thing, apart from visiting Saint Lucia is preparing to go there. When you plan a trip to St.Lucia consider consulting one of these usefull reference books:* The Landscape of St Lucia, Alison Brownlie 2004. Great for kids, 32 pages. (GBP 5.99)* St Lucia - Insight Compact Guide, Lesley Gordon 2004. Lots of info on...

  • From Land To Sea

    My favorite aspect of St. Lucia is all the lush vegetation, plants, flowers, trees and fruit that grows so abundantly. It is such a treat for the eyes as well as the nose being tickled by so many fragrances. My fondest memory is the absolutely amazing diversity in landscape, terrain and visions of all kinds that treat the senses immensely. Not...

  • Bats!

    No, not baseball bats... every night, as the sun set, bats would fly like mad between the palm trees, hunting for mosquitoes and other bugs. We LOVED the sight and sound of these nightly goings on.One night we realized they also skimmed the pool for a quick drink of water as the sun set -- neat scene!One night we were finally able to capture the...

  • Neat wildlife

    Every night there were these two tiny, cute frogs hanging out in front of the door to our room. Always the two, and always every night, long after sundown. Loved those little guys and we made sure not to step on them as we returned from late night carousing.

  • It's worth wandering around town

    It's great to just walk around town and see what life is like for the locals. Honestly, Castries had a pretty third world feel, with deep, ankle break-inviting gutters with nasty colored fluids sluicing through... tiny storefronts with the employees hanging out on the sidewalks outside their doors. Great to get the flavor. Some of the areas we...

  • Beaches

    Research is they key!!!!St Lucia is blessed both black and golden sand beaches. So if you don't like black sand, do investigate what type of beach your hotel is on.We stayed on a lovely golden sand beach - Reduit Beach. The photos depicts the thatched umberellas on Reduit Beach - solely for the use of Royal St Lucian guests.In the right light, the...

  • Sunsets

    The tip is, get a rum punch, a comfy chair, and lie back and the sun slowly sink below the horizon.Here is a partiluarly colourful sunset, snapped from our terrace at the Royal St Lucian Hotel, overlooking Rodney Bay. I have wonderful memories of lying on one of the comfy loungers, glass of red wine in hand, watching this beautiful sunset.

  • Great views

    I think taking the jungle trek was fantastic....We had a great time, saw many animals and the landscape was fantastic.....Walking along the trail which was not very wide and steep, we were able to see tree tops and some great mountain shots...Here we are standing on the trail and it was a long slide down the hill if you did not watch your...

  • Crystal clear water

    I think the beaches and water are just beautiful in saint lucia.. Here on Reduit beach at the rex the water is warm and clear...You can walk out a good distance and the waves are very small, great for children...the sand is fine and not rockey like some... We miss the beach at the rex, the beautiful sunsets and calm waters, great for taking a...

  • Warm days and lot's of fun

    I think that a tour into the rainforest is a must. What is nice in Saint Lucia is that most of the tours are not based on seeing or doing one thing.Many tours do two or three different parts of the island. If you take a rainforest tour you will not only see that but end up also seeing the gardens and mineral baths, Diamond falls, be trrreated to a...

  • island tours

    island tours are available through booking agents at places you may stay.Knowing that these people are on commisions we tried another route.they were charging $80 U.S. per person to go on a bus tour which seemed pretty high, plus being jammed in a bus with 6 other people and having a schedule to stick to.We paid a taxi driver $120 and picked up a...

  • Rodney Bay Tour

    Saint lucias climate is very nice. Warm sunny days, mixed with rain showers now and than.We love taking boat rides almost any where around Saint Lucia.Here we took a boat ride on the Rodney Bay boat which is only 5 Minutes from the hotel.The ride takes you over to Rodney bay marina where you can go shopping or enjoy looking around at all the boats...

  • Our tour guide for the Diamond Falls

    This is Alexander the Great (or so he called himself!). He was our tour guide at the Diamond Falls and was very helpful, friendly and fun! Couldn't ask for anything more.

  • Diamond Falls

    The is a picture of the Diamond Falls in the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens. The water is full of minerals and depending on what kind and how many minerals are in the water at the time, it will change the color of the rock behind it. Colors range from orange, red and yellow to blue, green, gray and purple. The water in the streams coming from the...

  • Soufriere

    This is a shot of Soufriere with the Pitons in the background. This was actually the original capital of St. Lucia before Castries, which is further north on the island. Locals told us that there were many movies filmed here including Superman 3.

  • Marigot Bay

    This is looking down on Marigot Bay from the street above. It is a small fishing village (as most coastal villages in St. Lucia are).

  • The Unicorn

    I was not sure where to put this tip. While it may fit under the transportation tip, it could fall under the must see section. The story as we were told is, This ship is called the Unicorn. You can take a sight seeing trip aboard it. This ship was used in the film "ROOTS"

  • Take Lots of Film

    When travelling you never know what you will see. To some people the sight might be a common sight. To others it may represent something they feel, such as the simple laid back life some may lead.

  • Boat Cruise

    There are many different boat tours available. We wnet on a small sailboat that held about 15 people. We went from Castries past the Pitons to the south end of the island. Along the way we went snorkeling and visited some volcanoes and botanical gardens. Well worth the price.

  • Locals

    While walking on the beach our first day, we had a local guy come up to us and ask us if we wanted a fresh coconut. We thought, why not. For a couple dollars E.C. he climbed a tree , got 2 coconuts and cut them open for us. We thought that was pretty neat. We found out later that any of the staff would have done this for us for free. But the way I...

  • Corn Braids

    Most people travelling to the sun spots, have their hair done in corn braids. Right on the beach at the hotel you could get this done. At the same time you could buy all those shirts for the family back home. The price of the shirts were a little more than other places and took the trill out of exploring the market, but it is available for those...

  • In addition to seeing the...

    In addition to seeing the Pitons, the National Rainforest stretches from one end of the island to the other.

  • I am not really a fan of the...

    I am not really a fan of the Caribbean Islands. This is a picture of Bridge Street, the shopping area.

  • Visit the vulcanic site on the...

    Visit the vulcanic site on the southern part of STL. Bathe in the warmest waterfall there as well. And one must visit the great house just north of Rodney Bay. Every friday they have a jump up (party) in the streets of Rodney Bay from about 12:00am to early in the morning. The people are the most kindest people I've ever met.This picture was shot...

  • Enjoy it from the water! Take...

    Enjoy it from the water! Take one of the day cruises which will transport you to another the tiny town of Soufriere! (pictured here) From there you can visit the drive in volcano and botanical gardens and have lunch (we had ours at the Still Plantation.)

  • St Lucia - A mountainous...

    St Lucia - A mountainous island of some 240 square miles, relatively unspoiled, mountains, valleys, banana plantations, a bubbling volcano, wild orchids and fishing villages. Located midway between French Martinique and British St. Vincent.I needed to unwind so I chose all the comforts, peace and quiet and stayed at 'Le Sport' which is the place to...

  • In addition to the wide...

    In addition to the wide variety of opportunities to hike, birdwatch, and tour St. Lucia's outstanding natural attractions, the island is replete with a full range of recreational facilities. Visitors may enjoy the leisurely pleasures of touring the island by horse, chartering a yacht for an evening sail or day cruise, or relax with a round of golf...

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